Overview: This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. Note: All times shown are 24-hour Universal Time and actual local times will usually differ, and local dates may also differ. For earthquakes they are shown as (date; hour:minute); example (01-01; 08:03), which is January 1 at 8:03. Only earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater will be listed, with the exception of lesser magnitudes that cause damage.

Last Update: December 28, 2015



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December 31st-1st -- Midphase HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: A suicide bomber targeted a cultural center where Houthi rebels were gathered for a religious celebration, killing at least thirty-three; it was unknown what group was responsible. Iraq: Iraqi forces and Shia militia recaptured the town of Dhuluiya, north of Baghdad, from ISIS militants late on the 30th; nearly 300 ISIS fighters were killed. Europe: Mediterranean: A cargo ship was spotted floating adrift near the coast of Corfu, Greece, carrying 970 refugees who were mainly Syrians and Kurds, after it had been abandoned and left on autopilot by its crew. It was believed that the crew were people traffickers. A second merchant ship with at least 400 migrants on board and also no crew headed for the Italian coast two days later, on the 1st. Severe weather hampered the rescue of this ship, which appears to also involve trafficking. Ukraine: Frequent shelling and mortar attacks by separatists in areas in the east, killing one Ukrainian soldier and wounding five others. Asia: China: A stampede erupted during New Year's celebrations in downtown Shanghai, killing at least thirty-six and injuring forty-seven; the cause was not yet known. Indonesia: Remnants of missing AirAsia jet Airbus A320-200 were discovered in the Java Sea suggesting that the plane broke-up in mid-air, but severe downpours, lightning, choppy seas and strong winds continued to prevent rescue efforts for two days. Malaysia: Temporary shelters overflowed, after the worst floods for 30 years forced tens of thousands to evacuate, while more heavy rain brought new flooding. Afghanistan: A stray rocket struck a house where a wedding was taking place in the southern province of Helmand, killing at least fifteen and injuring more than forty; the rocket came from fierce fighting between Afghan soldiers and Taliban militants. Philippines: Tropical Storm Jangmi slammed the islands with days of heavy rain, triggering widespread flooding and landslides, and killing at least fifty-three. More than 80,000 had to evacuate their homes. India and Pakistan: An Indian soldier was killed in an attack blamed on Pakistan, triggering a gunfight that took place on the international border between the Samba sector of Kashmir and Pakistan, leaving four Pakistani troops dead. Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram gunmen raided a village in the north near the town of Chibok, killing at least fifteen and burning down several homes. North America: US: Very strong winds swept Avalon Harbor, California causing several boats break loose and come ashore, killing two. Cold Arctic air plunged southward into the West, producing a storm that brought a rare snow to California, Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert and the mountains in the region. In California, the storm trapped motorists, blew over trucks, knocked out power and killed two. Pacific: South: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Ndoi Island, Fiji (12-30; 13:17). Solar Activity: A stream of solar wind swept across the Earth's magnetic field triggering auroras. Sunspot AR2253 doubled in size and displayed a magnetic field that could produce moderately strong flares.

5th -- Full Moon (4h 53m) HIGH

Mideast: Saudi Arabia: In their first assault in this country, four ISIS militants attacked a border fortification, killing three Saudi border guards. Libya: A Greek-operated oil tanker's movements at the port of Derna aroused suspicion, triggering Libyan air force jets to bomb the tanker, killing two of the crew. The Greek tanker company denied any malicious actions. Europe: Austria: An avalanche in the Austrian Alps swept two skiers to their death. Northern and Eastern Europe: A major winter storm was met with powerful cold air from the north sweeping northeastward from Turkey and into southern Russia and Georgia with heavy snowfal in billard-like conditions and strong winds. Asia: China: A North Korean fled into China via the Tumen River into the border city of Helong, where he stole money and food, and then killed four residents. Bangladesh: Clashes between police and pro-government protesters left four protesters dead. This triggered the opposition leader to call on supporters to enforce a transportion blockade of roadways, rails and rivers. Japan: Sakurajima volcano entered a new phase of elevated activity with explosions that sent ash plumes more than 10,000 feet (3 km) into the air. Suwanosejima volcano in Japan's Tokara Islands underwent an explosion that sent an ash plume 5,900 feet (1.8 km) into the air. Africa: Mali: Islamist militants attacked the town of Nampala near the Mauritanian border, killing at least five; the attackers were likely members of Al-Qaeda. Burundi: An unkown rebel group, who had crossed into the country from the Democratic Republic of Congo, attacked an area in Cibitoke province, forcing Burundi's army to clash with them, killing at least ninety-five of the rebels; another nine were taken prisoner. Somalia: A suicide car bomb attack by Islamist group al-Shabab, in Mogadishu, targeted a convoy of intelligence officers, killing four. Australia and New Zealand: South Australia: Firefighters fought to contain a major bushfire before soaring temperatures and high winds could fuel the fire. More than thirty homes were already destroyed in the hills behind the city of Adelaide. New Zealand: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Arthur's Pass, west of Christchurch (01-05; 07:00). North America: US: Waves of arctic air flowed into the Upper Midwest and then would move into to the Northeast and South plunging temperatures as much as 30 degrees below normal. Real-feel temperatures dipped to minus 50 in Bismark, North Dakota, minus 40 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and minus 20 in Chicago, Illinois. Canada: Canada was also swept up by the same weather system plunging temperatures and producing strong winds. Central America: Panama: A 6.6 magntiude earthquake struck south of Punta de Burica (01-06; 21:07). Solar Activity: The Earth entered a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole in the Sun's southern hemisphere, triggering auroras. Earth-facing sunspot AR2253 with a large active region and an unstable magnetic field was likely to produce an M-class solar flare.

8th-9th -- Midphase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS militants attacked Iraqi security forces in the city of Samarra, killing two and injuring twenty-eight. They took part in five suicide bomb attacks on checkpoints along a motorway west of the city and then unleashed mortar attacks on the city. Middle East: A fierce winter storm brought heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In many of the areas were Syrian refugees who were unprepared, walking around in flip flops, and living in makeshift shelters and tents, and many others in unfinished or unheated buildings. Yemen: A mini-bus with a bomb exploded outside a police academy in Sanaa, killing at least thirty-seven and injuring sixty-six, on the 7th. Europe: UK and Eastern Europe: Strong - at times hurricane-force - winds and heavy rains first swept the Outer Hebrides, and then moved into Scotland, northern Ireland and northern England, triggering widespread flooding, knocking out power, closing bridges and schools, overturning trucks, and delaying and canceling flights. In northern Scotland wind gusts reached more than 100 mph (160 kph). The storms would move eastward across southern Scandinavia and northern Europe, and from Belgium and the Netherlands through northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic States. France: Two brothers attacked the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine and killed twelve for depicting Muhammad in a satirical cartoon, on the 7th. Two days later, the gunmen were killed in a shootout as they fled a warehouse in the north of Paris. Shortly thereafter, anti-terrorist forces stormed a supermarket where four hostages were being held by a gunman with links to the brothers. The gunman, who was shot dead, had killed the hostages. Ukraine: Pro-Russian separatists increased the shelling of government positions in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, killing four Ukrainian soldiers and two civilians. Asia: Indonesia: Heavy rains, strong winds and stormy seas again prevented the retrieval of the AirAsia plane carrying 162 people that crashed into the Java Sea. Australia: South: A major tropical storm swept large parts of the country, including areas burnt by a widespread brushfire that destroyed numerous houses. The heavy rainfall triggered widespread flooding as some towns received about fifteen times their average monthly rainfall in a few days. Africa: Nigeria: The Boko Haram militants attacked Baga town burning nearly all of it to the ground and then raided nearby areas. Baga and nearby areas were littered with hundreds of corpses. Mali: A explosion hit a UN Peacekeepers vehicle near the airport in the northern town of Kidal, wounding seven Peacekeepers. North America: US: Life-threatening cold swept the eastern two-thirds of the nation, sending temperatures plummeting into the single digits and wind chills that brought them below zero. A vehicle pile-up left two dead, schools closed, flights were delayed or canceled and power outages filled the scene. In Michigan, near Battle Creek, 123 vehicles piled up on the I-94 highway, killing one and injuring twenty-three. Canada: Also swept with life-threatening cold was much of Canada. Central America: Costa Rica: A boat carrying more than 100 people capsized in rough seas when the coast was hit by strong winds and powerful waves near Herradura beach, in Puntarenas, killing three. Pacific: South: Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano in the Tonga Islands, continued to erupt under water. Solar Activity: The Sun's interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near our planet tipped south, triggering a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm, accompanied by bright auroras around Earth's poles. The shift in the IMF was due to the arrival of a coronal mass ejection that was originally expected to miss Earth.

13th -- Last Quarter (9h 46m) MODERATE

Mideast: Lebanon: After an investigation found detainees were connected to a suicide attack, security forces raided a prison where the prisoners set fire to mattresses in protest. Europe: Ukraine: A shell hit a bus in the east at a government checkpoint in Buhas, southwest of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, killing twelve and wounding many. Scotland: The country was hit with heavy snowfall, disrupting train service and roadways, and causing car crashes. Northern Europe: Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom were pounded by strong winds with wind gusts reaching 50 to 60 mph (80-100 kph), causing rough seas, widesspread damages and power outages. Coastal Ireland, Wales and southwest England saw wind gusts upwards of hurricane force. The storm would then sweep from northern France to Denmark, and then Scandinavia. Asia: China: Six people who were trying to detonate a bomb in Shule, in Kashgar prefecture, but were shot dead by police. Africa: Malawi and Mozambique: Days of heavy rain triggered widespread flooding, killing at least forty-eight and forcing more than 23,000 from their homes. North America: US: An ice storm with freezing rain and drizzle swept over Washington, DC, North Carolina, southern Virginia, South Carolina and parts of Maryland, triggering delays and cancellations of flights, dangerous roadways, and generally hazardous conditions that caused power outages, accidents and damages. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2257 erupted with an M5-class solar flare that ionized Earth's upper atmosphere over Australia and the Indian Ocean, and caused a temporary radio blackout.

16th-17th -- Midphase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: ISIS militants in Deir al-Zour, Raqqa and other towns in the east executed fifteen by shooting and crucifying them, and two were thrown off of a tall building. Europe: Armenia: Clashes erupted between police and protesters who demanded the police handover a Russian soldier that was accused of killing six members of a local family; at least tweleve protesters were injuried. Scotland: Heavy snowfall swept across parts of the country closing roads and cancelling or delaying flights. Western Europe: Nearly two dozen terrorists were arrested in Beligum, France, Greece and the UK. Asia: Pakistan: Police clashed with crowds protesting the image of the Prophet Muhammad published in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstraters, near the French consulate in Karachi. Philippines: Typhoon Mekkhala headed for the islands with very heavy rains and strong gusty winds. Heavy rain spread across Visayas and the typhoon would continue to sweep the islands for another two days, triggering widespread flooding. Africa: Malawi: Widespread flooding submerged homes and schools and washed away roads, killing more than 176 and displacing at least 200,000 others; at least another 153 were missing. Mozambique: Widespread flooding displaced tens of thousands, damaged the main road linking the north and south of the country, and killed at least thirty-eight. Niger: Violent protests took place in the city of Zinder against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo's depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, leaving ten dead. Forty-five churches and the French cultural center were set on fire. Mali: Gunmen attacked a UN camp in the town of Kidal, wounding one and killing one UN Peacekeeper. In addition, two suicide bombers were involved and a car bomb exploded. Nigeria/Cameroon: Nigeria's Boko Haram militants crossed the border into Cameroon abducting at least eighty, most of which were children. Defence forces pursued the attackers who were heading back to Nigeria, allowing at least twenty-four of the abductees to escape. North America: US: Gusty winds, heavy rain and mountain snow spread across the Northwest. In eastern Oregon black ice triggered a twenty-six vehicle pile-up that injuried several. US and Canada: A storm headed in with drenching rain, gusty winds and heavy snow in some areas of the northeastern US and southeastern Canada. In the Northeastern US there was more than 1,000 crashes that left six dead. Pacific: South: The underwater Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano, in the Tonga Islands, erupted again this time forming a new island. Sea water and lava violently interacted generating jets of dark ash and dense steam plumes that reached several miles into the air. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection swept the Earth's magnetic field, and the Earth passed through a negative-polarity solar wind stream, triggering geomagetic activity and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

20th -- New Moon (13h 14m) MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Shia Houthi rebels in the capital, Sanaa, shelled president Hadi's home, in spite of what was a ceasefire; two were killed in the fighting. Syria: An airstrike attacked ISIS-held Khansaa in Hassakeh province, leaving as many as eighty dead and dozens wounded. It is believed that Syrian military helicopters dropped barrel bombs on a market there. Kurdish fighters battled ISIS militants in the town of Kobane, on the Syria-Turkey border, capturing a strategic hilltop, on the 19th. At least eleven ISIS miltants were killed, and large amounts of weapons and ammunition were seized. Europe: Ukraine: Russian units attacked the Luhansk region, near the town of Slovyanoserbsk, in the east; casualties were not reported. Russia claimed that it did not send in troops, but said that they were volunteers who entered the Ukraine. Elswhere, two civilians were killed in the rebel-held city of Donetsk when a shell exploded at a bus stop. Russia: On the Kamchatka penisula, Klyuchevskoy volcano's eruptions intensified with lava flows and ash plumes that reached 24,000 feet (7.2 km) above the summit. Asia: Nepal: Fighting broke out in the country's parliament, and police arrested protesters in the capital, when tensions rose as the deadline to draft a new national constitution neared. The perception was that the ruling government was trying to push through their proposals without consensus. Japan: Sakurajima volcano entered a new active phase producing one to five explosions per day and sending ash plumes 8,000 to 11,000 feet (2.4-3.3 km) into the air. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Protests calling for President Joseph Kabila to step down next year, erupted in the capital, Kinshasa, where clashes between opposition supporters and security forces left at least forty-two dead. Protesters looted shops, threw stones and set fires. Mali: Dutch United Nations attack helicopters carried out airstrikes on Tuareg rebel forces in the northern town of Tabankort, killing five rebels and wounding several others. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending ash plumes over 29,000 feet (over 9 km) into the air; early in the morning of the 21st.

23rd-24th -- Midphase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Government warplanes near Damascus, in the suburb of Hamouriyeh in eastern Ghouta, undertook airstrikes that left at least thirty-five dead and wounded dozens. Lebanon: Lebanese government soldiers and militants clashed near the Syrian border, in the village of Ras Balalbek, near the town of Arsal, leaving nine militants and five soldiers dead. Yemen: Following the resignation of Yemen's leaders tens of thousands marched both for and against Shia Houthi rebels who seized the presidential palace earlier in the week (see previous lunar phase). The Houthis had also surrounded the parliament building, and the houses of the defense minister and the chief of intelligence. A report stated that the country was on "the brink of a humanitarian disaster with millions of lives at risk." The protests would last for days in Sanaa and other cities throughout the country. Europe: Ukraine: Pro-Russia rebel separatists and Ukrainian forces blamed each other for rocket attacks in the city of Mariupol that left at least thirty dead and wounded many more. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano underwent an unusually strong explosion that sent an ash plume 16,000 feet (5 km) into the air. Africa: South Africa: A wave of attacks took place on foreign-owned businesses in Soweto, a town outside of Johannesburg, leading to the arrest of more than one hundred looters of shops owned by Somalis, Ethiopians or Pakistanis. Nigeria: Boko Haram militants undertook multiple attacks on the Borno state capital of Maiduguri but were repelled by Nigeria's military, leaving at least eight dead and twenty-seven, mostly civilians, injured. They also attempted to take city's airport and the town of Konduga the folowing day but were also repelled, but did take the twon of Monguno; on the 25th. North America: US: A Nor'easter brought heavy snow to a portion of New England. A unusually heavy snow fell overnight in the Texas panhandle, bringing more than a foot of snow it caused schools and city offices in the region to be closed. A frigid "Alberta Clipper" spread snow and slippery travel through the Midwest, from North Dakota through Illinois and Michigan to western Pennsylvania. It would continue northward bringing blizzard conditions into parts of the Northeast. A tornado touched down in Sarasota, Florida, destroying a trailer. Two "credible" bomb threats grounded two commercial airplanes at Atlanta, Georgia's airport. The airliners, Delta and Southwest flights, were coming from Portland and Milwaukee, and were escorted by US fighter jets, afterwhich they were evacuated, but no bombs were found. South America: Venezuela: Thousands marched in an opposition protest in Caracas, blaming government policies for the shortage of many staple foods, high inflation and widespread crime. Pacific: South: A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake rattled Port-Vila, Vanuatu (01-22; 19:47). Solar Activity: A negative polarity shift of the solar wind produced intense polar auroras. B8 and C1, C2 and C4 class X-ray solar flares occurred.

27th --First Quarter (4h 48m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Kurdish fighters ousted ISIS militants from the key Syrian border town of Kobane, their defenses collapsed and ISIS fighters fled. Libya: Several militant gunmen attacked the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, opening fire in the lobby and killing at least nine. Outside, a car bomb exploded. The attackers were believed to be associated with ISIS. Europe: Kosovo: Thousands of ethnic Albanians protested in Pristina against a Serb minister who referred to them as "savages". The protesters threw stones at the police who used tear gas and water cannons against them, injuring twenty-two police officers and at least fifteen protesters. Africa: Mali: A siege of a military base took place in the northern city of Gao by protesters of a proposed buffer zone they believed favored Tuareg separatists. UN forces tried to stop the siege by firing tear gas after protesters threw rocks and gasoline bombs, leaving two dead and four wounded. North America: US: A major blizzard swept through New England and New York's Long Island dumping more than two feet (more than 60 cm) of snow and branishing hurricane force winds. Many homes were without power and/or evacuated, and some places in Massachusetts would later face flooding. Canada: The storm that hit the Northeastern US moved into Southeastern Canada, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador creating havoc there also. Pacific: South: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Ndoi Island, Fiji (01-27; 18:43). Solar Activity: A geomagnetic storm took place early on the 26th, accompanied by bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Sunspots AR2268 and AR2271 had increasingly unstable magnetic fields. Several sunspots on the Earthside of the Sun were growing and beginning to flare.

30th-31st -- Midphase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Fierce fighting took place between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and ISIS militants in the city of Kirkuk, leading to a curfew in the city. Six Peshmerga fighters were killed, while ISIS causualties were not reported. Other attacks in Baghdad and Samarra left at least twenty-one dead. Still other Peshmerga fighters were killed in a suicide attack at Jalawla, in Diyala province. Yemen: An al Qaeda's affiliate in the region led days of attacks against Shi'ite Houthi fighters and the Yemeni army, killing at least ten. Europe: Ukraine: Artillery fire that accompanied fierce fighting between pro-Russia separatists and government troops, in the main rebel stronghold of Donetsk, killed at least twelve civilians. Government troops and pro-Russian rebels also exchanging heavy artillery fire in and around Debaltseve, a strategic town. The following day, more fighting between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian rebels raged on near the key transport hub of Debaltseve, leaving forty dead and thirty wounded. UK: Heavy snowfall swept parts of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, closing schools and roadways, and grounding or delaying flights. Italy: In Sicily, Mount Etna's earthquake activity rose steeply, as the volcano ejected ash plumes. Albania: A week of heavy rains began that would trigger widespread flooding, forcing evacuations, destroying homes and farmland, and killing livestock. Asia: Pakistan: A bomb exploded in a mosque in the minority Shite community in Shikarpur, causing a portion of the building to collapse, killing at least sixty, and wounding many more. Bangladesh: A plastics factory in the capital, Dhaka, caught on fire, killing at least thirteen and injuring dozens. Africa: Egypt: Four separate attacks on security forces in North Sinai at a military hotel and base in al-Arish, by an Egyptian wing of ISIS, left at least thirty-two dead. North America: US: Another strong storm system moved into the already buried and frozen New England area, causing more havoc (see the previous lunar phase). Heavy snow swept from parts of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys to parts of the Northeast and southern New England, causing major travel delays, dangerous roads and general disruptions. More than one hundred million people would be affected, as wind-chill temperatures plunged into the double digits below zero. South America: Peru: Torrential rains triggered severe flooding, overflowing rivers and causing mudslides in large parts of the Peruvian Amazon, closing schools, submerging farms and causing thousands to evacuate their homes. A state of emergency was declared and more rain was to come. Pacific: South: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Isangel, Vanuatu (01-30; 09:58). Solar Activity: The sunspot number rose and some sunspots had unstable magnetic fields heightening the chances for flares.


3rd -- Full Moon (23h 09m) LOW

Mideast: Libya: Unknown gunmen, possibly associated with ISIS, attacked the remote al-Mabruk oilfield, south of Sirte, killing eleven. Europe: Ukraine: Government troops and pro-Russian rebels again exchanged heavy artillery fire in and around the Donetsk, Debaltseve and Luhansk regions, killing at least sixteen civilians and injuring dozens. "Any further escalation will prove catastrophic for the 5.2 million people living in the midst of conflict in eastern Ukraine," stated a UN spokesman. Asia: Bangladesh: A bus filled with sleeping passengers was attacked with a gasoline bomb near the town of Chauddagram, killing at least seven and injuiring fifteen - some very seriously. India: Maoist rebels ambushed policemen in the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh state, killing two policemen and injuring at least six. Taiwan: A passenger plane lost engine power and crashed in a river bed on take-off, killing at least thirty-five; eight were missing. Africa: Nigeria and Chad: Chadian troops joined the battle against the Islamist Boko Haram militants where ground and airstrike fighting centered on the key town of Gamboru, Nigeria. This came a day after Boko Haram suicide bombers and dynamite blasts hit Gombe, Port Harcourt city and the towns of Isiokpo and Degema in oil-rich Rivers State, leaving one dead, eighteen wounded, and widespread destruction of court buildings and vehicles. North America: US: Another round of heavy snowfall swept the already snowbound Midwest and Northeast for days, closing schools, burying roadways, and delaying and canceling flights; sixteen died. Chicago was hit by such a severe snowstorm that it was considered one of the city's all-time "top three" heaviest. Boston had a record of more than forty-one inches (105 cm). More snow was on its way and would be followed by more frigid Arctic air, plunging temperatures into extreme lows. In New York an SUV stalled on the tracks and was hit by a commuter train, killing seven and injuring more than a dozen. South America: Argentina: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit northwest of La Punta (02-02; 02:49). Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent freqent strong explosions, triggering constant avalanches on the it's upper slopes, and sending ash plumes 3,300 to 4,300 feet (1-1.3 km) into the air; often causing bush fires. Shock waves shock ceilings and windows in the villages of Panimache, La Rochelle, and Morelia. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream swept the geomagnetic field triggering widespread bright, circum-Arctic auroras. Two C-3 class X-ray solar flares occurred.

mid-6th-mid-9th -- Midphase LOW

Mideast: Syria: Rebel rocket attacks hit the government-controlled center of Damascus, afterwhich sixty government airstrikes took place in the Eastern Ghouta district, killing eighty-two. Jordan undertook fifty-six airstrikes against ISIS targets in Raqqa, Syria, destroying their hideouts and equipment. Iraq: A bomb blast outside a local cinema and a suicide bomber exploded in a restaurant, leaving at least thirty-four dead. Egypt: Fans forced their way into a soccer match without tickets, triggering clashes between them and security forces, leaving at least twenty-two dead and injuring at least twenty. Europe: Sweden, Italy and Spain: Severe winter weather wrecked havoc across parts of Europe with Arctic frigid winds and record snowfall, causing the closing of schools and businesses, chocking off roadways, stranding vehicles and damaging structures. The snow melted in Venice, Italy, triggering widespread flooding, as well. Asia: Bangladesh: Anti-government attackers threw gasoline bombs at a packed bus from the northern district of Gaibandha to Dhaka, killing six. The following day gasoline bombs were thrown at a truck in the southern district of Barisal, killing three. The two-day total of injuried was thirty. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano on the Ryukyu Islands underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Niger and Nigeria: Niger's government repulsed the first Boko Haram (from Nigeria) attack in Niger on the border town of Bosso, killing at least one hundred of the attackers. North America: US and Canada: A chain of storms brought round after round of snow every 12 to 24 hours stretching from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast in the US and in Ontario, Canada. Schools and businesses were closed and more than 2,000 flights were cancelled. US: On the West Coast drenching rain spread from Seatle, Washington to Northern California, triggering flooding, landslides and mudslides in some areas -- mostly along the coast. Strong winds fanned a huge wildfire in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, destroying forty homes and causing the evacuation of 250 people. Mexico: Gunmen attacked a gold mine in the state of Guerrero, abducting at least twelve workers. South America: Brazil: Police got a tip that a gang was planning a bank robbery in the city of Salvador, and as they arrived at the scene a gunfight erupted between the robbers and police that left thirteen of the robbers dead and three others injuired. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano erupted sending black-ash plumes into the sky, showering rock and dust onto surrounding towns, and forcing evacuations. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2277 had an unstable magnetic field. A huge, dark magnetic filament developed over the surface of the Sun. Earth was blanketed by a stream of solar wind, triggering auroras around the poles.

12th -- Last Quarter (3h 50m) LOW

Mideast: Yemen: Al-Qaeda linked fighters - the Ansar al-Sharia group - captured an army base in the central town of Bayhan after setting off a bomb and then capturing soldiers. The earlier takeover of the government in the capital Sanaa by Shia Houthis and this event brought the country into a position between "civil war and disintegration". Middle East: A sandstorm with winds reaching 62 mph (100 kph) caused widespread disruption and huge waves that closed seaports. Europe: Mediterranean: More than 300 people drowned after the four dinghies they were travelling in sunk after setting off across the sea from Libya to Europe, on the 11th. Africa: Chad: The Nigerian militant group Boko Haram made their first attack in Chad, in the village of Ngouboua, killing at least ten, burning down buildings and atacking the police station before being pushed back by the army. Asia: Taiwan: Six prisoners seized weapons and took staff hostage in a fourteen-hour stand-off at a jail in Kaohsiung, and then ending up committing suicide. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck east of Taitung City (02-13; 12:06). Myanmar: Fighting broke out near the border with China between the Kokang, an ethnic Chinese minority, and government forces, leaving forty-seven soldiers, seven policemen and three Kokangs dead, and wounding seventy-three soldiers. It was a renewal of a longstanding battle for land in a mountainous area with a history of drug trafficking. North America: US: A storm moved into the Northeast that would develop into a blizzard with snow, fierce winds and bitterly cold air, bringing life-threatening conditions. Another more powerful storm was to follow with whiteouts, wind gusts of 50 to 70 mph (80-110 kph), drifting snow and wind-chill temperatures of -10 to -20 degrees F (-24 to -29 C). South America: Brazil: An explosion on an offshore oil and gas platform, operated by state-run Petrobras, killed three, while six others were missing. Argentina: A powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck west of El Aguilar (02-11; 10:57). Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent occasional explosions that where accompanied by a new lava flow. Atlantic: North: A 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (02-13; 10:59). Solar Activity: A filament of magnetism nearly 620,000 miles (1,000,000 km) long stretching across the face of the Sun, making it the largest thing in the Solar System, except the Sun itself. The likelihood of a Hyper flare was great.

15th-16th -- Midphase LOW

Mideast: Egypt/Libya: An ISIS video surfaced displaying the beheadings of twenty-one Coptic Christian Egyptians. In response, Egyptian jets bombed ISIS targets in Libya hitting militant camps, training sites and weapons storage areas. Libya's air force took part in the attack on Derna, killing between forty and fifty militants. Europe: Western: Rain, strong winds and heavy snow swept across the already snow-covered Turkey, and the mountains of Georgia and Armenia. Ukraine: In spite of a truce, intense artillery exchanges took place between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists for the bitterly contested railway hub of Debaltseve. Asia: India: A three-story building under construction in Uttar Pradesh state, in Dulhipur village, was nearly complete when it collapsed, killing thirteen. Japan: A strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the northeast coast near Miyako, triggering a tsunami warning (02-16; 15:06). Africa: Nigeria: A suicide bomber targeted a crowded bus station in the city of Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State, killing at least seven and wounding more than thirty; it was believed to be the actions of Boko Haram. Mali: Gunmen linked to al Qaeda attacked an army base, killing two Malian soldiers. North America: US: Another major snow storm - occassionaly accompanied by thunder - swept the Northeast bringing frigid air and blizzard conditions that crippled travel. Heavy snow swept across parts of the Ohio Valley and the mid-Atlantic, knocking out power to thousands. With wind chill factors included temperatures ranged between -20 to -30 degrees F below zero (-29 to -34 degrees C). A snow and ice storm also impacted an area from Missouri and Arkansas to Virginia and the Carolinas. Disruptive snow also swept from Kansas to the mid-Atlantic, and again impacted the Northeast. Freezing rain and sleet swept through the Southeast and the Carolinas making roads dangerous. A train derailed and burst into flames sending at least one crude oil tanker into a nearby river and prompting the evacuation of Armstrong Creek and Boomer, West Virginia. South America: Colombia: A roadside bomb exploded in Norte de Santander province, near the border with Venezuela, killing three soldiers. The country's second largest rebel group, the National Liberation Army, were responsible. Argentina: Torrential rains triggered flooding in Cordoba province, forcing 1,000 to be evacuated from Cordoba city and the surrounding Sierras Chicas area. The flood swept cars away, destroyed or damaged 1,5000 homes, destroyed two bridges and killed at least seven. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (02-16; 14:00). Solar Activity: Comparatively rare, red auroras blanketed the circum-polar region of the north.

18th -- New Moon (23h 47m) LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Peshmerga fighters repelled a major attack by ISIS militants south-west of Irbil, the capital of Iraq's Kurdistan region, and in three villages near Makhmur and Gwer; thirty-four of the militants were killed. Tunisia: About twenty suspected Islamist militants opened fire on a National Guards convoy in Kasserine province, seized weapons and killed four policeman. Europe: Ukraine: The president withdrew about 2,500 troops from Debaltseve after intense fighting. He also asked for UN peacekeepers to be deployed to eastern Ukraine to enforce a ceasefire. Asia: Myanmar: More than seventy were killed in fighting between the Myanmar army and a rebel group near the Chinese border. This forced the president of Myanmar to declare a state of emergency and impose martial law. Africa: Nigeria: The Nigeria military undertook an operation to recapture eleven towns and villages, killing more than 300 Boko Haram militants, and destroying their weapons and equipment. Two soldiers were killed and ten were wounded. In addition, Cameroon's forces were supported by Chad who carried out airstrikes and used heavy artillery against Boko Haram. In a possibly related event, an unidentified plane dropped three bombs on Abadam village on the border, killing thirty-seven. North America: US: Very cold and snowy weather continued to plague the US, even part of Niagara Falls froze over, and hundred of thousands were without power as snow and ice downed powerlines. Another blast of arctic air began to spread across the Midwest and Northeast and deep into the South, bringing near-record low temperatures and more snow. In Torrance, California, an explosion took place in an Exxon Mobil refinery, injuring two and raining fire and ash. Large parts of the refinery were destroyed. Solar Activity: Earth entered a solar wind stream, triggering G1-class geomagnetic storms around the Arctic Circle.

mid-20th-mid-22nd -- Midphase MODERATE

Mideast: Libya: The eastern town of al-Qubbah was bombed by ISIS forces, killing at least forty and wounding dozens. Middle East: A rare blizzard swept parts of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey with heavy snowfall; the snow even covered large parts of desert. Europe: UK: Flood alerts were issued across Wales as the result of rising "supertides", forcing the closing of roadways as areas became flooded. Northern Europe: A powerful low pressure system and accompanying cold front brought damaging winds and rain across the region. Ukraine: A rally in Kharkiv was disrupted when a bomb blast killed two and injuried ten; it was not in the eastern conflict region. Asia: Bangladesh: A ferry collided with a trawler on the river Padma, killing at least forty-one. Japan: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Miyako (02-21; 02:14) after an earlier 6.2 magnitude earthquake (02-19; 20:25). Africa: Nigeria/Niger: The Nigerian army retook the town of Baga that was occupied by Boko Haram militants since early January. Niger's army killed fifteen Boko Haram militants following clashes on an island on the Niger side of Lake Chad; seven Niger soldiers and one civilian also died. South Sudan: Armed men entered a camp in the northern city of Malakal, going from house to house and abducting at leasst eighty-nine boys over tha age of tweleve. It was believed the boys would be used as soldiers against the government. Somalia: A car bomb and a suicide attack rocked a hotel in Mogadishu, afterwhich gunmen stormed the mosque inside and opened fire, killing at least twenty. Australia: Two powerful, tropical cyclones (named Marcia and Lam) slammed into Queensland and Northern Territory, knocking out power, damaging and destroying more than 1,000 homes, whipping up a huge storm surge, triggering flooding, and forcing evacuations along the coast. North America: US: Once again a winter storm spread heavy snow and ice into the Northeast. Then warmer air moved in from the south causing the snow to switch over to freezing rain from northern Virginia to southern New Jersey. Power outages, and buried and dangerously slick roads were widespread. Mexico: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Tomatlan (02-22; 06:23). Pacific: Southeast: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck east of Lakatoro, Vanuatu (02-19; 05:18).

25th -- First Quarter (17h 14m) MODERATE

Asia: Afghanistan: Heavy snowfall triggered a series of avalanches buring parts of Kabul, mostly in Panjshir province, killing at least one hundred twenty-four, and destroying two schools, a mosque and more than one hundred homes. Africa: Nigeria: Soldiers from Chad attacked Boko Haram militants in Gambaru, a town close to the border with Cameroon, killing 207 of the militants; one solider was killed and nine wounded. Two suicide bombs exploded at bus stations in major commercial centers in the north, killing twenty seven; it was likely the actions of Boko Haram. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Government troops lauched their first strikes against Rwandan Hutu rebels who were responsible for repeated acts of violence and genocide. North America: US: A commuter train and a truck collided northwest of Los Angeles, injuring at least twenty-eight. The truck went up in flames and three train cars were derailed. More frigid Artic air moved southward out of Canada and into the central and eastern parts of the US, bringing heavy snowfall affecting more than 175 million people from the Upper Midwest to the interior South and the Northeast. A strong winter storm, with accumulating snow and an icy mix, hit a large part of the South. The Southeast was hit with snow, sleet and heavy rain. In Bangor, Maine, a seventy-five-vehicle pileup left dozens injuried. Georgia was placed in a state of emergency. Solar Activity: A major eruption took place near the Sun's southeastern limb, away from Earth, on the 24th.

28th-March 1st -- Midphase MODERATE

Asia: Indonesia: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Nebe (02-27; 05:45). Nepal: Police fired teargas at angry demonstrators who threw stones and were unhappy with a new undemocratic constitution. Afghanistan: The heaviest snowfall in decades in Panjshir province triggered huge avalanches burying villages and roadways. At least 286 people were left dead throughout the country in recent days due to snow or flooding. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano underwent repeated explosive activity sending ash plumes 6,560 to 9,845 feet (2,000-3,000 m) into the air, as well as bombs of ejected material. US: A huge storm system covered nearly the entire country with the exception of parts of the Northwest and South. Snow and ice knocked down powerlines, crushed roofs of buildings and homes, and made travel on the roads hazardous, while canceling more than 3,300 flights. The additional snow meant that Boston reached a record of more than 108 inches (275 cm) of snow. Heavy rain and thunderstorms triggered flooding in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in Florida. Solar Activity: The Earth entered a stream of fast moving solar wind, triggering a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras around the Arctic Circle.


Note: See last entry in February for March 1st.

5th -- Full Moon (18h 05m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: An airstrike by the Syrian army took place in the al-Habit area, killing three major military leaders of the al-Nusra Front militant group. Earlier fierce clashes took place in Aleppo near the air force base that was attacked by Nusra Front rebels. Twenty soldiers and militiamen, and fourteen rebels were killed. Iraq: An operation to retake Tikrit from ISIS, involving 30,000 soldiers and Shia militiamen, was also backed by Iraqi jets and helicopters. ISIS miltants set fire to oil wells outside the city in an attempt to obscure airstrike targets. An estimated 28,000 people fled to Samarra to get away from the fighting. Amid the offensive, Iraqi forces pushed ISIS fighters out of the western town of al-Baghdadi. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula underwent major activity with strong explosions and partial collapses of the growing lava dome, as well as ejecting ash plumes 37,000 feet (11 km) into the air and sending pyroclastic flows down its slopes. Asia: Indonesia: A 6.1 magnitude earhquake struck northwest of Sikabaluan (03-03; 02:37). China: Two knife-welding attackers at a station in the city of Guangzhou injuried nine. North America: US: Another storm system swept areas from Mississippi to New York dumping widespread snow and flooding rain, and knocking out power to tens of thousands. The fierce storm triggered flooding across parts of Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In Kentucky the I-65 highway clogged with snowed-in, stranded vehicles that stretched for more than one hundred miles (160 km), causing the National Guard to rescue about 200 motorists; the highway had to be closed because it was too dangerous. In New York's La Guardia airport, an icy, snow covered runway lead an aircraft to skid off the runway. South America: Chile: Villarrica volcano continued to erupt sending out jets of lava that threatened the town of Pucon. Local residents were preparing for possibility of an evacuation should a larger eruption take place. Solar Activity: An M1-class solar flare exploded behind the Sun's southeastern limb.

mid-8th-mid-10th -- Midphase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS militants destroyed the ruins of the ancient city of Hatra. Typical of war, buildings were destroyed; earlier they had also destroyed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud and numerous modern towns. The following day Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces, backed by airstrikes, launched an offensive against ISIS militants in the oil-rich Kirkuk province. Iraqi troops and Shia militias also launched an offensive to drive ISIS from Tikrit, and in so doing retook parts of the city. Libya: ISIS attacked the al-Ghani oil field, beheading eight guards and kidknapping nine oil workers. Syria: Allied airstrikes took place during a raid on an oil refinery outside Tal Abyad, killing fourteen and wounding nine ISIS militants; civilians and refinery workers were also killed, totaling thirty dead. United Arab Emirates: In a rare event hundreds of construction workers from South Asia protested over low pay in Dubai; protests are prohibited in the country. Egypt: Bomb attacks targeted the police and the army in the Sinai peninsula, killing two and wounded more than thirty; the attackers were affliated with ISIS. Asia: Myanmar: About 200 students, protesting an education bill, tried to break through police lines in the town of Letpadan, and were beaten back with batons by the police. Protestd are considered illegal in the country. Africa: Nigeria/Niger/Chad: Niger and Chad launched a ground and air offensive against the Boko Haram militant group in Borno state, Nigeria. The following day forces recaptured the Nigerian town of Damasak, leaving ten Chadian soldiers and 200 Boko Haram militants dead. It was later discovered that Boko Haram took about 500 children aged 11 and under with them as they fled. Mali: A United Nations base in the town of Kidal was hit by rockets, killing three and wounding tweleve. Of the thirty rockets, some rockets missed their target, killing two civilians. Australia: Two cyclones developed of the coasts of Queensland and Northern Territory, triggering a warning to prepare for destructive, hurricane-forces winds. North America: US: Heavy rain spread from Texas to Tennessee, and from the Ohio Valley to the East, triggering widespread flash flooding. Washington state's Brighton Beach was the site of a mudslide that was again destroying homes. South America: Colombia: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit north of Aratoca (03-10; 13:55). Solar Activity: New sunspot AR2297 erupted, producing a strong M9-class solar flare, on the 7th. Radiation from the flare ionized the upper atmosphere on the daytime side of the Earth, causing a moderate high-frequency radio blackout over the Pacific Ocean and Circum-Polar auroras. Sunspot AR2297 again erupted with solar flares on the 9th, including an M5-class eruption, producing a low-frequency radio blackout over the South Pacific and more auroras.

13th -- Last Quarter (3h 50m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Government forces continued to advance into Tikrit on several fronts, forcing ISIS militants to fall back into the center of the city. Syria: Government forces fought with rebels led by al-Nusra Front in Latakia province, leaving more than fifty government soldiers and rebels dead. Europe: An avalanche took place in the Alps on the Swiss-French border, buring skiers for more than an hour before being rescued. Africa: Angola: Torrential rains triggered widespread flooding in the city of Lobito, killing at least sixty-two since the 12th, though some people were still missing. Floodwaters reached as much as 10 feet (3 m) in some places and scores of buildings were destroyed. Australia: Cyclone Olwyn battered the coast of Western Australia with wind gusts of up to 120 mph (195 kph) and heavy rains, as tens of thousands fled to higher ground to escape dangerous flooding. Buildings had their roofs torn off and others destroyed by "very destructive" winds. North America: US: A storm was brewing that would bring heavy rains from the central Appalachians to the mid-Atlantic and New England, triggering flooding and power outages. Mexico: A major storm system developed in the eastern Pacific Ocean that would bring unusually heavy rains, triggering widespread flooding. South America: Brazil: Heavy rains caused the Purus River to overflow its banks flooding and sweeping away entire neighborhoods in the city of Boca do Acre in the northern state of Amazonas; more than 20,000 were left homeless. Thousands of government supporters across the country in marches that backed the president, as the opposition called for her impeachment over a corruption scandal in the state-owned oil company, Petrobras. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent explosive ash eruptions that brought ash falls to the Central Valley and closed Costa Rica's international airport of San Jose and schools. Evacuation plans were put into effect in case the eruptions increased. Pacific: South: Cyclone Pam slammed into Vanuatu with winds of up to 170 mph (270 kph) and heavy rains, triggering flash floods, destroying all of the crops, destroying or damaging 90% of the buildings, and killing at least eleven. All of the recent infrastructure the government had built was completely destroyed. About 100,000 were left homeless and without food or freshwater; some began to drink salt water. The cyclone also caused major damage on other Pacific islands, including Kiribati and the Solomon Islands. Solar Activity: Several minor coronal mass ejections (CMEs) hurled toward Earth, triggering bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. The CMEs came from active sunspot AR2297 earlier in the week.

Note: Some events from mid-March to mid-April will occur off the lunar phase aspects of the calendar, and this period tends to be the most active time of the year.
This situation is the result of a dominance of the solar-terrestrial linkage due to Earth's orbit bringing it closer to the Sun.
These events will be noted in the calendar on the nearest lunar phase date, and the date of the event will be shown.

16th-17th -- Midphase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: The rebel-held town of Sarmin in northwestern Idlib province was hit with a chlorine gas attack, sickening dozens and killing at least six. It was believed to be done by government forces, but the government denied it. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano, on the Kamchatka peninsula, underwent an explosive eruption ejecting incandescent material and an ash plume that rose to 25,000 feet (7.5 km) into the air. Asia: Pakistan: The Christian minority protested the bombing, by a Taliban splinter group, of two churches in Lahore that killed seventeen. The protests turned violent as the demonstrators smashed cars and threw stones, afterwhich police used tear gas and water cannon to control the crowds. Indonesia: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Kota Ternate (03-17; 15:12). India: A tornado hit Biggabas, Ramsara, displacing more than fifty families, knocking out power to the village and damaging the local train station. Africa: Nigeria: A dawn attack by unidentified gunmen took place in Egba village, in Benue state, killing about eighty-one. It may have been due to clashes between Fulani ethnic herdsmen and farmers concerning grazing rights. The following day, the military retook the northeast town of Bama in Borno state, and Goniri in Yobe state from the Boko Haram militants; a large number of the militants were killed. Tunisia: ISIS attacked tourists in the Bardo museum in the capital Tunis, killing twenty-five (on the 18th). North America: US: Recent rain and snow storms, and melting snow combined, lead to widespread flooding along the Ohio Valley. A similar process was also taking place in the lower Mississippi Valley and widespread flooding would take place a few days later. Large chunks of ice jammed the Allegheny River in western Pennsylvania, damaging buildings along its banks. South America: Chile: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Talcahuano (03-18; 11:27). Solar Activity: The interplanetary magnetic field dipped south into the Earth's magnetic field, triggering an outburst of auroras. The following day (17th), a coronal mass ejection (CME) swept Earth's magnetic field, triggering a G4-class geomagnetic storm, making it the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. The CME also triggered widespread auroras that could be seen as far south as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, the Dakotas and Washington.

20th -- New Moon (9h 36m) and Vernal Equinox MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: ISIS militants carried out suicide bombings on two mosques in the capital, Sanaa, killing at least 137. Fighter jets targeted the palace used by President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi in the city of Aden; the president claimed it was a failed coup. Syria: Two bombs exploded in the al-Mufti district of Hassakeh, killing at least twenty and wounding dozens of Kurds; at least one of the bombings was carried out by ISIS. Europe: Ukraine: Despite the ceasefire agreement, fighting continued around the government-controlled town of Peski in the east. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula underwent a moderate explosion sending an ash plume about 21,000 feet (6.3 km) into the air. Asia: India: A passenger train derailed in the state of Uttar Pradesh, killing at least thirty-four and injuried dozens; some of the train's cars were completely destroyed. Kashmir: Militants using guns and grenades attacked a police station in Indian-administered Kashmir, killing four and wounding ten; two attackers were also killed. Australia: Cyclone Nathan slammed into the coast near Cooktown, Queensland, as a category four cyclone with winds of 105 mph (170 kph) and a powerful storm surge. Queensland State Emergency Services advised residents to stay indoors. Damages were not yet known and the cyclone was headed inland. North America: US: Heavy, wet snow swept the Northwest and would bring dangerous roadways covered in black ice. Mexico: A moderate 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City, causing buildings to sway and sending hundreds of people into the streets (03-20; 15:30); no damages had been reported yet. South America: Chile: Villarrica volcano showed renewed activity prompting an orange alert, the second highest, and cancelled classes for more than 5,500 students. Solar Activity: Minor (G1-class) geomagnetic storms took place around the Arctic Circle. A newly-arriving solar wind stream triggered auroras.

23rd-24th -- Midphase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: The Yemeni foreign minister asked the Gulf Arab states to intervene on the advance of Shia Houthi rebels into the south, as civil war appeared to be imminent. A day prior the Houthis seized Taiz, Yemen's third largest city, and fighters jets hit the presidential palace in Aden. All 350 US special ops personel there were ordered to leave, and destroy all their equipment and communications. Shiite rebels - Houthis - fired bullets and tear gas at thousands of protesters who demanded the rebels withdraw from a southwestern province, killing six demonstrators and wounding scores. The Houthis tried to advance into the city of Torba, but protesters prevented their advance burning tires and three armored vehicles, turning the city into a "ball of fire" and smoke. The following day Houthi rebels capyured a strategic airbase near Arden, as the Yemeni president fled. Syria: Rebels fired mortar rounds into government-held parts of the city of Aleppo, killing thirteen and wounding about thirty. The following day Syrian rebels launched an offensive on the city of Idlib, shelling the outskirts of the city, killing and wounding about fifteen. Syrian government helicopters attacked the nearby town of Binish with chlorine gas, sending at least thirty to the hospital. Europe: Ukraine: Heavy gun and artillery fighting continued near Mariupol between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed separatists despite the agreed to ceasefire. France: A Germanwings plane (Airbus A320) on its way from Barcelona to Duesseldorf crashed in the French Alps, killing all 150 aboard. Gale-force winds and snow hampered the investigation. It was later sugested that the pilot deliberately crashed the plane. Asia: Afghanistan: Gunmen attacked three vehicles on a road in Wardak, taking at least thirteen people off a bus and shooting them dead. More than 2,000 protested in Kabul to demand justice for a woman who was falsely accused of burning the Koran, which lead to a mob brutally beating her and then lynching her. Thirteen Pakistani Taliban militants were killed by a drone attack in the Nasyan area of the province of Nangarhar. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano underwent strong explosions, sending fountaining of lava and ash into the air, and triggering a small pyroclastic flow. US: Strong to severe thunderstorms swept parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas; parts of Missouri were pelted with golf ball-sized hail. US: Multiple tornadoes swept across Oklahoma and Arkansas overturning big rigs, cars and trailers, knocking out power and damaging or destroying buildings, on the 25th. South America: Colombia: Heavy rains and hail triggered widespread flooding in Bogota. The hail collapsed roofs and the flooding carried away vehicles. Chile: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck east of Putre (03-22; 21:51). Peru: Heavy rains triggered a huge mudslide sending a torrent of mud, water and car-sized boulders crashing through the town of Chosica, killing at least seven and destroying sixty-five homes. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream continued to interact with Earth's magnetic field for the sixth day in a row, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

27th -- First Quarter (7h 43m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: Fighter jets from a Saudi-led coalition bombed Shia Houthi rebels' locations as they advanced in and around the port of Aden and engaged in street battles. Bombing took place in Sanaa, and the Houthis' northern heartland of Saada; at least thirty-nine civilians and thirty Houthis were killed. Iraq: The Iraqi military launched a final offensive to drive ISIS from the city of Tikrit, and were aided by allied fighter jets that bombed militant locations in the city. Syria: Islamist rebels drove government troops out of the city of Idlib after days of intense fighting. Asia: Bangladesh: A stampede took place during a Hindu bathing ritual, the Astami Snan, at a holy site in Narayanganj, killing at least ten and injuring dozens. Japan: Sakurajima volcano underwent fourteen explosions, with the strongest sending ash plumes 11,000-13,000 feet (3-4 km) into the air. Africa: Nigeria: Nigeria's military destroyed the headquarters of Boko Haram in Gwoza town and drove them out of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states, which were their strongholds. Dozens of Boko Haram miltants were killed and hundreds fled for the border. Somalia: A hotel in Mogadishu was first bombed and then stormed by al-Shabab militants setting off a gun fight that killed ten and six of the nine attackers. North America: US: A blast in Manhatten, New York, caused the collaspe of three apartment buildings, injuring twenty-two; several people were missing. A gas leak triggered the explosion and fire; it took place on the 26th. Mexico: Colima volcano underwent strong explosions, sending several pyroclastic flows down its western flank. South America: Chile and Peru: Torrential rains swept the Andes mountains triggering major widespread flooding in the valleys - including the Atacama desert, one of the driest regions of the world. The flooding destroyed houses, swept away people and vehicles, triggered a huge mudslide, and left tens of thousands without power and clean water. Thousands were made homeless, and at least twenty-five were killed and 101 were missing. Solar Activity: A huge prominence exploded on the Sun, sending a huge coronal mass ejection into space. It was called the "Great Wall of Plasma" being more than six time taller and thirty times wider than the Earth.

30th-31st -- Midphase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: Saudi airstrikes caused severe damage to Houthi strongholds across the country, including an arms depot in Sanaa, killing at least forty and wounding at least two hundred. Hundreds of nearby residents fled their houses. The UN high commissioner for human rights warned that Yemen was "on the verge of total collapse." Iraq: Iraqi government forces made major advances against ISIS militants in Tikrit, with as much of 75% of the city being recaptured, including government headquarters and the city's center. Syria: ISIS militants attacked the village of Mabouja beheading or burning at least thirty, wounded at least eighteen, and the repelling of the attack brought "heavy losses" to ISIS. ISIS also seized control over western parts of the Yarmouk district in southern Damascus - a Palestian refugee area - from the Palestinian armed group Bait al Maqdis. Europe: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK: Hurricane-force winds swept throughout these parts of Europe, knocking down trees, powerlines, and big rig trucks, damaging buildings and grounding flights, leaving at least four dead and dozens injuried. Asia: Kashmir: Torrential rain and a surge in the water level of the Jhelum river triggered widespread flooding in the city of Srinagar. Authorities issued a full flood alert asking people to leave their houses, as many were missing after landslides buried houses. At least fifteen were found dead. Parts of the city were under water, while more rain was forecast. Turkey: More than half of the country's 81 provinces were hit with a sudden blackout that caused traffic jams, stranded trains, and general chaos; the cause was not known. Two gunmen took a Turkish prosecutor hostage in Istanbul, and after six hours of negotiations, gun fire was heard prompting special forces to storm the building. The two gunman were killed and the wounded prosecutor later died. Africa: Burundi: Heavy rains triggered a major landslide that destroyed hundreds of homes, and left more than 3,000 homeless and ten dead. Democratic Republic of Congo: On the other side of Lake Tanganyika a similar scene unfolded as occurred in Burundi, killing fourteen, and destroying homes and a bridge. Nigeria: Soldiers from Chad and Niger drove Boko Haram militants from the border town of Malam Fatori. More than 100 Boko Haram fighters had been killed in clashes in the last three days. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano erupted in two explosions sending ash 6,550 to 9,850 feet (2-3 km) into the air, as huge shock waves rocked its summit. US: Severe storms with damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes swept the central Plains, and areas from northern Texas and southern Oklahoma to parts of Georgia and central Alabama. Pacific: South: A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea, generating a small tsunami (03-29; 16:48). After two foreshocks, 6.4 magnitude (03-30; 01:18) and 6.5 magnitude (03-30; 01:48) earthquakes struck northeast of Hihifo, Tonga. Northwest: Typhoon Maysak intensified into a Super Typhoon slamming into several Micronesian islands on its way to the Philippines, bringing heavy rains, flooding and strong winds. Sustained winds reached 180 mph (285 kph), the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, reaping widespread destruction. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Lambasa, Fiji (04-01; 21:10). Solar Activity: The interplanetary magnetic field near Earth tipped south, triggering an outburst of auroras. The following day, magnetic fields opened up on the Sun's corona at the equator, spewing out a solar wind that was headed straight for Earth; it was likely to hit on April 4th.


4th -- Full Moon (12h 05m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: Coalition forces pushed back Shia Houthi rebels in the city of Aden, as another port city, Mukalla, fell to al-Qaeda militants, who seized a military base. A Saudi-led coalition carried out airstrikes, and undertook air drops of arms and communications equipment. China rescued its citizens and foreigners from Aden. Iraq: Iraqi Shia militia, who helped recapture Tikrit from ISIS, stole cars, looted government buildings, and burned down hundreds of houses, leading the government to pull them out of the city. Between the previous fighting, this violence and looting, and people fleeing as aresult, the city was basically left empty of people. Asia: Philippines: Strong and disruptive wind shear caused Super Typhoon Maysak, called Chedeng in the Phillipines, to weaken, but still headed for the islands. About 24,000 were evacuated as it brought heavy rain, strong storm surges, flash floods and landslides. Micronesia: Typhoon Maysak slammed into the island nations, destroying hundreds of homes, and triggering widespread flooding and landslides, killing at least four. Africa: Kenya: The miliant group al-Shabab attacked areas on Garissa university campus, killing at least 148 and wounding 79, many of whom were students still asleep in their dormitories (on the 3rd). They selectively killed anyone who could not recite something from the Koran; mostly targeting Christians. A day later the Kenyan air force bombed al Shabaab camps in Gondodowe and Ismail, Somalia. North America: US: At least 5.25 inches (13 cm) of rain fell in a few hours, triggering widespread flash flooding in Louisville, Kentucky. Multiple rounds of severe weather slammed the Central Plains with tornadoes ripping up parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

7th-8th -- Midphase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: Street battles continued between Houthi rebels and government allies, as a Saudi-led coalition bombed the port city of Aden. Several houses in the central Crater district were hit by rockets setting them ablaze as the rebels advanced. Syria: ISIS militants tried to seize control of Yarmouk - a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus - clashing with Palestinian gunmen, as cilivians fled the area; the number of casualties was not known. The lack of food and water, along with indiscriminate shelling, created widespread suffering in the camp. Two car bombs targeted rebel fighters in the northern village of Hawar Kilis and the town of Marea, leaving at least thirty-two dead. Two Canadian fighter jets bombed an ISIS garrison near Raqqa. Iran: A Sunni militant group crossed into Sistan Baluchistan province, shooting dead eight Iranian border guards. Europe: Most of western Europe was swept with heavy rains and strong winds. The heaviest rain swept from Moldova through to eastern Ukraine, triggering widespread flash flooding. Asia: India: Loggers with guns - suspected red sandalwood smugglers - attacked police and forestry officials near the holy town of Tirupati. The police in Andhra Pradesh state killed at least twenty of the smugglers. Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram militants disguised as preachers and pretending to preach Islam attacked people near a mosque in the village of Kwajafa, in Borno state, killing at least twenty-four and wounding several others. North America: Mexico: An ambush by gunmen targeted a police convoy in the state of Jalisco, killing fifteen and wounding five policemen. US: Severe thunderstorms damaged buildings, downed powerlines, triggered flash flooding and produced hail ranging in size from golf balls to softballs, throughtout the Central US. Eight tornadoes battered areas across north central Oklahoma into south central Kansas, and western Missouri. A severe F-4 tornado tore through the small town of Fairdale in northern Illinois, killing two and flattening or damaging all of the buildings. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent a strong explosive eruption sending firey ejecta into the air. Tungurahua volcano also entered a phase of increased activity with ash emissions and tremors. Chile: An avalanche of water and mud swept through the Atacama Desert destroying buildings, and sending cars, buses and trucks tumbling along on floodwaters, and killing at least twenty-five with at least 125 still missing; more than 30,000 were affected in the region. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2320 developed a magnetic field that set off a coronal mass ejection directly towards Earth later triggering auroras and a geomagnetic storm.

12th -- Last Quarter (3h 44m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Egypt: An explosion outside a police station in El-Arish, on the Sinai Peninsula, left fourteen dead and forty-five injuried, and the building in rubble. In another attack on an armoured vehicle, near the northern town of Sheikh Zuweid, on the Sinai Peninsula, left six soliders dead and two wounded. Libya: An ISIS drive-by shooting outside the South Korean Embassy in Tripoli, left two dead and one wounded. Yemen: The situation is “getting worse by the hour,” said the United Nations, as the militant Houthis take control by systematically destroying much of the country’s infrastructure. In the Mediterranean a ship with migrants, who became excited at the sight of rescuers, sank, killing all four hundred on board. Syria: A Syrian army airstrike hit a school in the city of Aleppo, killing at least nine. Europe: Italy: Etna volcano underwent two ash explosions at the Bocca Nuova Crater. Asia: Pakistan: Twenty men believed to be working on an army-backed dam construction in the province of Balochistan were shot dead by separatist Balochistan Liberation Front gunmen. Afghanistan: Taliban fighters attacked Afghan army posts in the country's northeast, killing at least eighteen soldiers. Afghan troops killed nineteen of the Taliban fighters. Africa: Kenya: Residents of Nairobi University's Kikuyu campus heard a blast from an electric transformer thinking it was a terrorist attack they jumped out of windows, killing one and injuring more than one hundred. South Africa: Shops owned by immigrants were burnt and looted in a wave of violence in the city of Durban, killing at least four; more than a thousand immigrants have fled. North America: US: The southern and central Plains were swept up in violent severe thunderstorms that triggered flash flooding, heavy hail and isolated tornadoes. South America: Brazil: Hundreds of thousands protested against government corruption across Brazil, asking the prsident to step down. Solar Activity: The large and potentially active sunspot AR2321, emerged over the Sun's northeastern limb, and displayed a magnetic field that would trigger strong flares.

15th-16th -- Midphase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Palestinian fighters pushed back ISIS militants in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, forcing them to return to their stronghold in Hajar al-Aswad. Iraq: Iraqi troops retook over a quarter of what had become ISIS territory, as airstrikes and ground forces inflicted considerable damage. ISIS stepped up its assault on the city of Ramadi, after a series of suicide bomb attacks; hundreds fled the city. The bombers targeted government buildings and checkpoints, bringing them to rubble. The militants also attacked the village of Albu Ghanim, killing at least nine. Yemen: Militants from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula seized an airport in the major port city of Mukalla, Hadramawt province, after troops fled. The militants advance came amid the continuing airstrikes against the Houthis. Europe: Mediterranean: Fifteen Muslim migrants were arrested by Italian police after they allegedly threw tweleve Christians overboard who drowned; the event was triggered by a religious argument. In a separate incident, another migrant boat sank between Libya and Italy, drowning more than forty. Greece: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Palaikastron (04-16; 18:07). Belarus: A ominous storm swept through the city of Soligorsk where the clouds were so black that they blocked sun light so much it looked like midnight, while strong winds triggered a huge sand storm. Asia: China: The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was hit by a moderate 5.8 magnitude earthquake that damaged hundreds of buildings and roads, and sent hundreds in panic into the streets. A smaller 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit the northwestern Gansu Province, killing at least one. Africa: South Africa: Zenophobic violence continued as South Africans killed more foreigners, leading Malawi to evacuate their nationals from the country. The next day about 5,000 took to the streets to protest the violence, and a few days later more than 300 were attackers were arrested. Mali: A suicide bomber attempted to drive into a UN camp in the town of Ansongo when his explosives detonated, killing three civilians and wounding nine peacekeepers. Somalia: Al-Shabab militants attacked a government complex in a busy area of Mogadishu, leaving at least seventeen dead, including seven of the miltants, on the 14th. North America: Mexico: An oil spill near the Tabasco state capital, Villahermosa, was caused by oil thieves puncturing a pipeline, causing it to pollute two rivers and leaving more than 200,000 without drinking water. US: Gusty winds, hail, tornadoes and downpours battered areas from eastern Colorado to northwestern Texas. The following day another round of severe storms and tornadoes swept across the High Plains from Nebraska to Texas. A massive dust storm blanketed Las Vegas, causing vehicle crashes. A powerful dust storm also hit Tooele County, Utah, causing a huge vehilce pileup on interstate 80 that injured twenty-five and killed one. Round after round of drenching rain triggered widespread flooding in the South. South America: Colombia: Farc rebels attacked government troops in the western province of Cauca, killing at least ten and wounding seventeen. The government reinstated its bombing campaign against Farc rebels as a result. Peru: Ubinas volcano, situated in the Andes, erupted with ash and gas on multiple occasions, triggering huge mudslides. Solar Activity: A high-speed stream of solar wind triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

18th -- New Moon (18h 57m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq, Yemen and Syria continued to be unsettled with sporadic fighting. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber attacked a bank, in Jalalabad, where government staff and military personnel were collecting their salaries, killing at least thirty-three, wounding more than one hundred, and destroying buildings and vehicles; ISIS claimed responsibility. Africa: Nigeria: A "mysterious" disease - characterised by blurred vision, headache and loss of consciousness - broke out in the Ode-Irele town, Ondo state, killing at least eighteen; all had died within 24 hours. The next day it was discovered that the deaths were due to pesticides. North America: Mexico: Fighting broke out after the arrest of a leader of a drug cartel in Reynosa, where vehicles were set on fire to block roads; the fighting left at least three dead. US: Storms slowly moving through the Plains dumped heavy rains, leaving more than 100,000 without power and triggering widespread flash flooding. One area in Texas got nearly four inches of rain in fifteen minutes, and elsewhere hail the size of tennis balls fell and more than a dozen tornadoes touched down. A circus tent was ripped apart, causing panic for the crowd inside. The severe weather brought heavy rain, snow, fog and tornadoes, threatening more than twenty-two million. The snow and fog triggered multiple vehiclde pile ups, injuring dozens. Pacific: South: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of the Sigave, Wallis and Futuna Islands (04-17; 15:52). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2321 - facing Earth - had an unstable magnetic field that harbored energy for significant flares the next day. Earth was swept by a stream of high-speed solar wind, triggering geomagnetic storms and bright auroras over Scandinavia, Canada, and the northern US.

21st-22nd -- Midphase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Iraqi security forces battling ISIS militants retook key areas in the city of Ramadi. More than 114,000 had fled the Ramadi area in recent weeks. Iraq and Syria: Allied forces made twenty-eight airstrikes on ISIS positions. Yemen: After a short hiatus a Saudi-led coalition of jets bombed Houthi rebels in the city of Taiz. Fighting also took place in the city of Aden, Lahj's provincial capital Huta, and the town of Daleh. The UN reported that in a month's time at least 944 were killed and 3,487 injured in airstrikes, fighting on the ground and attacks by jihadist militants. Syria: Clashes broke out between Syrian Islamist rebels and ISIS militants north of Damascus, leaving at least forty dead. The area is critical to the rebels' weapons supply routes. A government air raid on the town of Maarat al-Numan and rebel shelling on government-held Jisr al-Shughour left thirteen civilians dead. Asia: Taiwan: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Su'ao (04-20; 01:42). Japan: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake (04-20; 11:45) and a 6.1 magnitude earthquake (04-20; 12:00) struck southwest of Yonakuni. India: A major, severe storm with fierce winds battered the state of Bihar, destroying thousands of homes and various crops, knocking down trees and electric poles, killing at least thirty-two and injuring several dozen. Africa: South Africa: Xenophobic violence had gotten so prevalent that the country's army was dispatched to protect non-South Africans - Asians and other Africans - declaring it an "emergency." Since the attacks started about three weeks ago, at least seven were killed and 5,000 were left homeless. Somalia: A car bomber targeted a popular restaurant - often frequented by politicians - in Mogadishu, killing at least eleven and seriously injuring dozens. It is believed that al-Shabab militants were behind the atack. Nigeria: Nigerian troops joined an offensive on the last known hideout of the Boko Haram militants in the vast Sambisa forest - where they have many bases. Angola: Police raided the Kalupeteka sect in Huambo when "snipers" opened fire, killing nine officers who then killed the thirteen gunmen. However, the sect claimed that the police carried out a massacre in revenge for the officers' deaths, killing more than 200. Australia: New South Wales: Powerful storms battered New South Wales, triggering widespread flooding that carried away houses, knocked out power to 200,000, hurricane-force winds continued for more than 24 hours - previously unheard of - and killed at least four. Some areas received more than one foot (30 cm) of rainfall, wind gusts reached more than 60 mph (100 kph) and waves reaching record heights of 50 feet (15 m). There were almost 8,000 calls for help and the State Emergency Service conducted 93 flood rescues, and declared tweleve communities natural disaster areas. More storms were expected that would make the situation worse in the days that followed. North America: US: Heavy rains brought flash flooding and hail through parts of central Pennsylvania. The following day, a round of thunderstorms brought severe weather accompanied by wind gusts up to 60 mph, hail, flash flooding and tornadoes to parts of Texas and Oklahoma and into the lower Mississippi Valley. South America: Chile: Calbuco volcano erupted for the first time in 47 years, sending a plume of smoke and ash 30,000 feet (10 km) into the air, forcing authorities to order the evacuation of thousands from the nearby town of Ensenada and surrounding areas. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit southeast of Lata in the Solomon Islands (04-22; 22:57). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2322 near the Sun's western limb exploded with four M-class solar flares, while a magnetic filament rose up on the Sun's eastern limb, creating a solar prominence. The next day, a coronal mass ejection swept the Earth, triggering a magnetic storm and auroras.

25th -- First Quarter (23h 55m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Islamist rebels, including the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, took over the key town of Jisr al-Shughur. After a fierce battle at least sixty pro-government fighters bodies were lying in the streets. Europe: Serbia: The start of the Belgrade derby was delayed as spectators threw seats and flares at riot police. In the arena both teams' fans lit flares and threw stun grenades onto the athletics track. Asia: Nepal: A major 7.8 magnitude earthquake (04-24; 23:11), followed by 6.6 aftershock (04-24; 23:45), struck east of Lamjung, battering the country, destroying buildings, homes, temples and roads, killing more than 8,150 and injuring more than 10,000. The death and injury tolls were expected to increase as hundreds lie buried under rubble. Tens of thousands were left homeless. Nearby, villages had 70% of their houses destroyed, and some were completely destroyed. Meanwhile, a hundred miles away in the Himalayas an avalanche was triggered on Mount Everest, killing eighteen - the mountain's worst-ever disaster. Another sixty-one died from the quake in India and another twenty-five in neighboring Tibet. A day later in Nepal, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck east of Kodari (04-26; 00:09). During the quake energy penetrated the ionosphere, shifting the distribution of electrons. Pakistan: Heavy rains, hail and strong winds, some hurricane-force, ripped through the northwest, knocking down electric poles and trees, collapsing buildings and flooding roadways, killing at least thirty-seven and injuring more than 200. Afghanistan: Melting snow and deforestation triggered a landslide that destroyed nearly 100 homes in the Khawahan district, Badakhshan province, and killed at least fifty-two, on the 17th. Australia: New South Wales: Still cleaning up from a major storm that took place during the last lunar phase, parts of Sydney were blanketed with a massive hail storm, as severe thunderstorms moved across the state. North America: US: More than 1,000 marched in Baltimore protesting the death of a black man who, while in the custody of police, sustained spinal injuries. The protest became violent as some protesters smashed police car windows. Meanwhile, severe thunderstorms developed over the lower Ohio Valley and spread into the East, as more thunderstorms battered the Gulf Coast states. Canada: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck west of Bella Bella (04-24; 06:56). South America: Chile: Calbuco volcano continued to ejection huge ash clouds causing international flights to be delayed or cancelled. The ash covered vast areas, burying houses, vehicles, farmland and pastures. The eruption forced the evacuation of more than 6,500. Solar Activity: Earth passed through a change in the direction of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field, known as a sector boundary crossing, triggering auroras and a geomagnetic storm.

28th-29th -- Midphase MODERATE

Mideast: Israel/Syria: An Israeli airstrike along the Israeli-Syrian frontier, in the Golan Heights, targeted four militants armed with a bomb killing them. Europe: Ukraine: Constant fighting continued between government forces and pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk, which has been heavily shelled. Yemen: Saudi-led airstrikes hit five provinces in the city of Aden, while Houthi rebels' tanks and snipers killed at least tweleve civilians. Asia: Nepal: Thunderstorms disrupted rescue and recovery efforts across the Kathmandu Valley, where more than 100,000 survivors of the earthquake were living in tents. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano, in Sumatra, erupted with lava burning the village of Guru Kinayan on the southern slope of the volcano. Africa: Nigeria: The Nigerian military seizured four Boko Haram camps in the Sambisa Forest, and in the process freed 200 girls and 93 women that had been kidknapped. Burundi: A new wave of protests erupted in opposition to President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid for a third term. Protesters set vehicles on fire, and police shot at the protesters. Mali: Heavily armed Tuareg rebels in trucks fitted with machine guns retreated from their attack on Timbuktu twice in two days. UN peacekeepers repelled the attack. A pro-government militia recaptured the town of Menaka, while Tuareg rebels took the town of Lere. North America: US: In Baltimore, after the funeral of the black man who was killed while in police custody, protesters looted stores, more than 100 cars were set on fire and fifteen buildings were destroyed. More than one hundred were arrested, and fifteen officers were injuried. The next day (28th) a week-long curfew was put in place and thousands of troops were deployed to the city. Demonstrations continued, but this time they were peaceful. Three tornadoes ripped through Johnson County, Texas, destroying mobile homes, a farm house and barn, and flooding washed away a road. Powerful winds blew nearly a dozen shipping cars off an elevated train track in Louisiana. South America: Brazil: Heavy rains triggered widespread street flooding and caused two separate landslides, sweeping away hillside homes in poor neighborhoods, killing at least fourteen and injuring ten; many were still missing. Chile: Calbuco volcano again erupted spewing ash into the air when a day earlier residents had returned to Rio Blanco, they again were evacuated. Whole towns, farmlands, pastures and roads were covered in ash, while the possiblity of rain could send rivers of muddy, volcanic material into the surrounding areas. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Ndoi Island, Fiji (04-28; 09:39). Southeast: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake (04-30; 03:45), followed by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake (05-01; 01:06), struck south of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea. Solar Activity: A filament of magnetism that stretching across the face of the Sun erupted producing a huge coronal mass ejection.


4th -- Full Moon (3h 42m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria/Israel: Stray mortar bombs were launched from Syria wounding two UN peacekeepers in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Syria: A suicide bomber targeted a building used by the Syrian army's munitions and supply division, in the Rukn al-Din district, in Damascus; six were injuried. A terrorist group rode into the neighborhood on motorcycles and began clashing with security forces who foiled the attack, killing them. A barrel bomb hit a nursery school in the Saif al-Dawla district of Aleppo, killing at least ten and injuring dozens. Africa: Burundi: Demonstrations against President Pierre Nkuruziza's re-election bid erupted again in Bujumbura, where police fired shots as three protesters were killed; police denied responsiblity. Fifteen officers were also wounded in a grenade attack. Guinea: Anti-government protests took place in Conakry, where protesters clashed with security forces, injuring as many as thirty, fourteen of which were security officers. Australia and New Zealand: Queensland, Australia: A super storm brought record rainfall to the southeast triggering dangerous flash floods that destroyed more than one hundred homes and killed six. New Zealand: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the South Island (05-04; 02:29). North America: A storm system developed along the southeastern Atlantic coast and it was thought to become the first tropical storm of the season. Heavy rain and hail pounded the North Central region. Mexico: A large ocean swell hit the Pacific coast of Mexico, killing three, forcing the evacuation of 500 homes and flooding streets, on the 3rd. The waves reached 33 feet (10 m) in height and the region was declared a disaster area. Pacific: Southeast: A 7.5 magnitude earthquake (05-04; 18:44), struck south of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea, triggering a small tsunami, downing power lines and damaging buildings. The same area was hit with two quakes in the previous lunar phase. Solar Activity: The filament of magnetism that erupted on May 2nd, and hurled a coronal mass ejection into space, would reach the Earth on the 6th. Emerging sunspot AR2339 unleashed an intense X2-class solar flare, causing a strong radio blackout over western parts of North America and the entire Pacific Ocean, on the 5th.

7th-8th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition continued to carry out airstrikes against Houthi rebels who fired shells from Saada into Saudi Arabia. The airstrikes hit Houthi command centers. The planes also dropped leaflets warning residents in a Yemeni border district to leave as a precaution against the airstrikes hitting them. Syria: Three chlorine attacks by government helicopters dropping barrel bombs took place in Idlib province with nearly eighty suffering from asphyxiation in the villages of Janoudieh, Kansafrah, and Kafr Batiekh. Asia: Afghanistan: The Afghan government launched a major offensive against a coalition of Taliban forces and ISIS-trained, foriegn fighters near the provincial capital of Kunduz. At least thirteen police and eighteen foriegn fighters were killed in the conflict. Japan: Hakone volcano underwent a series of earthquakes and deformation of the ground prompting the authorities to raise the alert level and close access to the area, a popular tourist destination. Pakistan: An army helicopter crashed in a mountainous part of the north, in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory, killing seven, including the Philippine and Norwegian ambassadors. The Taliban claimed that they shot the helicopter down, but authorities say it was a technical problem. The helicopter crashed into an army school building in Gilgit-Baltistan setting it on fire. Africa: Burundi: New protests erupted as the result of President Pierre Nkurunziza seeking a third term. Two opposition supporters were killed, being shot by police, while a third was killed in a grenade attack, and a fourth died after being set on fire by protesters. Fires were set in the streets and violence left dozens injuired. South Sudan: Renewed fighting took place in the oil-rich Unity state, with areas around Bentiu, the regional capital, hit the worst. The week-long conflict alone displaced more than 100,000; though the original conflict began in December 2013 up to date displacing more than 1.5 million. Nigeria: Two Boko Haram militants attacked a business college in Potiskum, in the state of Yobe, a gunman and a suicde bomber, who seriously wounded six students and injuried dozens. North America: US: Severe weather with heavy rain and large hail swept across the central and southern Plains. The storms triggered destructive tornadoes in Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, damaging and destroying homes and businesses. The number of tornadoes reached upwards of seventy. Drenching downpours also brought flash flooding to several cities, and in Oklahoma City the first ever flash flood emergency was declared. Strong winds up to 70 mph (113 kph) were widespread, and in Texas they swept seventeen train cars off the tracks. A powerful lightning strike hit a gas well in Denton, Texas, causing a massive explosion and fire. Snow fell in California and Colorado, and throughout parts of the Rockies. A strong subtropical system, named Ana, developed near the Southeast coast where it would bring rain, wind and rough surf to the Carolinas' coastlines. Pacific: Southeast: A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Panguna, Papua New Guinea (05-07; 00:10). Fifteen 5.0 to 5.9 magnitude quakes also struck Kokopo and Panguna, Papua New Guinea (last lunar phase a 7.5 struck). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2339, that unleashed an intense X2-class solar flare, doubled in size since that flare, and it had a magnetic field that would trigger more eruptions. The X2-class solar flare had erupted with a coronal mass ejection that triggered a geomagnetic storm and auroras on the 6th and 7th.

11th -- Last Quarter (10h 36m) MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: A Moroccan F-16 fighter jet taking part in Saudi-led coalition of airstrikes was shot down by Houthi rebels, over Saada province. Houthi rebels' strongholds of Saada, the city of Taiz and the eastern province of Marib were bombed repeatedly. Europe: Macedonia: Days of deadly clashes in the town of Kumanovo left eight police officers and fourteen gunmen dead. Prosecutors charged thirty people with terrorism-related offences as a result. Asia: Southeast Asia: As many as 8,000 refugees, stuck on boats from Bangladesh and Myanmar, were left stranded by smugglers at sea close to Thailand. Philippines: Powerful typhoon Noul hit the northeastern Cagayan province, killing two, cutting electricity, and triggering flash floods, landslides and storm surges that forced thousands to evacuate. The storm, with wind speeds of 137 mph (220 kph), was expected to move towards Taiwan and Japan. Indian-administered Kashmir: A crowded bus veered off a mountain road and plunged down a gorge, killing at least twenty-three and injuring two dozen. Indonesia: Dukono volcano in Halmahera sent intense ash emissions 10,000 feet (3 km) into the air and extended 25 miles (40 km) to the east. Nepal: A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit southwest of Kodari (05-12; 00:05) and was shortly followed by a 6.3 magnitude quake that hit north of Ramechhap (05-12; 00:36); seven powerful aftershocks also took place. Nepal and India: These quakes killed at least fifty and injuried at least 1,117 in Nepal, and killed at least seventeen in India, while triggering landslides and toppling buildings. Japan: A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Ofunato (05-12; 14:12). Africa: South Sudan: Heavy fighting forced aid agencies to withdrawn leaving 300,000 without food supplies in the oil-rich Unity state. The fighting also disrupted the planting of crops by the local people creating the scene of what could become a major humanitarian disaster. Libya: A Turkish freighter was attacked near the coast of Libya, leaving the captain dead and several crew members hurt. North America: US: Tornadoes swept through Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas, damaging and destroying homes and businesses, injuring forty-three and leaving eight people missing. A tornado hit a trailer park in Nashville, Tennessee, killing two and destroying homes. Another twister plowed throught Van, Texas, destroying nearly one-third of the city. Parts of Colorado were buried in as much as eight inches of snow. Strong storms swept through the upper Plains bringing heavy rain, flooding, hail and damaging winds. Solar Activity: An interplanetary shock wave hit Earth's magnetic field triggering auroras.

14th-15th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS militants seized the main government building in Ramadi, the capital of the largest province, using six suicide car bombs and mortars. Of those police officers defending the building at least fifty were taken prisoner, ten were killed and dozens were wounded. Yemen: Heavy clashes took place, despite a five-day humanitarian truce, killing at least ten. Aid distribution to the millions who were deprived of food, fuel and medicine was halted by weeks of fighting and airstrikes. Syria: Government forces tried to drive back ISIS miltants from reaching the ancient ruins and famous World Heritage Site of Palmyra. ISIS had previously destroyed archeological sites. Airstrikes and troops targeted militant positions on the city's eastern edge. Europe: Germany: A major hailstorm in the south damaged houses and businesses, and injuried at least nine. The hailstones were the size of golf balls and were accompanied by hurricane-force winds. Italy: Mount Etna exploded in an eruption sending columns of lava and ash high into the air. Asia: Afghanistan: A hotel in Kabul, packed with foreigners awaiting a concert, was attacked by Taliban miltants killing at least fourteen; two of the dead were Taliban who were about to engage in a suicide attack. Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia: Several thousand people were stuck in boats off the coasts having been abandonded by smugglers and being refused entry into these countires. Many died and others resorted to drinking urine to survive; most were Rohingya Muslims who cannot go back to Myanmar were they are persecuted and killed. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Curup (05-15; 13:26). Africa: Burundi: A day after a coup attempt the president's soldiers took control of key points, as five soldiers died in the clashes. Nigeria: The nation's military imposed a curfew in the city of Maiduguri after a surprise attack took place by Boko Haram militants. Earlier, three suicide bombers killed six vigilants and wounded twelve that fought the Boko Haram, who also suffered serious casualties. North America: US: Severe weather, including isolated tornadoes, wind gusts of 60 to 70 mph (97-113 kph), hail and flash flooding, swept across a large part of the Plains. Severe, heavy rains left much of Texas under water. A major storm also swept across the Rockies. South America: Chile: A student protest for education reform took place in several cities across the country. A number of these marches ended in violence, with masked students clashing with police who used tear gas and water cannon. In the port city of Valparaiso, two students sprayed graffiti on a wall and were shot by the son of the owner of the property; both later died. Colombia: A power cut shut off pumps that kept out water from a nearby river, triggering flooding in the mine and trapping fifteen miners. It was apparent that they had all perished. Central America: Nicaragua: The Telica volcano in the northwest exploded more than sixty times sending ash into the air, covering the nearby towns of El Realejo, Corinto, Posoltega and Chichigalpa. Pacific: North Central: The Halemaumau Crater in the Big Island of Hawaii exploded with a mushroom cloud of dust, rocks and molten lava that shot into the air after part of a crater wall crashed into a lava lake, on the 13th. Northwest: Typhoon Dolphin slammed into the island of Guam with winds approaching that of a Category 3 hurricane (110+ mph/ 178+ kph), and bringing torrential rains, widespread flooding and extremely dangerous surf. Solar Activity: Hot glowing plasma was pulled aloft by unstable solar magnetic fields producing what is known as a "hedgerow prominence." Also a high-speed solar wind stream triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras around the poles.

18th -- New Moon (4h 13m) LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Iranian-backed Shia militias gathered east of the city of Ramadi in a counter-attack against ISIS who earlier had captured the city. Coalition fighter jets also bombed ISIS targets. Thousands of residents fled the city. Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition resumed airstrikes against Houthi rebels bringing an end to a five-day ceasefire. The rubble of buildings was widespread. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber directed an attack near the entrance of the international airport in Kabul, killing three and wounding eighteen, on the 17th. Japan: Sakurajima volcano erupted with several strong explosions sending ash 16,000 feet (4.5 km) into the air. Africa: Nigeria: The country's military destroyed ten Boko Haram militants' camps, killing dozens; one soldier was killed and two wounded. Burundi: Protests again emerged against the president who blamed the protesters for a failed coup days prioir; gunfire was prevalent and at least one was killed. North America: US: Thirty-four train cars were blow off the track in Lyon County, Kansas. It was a twister that blew over the rail cars which were carrying hazardous material. The central Plains were swept with thunderstorms, heavy rain, damaging winds, hail and widespread localized flash flooding. South America: Colombia: Heavy rains led to the overflow of the river Liboriana, in the town of Salgar, triggering a landslide that killed at least seventy-eight. Much of the village of Santa Margarita was swept away when the landslide hit, and bodies were still being recovered and would raise the death toll. Indian Ocean: Piton de la Fournaise volcano, on the island of La Réunion, expolded in an eruption that sent a large lava flow headed towards the vast coastal plain to the east. Pacific: South: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge (05-19; 08:25). Solar Activity: Earth entered a stream of solar wind that triggered a moderate (G2-class) geomagnetic storm and auroras.

22nd-23rd -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Saudi Arabia: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted a Shia mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh, Eastern Province, killing at least twenty-one. Iraq: ISIS advanced further into Ramadi, pushing more residents from their homes - more than 40,000 had already been displaced as the Iraqi army abandoned the city days prior (see previous lunar phase). Syria: ISIS tookover the ancient city of Palmyra. The following day government forces withdrew from al-Tanf, a Syrian government-controlled border crossing between Syria and Iraq, as ISIS advanced. Europe: Ukraine: Clashes erupted between government forces and Russian-backed separatists, leaving three Ukrainian soliders dead and twenty wounded. Asia: Indonesia: Batu Tara volcano, on the Sunda Islands, erupted, sending ash plumes 8,000 feet (2.4 km) into the air. Africa: Kenya: Militants from the Somalia-based al Shabaab attacked the village of Yumbis in the northeast, triggering a gunbattle with a combined force of police and the army, driving the militants off. North America: US: A tornado damaged many homes and apartments in Runaway Bay, Texas, ripping off roofs and sending debris everywhere. Rising rivers and widespread flooding forced hundreds from their homes in the Southern Plains and some areas would get another half foot of rain in the days that followed. About 400 homes in the town of Wimberley, Texas were washed away by flash flooding along the Blanco River. Two were killed and several were missing. Tornadoes destroyed homes in Oklahoma and Texas. Mexico: A gunfight erupted between government forces and a suspected drug gang near the Michoacan state border with Jalisco, leaving at least forty-four dead, including two federal policemen. South America: Colombia: The country's military undertook an airstrike and ground assault against the Farc rebels in Guapi, Cauca, killing at least twenty-six. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck west of Lata in the Solomon Islands (05-20; 15:48). A 6.9 magnitude earthquake (05-22; 14:45), followed by a 6.8 magnitude quake (05-22; 16:59), struck east of Kirakira in the Solomon Islands.

25th -- First Quarter (17h 19m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: Unconfirmed reports said that ISIS was killing hundreds in Palmyra. Iraq: The military claimed that they will retake Ramadi from ISIS in a few days as it deployed troops to the city. Yemen: Fierce clashes in the south between militiamen and Houthi rebels in the cities of Dhalea and Taiz left dozens dead and wounded. Asia: India: A heatwave swept the country with temperatures reaching 118 F (48 C) in some areas, especially in the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, leaving at least 500 dead. Nepal: A massive landslide in the west blocked the flow of the Kali Gandaki River in Myagdi district, causing thoursands to flee. Africa: Tunisia: A Tunisian soldier killed seven and wounded ten of his colleagues at a military barracks in Tunis, afterwhich he was shot dead. Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram militant gunmen attacked the Borno state town of Gubio, triggering gunbattles with security forces, setting on fire more than 400 homes, government buildings and schools and dozens of cars and motorcycles, and killing at least thirty-seven. North America: US: The number of homes in the town of Wimberley, Texas that were washed away by flash flooding along the Blanco River grew to 700 hundred as more heavy rains fell (see last lunar phase). Also more homes were destroyed by tornadoes. In Texas nine were killed and eleven were missing. Oklahoma was hit with record rainfall that triggered widespread flooding, killing three. Severe weather brought damaging winds in excess of 65 mph (105 kph), large hail, flash flooding and tornadoes to Texas and Oklahoma. It then moved east affecting parts of Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana with heavy rain, strong winds and tornadoes. In total twenty-one were killed. In Florida strong winds created a dangerous rip current along its eastern coast, forcing the rescue of more than 300 and killing three. A rotating supercell produced a tornado in southeast Colorado. Mexico: The border city of Ciudad Acuna, in Coahuila state, was torn apart by a tornado that destroyed and damaged more than 750 homes and buildings, mangled cars and tossed them onto buildings, killed at least thirteen, and injuried at least 150. South America: Ecuador: Wolf volcano on Isabela Island, Galapagos, underwent an large explosive eruption that produced tall lava fountains and sent ash plumes 45,000 feet (14 km) into the air.

28th-29th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: The al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Nusra Front, captured one of the last government strongholds in western Idlib province, the city of Ariha, after fierce fighting. ISIS militants killed twenty men at the theater inside the ancient site of Palmyra, while forcing residents to watch. Syrian government's army helicopters dropped barrel bombs on ISIS-controlled areas of Aleppo, killing 71 and wounding dozens, most where civilians; on the 30th. Iraq: Suicide car bombers targeted the Babylon Hotel, near the Tigris river, and the Ishtar, formerly the Sheraton Hotel, killing at least ten, injuring more than thirty and reaping widespread damages to buildings. Libya: ISIS militants seized the al-Ghardabiya airport in the city of Sirte, and the Great Man Made River water project that supplies fresh water to Libyan cities. Saudi Arabia: A ISIS suicide bomber targeted a car park outside a Shia mosque, killing four and destroying dozens of vehicles. Asia: Pakistan: Balochistan militant gunmen attacked two buses travelling to Karachi, killing at least nineteen. Japan: Mount Shindake volcano erupted explosively sending ash plumes 5.6 miles (9 km) into the air and forcing the evacuation of the residents of Kuchinoerabu island. It also caused sweeping pyroclastic flows that injuried two and a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck west of Chichi-shima (05-30; 04:23). Africa: Mali: A vehicle in a convoy that was escorting a commander and the police commissioner hit a landmine, injuring three United Nations peacekeepers. North America: US: Texas and Oklahoma were hit with more rain while still attempting to recover from flooding. Residents in Wharton, Texas evacuated their homes due to a rise of the Colorado River, North, Texas residents also evacuated because of the Brazos River reaching flood stage, and parts of Oklahoma residents also evacuated due to flooding. The death toll for the flooding had risen to more than two dozen, more than 4,000 buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged, and thousands of cars were abandoned. A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck north of Chirikof Island, Alaska (05-29; 00:00). Central America: Nicaragua: Telica volcano uderwent an explosive eruption that sent ash plume 9,840 feet (3 km) into the air. Pacific: Northeast: A Tropical depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Andres, south of Mexico, generating high surf and dangerous rip currents along the coast of Baja California and western Mexico.


2nd -- Full Moon (16h 19m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS suicide bombers targeted three vehicles packed with explosives in a base in the Tharthar area, Anbar province, killing at least forty-five Iraqi police officers. ISIS closed the gates of a dam in the city of Ramadi, cutting off water to pro-government towns. Water was cut off in areas of Khalidiyah and Habbaniyah to the east, some of the last held pro-government areas in Anbar. Asia: China: A cruise ship carrying 456 people capsized in torrential rain and wind speeds of up to 80 mph (130 kph) on the Yangtze River. Only fourteen were found to be alive, seven were confirmed dead and the rest were missing 24 hours later. Afghanistan: A guesthouse in the Zari district of Balkh province was attacked by unknown gunmen who killed nine Afghan employees of the Czech charity, People in Need. Africa: Kenya: Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-linked affiliate, entered the remote village of Warankara causing hundreds to flee and closing schools. North America: US: Heavy rain triggered flooding that provided the means for fish to swim out of overflown rivers and into the streets in New Jersey. South America: Venezuela: Thousands held a march in the the capital, Caracas, calling for the release of opposition leaders who were jailed for more than a year. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano erupted with frequent weak to strong explosions, and ash plumes that reached 3,280 feet (1 km) into the air. Most of the explosions produced shock waves that shook doors and windows in nearby villages. Pacific: Eastern: Tropical Storm Blanca, southwest of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, strengthened into a Category One Hurricane with wind speeds in excess of 75 mph (120 kph). It was expected to strengthen further and affect the coast from Acapulco to near Puerto Vallarta with rough surf and strong rip currents. Solar Activity: B3 and C1 X-ray solar flares erupted.

5th-6th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Intense fighting took place between the Houthis rebels and a Saudi-led coaltion along the Yemen/Saudi border, leaving four Saudi soldiers and seventeen Houthis dead. Europe: Ukraine: Military forces pushed out pro-Russian rebels from the town of Maryinka and captured twelve "saboteurs", including one Russian. Turkey: The Kurdish city of Diyarbakir was hit by two explosions, killing at least two and injuring one hundred; the violence was linnked to upcoming elections. Asia: Malaysia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake took place near Mount Kinabalu, on the island of Borneo, northwest of Ranau (06-04; 16:15), triggering landslides that trapped 137 climbers and killed at least thirteen. India: Manipur rebels ambushed a convoy on its way to Imphal, killing at least twenty and wounding fifteen soldiers; on the 4th. Papua New Guinea: The Bagana volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending ash plumes 8,000 feet (2.4 km) into the air. India: Barren Island volcano erupted sending an ash plume 10,000 feet (3 km) into the air. Japan: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck east of Mutsu (06-07; 23:01). Africa: Ghana: Heavy rains triggered flooding that sent a crowd into a gas station for shelter, afterwhich a fire broke out, killing about 150; late evening on the 4th. Libya: Italian, Irish and German warships rescued more than 2,000 migrants off the Libyan Coast. Nigeria: Two Boko Haram suicide bombers targeted the main market in the city of Yola, killing thirty-three, wounding thirty-eight, and destroying dozens of shops. North America: Mexico: Violence spread around the country as it prepared for mid-term elections. The radical teachers' union attacked the offices of five political parties in Chiapas state, explosive devices were thrown into a conservative party's office in Guerrero state, and candidates and campaign workers were killed in drug-related violence. Hurricane Blanca was expected to pose no threat, but began to take aim at Baja Califronia, bringing rough surf and dangerous rip currents threatening beachgoers and operators of small craft along the coast of Mexico from Acapulco to near Puerto Vallarta. It also brought heavy thunderstorms, flooding, and mudslides across parts of Guerrero, Michoacan, Colima and Jalisco. The coastline from Puerto San Carlos to Cabo San Lucas was battered by hurricane force winds. US: Heavy rain and hail triggered flooding in Colorado as tornadoes swept across the state. In some places the hail was three feet (1 m) deep. Heavy rains also flooded large areas of Kansas City, Kansas and Louisiana. Central America: Guatamala: Fuego volcano underwent a strong eruption with lava flows and an ash plume was sent 16,400 feet (5 km) into the air. Solar Activity: Two new sunspots emerged with sunspot AR2361 near the Sun's northeastern limb showing increased activity. The next day the sunspot number rose to fourteen and a solar wind stream hit Earth, sparking a G2-class geomagnetic storm.

9th -- Last Quarter (15h 42m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: The government undertook two airstrikes on the village of Janoudiyeh in Idlib province, on the 8th, killing at least fifty, wounding dozens and destroying buildings; the death toll would rise as many were missing. The following day, al-Nusra Front rebels captured a major army base, known as Brigade 52, outside the town of Harak, in Deraa province. Airstrikes targeting rebel positions in Mleiha al-Sharqiya, Karak and Harak left forty rebels dead. Iraq: Eight seperate bombing in and around Baghdad, mostly targeted government buildings, left at least eighteen dead. Egypt: ISIS-affliated miltants fired rockets in the direction of an airport on the Sinai peninsula used by UN peacekeeping forces. Europe: Ukraine: A huge explosion and a fire brokeout at an oil depot, next to an army base near the town of Vasylkiv, killing at least four. The army cleared a munitions storage facility nearby and the area around the fire was evacuated amid fears that it would spread. Arson was suspected. Asia: Indonesia: Mount Sinabung volcano in Sumatra sent huge plumes of ash and smoke into the air prompting officials to order the evacuation of residents within 4.3 miles (7 km) of the volcano. Japan: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Hokkaido (06/08; 06:01). Arabian Sea: Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa strengthened and was headed for the country of Oman as it produced rough seas and strong rip currents on the coast. North America: US: The remnants of Hurricane Blanca brought heavy rains to the Southwest into parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Severe thuderstorms, accompanied by damaging winds and hail, swept through the Northeast, affecting parts of New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Rising waters from flash floods left Nashville, Tennessee drivers stranded and buildings submerged. Record heat swept the West. Tornadoes ripped through Colorado destroying and damaging homes. The White House Press Room and a Senate office building were evacuated after telephone bomb threats. South America: Peru: A truck, returning from an event in the town of Huanuco, and carrying school children, plunged into a ravine in a remote area of the Andes mountains, killing seventeen and injuring dozens. Chile: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck of Calama (06-10; 06:52). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2360 develped a magnetic field that could produce energy for strong flares.

12th-13th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: The Old City of Sanaa, an ancient World Heritage site, was destroyed in a bombing raid, killing at least five. The Saudi-led anti-Houthi-rebel coalition denied any responsibility. Syria: Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda-affiliated) militants raided the Guze village of Qalb Lawzah in Idlib province, killing at least twenty. Oman: Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa weakened into a tropical rainstorm that triggered widespread flooding with Masirah Island getting hit with more than five years' worth of normal rainfall in only 24 hours and a year's worth of rain fell in areas from Sur to Filim. Asia: India: Early, heavy monsoon rains triggered the overflow of the Brahmaputra river, flooding 553 villages in 13 districts of the state of Assam, affecting more than 200,000 and killing at least two. Polynesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Hihifo, Tonga (06-12; 04:07). Japan: Officials raised the alert level of the Assam volcano as it underwent increased seismic activity and strongly elevated gas emissions. Africa: Libya: The U.S military launched airstrikes targeting and killing an al-Qaida leader (Mokhtar BelMokhtar) and five others in the city of Ajdabiya. Those that were injuried got into hours of clashes with the Libyan military that guarded the hospital there. Militants stormed the Tunisian consulate in Tripoli and held ten employees hostage. Afghanistan: Taliban militants raid police checkpoints in the remote Musa Qala district of Helmand province, killing at least twenty officers, and seizing a large number of heavy weapons. North America: US: damaging winds and heavy rainfall swept the Great Lakes region. Heavy rains flooded streets in Houston, Texas where kayakers paddled their way through the streets dotted with submerged cars. A tropical disturbance moved from near the Yucatan Peninsula towards the Gulf of Mexico, putting lives and property in danger across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. South America: Colombia: Farc rebels opened fire on police patrolling a stretch of highway, killing three officers, and they brought down an electricity transmission tower, triggering a blackout for nearly 500,000 in the southern region of Caqueta. The president ordered the resumption of bombing raids on rebel positions in response. Pacific: East: Tropical Storm Carlos strengthened into a hurricane and conditions were very good for further strengthening. The most damaging winds would stretch from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo, heavy rains would trigger flooding and mudslides from Acapulco to Puerto Vallarta, and dangerous surf would hamper many resort cities along the southwestern coast. Solar Activity: The coronal mass ejection that erupted near sunspot AR2364 was expected to trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras, but did not.

16th -- New Moon (14h 05m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Clashes took place between ISIS militants and pro-government forces near the Baiji refinery, leaving seveteen dead. Syria: Kurdish fighters and allied Syrian rebels took control of the town of Tal Abyad delievering a major blow to ISIS. Fighting over the past few days sent thousands fleeing into Turkey. Syrian air force jets bombed the town of Ghariyah, in Deraa province, killing at least sixteen and seriously injuring dozens. Europe: Ukraine: Nearly-constant shelling by pro-Russian rebels along almost the entire length of the frontline, left at least two pro-Ukrainians dead and twenty injuried. Asia: Indonesia: Mount Sinabung, on the island of Sumatra, erupted, sending hot ash and gas into the air, and forcing nearly 4,000 to flee. Philippines: Bulusan volcano, on Luzon Island, erupted, sending a steam and ash plume 3,300 feet (1 km) into the air. China: Heavy rains triggered massive floods that washed away houses and vehicles in the village of Hubei Province, leaving five death and four missing. Africa: Chad: Two suicide attackers on motorcycles targeted two police buildings in N'Djamena, killing at least twenty-three and injuring more than one hundred. Nigeria: Bombs were found at an abandoned stronghold of Boko Haram Islamists, and as they were being taken to be defused they exploded, killing at least thirteen and injuring forty-five. North America: US: Tropical Storm Bill battered Texas with heavy rains, strong winds, tornadoes, rough surf and strong rip currents, triggering widespread flooding from 8 to 12 inches of rain. The storm would move inland into the Midwest and Northeast in the days that followed, causing widespread flooding in Oklahoma. Heavy, strong winds and hail the size of golf balls pelted Wyoming. A giant wildfire erupted near Willow, Alaska, consuming 6,500 acres of land and destroying dozens of homes. Mexico: Tropical Storm Carlos slammed into the southwest, closing schools and shelters were set-up in the states of Guerrero and Michoacan. Heavy rains brought widespread life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides, and strong waves hit the shore of Acapulco closing its port. Pacific: South: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Ndoi Island, Fiji (06-15; 23:17). Atlantic: Southwest: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake pushed the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (06-17; 05:51).

19th-20th -- Mid-Phase and 21st Solistice MAXIMUM

Europe: Austria: A man drove his car into crowds in a square in the city of Graz, killing three and injuring dozens. The car was travelling at least 60 mph (100 kph). Ukraine: Shelling near rebel-held Donetsk left two Ukrainian soldiers dead and three wounded; the new attacks suggest the rebels planned to try to push forward. Asia: Indonesia: Mount Sinabung, on the island of Sumatra, continued to send gas and ash high into the air. About 4,000 had fled earlier (see previous lunar phase), but many still remained in the danger zone, as ash covered nearby towns. India: Heavy monsoon rains overwhelmed Mumbai (Bombay) flooding streets, homes and railways, bringing the city to a standstill and stranding thousands; schools and government buidlings closed. A fire broke out in a restaurant and spread to a hotel in Pratapgarh town in Uttar Pradesh state, killing at least ten and injuring many, five seriously. Afghanistan: A roadside bomb exploded in Helmand province, killing at least twelve members of the same family and wounded several others; it was believed to be the actions of the Taliban. The Taliban took the Chardara district, killing twelve soldiers and wounding seventeen. Meanwhile, government forces took back another district, Yumgan in Badakshan province, from the Taliban. Pakistan: A new heat wave left more than 140 dead. China: Hundreds of villagers attacked a police station in Hunan province, apparently due to the handling of a young woman's death last month. Africa: Chad/Nigeria: Chad carried out airstrikes in retaliation for earlier Boko Haram attacks (see previous lunar phase), destroying six Boko Haram bases, and killing, wounding many and destroying property. Burundi: Simultaneous attacks with gunfire and grenades targeted police stations and vehicles in Bujumbura, wounding eleven policemen. The attacks were linked to weeks of protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza's intention to seek re-election. Somalia: An al-Shabab suicide car bomber and gunmen targeted a training center for the national intelligence agency in Mogadishu, but soldiers killed three of the miltants and stopped the attack. North America: Mexico: Gunmen, believed to be drug cartel gang members, shot and killed ten workers, and then stole their belongings, at a beer distribution center in the city of Monterrey. US: The remanents of Tropical Storm Bill swept across the Ohio Valley, and then into the central Appalachians and the mid-Atlantic states, bringing localized torrential rain and widespread flooding. Severe weather swept across the Northern Plains with golf-ball-sized hail, damaging winds (some hurricane strength), heavy rains, flooding and isolated tornadoes. Northern Texas was again swept with widespread flooding. South America: Venezuela: A group of eight Brazilian senators visiting the country to meet with a jailed opposition leader had to flee after their bus was attacked. Chile: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Talcahuano (06-19; 19:10). Pacific: South: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Ndoi Island, Fiji (06-21; 14:28). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2371 had an unstable magnetic field capable of strong explosions. A day earlier it had unleashed a strong, M3-class solar flare, triggering a brief shortwave radio blackout over North America, and ejected a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space that struck Earth on the 21st; at least two more CMEs were in route to hit Earth.

24th -- first Quarter (11h 02m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: ISIS militants beefed up their defences in the city of Raqqa, their headquarters' location, as the Kurds advanced on the city. The Kurds had defeated them numerous times along the border with Turkey. Europe: Russia: Torrential rains hit swept the Olympic city of Sochi, triggering widespread flooding that brought trains to a standstill and made roads useless. Asia: Pakistan: The death toll of a heatwave in southern Sindh province reached eight hundred and forty. Officials declared a holiday so that people could stay indoors away from the heat. China: A police checkpoint on the outskirts of Kashgar city was attacked by ethnic Uighurs, leaving at least eighteen dead and several wounded. Japan: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Chichi-shima (06-23; 05:18). India: Continous monsoon rains caused widespread damage and wrecked havoc in Gujarat state, forcing more than 10,000 to evacuate and killing at least seventy. Africa: Somalia: A suicide bomber targeted a military vehicle escorting a United Arab Emirates' diplomatic convoy, killing at least tweleve. However, the UAE ambassador survived the suicide attack since he was riding in a bullet-proof vehicle. Nigeria: Boko Haram militants attacked the villages of Debiro Hawul and Debiro Bi in Borno state, and also the neighboring state of Yobe, killing at least forty, and looting and burning houses. North America: US: Severe storms pounded parts of the Plains and Midwest with hail, heavy rain, flash floods, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. A severe storm swept New Jersey with powerful lightning, heavy rain and hurricane-force winds, knocking down power poles and damaging houses; more than 500,000 were without power. In Denver, Colorado heavy rains triggered widespread flooding. Amid the severe drought, more than 11,000 wildfires broke out, forcing more than 1,000 to evacuate Solar Activity: Another coronal mass ejection swept the Earth's magnetic field triggering polar geomagnetic storms.

27th-28th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: ISIS militants were driven out of the town of Kobane by Kurdish forces. Fighting also continued in the city of Hassakeh. Kuwait: A Saudi suicide bomber targeted a Shia Mosque, killing at least thirty and injuring 227 (on the 26th); an ISIS-affiliated group was behind the attack. Europe: Greece: The country closed it banks as a result of a debt crisis. A day earlier there was a run on the banks as people withdrew their money just in case the banks did close - 75% of the banks' ATM's ran out of money. Mediterranean: Another 3,000 migrants, put to sea by Libyan smugglers, were rescued. Asia: Taiwan: A fire broke out during a "color play" party at Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City's Bali district, seriously injuring at least two hundred people. It was believed that the colored powder, used in the color play somehow ignited. Oceania: Papua New Guinea's Manam volcano underwent an explosive eruption that sent an ash plume 8,000 feet (2.4 km) into the air and extended 43.5 miles (70 km) to the northeast. Indonesia: Sumatra's Sinabung volcano exuded a lava that regularly generated glowing avalanches and was at the highest alert level (4 out of 4). Africa: Tunisia: A gunman opened fire on a beach resort killing more than thirty-eight (on the 26th); the gunman was shot dead. Somalia: Al-Shabab militants attacked an African Union military base after a suicide car bomber targeted the main gates of the base in Leego, killing at least thirty. Burundi: Police in an apparent attempt to crackdown on areas seen as hosting anti-government protesters, killing two. Mali: ISIS militant fighters attacked the town of Nara and were stopped by the army, leaving three soldiers and nine attackers dead. North America: US: Heavy damaging rains swept through the Ohio Valley and Northeast, triggering widespread flooding, and brought damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. In North Dakota at least sixteen tornadoes touched down, damaging and destroying buildings and vehicles. There were at least three weather-related deaths. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent a new phase of elevated activity, producing a lava flow. Solar Activity: Earth was hit by a fast-moving solar wind, followed by a coronal mass ejection.


2nd -- Full Moon (2h 20m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Egypt: ISIS' Egyptian affiliate undertook simultaneous assaults on fifteen military checkpoints in North Sinai, leaving more than 100 militants and at least seventeen soldiers dead. Syria: Rebels led by Islamist groups undertook a massive assault on Aleppo, firing hundreds of rockets and missiles into government-held areas, as the Syrian military returned fire and launched airstrikes. ISIS miltants published photographs of the destruction of artifacts looted from the ancient ruins of Palmyra; it was unconfirmed if they were artifacts or replicas and when they were destroyed. Europe: Greece: A freak hailstorm hit the island of Aegina. UK: Following the hottest July day on record, thunderstorms, hail and rain swept over much of northern England; nearly 20,000 lightning strikes occurred in 34 hours. Russia: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooing in Miass. Asia: Japan: Mount Hakone volcano erupted sending an ash cloud into the air, prompting officials to order evacuations from Honshu, the country's main island. India: Heavy rains swept through the towns of Mirik, Kalimpong and Darjeeling in West Bengal state, triggering landslides that destroyed houses and killed at least thirty-eight; more were trapped under mounds of mud and debris. Roads were severely damamged trapping thousands of tourists, while communication lines were down. Pakistan: A train carrying hundreds of soldiers derailed plunging off a bridge and into a canal near Wazirabad in Punjab province, killing at least tweleve. Philippines: A ferry carrying 173 capsized off the coast of Leyte in rough seas, near the port of Ormoc, killing at least thirty-six. Many were still missing and feared dead. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Santa Monica (07-02; 23:43). China: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Yilkiqi (07-02; 18:07). Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram Islamist militants undertook attacks in the village of Kukawa near Lake Chad, in Borno state, killing at least 97, including women and children. A day earlier they also shot dead 48 men who had just finished prayers in two villages near the town of Monguno. North America: US: A freight train carrying toxic chemicals derailed and burst into flames in Tennessee, forcing the evacuation of more than 5,000 residents nearby. Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through the Plains and into the Tennessee Valley. A tornado struck in Lee's Summit, Missouri, caused damage to homes and businesses. Macks Creek in Missouri overflowed causing vehicles to pile onto each other and left some in the tops of trees. Pacific: West: Typhoon Chan-hom violently strengthened as it headed towards Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands bringing flooding rain, damaging winds of 80 to 100 mph (130 to 160 kph) with gusts up to 120 mph (195 kph) and life-threatening surf. Still strong, it was expected to hit parts of Japan and China later in the week. Another two tropical systems and potentially a third developed in the region as well. Mexico: Flooding swamped parts of Mexico City with three feet (1 m) of water, closing bus terminals and businesses.

5th-6th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Sixteen allied airstikes targeted the city of Raqqa, an ISIS main stronghold, killing at least twenty-three miltants, and destroying equipment and buildings. Allied airstrikes were beng intensified. The airstrikes destroyed seven bridges in Raqqa. The al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Nusra Front, was hit by an explosion at a mosque in Idlib province, killing at least twenty-five of the miltants, including a leader (on the 4th). ISIS captured Ain Issa and nearby villages from Kurdish forces, dozens of the militants were killed in the process. Iraq: An Iraqi air force jet accidentally bombed Baghdad, dstroying houses and killing at least eight. The bomb had become stuck by a technical problem and then dislodged over Baghdad. Yemen: An airstrike by a Saudi-led coalition on the port city of Aden killed at least 176 fighters and civilians. One airstrike hit a Yemeni air base, killing dozens of Yemeni soldiers; it is not know if it was a mistake or intentional. Europe: Russia: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck east of Shikotan (07-06; 22:10). Asia: China: A shoe factory collapsed in in the city of Wenling, in Zhejiang province, killing at least six and injuring forty. Africa: Nigeria: A restaurant and a mosque were bombed in the city of Jos, killing at least forty-four and injuring forty-seven. It was suspencted that Boko Haram was responsible. North America: Mexico: A Mexican Navy helicopter came under fire in the violence-wracked state of Tamaulipas, the soldiers returned fire killing at least six of the assailants. The assailants were members of a drug cartel. US: A line of thunderstorms swept from Illinois southwest through into Texas, bringing damaging winds and tornadoes. Later there was heavy rains that triggered flooding across the central Plains. Pacific: South: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of `Ohonua, Tonga (07-06; 05:24). West: Typhoon Chan-hom drenched Guam with more than tweleve inches (305 mm) of rain and an inudating storm surge, triggering widespread flooding, and destructive winds damaged buildings. The typhoon was headed for Japan's Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and eventually east-central China, after it strengthens in ideal conditions for producing a possible super typhoon. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream swept over the Earth's magnetic field, sparking a moderately-strong, G2-class geomagnetic storm. Sunspot AR2381 grew quickly, more than quadrupling in size.

8th -- Last Quarter (20h 24m) HIGH

Europe: Italy: A tornado swept through the town of Dolo, between Venice and Padua, destroying homes and buildings, and killing at least one and injuring dozens. Asia: Pakistan: A major power failure plunged large parts of the country into darkness, while the weather was warm and humid, making it impossible to sleep. Especially hit were the twenty million in the port city of Karachi. Afghanistan: Two suicide bombers targeted a NATO convoy with no fatalities, and an Afghan intelligence agency office where a guard and two gunman were killed, and one person was injuried. The Taliban and another militant group, Hezb-e-Islami, took responsiblity for one of the attacks. Indonesia: Mount Sinabung volcano on Sumatra again spewed huge clouds of ash into the air and onto houses, forcing the evacuation of more than 10,000 villagers. Eventually five airports were closed stranding thousands of tourists. Africa: Algeria: Clashes brokeout between Arab and Berber communities around the city of Ghardaia, leaving at least twenty-two dead. Clashes also took place in the cities of Guerrara and Berianne. The rivalry among communities was based on the availability of jobs, housing and land. North America: US: Abilene, Texas was drentched by a record 8.26 inches (210 mm) of rain that triggered street flooding and high-water rescues, and an emergency flash flood watch. The New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines experienced glitches on their websites that brought their systems down for hours; the cause was unknown. Pacific: Northeast: A tropical depression developed and strengthened as it was heading towards Hawaii. It appeared to be headed into conditions that would further strengthen it into a tropical storm. Northwest: Typhoon Chan-hom intensified due to very warm ocean waters and relatively low-wind shear, as it targeted Japan's Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and eventually eastern China later in the week. Southeast: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck south of Dadali, Solomon Islands (07-09; 21:12). Solar Activity: A massive filament of plasma erupted from the Sun's southwestern limb.

mid-11th-mid-13th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Egypt: An ISIS miltant's car bomb trageted the Italian consulate in Cairo, causing widespread destruction, killing one and wounding several. Iraq: Three seperate ISIS car-bomb attacks left at least twenty-eight dead and scores more wounded. Europe: Russia: A section of a military barracks collapsed near the Siberian city of Omsk, killing twenty-three soldiers and injuring nineteen. UK: A parade turned violent in north Belfast, Ireland when it reached the police lines they began to throw empty bottles, bricks and metal bolts at police who returned fire with water cannons. Asia: China: Typhoon Chan-hom strengthened with winds of 107 mph (173 kph), very heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding in the streets and farmlands, and rough pounding surf hit the coast of Zhejiang province. The amount of rain was over 4 inches (100 mm), while the village of Laiao received more than 16 inches (400 mm). It then headed north past the city of Shanghai. China evacuated over one million, cancelled flights and trains, while roadways were unpassable. One bridge that was destroyed stranded thousands. The Typhoon was said to be the most powerful in decades. Indonesia: Mount Raung in East Java sent more ash into the air, forcing the Denpasar airport, on the island of Bali, to again shut down. Afghanistan: A suicide car bomb targeted a checkpoint that guards Camp Chapman military base, killing at least twenty-six and wounding tweleve Afghan security forces. Africa: Tunisia: Tunisian soldiers killed five suspected Islamist militants in the mountains near the central town of Gafsa. Somalia: The al-Shabab militant group's car bombs targeted two hotels in Mogadishu, severely damaging them, killing five and wounding several, late on the 10th. Chad: A Boko Haram man dressed in a woman's burqa undertook a suicide bomb attack in the capital of N'Djamena, killing at least sixteen and wounding eighty. A second bombing took place in a marketplace to the north, killing one. Morocco: A stampede took place in a mosque in the city of Casablanca, injuring eighty; it was believed to have been triggered by a mouse. North America: US: A series of severe thunderstorms erupted, bringing damaging winds, heavy rain, large hail and isolated tornadoes to the Midwest. The outbreak swept through about 1,000 miles of the Midwest from eastern North Dakota and Minnesota to Tennessee. Power lines were downed leaving thousands without power in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. In Kentucky 4 inches (100 mm) of rain fell in a few hours, triggering widespread flooding. Mexico: Colima volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending huge columns of ash 9,200 feet (2.8 km) into the air and raining down on villages' homes, triggering widespread evacuations. South America: Brazil: Heavy rain and widespread flooding swept through the Santa Catarina region. Atlantic: West Central: Tropical Storm Claudette strengthened over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and would bring rough seas along the East Coast of the US. Pacific: East Central: Tropical Storm Dolores strengthened into a hurricane off the southwestern coast of Mexico, and would bring heavy rain there. Tropical Storm Enrique developed far from land and posed no threat. Solar Activity: High-speed solar wind streams hit Earth's magnetic field, triggering a minor G1-class geomagnetic storm last on the 10th and a G1-class geomagnetic storm on the 13th.

16th -- New Moon (1h 24m) HIGH

Mideast: Egypt: A naval ship anchored off the Sinai peninsula's Mediterranean coast was hit by a missle shot by ISIS-affiliated miltants (i.e., Sinai Province). Though no fatalities occurred, there was great damage to the ship and the fire that erupted caused injuries to several shipmates. Yemen: Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters retook the city of Aden from the Houthi militia. Libya: Clashes broke out between two tribes, the Tuareg and Tebu, to the south of Tripoli as they vied for control of the government. For the Tuareg tribe at least twenty-nine were killed and four wounded, while the Tebu tribe lost eight and eighteen were wounded. Europe: Greece: Protestors in Athens threw gasoline bombs and in response the police used teargas against the protestors. They were protesting the recent economic crisis. Russia: Extremely strong winds swept through the city of Ekaterinburg, blowing roofs off of buildings, and knocking down power poles and trees. Asia: Japan: Typhoon Nangka made landfall on island of Shikoku with torrential rain and winds of up to 115 mph (185 kph), killing at least two and injuring at least thirty-one. Authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 350,000. As it headed north high waves, strong winds and thunderstorms swept parts of the main island of Honshu and other parts of Japan. Kashmir: India and Pakistan exchanged fire in the disputed Kashmir region, leaving at least five civilians dead and eight wounded. Indonesia: Gamalana volcano, on Ternate Island, erupted in an explosion of steam, water, ash, rock, and volcanic bombs, and sent an ash plume 4,900 feet (1,500 m) into the air. Africa: Nigeria: Two explosions tore up a market in the city of Gombe, killing at least forty-nine and injuried dozens. Most of the dead were children. It was believed to be the actions of Boko Haram miltants. Somalia: At least two senior commanders from the militant group al-Shabab were killed in a drone strike in the town of Bardere. North America: US: A gunman opened fire at two military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing four Marines and wounding four; the gunman was shot dead. Strong thunderstorm complexes swept over vast distances in parts of the Plains, Midwest and East, triggering widespread flooding, strong winds, hail and knocking down powerlines. Dozens of tornadoes flattened large parts of the Midwest, killing at least eight and injuring dozens. A train hauling fuel from North Dakota derailed in rural northeastern Montana, leaking an estimated 35,000 gallons of oil. South America: Brazil: Heavy rain and severe flooding swept through the Santa Catarina region, killing three and injuring seventy-nine; the storm began on the 13th. Atlantic: Northwest: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Bathsheba, Barbados (07-16; 08:16). Pacific: Southeast: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Lata, Solomon Islands (07-17; 19:27).

19th-20th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Houthi rebels shelled the city of Aden, killing at least forty-three, wounding at least 120, and destroying buildings and vehicles. Forces loyal to the country's exiled government advanced into the Tawahi district, the last part of the city of Aden still held by Houthi rebels. Local militias and armies, backed by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes made the advance possible. Egypt: Four blasts targeting the cars of Hamas and the rival Islamic Jihad militant group (Salafist) in Gaza City left two wounded. ISIS was blamed for the bombings. Militants attacked two military checkpoints in the Sinai peninsula, near the town of Sheikh Zuweid, killing at least five soldiers. Iraq: An ISIS car bomb targeting a busy market in Khan Bani Saad, left 120 dead and 130 injuried. The people there were celebrating the end of Ramandan (on the 18th). Europe: Ukraine: Heavy shelling took place for several hours in rebel-held Donetsk, severely damaging a hospital and other buildings. Ukraine's military and pro-Russian separatists blamed each other for the attack. Turkey: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted a group of youth activists planning to cross into Syria to help rebuild the town of Kobane, killing at least thirty. The blast triggered violent protests in Istanbul, forcing the police to use water cannon, teargas and rubber bullets to control the crowd. Asia: India: A crowd surge at a Hindu chariot festival in the town of Puri, in the state of Orissa, left two dead and two critically injuried. Afghanistan: Airstrikes by two US helicopters on an army checkpoint in Logar province, south of Kabul, killed at least eight Afghan soldiers and wounded several. The helicopters returned fire after being attacked by Taliban, but hit the wrong target. Australia: Nationalist protesters and anti-racist groups undertook rival demonstrations in Melbourne that lead to clashes between them. Police used pepper spray and horse squads to control the crowds. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms swept through the Northeast and the central Plains, bringing damaging winds, hail and flooding. The remnants of hurricane Dolores brought severe thunderstorms with heavy rain to southern California and Arizona, triggering flash flooding, mudslides, washing out a bridge, closing roads, and sending mobile homes and cars downstream. Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, heavy rains and flooding also swept the mid-Mississippi Valley and southern Plains.

24th -- First Quarter (4h 04m) MODERATE

Mideast: Turkey/Iraq/Syria: Turkish jets undertook their first airstrikes against the bases of Kurdish militants in northern Iraq and three ISIS targets in Syria, killing dozens and destroying weapons, hideouts and vehicles. Europe: Italy: A huge explosion engulfed a fireworks factory near the city of Bari, killing seven and injuring several. Africa: Somalia: Somali forces backed by African Union troops retook the key stronghold of Dinsor city from the Islamic militant-group al-Shabab, killing dozens. A few days earlier the strategic town of Bardere was also taken. North America: US and Canada: A severe storm system swept across the northern Plains, the Upper Midwest and neighboring Canada, bringing damaging winds, hail, heavy rain, frequent lightning and flooding. A tropical system was developing near the Southeast Coast of the US and the Gulf of Mexico. A huge fire swept Northern California in Napa and Solano County, particularly near Lake Berryessa, threatening hundreds of homes and had already burned 6,900 acres (2,790 ha). A gunman opened fire at a Louisiana movie theater, killing two and himself, and injuring several, late on the 23rd. Atlantic: Northwest: Kick 'em Jenny submarine volcano, near Grenada in the West Indies, showed increasing signs of unrest and a pending eruption, prompting officials to issue the danger to the second highest level. Pacific: Northwest: Typhoon Halola with Category One strength headed for Japan's Ryukyu Islands and then South Korea. The typhoon was the first to develop southwest of Hawaii and take the long journey to Southeast Asia, since 1997.

27th-28th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition resumed airstrikes on rebels after they attacked Aden airport with rockets. Then Houthi militias shelled residential areas in the city of Taiz, leaving at least eleven rebels and five civilians dead. The airstrikes also mistakenly hit pro-government forces in the province of Lahj, killing at least a dozen fighters. All of this took place just hours after a humanitarian truce was to begin. Egypt: A fire broke out at a furniture factory in the city of Obour, killing twenty-five and injuring twenty-two. Bahrain: A terrorist bombing targeted police in a village with a predominately Shia population on the island of Sitrah, killing two and wounding six. Syria: Syrian militants and other rebels captured strategic hills and a power station in the Sahl al-Ghab region, bringing them closer to several President Bashar Assad's strongholds. Eleven miltants were killed and dozens were wounded in the advance. Europe: Spain: The Catalonia region was swept by its biggest forest fire this year, as it consumed more than 3,000 acres (1,200 ha) in less than 24 hours, forcing the evacuation of more than 400 people. Russia: Thousands of locusts swarmed the village of Achikulak in Stavropol krai, destroying crops they covered over 222,000 acres (89,840 ha) and leading officials to declare a state of emergency in three regions. Asia: Afghanistan: Taliban militants took control of a large police base, forcing the surrender of more than a hundred policemen. This got them closer to a strategic pass at the border with Pakistan. In a separate incident, a gunfight broke out at a wedding reception, killing at least twenty-two and wounding ten (on the 26th). India: Gunmen hijacked a car and then opened fire at a bus station before entering a police station in Gurdaspur district, in the state of Punjab, leaving the three gunmen and seven others dead. The gunmen were believed to be from Indian-administered Kashmir. Indonesia: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Abepura (07-27; 14:41). A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck south of Krajan Tambakrejo (07-26; 00:05). Pakistan: Heavy rains triggered widepsread flooding, washing away homes, vehicles, roads and bridges, and killing more than two dozen. The rains and flooding affected more than 250,000 across the country. India, Bangladesh and Myanmar: Heavy monsoon rains also brought record rainfall and flooding across India, triggering power outages and major travel problems with flooded roads. A second low that had already brought flooding to Bangladesh and Myanmar would move westward as torrential rains fell from Myanmar to northeastern India. Japan: Heavy rains triggered a landslide along the Fukaminato River in Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, destroying houses, causing flooding and clogging the river's flow. Africa: Somalia: An al-Shabaab suicide bomber targeted the Jazeera Palace Hotel popular with diplomats, in Mogadishu, killing at least fifteen, and destroying not only the hotel but twenty surrounding homes and shops, and numerous vehicles (late on the 26th). Nigeria: A Boko Haram, child suicide bomber targeted a crowded market in the city of Damaturu, in Yobe state, killing at least sixteen and wounding fifty. North America: US: A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Nikolski, Alaska (07-26; 21:49). A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska (07-28; 19:35). US and Canada: Violent storms swept across the northern US Plains and Canadian Prairies, bringing large and damaging tornadoes, widespread flooding from heavy downpours, and damaging winds and hail. US: A strong, large dome of high pressure brought dangerous temperatures of 110-115 degrees F (43-46 degrees C) throughout the southern plains. Drenching downpours, gusty thunderstorms and rough seas took place in and around Florida; some places got more than a foot (305 mm) of rain and flooding. Canada: A massive tornado touched down in southwestern Manitoba, ripping up pavement, damaging buildings and tossing debris with winds measuring 122 mph (196 kph). Mexico: Mexico’s Colima Volcano erupted, spewing hot ash 29,000 feet (9 km) into the air. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2390 was growing fast with an unstable magnetic field that harbors energy for moderately strong flares. A solar wind stream exploded into space and was expected to trigger a geomagnetic storm on the 29th.

31st -- Full Moon (10h 43m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iran: The air felt like a searing 165 degrees (74 Celsius), factoring in the humidity, in the city of Bandar Mahshahr. Iraq: A four-day public holiday was declared after temperatures broke 122 degrees F (50 C), triggering power outages and sending hundreds out into the streets in protest. Europe: Turkey: Kurdish PKK rebels undertook two separate attacks on a police station and a railway, leaving five dead - two policemen, two rebels and a railway worker. Asia: Myanmar (Burma): Weeks of continuous rain triggered widespread flooding and landslides that trapped many in remote towns and villages. Widespread destruction of farmland, roads, railroad tracks, bridges and houses also took place, as at least twenty were killed and more than 150,000 were displaced. Pakistan: As of this day, eighty-six were killed, more than 2,200 houses were damaged, and over 800 villages and 538,000 people were affected by days of continuous rain. India and Bangladesh: Monsoon rains brought dangerous widespread and life-threatening flooding that would continue into August. Africa: Libya: Four Indian university teachers were kidnapped at a checkpoint near the city of Sirte; it was believed to be ISIS militants that were the kidnappers. North America: US: Dangerous heat surged into the Northeast and Northwest with record or near-record temperatures. Heavy rain in the Southwest triggered widespread flash flooding. Pacific: Southwest: Papua New Guinea's Manam volcano underwent an explosive eruption sending ash 65,000 feet (20 km) into the air. The VAAC Darwin, Australian Bureau of Meteorology changed the aviation color code to red, diverting all aircraft from the region. La Réunion Island's Piton de la Fournaise volcano underwent an eruption, producing a new eruptive fissure. Solar Activity: The Earth moved into a fast-moving stream of solar wind, triggering geomagnetic storms.


3rd-4th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Al-Nusra fighters, who are battling both the Syrian government and rebels, clashed with the Free Syrian Army and the New Syria Force, who were for the first time defended by US airstrikes. Amid of all this a Syrian warplane crashed into a busy market in the town of Ariha, killing at least twenty-seven and injuring many others. Yemen: Pro-government forces undertook a major offensive using tanks, armored vehicles and air cover to oust Houthi rebels from the al-Anad airbase north of the port of Aden and ten southern villages. Many of the rebels were killed and the airbase was back in government control. Europe: Ukraine: Pro-Russian rebels heaviest shelling took place near rebel-held Donetsk killing four Ukrainian soldiers and injuring fifteen. There was supposed to be a ceasefire and peace talks at the time. Macedonia: Heavy rains triggered flash floods and mudslides damaging more than 200 houses, several roads, bridges and many vehicles, and also killing at least four and injuring more than a dozen. Asia: India: Cyclone Komen hit already monsoon ravaged areas, leaving more than one hundred dead, affecting nearly four million in 10,000 villages, one village was completely buried by a landslide killing twenty, and flooding was widespread. Two passenger trains in the state of Madhya Pradesh derailed within minutes of each other, and some of the cars fell into a swollen river. At least twenty-seven were killed and dozens more were injured. A residential building, in the Naupada area of the city of Mumbai, collapsed while families were sleeping inside, killing at least eleven. Myanmar (Burma): Weeks of rain brought widespread flooding that left at least forty-seven dead and affected tens of thousands. One official said that the death toll could reach several hundred as it too was hit by Cyclone Komen. The flooding would evebtually affect nearly a million, destroyed thousands of buildings, and destroyed 1.2 million acres (4.9 million ha) of rice fields. Indonesia: East Java's Raung volcano eruption intensified sending an ash plume 125 miles (200 km) to the south and sending glowing ejecta up to a height of 4,920 feet (1500 m). Africa: Burundi: A prominent, internationally-acclaimed human rights activist was shot and seriously wounded by gunmen on motorbikes in the capital, Bujumbura. Cameroon: Suspected Boko Haram militants raided the village of Tchakarmari, killing at least eight and kidknapping one hundred. North America: US: Strong storms forced a circus tent to collapse in Lancaster, New Hampshire, killing two and injuring fifteen. Fierce winds at a music festival in Illinois blew down a tent and knocked a pole onto man killing him. Tornadoes spread damage across the Midwest, as heavy rains flooded Tampa, Forida. South America: Colombia: A police Blackhawk helicopter crashed in a jungle area in a remote mountainous area of Antioquia, killing sixteen officers. Pacific: Northwest: Typhoon Soudelor made a direct hit on Saipan with winds of 105 mph (170 kph), destroying buildings and vehilces, downing trees and powerlines, and brought widespread flooding, including the island's power plant. It then rapidly intensified into a super typhoon with winds of 180 mph (290 kph) - the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. It headed for Taiwan and eastern China. Solar Activity: A new active region on the farside of the Sun exploded with a coronal mass ejection.

7th -- First Quarter (2h 03m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: ISIS miltants capturde the city of Qaryatain, kidnapping or detaining at least 230, including dozens of Christian and Muslim families. The Syrian army launched an offensive to recapture the city which is in the province of Homs - a region with largest gas fields. Europe: Spain: Wildfires consumed large parts of the Sierra de Gata mountain area, forcing more than 1,400 to leave their homes. Western Europe: Many countries were experiencing record high temperatures and severe drought conditions. Asia: Afghanistan: In Kabul a suicide bomber targeted the police academy, killing twenty, and a truck carrying explosives targeted an army base in the Shah Shahid area, killing fifteen; hundreds more were wounded. Indonesia: Mount Raung volcano's persistent eruptions sent ash plumes into the air that grounded or prevented inbound flights in Bali. Taiwan: Typhoon Soudelor made landfall bringing destructive winds that destroyed buildings and life-threatening, flooding rain that would continue for days. The typhoon would then hit China were more than 158,000 were evacuated ahead of the storm in southeastern China's Fujian Province alone. Africa: Mali: Gunmen attacked the Byblos Hotel in the town of Sevare, killing at least twelve and an unknown number of hostages were taken; four of the gunmen were killed. Democratic Republic of Congo: A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck near Lake Tanganyika and Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu province, killing two children after their house collapsed. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano underwent an explosive ash eruption that spewed 6,600 feet (2,010 m) into the air. US: A tornado ripped off the roofs of buildings, tossed semi trucks around in a parking lot, and injuried five in Troy, Alabama. Solar Activity: A minor geomagnetic storm took place as a high-speed solar wind stream struck the Earth's magnetic field.

10th-11th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Yemen: Tribal gunmen and Sunni Islamist militias loyal to the exiled government seized six districts in the central province of Ibb after heavy clashes with the Shi'ite Houthis. Iraq: A car bomb targeted a marketplace near the city of Baquba, killing at least thirty-five and injuring more than seventy. A second car bomb targeted a checkpoint east of the city, killing at least seven and wounding twenty-five. Libya: Fighting broke out in the city of Sirte between ISIS and a Salafist Muslim group backed by armed civilians, leaving at least twenty-five dead. Europe: Ukraine: Pro-Russian militants carried out the heaviest artillery attacks on government positions since February, despite a ceasefire agreement. Ukrainian military claimed that 400 rebel fighters supported by tanks had attacked government forces around the village of Starohnativka. There were reportedly 127 attacks that destroyed numerous buildings, killed at least at least one and wounded thirty-five. Italy: Heavy rains triggered muddy floodwaters to inundate cities, such as Calabria, Corigliano and Rossano. Asia: Pakistan: A Taliban suicide car bomb targeted a crowded area outside a Kabul airport checkpoint, killing five and wounding sixteen. Turkey: A wave of separate attacks targeted Turkish security forces, killing at least nine, and two women shot at the US consulate in Istanbul. India: People attending a Hindu religious festival in the town of Deogha, in the state of Jharkhand, surged into a temple, triggering a stampede that killed at least ten and injuried twenty. China and Taiwan: Typhoon Soudelor brought the heaviest rains in 120 years, triggering widespread flooding and mudslides, forcing thousands to evacuate, and destroying houses and crops. About two million were affected and at least twenty were killed in China and more than two dozen in Taiwan after two days; the typhoon first hit on the 8th (see the previous lunar phase). Africa: Nigeria: An explosion took place at the Jebo livestock market in the town of Sabon Gari in southern Borno, killing at least forty-seven and wounding fifty-two; it was beleived to be the work of Boko Haram. North America: US: Peaceful demonstrations on the anniversery of a unarmed black man who was killed by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri turned violent. Gunfire broke out bewteen a resident and police who shot and critically wounded the 18-year-old man, afterwhich a state of emergency was declared and more than 140 were arrested. Millions of gallons of waste, that included heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic, leaked into the Animas River and then turned the Colorado River into a mustard yellow that stretched more than 100 miles. Heavy rains swept Lansing, Michigan, triggering widespread flooding that submerged vehicles. Heavy rains also swept through Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, Colorado, flooding streets and washing cars down hillsides. In Phoenix, Arizona 60 mph (96.5 kph) winds created a massive dust storm that knocked out power, and was followed by 3 inches (76 mm) of rain in less than 30 minutes. South America: Chile: The equivalent of three years of rainfall plummeted on the Atacama desert region on the 9th, triggering flooding and mudslides, while the coast was battered by destructive waves and strong winds; six were left dead. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Dadali in the Solomon Islands (08-09; 21:12). A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Gizo in the Solomon Islands (08-12; 11:49). Eastern: Hurricane Hilda was observed to have gigantic jets that extended more than 50 miles (80 km) up and into the ionosphere as it was heading for Hawaii. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2396, one of the biggest sunspots of the current solar cycle, developed but remained inactive. The Sun, however, was extremely dynamic at shortwave radio wavelengths, emitting almost constant Type III bursts.

14th -- New Moon (14h 53m) LOW

Mideast: Iraq: A truck bomb targeted a crowded market in a predominantly Shia district of Sadr City, killing at least sixty-seven. ISIS, a Sunni militant group, said it was behind the bombing. Syria: Two civilians were killed when rockets hit the coastal city of Latakia, on the 13th. Europe: UK: An explosion inside a postal van took place at an army base in Northern Ireland, destroying two cars and three garages. Ukraine: Cease-fire violations continued in the east, as separatists shelled residential areas. Asia: China: Two massive explosions took place at a warehouse in the port of Tianjin, killing at least 114 and injuring 721, late on the 13th. More fires brokeout in the following days. The blasts were so huge that they were recorded on seismographs as magnitudes 2.3 and 2.9, shipping containers were tossed around and mangled, at least 4,500 cars were left as empty shells, and it shattered windows and tore doors off their hinges in nearby residential areas. About 17,000 homes were damaged by the blasts and 6,000 people were displaced. It was believed to be the result of the improper storage of chemicals. Japan: After several earthquakes at the Sakurajima volcano, on the island of Kyushu, authorities raised the alert level to the second-highest level and tells thousands of residents to prepare for a possible evacuation. Thailand: A planted a bomb at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine exploded, killing at least twenty-one and injuring 120 - officials said it deliberately targeted foreigners to harm tourism and the economy. The following day another blast took place. Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram raided the village of Kukuwa in Yobe state, triggering the fleeing of some villagers who drowned, while others were shot, leaving sixty dead. North America: US: Thunderstorms brought lightning and heavy rain that flooded Las Vegas, Nevada. Unusually high temperatures spread throughout the Southwest. South America: Brazil: Masked gunmen targeted several locations where they killed eighteen people. In many cases they asked for the victims name or if they had a criminal record before shooting them - it had all the hallmarks of revenge attacks, possibly by off-duty policemen or vigilantes. Ecuador: The Cotopaxi volcano exploded four times sending ash plumes more than two miles (5 km) into the sky, and coating highways, homes and cars just south of Quito. Solar Activity: A brief series of minor flares issued from the new sunspot AR2401 and then solar activity quieted down. However, a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm was triggered when a coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field, on the 15th.

17th-18th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Government forces attacked a market in Douma, killing at least ninety-six, making it one of the bloodiest single attacks of the four-year-long conflict. The UN's humanitarian chief said he was "horrified" by the attack. Europe: Ukraine: Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels clashed near the port of Mariupol and at rebel-held Horlivka, killing at least two and wounding seven Ukrainian soldiers, and killing several civilians. Residential areas were shelled destroying and damaging numerous buildings, as well. Russia: Karymsky volcano, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, exploded, sending an ash plume 15,000 feet (4,570 m) into the air. Asia: Northwest Pacific: Typhoons Goni and Atsani headed west toward Taiwan, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula; one or both could become super typhoons. Typhoon Goni already battered the Mariana Islands with flooding and damaging winds, and headed for Taiwan. India: A landslide took place in the state of Himachal Pradesh sending boulders crashing onto a Sikh shrine, killing seven and injuring eight. Africa: South Africa: A minibus taxi plunged over a bridge and hit a train on a railway line below, killing fourteen in the taxi. North America: US: The East and South experienced extremely high and dangerous temperatures. The East also had very high levels of humidity, making the heat more dangerous. The Central US and Midwestern were battered by severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, damaging winds and flash floods. Tornadoes touched down in Eastern Colorado and Covington County, Mississippi. South America: Ecuador: Increasing activity at the Cotopaxi volcano near Quito forced the president to declare a state of emergency as the volcano continued to spew ash and smoke. The possible threat affects 325,000 that lie in the path of mud and rock flows from the Cotopaxi. Reventador volcano's activity remained high with earthquakes and lava flows. Brazil: Hundreds of thousands took part in protests across the country calling for the impeachment of the president. Atlantic: Central: Tropical Depression Four strengthened into Tropical Storm Danny, which was expected to strengthen further into a hurricane as it headed for the islands in the Caribbean Sea.

22nd -- First Quarter (19h 31m) MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition undertook airstrikes on the city of Taiz to attack Houthi rebels, destroying homes and other buildings, trapping people under rubble and killing at least sixty-five, more than half of which were women and children. Lebanon: Thousands gathered near parliament in central Beirut in protest of uncollected thrash. The protesters tried to break through a security point and were met with police firing tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon, injuring at least fifteen. Europe and Africa: Mediterranean: More than 2,000 migrants in sinking boats were rescued by Italian ships near Libya. Asia: China: A chemical plant exploded in the city of Zibo, sending huge flames into the air, damaging nearby residential buildings and injuring at least nine. Afghanistan: An explosion struck the diplomatic area of Kabul, killing at least tweleve, injuring sixty and destroying at least a dozen vehicles. Three US air strikes around Musa Qala killed at least forty Taliban fighters. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms with hail, damaging winds, heavy rain, flash flooding and tornadoes swept an area stretching from Kansas to Minnesota. South America: Ecuador: Cotopaxi volcano again send ash plumes into the sky, falling onto populated areas, including Mulalo, Chaupi, Lasso, Machachi, Aloag, Tambillo. Shelters were prepared in case evacuations become necessary. Pacific: Northwest: Typhoon Goni headed for Taiwan before taking aim at Japan and South Korea. The typhoon would bring heavy rains, damaging winds, mudslides, widespread flooding, and lanslides. Typhoon Goni had already took twenty-one lives in the Philippines. Typhoon Atsani strengthened into a Super Typhoon, but started to sweep into the open ocean. Tropical Storm Kilo weakened into a depression and was expected to become a hurricane as it travels towards the Hawaiian islands. Atlantic: Northwest Central: Hurricane Danny headed for the Caribbean islands were it would bring heavy rainfall, flooding, rough surf and damaging winds. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2403 grew by at least a factor of four and developed a magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-class solar flares and is almost directly facing Earth. A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field early on the 23rd, triggering a moderately strong geomagnetic storm and bright auroras over Canada and Alaska.

25th-26th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Europe: UK: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding in Shoreham, slowing the search for the remnants of an air show crash that took place two days earlier, killing eleven. Mediterranean: A boat carrying migrants was intercepted off the coast of Libya by the Italian and Swedish coastguards, who found at least fifty dead from asphyxiation. About 430 were rescued alive. Asia: Afghanistan: A number of explosions took place at a gas terminal in the city of Herat, killing ten children and an adult, and wounding eighteen at a camp for displaced people. One powerful explosion sent a flaming truck into the camp. It was unknown whether it was an accident or an attack. Taliban militants gained control of a strategically-important district headquarters in the Helmand province of Musa Qala after fierce clashes with Western forces. Two NATO soldiers were also killed by two men in Afghan military uniforms who opened fire on their vehicle at a military base. Nepal: After deadly clashes that killed seven policemen, a civlian and a child, protests broke out, torching homes and vandalizing buildings in the ethnic Tharu community in Tikapur. Minority ethnic groups demonstrated across Nepal, saying the new constitution would discriminate against them. When the ethnic Madhesi protesters entered the town of Gaur, the police used tear gas and fired warning shots. India: A massive rally in Ahmedabad became violent when police briefly detained the protesters' leader. The following day new clashes broke out in the cities of Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot, as well as the Banaskantha district. About forty police stations, seventy buses and railroad tracks were set on fire. At least a dozen officers were injured, and a communications blackout and curfew were set in different cities and districts. Africa: Nigeria: A teenage suicide bomber targeted a bus station in the city of Damaturu, killing six (including herself) and wounding about thirty; the militant Boko Haram were likely behind the attack. Australia: New South Wales and Sydney were pounded by severe weather and heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding, forcing the evacuation of homes and schools. Numerous animals and people had to be rescued. South America: Colombia: A methane build up exploded in a mine in Boyaca province, near the town of Socha, killing four miners. More than 1,000 Colombians who were living in Venezuela illegally were forced to migrate back into Colombia or be deported. Ecuador: Coopaxi Volcano's eruptions and termors intensified, sending ash plumes 6,650 feet (2,000 m) into the air and drifting into the Pacific. Central America: Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano underwent a strong explosive eruption, sending an ash plume about 6,650 feet (2,000 m) into the air. Atlantic: Central: Tropical Storm Erika formed as it headed towards the Leeward Islands, Dominica, Haiti and later possibly hitting the Bahamas and Florida or the Southeastern US, bringing major flooding and rough seas. Tropical Storm Danny swept across the northern Caribbean islands with heavy rains that triggered isolated flooding and landslides. Pacific: Northwest: Typhoon Goni swept across western Japan and southeastern Korea with heavy rains, damaging winds and widespread flooding, as it headed towards northeastern China and southeastern Russia. East: Tropical Storm Ignacio formed and it seemed possible it would reach hurricane status and possibly threaten the Hawaiian Islands later. North Central: The remnants of Kilo and Loke brought rains over the Hawaiian Islands, leading to high rainfall and flooding in some areas. Solar Activity: Huge sunspot AR2403 grew even more as it turned to face the Earth. Two coronal mass ejections were headed towards Earth, as well. A coronal hole opened up and sent solar wind also headed towards Earth.

29th -- Full Moon (18h 35m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Turkish jets under took their first coalition attack on undisclosed ISIS targets. ISIS had carried out a suicide bombing on the outskirts of Marea where there was also fierce fighting with Syrian rebel groups. Casualties of either incident were not reported. Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition undertook an airstrike in the province of Hajjah, killing at least thirty-one. The airstrikes where meant to target Shia rebels, known as Houthis, but the airstrikes hit a bottling plant and most of the dead were civilians. Asia: Malaysia: As many as 200,000 protested in the streets of Kuala Lumpur amid the heavy presence of police. The protest was instigated by what people believed was a financial scandal perpetrated by the president whom they wanted to step down from office. North America: US: Strong winds of 20 to 35 mph (32-56 kph), with gusts as high as 50 mph (80 kph) swept Seatle, Washington, killing two and triggering nearly a half-million power outages. Atlantic: Central: Tropical Storm Erika swept through the Caribbean, triggering mudslide, landslide and widespread flooding, and leaving at least twenty dead and dozens missing. Erika had dissipated as it swept Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Hispaniola and Cuba with heavy rains and flooding. Erika also caused more than $16 million in damage to crops in Puerto Rico. A state of emergency was declared in the US state of Florida, were the storm was headed. Pacific: Central: Ignacio strengthened into a Category 4 Hurricane with sustained winds of up to 135 mph (217 kph) as it neared Hawaii, which was bracing for high winds, heavy rain and ocean swells of up to 20 feet (6 m). Solar Activity: G1-class geomagnetic storms shook the geomagnetic field as a high-speed solar wind swept the Earth for three days. This also triggered numerous auroras.


1st-2nd -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the Qadam district of Damascus and the Ajnad al-Sham district in nearby Asali were attacked by ISIS militants advancing on the capital; casualties were not reported. The next day a van carrying explosives blew up in front of a school on the outskirts of the city of Latakia, killing at least ten and wounding twenty-five. Yemen: An ISIS suicide bomber with two bombs targeted a Shia mosque in Sanaa, killing at least twenty and wounding dozens. Iraq: Eighteen Turkish construction workers sleeping in their caravans were kidnapped by gunmen in Baghdad. It was not known who did the kidnapping, but it might be related to the recent involvement of Turkey in combating ISIS. Europe: Hungary: Police sealed off a major railroad station in Budapest to prevent hundreds of migrants from entering the European Union, sparking angry protests. Many of the stranded people had bought tickets to various parts of Europe. Central: An migrant problem intensified and spread throughout Central Europe into Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany. Once again, two boats carrying migrants capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, killing eleven. Ukraine: Violent protests broke out around the parliament in Kiev after reforms granted more autonomy to rebel-held east; three national guard members died amid the violence. The next day a Ukrainian army vehicle, near the rebel-held city of Luhansk, was ambushed by pro-Russian rebels, killing two and wounding six. Spain: A huge explosion destroyed the Pirotecnia Zaragozana fireworks factory near the city of Zaragoza, killing at least six and injuring another six, two seriously. Asia: Nepal: Violent protests, involving people angry at a new constitution, again broke out (see the 25th-26th August lunar mid-phase) with Nepalese police shooting dead five protesters after they were attacked with guns and knives, and vandalized police stations and government offices. Japan: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Hachijo-jima (09-01; 08:25). Bangladesh: Heavy monsoon rains submerged streets and low-lying areas in the city of Dhaka. The widespread flooding swept into houses and blocked roadways. India: Clashes between the police and protesters over tribal rights laws in the state of Manipur left at least eight dead and more than thirty injuried. Indian-administered Kashmir: Two separate gun battles took place between security forces and suspected miltants, killing at least five miltants and two Indian policemen. Africa: Somalia: The al-Shabab militant group attacked the African Union Janale military base in the south, killing at least fifty soldiers and another fifty are missing. The attack began with a suicide car bombing at the base's gate and a massive bomb damaging a nearby bridge to prevent troops from escaping. Cape Verde: A rarity, Hurricane Fred, with winds of up to 85 mph (135 kph), hit the island nation with heavy rains and strong winds, triggering flooding and damaging buildings. The last time a hurricane hit Cape Verde was in 1892. Cameroon: Town bombs exploded in the Kerawa region, where Cameroon's army was fighting Nigeria's Boko Haram militants, killing at least nineteen and wounding 140. North America: US: A combination of the remnants of Hurricane Erika and a non-tropical system flooded areas from Florida to the Georgia coast. Mexico: A severe rainstorm swept over Mexico City, triggering flooding streets and damaging or destroying at least 250 homes. South America: Venezuela: A huge fire broke out at the Tocuyito jail, near the city of Valencia, killing at least seventeen and injuring eleven - the cause was not yet known. Pacific: East Central: Tropical Depression 14-E developed several hundred miles southwest of Mexico and was expected to strengthen as it moved northward towards Mexico and the US. Solar Activity: A solar sector boundary crossing of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras.

5th -- Last Quarter (9h 54m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Fighting broke out between rebels and ISIS militants around the strategic town of Marea, leaving forty-seven dead, twenty-seven of which were ISIS fighters. Yemen: United Arab Emirates undertook airstrikes on several Houthi-rebel targets across the country. A day earlier a missile strike by Houthi rebels had killed forty-five Emirati and ten Saudi soldiers. Europe: Switzerland: A Welsh bus collided with four trucks, injuring forty-one (four seriously). Spain: A car veered off the road during a car rally near the town of Carral in the province of Galicia, killing at least six and injuring sixteen, some critcally. Asia: Tajikistan: Gun battles took place in and around the capital of Dushanbe, killing nine policemen and thirteen of the attackers; another thirty-two of the attackers were captured. It was believed that a fired Deputy Defence Minister was leading a terrorist group in the attack. Japan: Sakurajima volcano, in Kyushu, became active again with explosions that sent ash plumes 5,000 to 9,000 feet (1.5 to 2.7 km) into the air. Thialand: Heavy rains left widespread flooding in Don Muang after two days of rain (4.25 in/110 mm). North America: US: Strong storms swept across parts of the Midwest, bringing damaging winds, hail and widespread flooding. Parts of the Northwest were hit with heavy rains and strong winds, while the Rocky Mountains got snow. Atlantic: East: Tropical Storm Grace strengthening from a tropicsal depression about 300 miles south-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Pacific: A record three Category 4 hurricanes churned in the Pacific: Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena. Solar Activity: A magnetic filament erupted across the Sun's southern hemisphere, sending a coronal mass ejection towards Earth.

8th=9th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Two Turkish special forces units, supported by warplanes, entered northern Iraq and attacked two groups of militants, killing thirty-five. Airstrikes took place in Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) bases at Qandil, Basyan, Avashin and Zap (see Turkey entry). Western Middle East: Parts of Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Cyprus were swallowed up in a huge dust storm, killing at least one, sending more than one hundred to the hospital and grounding flights. In Syria it stopped fighting in Hama and Idlib provinces. Syria: Rebels, including the al-Nusra Front, seized control of the key Abu al-Duhur airbase, in the province of Idlib, partially due to the dust storm. The troops retreated from the base and let the militants move in. Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition undertook airstrikes on more than five boats off the coast, two of which were carrying twenty Indian crew members. Seven of the crew members were missing after the attack, and were thought to be dead. Europe: Turkey: Escalating violence between Turkish forces and the militant Kurdish PKK group (see Iraq entry) lead to a crowd attacking the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) headquarters. Nationalists staged rallies across the country, hours after fourteen policemen were killed in a suspected PKK bomb attack on a minibus. The HDP offices in at least six other Turkish cities were attacked with the setting of fires, broken windows and other damages. Spain: Heavy rains triggered flooding that swept through the town of Adra, damaging or destroying fifty homes, thirty shops and 200 cars and trucks. Torrential rains particularly affected the regions of Andalucia, Murcia and Valencia causing more than 300 emergencies, and drowning three men. Mediterranean: A rare storm swept across northern Africa into the Mediterranean Sea and would continue into Europe bringing flooding rains into southern Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. Asia: Indonesia: Gamalama volcano, on Ternate Island, erupted sending an ash plume 4,920 feet (1,500 m) into the air. Japan: Tropical Storm Etau brought strong winds and heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding and mudslides in central and southern Honshu, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hamamatsu and Shizuoka. The city of Joso was submerged under feet of water as the result of the heavy rain leading to a levee breach along the Kinugawa River. Meanwhile, Typhoon Kilo narrowly missed Japan. Africa: Kenya: Three men carrying an explosive device were arrested at the Garden City Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in Nairobi. The mall was evacuated and the bomb was detonated before it could be used. North America: US: Record-challenging heat baked the Northeast particularly in Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, New York City, Albany, New York and Philadelphia. Temperatures were ten to twenty degrees above average in the Southwest and South where widespread flooding also took place. Thunderstorms brought damaging winds and flash flooding across the central and southern Plains from Oklahoma into Michigan, as well. The remnants of Hurricane Linda in the Pacific brought flooding to parts of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California. South America: Venezuela: After border area was infiltrated by Colombian paramilitaries and criminal gangs authorities sent another 3,000 troops to the area to extend a partial border shutdown with Colombia. Mexico: Colima Volcano continued to undergo moderate explosions and sent ash plumes into the air. Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake (09-07; 02:14) was followed by a 6.2 magnitude aftershock (09-07; 07:06) south of L'Esperance Rock. Atlantic: Northwest: Tropical storm Henri formed east of Bermuda and was headed northwest. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream struck Earth's magnetic field, triggering G2-class geomagnetic storms and bright auroras around the North Pole.

13th -- New Moon (6h 41m) HIGH

Mideast: Jerusalem: Israeli police entered the al-Aqsa mosque complex, they said "to prevent riots", where they used tear gas and stun grenades on, and were attacked with rocks and fireworks by, Palestinian youths. Egypt: Four tourist buses entered a "banned area" in the Wahat area of the Western Desert, and were mistakenly attacked by Egyptian security forces, leaving twelve Mexican tourists dead, and ten Mexicans and Egyptians injured. Europe: Turkey: Authorities again imposed a curfew on the mainly Kurdish city of Cizre, after three Turkish police were killed in two separate attacks by Kurdish PKK militants. Moldova: Tens of thousands protested against the failure to hold those accountable for a billion-dollar bank fraud when clashes between supporters of the Dignity and Justice platform and a group advocating Moldova's unification with Romania broke out. Germany: The migrant crisis forced the country to establish temporary controls on its border, including suspending trains coming from Austria. Western Europe: The remnants of Tropical Storm Henri combined with a larger storm system and headed towards Europe, where it would bring heavy rainfall from northern Spain into France. Asia: India: A shop owner in Petlawad in the state of Madhya Pradesh had illegally stored explosives that detonated, killing at least eighty and injuring dozens. The explosion destroyed a restaurant, a nearby building and numerous vehicles, and damaged several other buildings. Pakistan: A motorcycle hit a motorized rickshaw at a busy bus stop in the city of Multan, triggering a large fire that lead to an explosion, killing at least ten and wounding more than forty. It was believed that the motorcycle had a bomb that was remotely detonated. Japan: Mount Aso volcano on the southernmost main island of Kyushu, erupted sending ash plumes and smoke 6,500 feet (1,980 m) into the air. North America: US: Amid triple digit temperatures and severe drought, two of California's fastest-burning wildfires in decades swept over Northern California towns, destroying more than 720 homes and hundreds of other structures, including businesses, barns, outbuildings, infrastructure, and dozens of vehilces, and sending 23,000 residents fleeing. The fire, suddenly fanned by strong winds, consumed 40,000 acres (16,190 sq ha) in just 12 hours. The govenor declared a state of emergency. US: Heavy rains triggered a forceful flash flood that swept away vehilces (on the 14th), killing thirteen in two cars in Hilldale, and killing five in Zion National Park; three were missing. Mexico: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Topolobampo (09-13; 01:14). Atlantic: East Central: A tropical low developed southwest of the Cape Verde Islands and was expected to organize into the next tropical storm or hurricane. Solar Activity: Never seen before, the Sun was eclipsed twice, once by the Earth and then once by the Moon. It could only be seen in Earth's orbit by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. On Earth only an ordinary partial eclipse was visible from South Africa and parts of Antarctica.

16th-17th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: The UK, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, and France undertook fifteen airstrikes on ISIS targets that destroyed buildings, vehicles and munitions. A day earlier (15th), rebel rocket fire killed at least twenty in Aleppo. Iraq: Two ISIS militant suicide bombers targeted police checkpoints in two Baghdad markets during morning rush-hour, killing at least twenty-three and wounding more than sixty. A third blast in the nearby Bab al-Muadham district left four dead. Europe: Hungary-Serbia: Hundreds collected at a closed crossing point near the Serbian town of Horgos, where they were met with Hungarian riot police. An tense stand-off with police lead some migrants to throw stones and water bottles which was met with tear gas and water cannon to force migrants back who were trying to reach Germany. Coratia: The following day Croatia closed seven of its eight road border crossings with Serbia as the migrants sought a different way to get to Germany. France: An avalanche in Pelvoux, in the French Alps, swept seven climbers to their deaths and seriously injured another, on the 15th. Asia: Tajikistan: Security forces tracked down and killed a former deputy defence minister who was wanted for treason and creating an extremist group, while eleven rebels were also killed in the attack. Indonesia: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck east of Bitung (09-16; 00:40). Sinabung volcano in Sumatra erupted with a moderately large pyroclastic flow and sent ash plumes 18,000 feet (5.4 km) into the air. Karangetang volcano, on Siau Island, underwent an eruption that produced a new vent, which sent an ash plume into the air. Papua New Guinea: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck east of Kimbe (09-16; 07:03). India: The city of Havara was drenched with 6.14 inches (156 mm) of rain, triggering widespread flooding. Kashmir: An Indian soldier in the disputed region shot and killed two Pakistanis. Pakistan soldiers returned with gunfire and shelling. Pakistan: Taliban miltants attacked an airforce base and a mosque in the city of Peshawar, killing at least thirty; at least thirteen of the attackers were also killed. Africa: Burkina Faso: Following the ousting of President Blaise Compaore, interim leaders were detained by guards, setting off a protest of hundreds near the palace, where the detainees remained. Shots were fired into the air, as an air of panic swept the capital. More than ten were killed and dozens were injuried in the Coup. Sierra Leone: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding in Freetown, leaving at least four dead, devastating many settlements, and rendering many homeless; the rains were expected to last five more days. South Sudan: A gas tanker veered off the road in Maridi and then exploded as people were siphoning the gas, killing at least 182 and injuring hundreds. North America: US: The rainiest day of the year hit Los Angeles, California, caused by remnants of Hurricane Linda, triggering flooding throughout southern California. Structures gaveway beneath houses and three motorists were rescued from a raging flash flood. South America: Chile: A powerful 8.3 magnitute earthquake hit along the northern coast, northwest of Santiago and west of the city of Illapel (09-16; 15:54). Buildings swayed, cracked and crumbled, people ran into the streets, and the tsunami alarms went off in the port of Valparaiso. Authorities ordered the evacuation of low lying areas, forcing one million to flee. Tsunamis did come ashore adding to the devastation and destruction and tossing ships ashore. At least eleven were killed. Tsunami alerts were also issued for Peru, Southern Califorina and Hawaii where tide levels rose. Most of South America felt the quake. The quake was followed by seven powerful aftershocks of 7.0 (09-16; 16:18), 6.7 (09-16; 21:10), 6.4 (09-16; 21:10), 6.4 (09-16; 21:10), 6.3 (09-16; 15:59), 6.2 (09-16; 16:16) and 6.1 (09-16; 16:04) magnitudes west of Illapel. More than 100 aftershocks of lesser magnitude followed. Also nearby a 6.5 magnitude quake struck south of Ovalle (09-16; 20:55) and later a 6.3 quake struck northwest of Valparaiso (09-18; 02:10). Venezuela: The President extended a state of emergency to another ten states on the border with Colombia in order to stop crime near the border, where smugglers and guerrilla groups were active. Atlantic: Two Tropical Depressions developed and showed signs of spawning into Tropical Storms. One was between the Cape Verde Islands and the Leeward Islands, and the other was southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2415 was producing minor C-class solar flares and an unstable magnetic field that could produce energy for M-class flares. An enormous, magnetized cloud of plasma, known as a hedgerow prominence, was rotating over the Sun's eastern limb.

21st -- First Quarter (8h 59m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Seventy-five US-backed rebels crossed into northern Syria from Turkey to fight ISIS miltants. Europe: Europe's migrant crisis continued to intensify with a new stream of migrants entering Hungary, as an official there said "Our borders are under threat... and so is the whole of Europe." Asia: China: Hundreds of mineral investors protested in Beijing, claiming they had been defrauded by the Fanya Metal Exchange in the city of Kunming. Africa: South Sudan: Government forces and rebels continued to fight despite a three-week-old cease-fire, forcing thousands of civilians to seek refuge and adding to the migration problem in Europe. Nigeria: Three explosions took place in the city of Maiduguri, one exploded at a mosque and the other two at an area where people gathered to watch soccer, killing fifty-four and injuring ninety. Boko Haram miltants were said to be responsible. Somalia: A car bomb exploded at the gate of the presidential palace in Mogadishu, killing at least six; it is likely that the militant al-Shabab group planted the bomb. South America: Chile: The city of Illapel was again rocked by earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.6 (09-21; 10:40) and 6.3 (09-20; 22:39). Earlier, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck west of La Ligua (09-19; 05:52). North America: US and Mexico: The remnants of Tropical Depression Sixteen-E ushered in an expanding area of torrential downpours and gusty thunderstorms that triggered flooding from Baja California and Southeastern California to Arizona and New Mexico. Atlantic: A storm system developed that was headed towards the Southeastern US where it would bring rough surf and strong rip currents, and heavy rains with flash flooding. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2415 exploded, sending out a long-duration M2-class solar flare and a bright coronal mass ejection that targeted the Earth's magnetic field a day later.

23rd Equinox and 24th-25th Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Saudi Arabia: Two huge waves of Muslim pilgrims collided at an intersection in Mina, on the outskirts of Mecca, killing at least 719 and injuring at least 863. Yemen: A suicide bomber trargeted a mosque in Sanaa, sending worshippers into the street where a second bomb exploded outside, killing at least twenty-five and wounding at least thirty-six. Europe: Turkey: The seaside town of Bodrum was hit with heavy rains triggering flash flooding throughout the town. Finland: Migrants flooded Europe at 8,000 per day, meanwhile those entering Finland in buses were attacked with fireworks near the city of Lahti. Asia: Nepal: Once again protests broken out in parts of the country over the new constitution, blocking supply routes from India. Hundreds of riot police used tear gas, plastic bullets and batons to break up the crowd, injuring at least tweleve. The violence over recent weeks brought the death toll to forty-five. Indonesia: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck north of Sorong (09-24; 08:53). Japan: Tropical Storm Dujuan began strengthening into a powerful typhoon with Japan's mainland and its Ryukyu Islands in its path. Africa: Nigeria: More than two hundred members of the Boko Haram militant group surrendered in the town of Banki on the border with Cameroon. This came after a week when 241 kidnapped women and children had been rescued near the border. North America: Mexico: Students seized tweleve buses in order to go to the central state of Guerrero and protest the disappearance of 43 trainee teachers last year. They were met by riot police who used tear gas at a road block; eleven policemen were injuried. US: A slow moving Atlantic storm struck the East Coast with heavy rains that triggered coastal flooding, along with strong winds, rough surf and beach erosion. The storm would move as far west as the southern Appalachian mountains from Alabama to Virginia and West Virginia. Heavy rains triggered street flooding that prompted officials to close schools in Council Bluffs, Iowa. An EF-2 tornado caused extensive damage, destroying at least ten homes in Johns Island, near Charleston, South Carolina. A tour vehicle and a charter bus collided in Seattle, Washington, killing four and injuring fifty-one foriegn students, tweleve critically. Central America: Nicaragua: Telica volcano erupted for two days, sending ash plumes 1,640 feet (500 m) into the air and up to 18.6 miles (30 km) west of the volcano. Pacific: West Central: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Honiara, Solomon Islands (09-24; 08:56). Solar Activity: As is typical of equinoxes, the northern autumnal equinox triggered widespread auroras.

Late on the 27th a Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse, and 28th -- Full Moon (2h 50m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition undertook an airstrike that hit a wedding party, killing at least thirty-eight in Wahijah, a village near the Red Sea port of Mocha. The attack was claimed to be "a mistake." Israel/Palestine: A disputed holy site in Jerusalem, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as the Temple Mount, was the scene of clahes between Israeli forces and Palestinians. Palestinian youths threw stones, fireworks and gasoline bombs as police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades, leaving at least twenty-two injuried. Europe: Germany: Violence broke out between about 400 migrant Albanians and Pakistanis fighting each other with sticks and pepper sprays in a migrant camp in Calden, near Kassel. It took police about four hours to bring the brawl - that injuired at least fourteen - to a close. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic: Renewed shelling took place between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops in the disputed Caucasus region, leaving at least thirteen dead. Asia: Afghanistan: Hundreds of Taliban militants stormed the city of Kunduz, seizing key buildings, advancing on the airport and freeing hundreds of prisoners. The government sent in troops and fierce fighting ensued, leaving at least twenty-five militants and two Afghan policemen dead. India: An overcrowded river boat with engine trouble crashed into a bridge and capsized in the state of Assam, drowning at least fifty. Indonesia: Dukono volcano, Halmahera, erupted with nearly continuous ash emissions that extended 43 miles (70 km) to the Northeast. Taiwan: Powerful Typhoon Dujuan brought heavy rains, strong winds, flooding, mudslides and extended power outages. Winds peaked at 153 mph (246 kph) in Su'ao Township. Its next target would be Southeast China. Africa: Central African Republic: Earlier, Muslims attacked a mainly Christian neighborhood in Bangui in reprisal for the murder of a Muslim man, killing more than thirty and wounding about one hundred. What followed was armed Christian militia members roaming the streets and protesters erecting barricades in what amounted to deadly inter-religious violence. In addition, at least 500 escaped from the Ngaragba jail in Bangui. Sudan: Gunmen fired on UN peacekeepers as they escorted a convoy near the town of Mellit in North Darfur, killing one and wounding four. North America: Mexico: Hurricane Marty smashed into the southwest Mexican coast, bringing flooding downpours, strong winds, rough seas and strong rip currents. An area from Acapulco to Puerto Angel was put on alert. US: Tropical mositure brought persistent rains that triggered widespread flooding in the Gulf states and the Southeast. Central America: Nicaragua: Telica volcano again exploded in a series of eruptions, producing dense ash plumes and ejecting lava blocks up to 1,640 feet (500 m). Pacific: West Central: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, erupted sending ash plumes 7,000 feet (2.1 km) into the air. Atlantic: Northwest: A depression developed into Tropical Storm Joaquin, which was headed for the Eastern US and was expected to be a slow moving storm that triggers widespread flooding. Solar Activity: A strong M7-class solar flare erupted from sunspot AR2422, triggering a radio blackout over South America and the Atlantic ocean. Its magetic field showed signs of continuing eruptions.


1st-2nd -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Russia undertook airstrikes against militants, but the strikes hit both ISIS militants and rebels opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Casualties were unknown. Europe: Turkey: A bus driver lost control in the central Dikimevi area of Ankara city, ploughing the bus into a group of commuters, killing at least eleven and injuring eight. Asia: Afghanistan: Fierce fighting continued between Afghan forces and the Taliban in parts of the city of Kunduz with the Taliban again gaining back control of the main square. Afghan forces then retook the square after nearly the enter day's fighting. Numerous buildings and vehicles were destroyed; casualties were not reported. A US Hercules aircraft crashed at Jalalabad airport, killing eleven. China: Seventeen separately mailed packages exploded in Liucheng County, in Guangxi province, killing seven. The next day another package exploded but there were no casualties. Philippines: Tropical Depression 22W slammed into the islands with heavy rains, triggering widespread flooding and damaging winds. It then was headed towards southeastern China and northern Vietnam. Africa: Nigeria: Five children, suicide-bombers targeted a mosque and the house of a vigilante leader, killing at least fifteen and injuring thirty-five; they were likely trained by the Boko Haram militants. Two bombs exploded on the outskirts of Abuja, one at a police station in Kuje and the second hit Nyanya, killing an unknown number of people. Again, the Boko Haram were suspected. North America: US: A gunman attacked students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, leaving ten dead and seven injuried. Veniaminof volcano, in Alaska, underwent increased seismic activity, prompting officials to raise the warning level. Very heavy rainfall triggered dangerous, flash flooding along the Carolina coastline; an area already swept by floods. Hurricane Joaquin headed along the East Coast where it would bring heavy rains, widespread flooding, strong winds and rough surf, even if it stays off shore. The Eastern states had already been swept by widespread flooding before Joaquin. Central America: Guatemala: Heavy rains triggered a huge mudslide that swallowed parts of Santa Catarina Pinula, killing at least ninety-five, injuring at least twenty-five, burying about 125 homes, and leaving more than 300 missing; the death toll was expected to climb. Most of the missing were asleep in their beds when the mudslide struck. Atlantic: Northwest: Tropical Storm Joaquin strengthened into a Category Four hurricane, battering the Bahamas with heavy rains, widespread flooding, sustained winds of 130 mph (210 kph) and a storm surge of up to 10 feet (3 m). It also destroyed and damaged numerous buildings. It would head to the states along the Eastern US coast from South Carolina to Massachusetts, hitting areas that had recently suffered heavy rains and flooding (see previous lunar phase). The cargo ship, El Faro, with 33 crew went missing after sailing through Hurricane Joaquin off the Bahamas .Solar Activity: A massive bright coronal mass ejection exploded from the Sun's western limb, on September 30th. Sunspot AR2422 posed a continous threat for strong solar flares.

4th -- Last Quarter (21h 05m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Two suicide car bomb attacks took place in the predominantly Shia district of Kadhimiya in Baghdad, killing at least eighteen and wounding at least thirty-seven. Syria: ISIS militants blew up the Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra. Europe: France: Violent storms triggered widespread flooding on the French Riveria, killing at least seventeen; four were missing. Vehicles were swept up and carried hundreds of feet, and the flooding closed roadways, while train stations, tunnels and underground parking lots were overflowing. In addition, the Brague river burst its banks, sending water into nearby towns and cities. Africa: Nigeria: A suicide bomber targeted a police station and another bomb exploded at a market in Kuje township, and yet another bomb exploded at a bus stop in Nyanya, killing at least eighteen. Bokom Haram militants were suspected. North America: US: Hurricane Joaquin in the Caribbean unleashed a storm system that battered the already rain soaked East; however, Joaquin did not yet reach the US. In South Carolina a high alert accompanied widespread "catastophic" and once in a "millenium" flooding that cut power to thousands, stranded people in cars and houses, and killed at least seventeen. Some parts got nearly 27 inches (685 mm) of rain and nine dams burst contributing to the flooding. Also, a cargo ship with thirty-three aboard was lost in the hurricane. Atlantic: Northwest: Hurricane Joaquin was still battering the Bahamas with heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding and landslides.

7th-8th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Russia launched rocket strikes from four warships that fired twenty-six cruise missiles at eleven ISIS targets, destroying weapons factories, arms dumps, command centers and training camps. Meanwhile, the most intense fighting in months took place in Latakia, Hama and Idlib provinces. The following day Russia continued strikes in Syria, but a few missles ended up in rural parts of Iran. The airstrikes, along with Syrian troops, sought to take back territory in the west of the country from the rebels. Iraq: Roughly thirty-seven mortars containing mustard gas were fired by ISIS on the towns of Makhmour and Gwer where there were Kurdish peshmerga fighters. Yemen: An explosion took place in Sanban, in Dhamar province, during a multiple wedding, killing at least thirteen and wounding thirty. It was believed to be an airstrike from Saudi-led coalition warplanes, but they denied it was them. Europe: Russia: Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted sending several ash plumes into the air. Western Europe: The remnants of hurricane Joaquin continued across the northern Atlantic toward Europe, where it was expected to impact Spain and Portugal. Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano, on the island of Halmahera, erupted sending an ash plume 7,000 feet (2,100 m) into the air and extending 75 miles (120 km) to the northeast. China: Typhoon Mujigae brought heavy rains, flooding, strong winds and rough surf to the south. The typhoon, and its accompanying tornadoes, caused widespread power outages, destroyed buildings, forced the evacuation of thousands, injuried more than 200, and killed eleven. Indonesia: Batu Tara volcano, on the Sunda Islands, underwent explosive activity, sending ash plumes 6,000 feet (1,200 m) into the air. North America: US and Canada: Oho strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane and would hit parts of British Columbia and Alaska with drenching rain, gusty winds and rough seas. US: South Carolina was experiencing another wave of widespread, catastrophic flooding, as rivers overflowed in record high flood stages, fourteen dams failed, seventy are being watched for failure, the govenor ordered a complete evacuation, and nineteen people have been killed from flood-related events. Compounding the dangerous situation was the expected arrival of more rain. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent strong activity with lava fountains from two summit vents. There was also potential for extremely dangerous pyroclastic flows. Solar Activity: A strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm and auroras took place after a co-rotating interaction region of the Sun's magnetic field hit the Earth. Geomagnetic storms continued for days, as the solar wind swept past Earth.

13th -- New Moon (0h 06) HIGH

Mideast: Israel/Palestine: Two Palestinian assailants shot and stabbed passengers on a bus in Jerusalem, and another was run down and stabbed, leaving three Israelis dead and twenty-two injuried. The attackers were killed by the police. In the West Bank city of Bethlehem, a Palestinian was killed when clshing with Israeli troops. Syria: Hundreds of pro-government supporters rallied outside the Russian embassy, in Damascus, to show support for Russian airstrikes, when the embassy was shelled, triggering widespread panic. Kurdish forces swept through ISIS seized areas forcing the displacement of people. They also undertook mass house demolitions using bulldozers and fire until the entire village of Husseiniya, in Hassakeh province, was destroyed. Egypt: Three homemade bombs exploded along the railway in the city of Alexandria, wounding a couple and damaging a train. Europe: Kosovo: Demonstrators in Pristina threwn gasoline bombs and stones at police in a protest over the arrest of an opposition parliament member who was against a deal with Serbia. In return, police fired tear gas and attempted to push the protesters back. Central Europe: A dominant storm track brought strong and frequent storms moving west to east from central France and northern Spain through the Alps and into eastern Europe. Asia: Afghanistan: The Taliban withdrewn from the strategic city of Kunduz, and launched a rocket killing two in southern Ghazni province. Residents fled the area into neighboring cities. Pakistan: A landslide struck an area of Karachi, burying homes in Gulistan Johar district under a mass of rock and mud, and killing at least thirteen. Indonesia: Batu Tara volcano, on the Sunda Islands, erupted with firey lava bombs and sent an ash cloud 5,000 feet (1,200 m) into the air. Africa: Libya: An armed group in the west of the country kidnapped approximately 300 Tunisian workers, holding them in the town of Sabratha. The group's leader said they want the Tunisian government to release the Mayor of Sabratha in exchange for the kidnapped Tunisians. North America: Mexico: The former governor of the western state of Colima, Fernando Moreno Pena, was attacked and shot six times by two gunmen. US: Wildfires, fanned by strong winds and dry brush, swept Wyoming and the Dakotas, destroying dozens of buildings and forcing widespread evacuations. South America: Chile: About 5,000 protesters led by the indigenous Mapuche people filled the streets of Santiago where clashes erupted between police and demonstrators. The protest was against the way the government treats Mapuche communities. Pacific: Northwest: Powerful Typhoon Koppu developed and headed for the Philippines, where it would bring destructive winds, heavy rains and rough surf. Northeast: Tropical Storm Nora strengthened, as it headed towards the Hawaiian Islands. Solar Activity: A new sunspot developed over the Sun's eastern limb, and it posed a threat for M-class solar flares. A gigantic coronal hole also opened up, sending a broad stream of solar wind into space.

16th-17th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Israel/Palestine: Palestinians set fire to the Jewish holy shrine of the Prophet Joseph in the West Bank. Clashes broke out between Palestinians and the Israeli military after calls by the militant group Hamas for a “day of rage”, leaving three Palestinians dead and more than 100 wounded by live rounds and tear gas. The following day four Palestinians who attacked Jews with knives in separate incidents were shot dead and a fifth was in critical condition. Oman: More than three inches (80 mm) of rain fell in a few hours triggering widespread flooding in the city of Ras Al Hadd. Saudi Arabia: A Shia gathering hall in the city of Saihat was attacked by ISIS gunmen who killed at least five; one gunman was killed and the other two were arrested. Other lower scale attacks took place against the Shia community in the east of Saudi Arabia. Syria: Government forces backed by Russian airstrikes undertook a new offensive against the rebels in the city of Aleppo. It was reported that hundreds of troops from Hezbollah and Iran were also involved. Yemen: A Saudi-led airstrike targeting Shia Houthi rebels, between the southern Taiz and Lahj provinces, mistakenly hit a pro-government position, killing at least twenty troops and wounding twenty. Europe: Hungary: Hungary closed its border with Croatia in an effort to stem the flow of migrants through the country as they head to western Europe, directing migrants to Slovenia instead. The following day thousands of migrants flooded Slovenia. Southern: Heavy rains pounded Italy, and across parts of Croatia and Bosnia, bringing widespread flooding and mudslides, and killing at least five. Black Sea: A boat capsized in the Black Sea near the Ukrainian city of Odessa, drowning twelve. There were thirty-six on board and twenty-three were rescued. Asia: Philippines: Tropical Storm Koppu strengthened into Typhoon Koppu headed for Luzon Island as it strengthened further into the eqivalent of a Category 4 Hurricane with winds of 155 mph (250 kph). It brought heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding and mudslides, and damaging winds forced coastal flooding and rough surf. Koppu was a slow moving storm and therefore rains would have more of an impact, destroying buildings and vehilces. India: Indians in Assam were forced off the land by flooding caused by deforestation, dams, heavy rains, and a river changing course. Africa: Nigeria: Three teenage female suicide bombers set off multiple explosions in the city of Maiduguri, killing at least thirty-nine; it was believed to be the work of the militant group Boko Haram. North America: US: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding and mudslides in Southern California, washing vehilces down streets and burying some in mud. A massive landslide unleashed 200 million tons of rock down the Taan Fiord valley onto Tyndall Glacier in Icy Bay, in Alaska. Pacific: Eastern: Tropical Storm Olaf developed and would strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane. Solar Activity: The Earth swung in and out of a solar wind stream flowing flowing from a gigantic coronal hole on the Sun.

20th -- First Quarter (20h 31m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syrian: The city of Aleppo saw a mass exodus of about 35,000 leaving the country as fighting intensified there with the aid of Russian airstrikes. Europe: Russia: Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted sending a huge ash plume into the air. Asia: Philippines: Typhon Koppu weakened into a tropical storm as it reached Ilocos Norte province, on the north-western tip of Luzon, but was still bringing torrential rains and widespread flooding. Whole villages were inundated by water streaming off nearby mountains. At least tweleve were left dead. An additional seven people were also killed when a passenger boat capsized in another storm further south in the country. Baguio City received almost two months worth of normal rainfall within just 20 hours, triggering widespread flooding due to typhoon Lando. High total rainfall was also recorded in Basco, Batanes, and Dagupan City in Pangasinan. Indonesia: The Sinabung volcano in Sumatra erupted sending an ash plume 8,200 feet (2,500 m) into the air, and a pyroclastic flow traveled 1.25 miles (2 km). Africa: Democratic Republic of the Congo: Protesters filled the streets of Brazzaville where police fired shots and tear gas. The protest was in response to changes to the constitution that would allow the president to seek a third term. North America: US: Parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas were plummeted with heavy rain that triggered widespread flooding in drought-stricken areas. South America: Brazil: A huge explosion rocked the Sao Cristovao neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, destroying or damaging dozens of buildings, and injuring at least seven; some were still missing. Pacific: South: A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Port-Olry, Vanuatu (10-20; 14:52). East: A tropical depression developed into Tropical Storm Patricia and strengthened off the southern coast of Mexico, prompting officials to issue a hurricane warning for parts of the Pacific coast. Solar Activity: Earth was about to enter a fast-moving stream of solar wind, that would spark minor (G1-class) geomagnetic storms.

23rd-24th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Libya: Several hundred protested - in the city of Benghazi - against a proposed UN-backed peace deal that would form a new unity government, when mortar rounds targetted them, killing six and injuring at least thirty-five. Iraq: US-Iraqi forces rescued about seventy hostages held by ISIS who were about to kill them, and in the process one US soldier and five militants were killed. Europe: Greece: Heavy rains triggered flash flooding in Athens, sweeping away cars, trucks and motorbikes, and destroying or damaging buildings. France: A bus crashed into a truck on a country road near Puisseguin, setting both on fire, killing forty-three and injuring dozens. Sweden: A man with "far-right" and "racist motives" attacked a school in Trollhattan, near Gothenburg, killing two and seriously wounding two, before he was killed by police. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula, underwent a pyroclastic flow resulting in the collapse of part of the active lava dome, and sending an ash plume 15,000 feet (4,500 m) into the air. Montenegro: Several thousand demonstrators filled the streets of Podgorica demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. Police fired tear gas, as protesters threw flares and fireworks, leaving fifteen policemen injuried and twenty-four protesters seeking treatment for tear gas. Asia: Pakistan: A suicide bomber targetted a procession of Shia Muslims in the city of Jacobabad, killing at least twenty-two and wounding dozens. A day earlier, a suicide bomber killed ten at a mosque in Balochistan province. Africa: Nigeria: Two bomb attacks targetted a newly opened mosque in the town of Yola and a second was a suicide bombing in Maiduguri, killing at least forty-two and wounding more than one hundred. It was believed to be the work of the militant group Boko Haram. South Africa: One of the biggest student protests hit the country, which lead to police using stun grenades and water cannon to stop a group of students breaking into the Union Buildings, the seat of government in Pretoria. North America: Mexico: Hurricane Patricia, which strengthened into a Category Five Hurricane in just 24 hours, the strongest on record in the Western Hemisphere, made landfall in Jalisco state in the west. Sustained winds were 200 mph (322 kph) with gusts up to 240 mph (386 kph). If hurricane scale went higher it would be considered a Category 7 hurricane. A state of emergency was declared in three states, affecting more than 400,000. It had the third lowest barometer reading ever recorded - a pressure of 879 millibars at the center. Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding and mudslides, as 30-foot (9 m) waves battered the coastline. US: Heavy rains brought life-threatening flooding from Texas to Louisiana. In Corsicana, Texas, major flooding forced highway closures, as well. The National Weather Service placed almost all of the state of 27 million under a flood watch, warning of torrential downpours. The remnants of Hurricane Patricia then headed for Texas and Louisiana where some parts would receive as much as 24 inches (610 mm). A car travelling at high speed plowed into a crowd of spectators in Oklahoma, killing at least four and injuring twenty-five; the driver was drunk. Solar Activity: A solar flare exploded out of the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2434, sending a coronal mass ejection into space. Most flares take minutes, but this lasted three hours. The coronal mass ejection triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras.

27th -- Full Moon (12h 05m) MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: A Doctors without Borders' hospital was hit by bombs believed to be dropped by the Saudi-led coalition battling Houthi rebels, but they denied that they had bombed the hospital. Syria: The government's offensive near Aleppo, helped by Russian airstrikes, included cluster bombs that sent hundreds of people fleeing to the Turkish border. Middle East: Deadly flooding and thunderstorms swept across parts of the Mediterranean coast of Israel, Palestine and Syria into Jordan, Iraq and northern Saudi Arabia. The number of causalties and injuries were not reported. Asia: Afghanistan and Pakistan: A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the mountainous Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan (10-26; 02:09), killing more than three hundred and sixty (most of them in Pakistan), injuring at least 2,000, and destroying thousands of buildings. Among the buildings destroyed were 7,630 homes, 12 schools and 17 mosques in Afghanistan alone. The quake was felt in India. Gun fire from across the border in the South Waziristan tribal region, in Afghanistan, killed seven Pakistani soldiers. China: A high-speed ferry travelling to Hong Kong from Macau hit an object in the water, lost power and began taking on water. At least 124 were injuried in the incident. Africa: Libya: A helicopter was shot down in the Al-Maya coastal region, killing all twelve aboard. The helicopter had been involved in clashes between rival militias. North America: US: The remnants of Hurricane Patricia brought heavy rains across the Midwest and East Coast, triggering widespread flooding. Strong winds also swept the Northeast. Brookhaven, Mississippi received more than nine inches (230 mm) of rain, and flooding in southwest Alabama, particularly Dauphin Island, was also severe. South America: Colombia: Left-wing rebels of the National Liberation Army ambushed a group carrying regional election ballots, killing twelve; six others were missing. Pacific: Northwest: Struggling against huge tides and increasing storms, about 1,000 Bikini islanders applied to relocate to the US. Solar Activity: Earth passed through a solar sector boundary crossing of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

30th-31st -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: A former military base, Camp Liberty, near the Baghdad airport, housing exiled Iranian MEK opposition members came under intense rocket fire, killing twenty-three members of the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) and three policemen. Arabian Sea: Tropical Cyclone Chapala strengthened in the Arabian Sea with winds equal to a Category 5 hurricane, and was headed for Oman and Yemen. Both countries were placed on the highest alert, as the storm would bring heavy rains, widespread flooding and damaging winds. Europe: Romania: A fire broke out at a nightclub in Bucharest, killing at least twenty-seven and injuring 155, as the 400 inside the club panicked and rushed for the exit. The fire was started by someone setting off fireworks inside the club. Asia: Afghanistan: Special Operations forces and scores of American airstrikes targeted what was "probably the largest" al-Qaeda training camp and destroyed it. About 160 al-Qaeda fighters were killed in the process. Philippines: Low-hanging electric cables set fire to umbrellas and piles of used clothing at a market in the city of Zamboanga, killing at least fifteen and injuring thirteen. China: A two-story building collapsed in Henan province, killing at least seventeen and injuring twenty-three - some were in serious condition. India Ocean: La Réunion: Piton de la Fournaise volcano erupted with an increase in tremor and formed a new active lava pond. Africa: Egypt: A Russian aircraft crashed in Sinai, killing all 224 on board. There was no SOS or communications about problems with the Airbus A-321, and a group affliated with ISIS claimed responsiblity, but this claim was dismissed by Russia and Egypt. South Africa: Augrabies Falls region recorded a high temperature of 112.6 F (44.8 C). North America: US: Strong winds and heavy rains pounded central Texas, triggering widespread flooding, closing highways, forcing evacuations after rivers overflowed, and spawning tornadoes that damaged and destroyed buildings outside San Antonio. At least two were left dead. Heavy rain swept throught eastern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, bringing widespread flooding to areas that were flooded last week. There were also strong, damaging winds, rough surf and isolated tornadoes. A powerful storm system also brought heavy rain and strong winds across the Northwest. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano erupted, spewing ash and black smoke into the air. South America: Chile: Lascar volcano underwent a sudden explosion, sending an ash plume 8,200 feet (2,500 m) into the air. Central America: Turrialba volcano erupted, covering cars and homes in ash in the nation’s capital of San Jose. Authorities warned that it could trigger two other volcanoes, the Poas and the Rincon de la Vieja. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection was expected to glance the Earth, but it did not, yet auroras around the Artic were triggered anyway. Then the Earth headed to cross a fold in the heliospheric current sheet of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field.


3rd -- Last Quarter (12h 24m) MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: A rare tropical cyclone made landfall on the southern coast, flooding the port city of Mukalla. Cyclone Chapala brought hurricane-force winds, heavy rain and huge waves, forcing thousands to flee. It is the strongest storm to hit Yemen in decades and it dumped several years worth of rain on the country in a single day. The seafront promenade and numerous homes where destroyed, and vehicles and buildings were submerged. A day earlier Chapala swept over the island of Socotra, situated south of the coast of Yemen in the Arabian Sea, where it killed at least one and injuried more than two hundred. Dozens of buildings and homes were severely damaged or washed away on the island. Europe: UK and Cyprus: A series of disturbances by Syrian migrants swept a UK military base in Cyprus, where tents were set on fire and people tried to climb fences. They were frustrated with the slow pace of being given asylum. Asia: Indonesia: Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok, erupted sending an ash plume into the air, and cancelling flights to and from the nearby island of Bali. Nepal: A bus veered off a mountain road in the Rasuwa district, north of Kathmandu, killing thirty and injuring thirty-five. The bus was overcrowded, with passengers riding on the roof. India and Pakistan: Pakistani forces killed two Indian soldiers as they fired along the Kashmir border in the Gurez area of Bandipora district. In a separate incident, an Indian man was killed after Nepali police fired on hundreds of protesters blocking a border crossing. Australia: Thunderstorms brought high winds, heavy rain, widespread flooding and destructive lightning to areas of South Australia. North America: US: Heavy rain and tornadoes battered parts of Florida, damaging numerous buildings. Solar Activity: A high-speed stream of solar wind swept the Earth's magnetic field, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

mid-6th-mid-8th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Once again this season, an extremely rare and powerful tropical cyclone, called Megh, hit Yemen's Socotra island, bringing hurricane-force winds, torrential rains and flash flooding. A larger number of homes were destroyed and 5,000 fled the coastal areas, while at least two were killed. It then headed for Yemen's coast east of Aden. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna volcano unwent increasing seismic activity that suggested a possible eruption was coming. Asia: Kashmir: Protesters clashed with government troops in Indian-administered Kashmir after the Indian Prime Minister's visit. Police opened fire and used tear gas to disperse the crowds, killing one demostrater, afterwhich more protesters poured onto the streets of the city of Srinagar. Indonesia: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Sabang (11-08; 08:47). A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck south of Padangsidempuan (11-08; 01:34). India: Tropical Cyclone Megh brought widespread flooding to Tamil Nadu and the southeast coast from Vedaranyam to Chennai. Africa: Burundi: Fighting broke out in parts of two districts in Bujumbura, killing four, and forcing the districts to be temporarily sealed off, sending people fleeing the areas. Niger: The air force bombed a Boko Haram base, arresting more than twenty of the militants and destroying the base. Australia: A powerful storm formed a spectacular "tsunami" cloud off Bondi Beach in Sydney, and then brought heavy rainfall across the city, with the northern beaches suburb of Mona Vale recording one inch (27 mm) of rain in just three hours. North America: Mexico: A shootout took place at a cockfighting event in the town of Cuajinicuilapa, in state of Guerrero, leaving ten dead and seven wounded. US: Two trains carrying crude oil derailed for two days in a row forcing a number of nearby homes to be evacuated. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck east of Atka, Alaska (11-09; 08:03). A portion of a parking lot and surrounding soil longer than a football field caved-in in Meridian, Mississippi, swallowing more than a dozen cars. South America: Brazil: Two dams holding iron-ore mining waste burst near Mariana, sending red mud onto vehicles and buildings in the village of Bento Rodrigues. Twenty-four were missing and four were killed. Chile and Peru: Chile protested against the Peruvian government's decision to create a new district in a disputed border area, causing more unrest between the two countries. Chile: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck west of Coquimbo (11-06; 23:04). The same day a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Ovalle (11-06; 23:31). Atlantic: West Central: Tropical Storm Kate strengthened heading for an area from the Bahamas to Bermuda, where it would bring rough seas, downpours and flooding. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection struck the Earth's magnetic field triggering a G2-class geomagnetic storm.

11th -- New Moon (17h 47m) MODERATE

Mideast: Libya: Heavy fighting broke out in the city of Benghazi between government-allied forces and ISIS miltants, killing at least sixteen. Europe: Turkey: Authorities banned residents of the town of Silvan, in Diyarbakir province, from leaving their homes as they carry out operations against the youth branch of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. At least six people had been killed. Mediterranean: A wooden boat sank between Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos drowning seven; twenty-seven were rescued. Asia: Afghanistan: Thousands took to the streets in Kabul protesting against the recent abduction and killing of seven civilians from the Hazara ethnic minority. In response, security forces fired warning shots into the air, injuring seven. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano, on the island of Sumatra, continued to erupt with a slow lava flow and ocassionally the lava dome collapsed producing pyroclastic flows that reached up to 1.8 to 2.5 miles (3-4 km) away. North America: US: A storm system moved east into several Midwest states, bringing strong, damaging winds, large hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes. The storm would affect areas from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Des Moines, Iowa, and Chicago, threatening about 30 million. A 100 mph (161 kph) jet stream triggered winds with gusts as strong as 60 mph (97 kph). The storm had first dumped a foot of snow in the Rocky Mountains. A private jet crashed into an Ohio neighborhood as it was trying to land at a nearby airport, setting on fire houses and an apartment block, and killing at least nine on the aircraft. South America: Chile: Two 6.9 magnitude earthquakes struck northwest of Coquimbo (11-10; 17:54 and 11-10; 18:46). A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Ovalle (11-06; 23:31). Solar Activity: Earth passed through a stream of high-speed solar wind flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun, triggering auroras.

14th-15th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Syria: Shortly after the Paris attacks, the French undertook airstrikes on ISIS targets in the city of Raqqa. Twenty guided bombs hit a command center, recruitment center for jihadists, a munitions depot and a training camp for fighters destroying them. Egypt: Police discovered the bodies of fifteen African migrants who had been shot dead in the northern Sinai Peninsula, near the town of Rafah on the border with Gaza. Iraq: Kurdish, Peshmerga fighters regained control of the strategic town of Sinjar, leaving a scene of destroyed buildings and mangled vehicles. Libya: US airstrikes targeted a compound in Derna, killing an important leader of ISIS and long-time al-Qaeda operative. Europe: France: A series of six attacks in Paris left at least 129 dead and more than 352 wounded, 99 critically. The attacks were carried out by eight ISIS militants, seven of which commited suicide. UK: Heavy rain and high winds overwhelmed parts of northern England and southwest Scotland, triggering widespread flooding. Ukraine: Despite a cease-fire, fighting between government forces and pro-Russian separatists intensified in Donetsk, killing five Ukrainian soldiers and the following day another Ukrainian soldier was killed and eight wounded. Asia: South Korea: Tens of thousands took to the streets to demonstrate demanding the resignation of their conservative president and against the imposition of state-approved history schoolbooks that hide the country's real history. Police used tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators. Japan: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck west of of Makurazaki (11-13; 12:51), triggering a small tsunami. Africa: Niger: The army repelled an attack from Boko Haram militants in the town of Gwoza, Borno State, killing seven Boko Haram fighters. Burundi: Violence broke out in the capital, Bujumbura, killing five. The following day (16th) three grenades exploded, but there were no causalities. North America: US: A powerful storm system developed that would move across the central US, bringing the risk for severe thunderstorms from the southern Plains to the lower Mississippi Valley. A rare tornado swept through the Northern California town of Denair, near Modesto, damaging twenty-one homes.

19th -- First Quarter (6h 27m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: Russian and French military planes undertook airstrikes on ISIS headquarters, ammunition dumps and command centers in Raqqa, killing at least thirty-three militants. Europe: France: A raid in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis to capture the mastermind behind the attacks on November 13th-14th (see previous lunar phase) lead to a gun fight with ISIS miltants. One miltant was shot dead and a woman blew herself up, while another six were arrested. Kosovo: Opposition supporters gathered in front of the government headquarters in downtown Pristina, throwing stones and paint at the building; at least thirteen were arrested. Seven, most of them police, were injuried during protests outside the Kosovo parliament. A grenade also went off outside the constitutional court in Pristina. UK: Storm Barney wreaked havoc across the UK with hurricane-force winds, closing roads and damaging homes and vehicles. Thousands of homes were left without power across Wales, the Midlands, and in southern and eastern England. Asia: India: Incessant rains battered the city of Chennai, killing more than seventy. The rains also overwhelmed northern parts of neighboring Sri Lanka. The rains brought widespread flooding, closing many offices, schools and colleges, and forcing the evacuation of thousands. Africa: Nigeria: A bomb exploded at a fruit and vegetable market in the city of Yola, killing thirty-two and wounding eighty; Boko Haram militants were suspected. Two female suicide bombers targeted a mobile phone market in the city of Kano, killing at least eleven; Boko Haram militants were suspected. North America: US and Canada: A powerful storm unleashed damaging hrricane-force winds, some as strong as 137 mph (220 kph), that created havoc for local residents through parts of northwest Washington, US, and coastal British Columbia, Canada, killing three in Washington. Downed powerlines brought power outages and fallen trees destroyed and damaged homes. US: Areas stretching from the Gulf Coast to the southern Appalachians were hit with flooding downpours, isolated tornadoes and damaging winds. Mexico: Colima volcano erupted, sending a column of ash and vapor 1.2 miles (2 km) into the air. Pacific: West Central: A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Dadali in the Solomon Islands (11-18; 10:31). Solar Activity: Earth entered a zone of unsettled solar wind with magnetic fields that favor geomagnetic storms.

22nd-23rd -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Israel: An Israeli woman was stabbed to death while in the West Bank, and her Palestinian attacker was shot dead. Another two Palestinian attackers were killed in separate incidents. Two Palestinian girls stabbed and wounded an elderly Palestinian man in Jerusalem, mistaking him for an Israeli; one of the girls was shot dead. Syria and Iraq: France, Russia and the US all pounded ISIS targets in Deir al-Zour, Raqqa, and Idlib and Aleppo provinces, and locations in Iraq. US airstrikes destroyed 283 oil tankers used by ISIS to get funds for operations (estimated at $500,000 per year). Syria: Government forces backed by Russian airstrikes, seized the towns of Mahin and Hawwarin from ISIS. A Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkish jets near Syrian-Turkish border; the jet had entered Turkish air space. Egypt: Sudanese migrants attempted to cross into Israel from northern Sinai when Egyptian border security forces shot dead at least five of them. Europe: Crimea: Four pylons that brought electricity from Ukraine were either bombed or shelled plunging three-quarters of the country into darkness. A state of emergency was declared affecting more than 1.6 million. Unidentified demonstrators were preventing repair crews from getting access making the blackout extend for days. Ukraine has suspended deliveries of goods, amid disruption of road and rail traffic to and from Crimea. Belgium: A total of twenty-two anti-terror raids were carried out across Brussels and Charleroi. Russia: Karymsky volcano, on the Kamchatka penisula, sent ash plumes 23,000 feet (7 km) into the air. Asia: Indonesia: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck west of Saumlaki (11-21; 01:06). Myanmar (Burma): A landslide composed of waste material at a jade mine, in Kachin state, killed at least 102, with more than 100 missing. Indian-administered Kashmir: A helicopter carrying pilgrims to the Vaishno Devi shrine, caught fire and crashed killing all seven aboard. Africa: Kenya: A 30-mile (50 km) traffic jam was caused by repairs to the road on the highway between Mombasa and Nairobi following heavy rains. Burundi: Unidentified men fired mortars at a state-run radio and television transmitting station in Bujumbura, injuring one soldier. Other overnight clashes left at least five dead. Australia: Nationwide protests took place, including in the states of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, protesting both anti-Islam and anti-racism campaigns; at least ten were arrested. North America: US: A cold blast swept the Midwest and Eastern states bringing them between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit below average. The following day the Northwest was also engulfed in a severe cold snap. Five protesters were seriously wounded after a group of alleged white supremacists opened fire on Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis. Pacific: Central: A storm brought more than tweleve inches of rain to Apa, Somoa, triggering widespread flooding. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2454 grew and sent off C-class solar flares. A dark filament of magnetism erupted away from the Sun, and a faint coronal mass ejection emerged from the blast site.

25th -- Full Moon (22h 44m) LOW

Mideast: Yemen: Houthi rebels blocked the delivery of assistance to the city of Taiz, creating a humanitarian crisis for the more than 200,000 residents. Egypt: Two suicide bombers and a gunman targeted a hotel in North Sinai, in the provincial capital, el-Arish, killing at least four and wounding twelve. The attackers were also killed. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: A fierce gun battle erupted at an army camp in Tangdhar, killing a civilian and three armed militants. Africa: Tunisia: An explosion targeted a bus carrying members of the presidential guard, killing at least thirteen and wounding twenty. The country's president declared a 30-day state of emergency across the country, imposed an overnight curfew for the capital, and closed its border with Libya. ISIS claimed responsibility. Australia: Huge brushfires brokeout, raging across northern areas of the state of South Australia, killing at least two, injuring at least thirteen, and destroying numerous homes. North America: US: A major storm brought flooding rain, snow, ice and fog to the Central states. Roads were closed and black ice triggered vehicle crashes. South America: Brazil: A powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck south of Tarauaca (11-24; 14:50). Peru: A powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck west of Iberia (11-24; 14:45). Atlantic: Haiti: The electoral council announced the official results of the first round of the presidential election, triggering violent protests and clashes with police; two officers were injuried. Protesters claimed that the police used excessive force, while teargas was used to control the proesters. Pacific: East: Hurricane Sandra strengthened to a powerful Category 3 storm off Mexico's Pacific coast. It is the strongest hurricane in the eastern Pacific for this late in the year. Northwest: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands (11-24; 05:21).

28th-29th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Egypt: A drive-by shooting on a police checkpoint took place in the Saqqara area, killing four police officers. Europe: Greece: Migrants angry at being prevented from entering Macedonia clashed with riot police, leaving about forty injured. Kosovo: After their leader, Albin Kurti, addressed a large anti-government protest, armed officers clashed with protesters and arrested eighty-six, in the capital Pristina. France: Climate-change demonstrators clashed with police, who used teargas, in the historic Place de la République. The French government used the sweeping emergency powers it gained after the Paris terrorist attacks to limit public demonstrations, enhancing security, placing twenty-four environmental activists under house arrest, and arresting more than 200 people in what was essentially a police state. A total 785,000 took to the streets in over 2,300 events in 175 countries marched worldwide to demand action to stop climate change, which was the topic at a Paris Summit involving 147 countries. Asia: India and Sri Lanka: Heavy downpours triggered widespread flooding in the east of India and Sri Lanka, turning roadways into rivers and shuting down the region. Africa: Mali: A rocket attack targeted a UN peacekeepers' base killing three. Nigeria: A suicide bomber targeted a Shia Muslim procession in Kano state, killing at least twenty-one. Democratic Republic of Congo: Fighting broke out between the army, backed by UN troops, and Islamist Ugandan rebels in the northeast, in the town of Eringeti, leaving at least four Congolese soldiers and twelve militants dead, and seven civilians were hacked to death with machetes at a hospital. North America: US: A relentless ice storm brought ice accumulation up to an inch, triggering power outages, downing powerlines and trees, and producing dangerous conditions for drivers; several fatailites occurred. The ice storm swept an area from Iowa to Texas. Mexico: Hurricane Sandra bore down on the west coast making landfall near Mazatlan, becoming the latest tropical cyclone landfall in Mexico on record. The storm brought widespread flooding and landslides. South America: Chile: Copahue volcano rumbled with small to moderately strong explosions, and ash and steam emissions rose 3,280 feet (1,000 m) into the air. Solar Activity: Though the Sun was quiet, a gigantic arch of plasma erupted along the Sun's southwestern limb. The next day, two coronal mass ejections (CME) - one faint and the other bright - exploded from the Sun; one CME was Earth-directed.


3rd -- Last Quarter (7h 40m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: The UK started their bombing campaign with six ISIS targets in an oil field under ISIS control. Yemen: A "Doctors Without Borders" clinic was hit in a Saudi-led airstrike, destroying the clinic and injuring at least nine. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna’s Voragine crater exploded in a major eruption, accompanied by volcanic lightning, sending a giant plume of smoke and ash 9,840 feet (3,000 m) into the air. Greece: The government requested EU help in managing its borders, since thousands of migrants remained on its northern frontier with Macedonia. Macedonia was only letting in Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans who were fleeing conflict, which triggered protests from those left behind and forcing police to use teargas to clear a border crossing blocked by protesters. Asia: India: A depression in the Bay of Bengal triggered incessant rains in coastal areas that lead to massive, widespread flooding, particularly in the city of Chennai (Madras). A huge rescue effort was undertaken where more than 2,000 had been rescued by the army alone, while the navy also undertook rescue efforts. Schools, colleges, factories and the airport were all closed. It was the wettest December on record in more than a century, and an additional three days of rain was expected to follow. Indian Ocean: A 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Southeast Indian Ridge (12-04; 14:24). Africa: Nigeria: Cameroon troops freed nine hundred hostages held by the Boko Haram. Many Boko Haram were killed and wounded, and ISIS flags, a large stock of arms and munitions had also been seized. North America: US: A husband-and-wife team attacked a San Bernardino, California social services center with assault weapons, killing at least fourteen and wounding twenty-one. The attackers were later killed by police, and a search of their residence revealed bomb equipment, weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Solar Activity: A huge coronal hole opened up on the Sun's northern hemisphere, spewing a broad stream of solar wind into space.

6th-7th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: ISIS detonated a car with explosives targeting a convoy in the city of Aden, killing the governor and several aides. Syria: Coalition airstrikes targeted ISIS bases in the north, east and southeast of the city of Raqqa, killing at least thirty-two and wounding forty of the militants. The following day airstrikes hit the village of al-Khan, near al-Hawl in Hasakah province, killing twenty-six civilians, including children. It was not known who was responsible. Europe: UK: Heavy rains from Storm Desmond triggered widespread flooding across northern England and parts of Scotland, knocking out power to 55,000 homes for days, turning roadways into rivers, destroying bridges and homes, and prompting nearly fifty severe flood and seventy flood warnings. A new record of 13.4 inches (340 mm) of rainfall fell in 24 hours. Thousands were made homeless and two were left dead. More heavy rain were expected in the week that followed. Asia: China: A large mob of about 100 masked attackers beat staff and destroyed buildings at a checkpoint in a remote part of the Inner Mongolia region, in Ejin Banner county, wounding at least thirteen. Authorities said that it was due to a "provincial border dispute". India: Historic rainfall had already brought devastating widespread flooding to Chennai, but it got even more rain; all of it totaled the most rainfall in 110 years. Tajikistan: A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck west of Murghob in the mountainous Gorno-Badakhshan region (12-06; 23:50), schools were closed and buildings were damaged or destroyed. Africa: Chad: Three suicide attacks targeted a marketplace on the island of Koulfoua on Lake Chad, killing at least twenty-seven; Boko Haram was believed to be responsible. North America: US: Heavy incessant rains triggered flooding as rivers exceeded their banks in southwest Washington and far northwest Oregon. Central America: Nicaragua: The country’s northwestern Momotombo volcano erupted for the first time in 110 years, spouting ash and lava. Solar Activity: Earth entered a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun, triggering bright auroras around the Arctic Circle and geomagnetic storms.

11th -- New Moon (10h 29m) HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: Saudi-led coalition forces undertook airstrikes targeting schools that were still in use, though not occupied at the time. More than 1,000 schools have either been destroyed, damaged or are occupied by displaced people, and more than 6,500 students had their education disrupted since the Houthi rebels toppled the government. Asia: Afghanistan: Taliban militants targeted a foreign guesthouse in the Sherpur area in Kabul's embassy district with a suicide bomber and gunfire, killing at least one Spanish security officer and wounded several others. Indonesia: A powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Amahai (12-09; 02:21). Africa: Ethiopia: A grenade attack targeted the Grand Anwar Mosque, in the capital of Addis Ababa, during evening prayers, wounding at least ten. Burundi: Heavily armed attackers targeted several army barracks in Bujumbura, leaving twelve of the attackers dead, twenty arrested and five soldiers wounded. The next day, eighty-seven people were shot execution-style by soldiers and police as widespread discontent continued. North America: US: An EF-1 tornado touched down in Battle Ground, Washington, damaging at least thirty-six homes. Tornadoes are extremely rare in Washington. Frequent storms brought heavy rain, damaging winds, mudslides and severe weather to the Northwest. A very powerful storm would cross the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and become the strongest recorded storm to impact the region. The storm brought hurricane-force wind gusts, 40- to 50-foot (12-15 m) waves, heavy snowfalls and very low pressure. A medical helicopter inroute to a hospital crashed amid heavy rain and fog in California's San Joaquin Valley, killing all four aboard. Solar Activity: A co-rotating interaction region collided into Earth's magnetic field, as a high-speed stream of solar wind triggered several auroras around the Arctic Circle.

14th-15th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Government forces regained control of Marj al-Sultan military airbase on the outskirts of Damascus and also secured the adjoining town. A day earlier at least forty-five people were killed as government forces bombarded the nearby rebel-held suburbs of Douma, Saqba, Arbeen and Harasta. Iraq: ISIS militants undertook several counterattacks in the city of Ramadi, which government forces were trying to recapture. In the process at least thirty-five soldiers and allied Sunni tribesmen were killed in a series of suicide car bomb attacks. At least fiteen militants were killed in a gun battle, before coalition forces undertook airstrikes forcing the rest of the attackers to retreat. Yemen: A missile was fired by Houthi rebels at a Saudi-led coalition of troops, killing a Saudi military commander, an Emirati officer, and dozens of Gulf, Yemeni and Sudanese soldiers. Europe: Turkey: Clashes broke out between police and Kurdish protesters over a curfew imposed to maintain security in the city of Diyarbakir, leaving two protesters dead. Police used tear gas and water cannon on hundreds of the protesters. Russia: Part of a Russian cruise missile hit a apartment building setting it on fire in the village of Nyonoksa, near the Russian naval base at Severodvinsk, in the Arctic. The missle test went wrong, but all residents were evacuated in time, though the building was destroyed. Asia: Pakistan: A bomber targeted a crowded market in the town of Parachinar, killing at least twenty-four and wounding more than seventy. Philippines: Powerful Typhoon Melor brought heavy rain and very strong winds equivalent to a Catergory 4 hurricane (155 mph or 250 kph), forcing over 700,000 people to leave their homes and communities, tearing roofs off of houses, and triggering widespread flooding and mudslides. Africa: Kenya: A roadside bomb exploded in the northern town of Mandera, injuring five Kenyan policemen, three of them seriously. A day earlier, the pro-Iranian Islamic Movement of Nigeria said that soldiers had killed hundreds of its members during clashes in northern Zaria city. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in six northern cities against a military crackdown on Shia Muslims, known as Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Mali: "Islamist" militants fired rockets into the city of Gao, which serves a base for UN peacekeepers and a French regional security force; no causalties were reported. North America: US: The Oklahoma panhandle near Boise City experienced a blizzard with whiteout conditions and wind gusts near 40 mph. A tornado blasted Lindale, Texas, destroying at least fifty homes, on the 13th. The record-tying strongest storm to impact Alaska sent one of the coldest air masses so far in this season into the Midwest and Eastern US. South America: Argentina: A bus crashed off a bridge into a riverbed, killing forty-one border policemen. Solar Activity: New sunspot AR2470 posed a threat for M-class solar flares.

18th -- First Quarter (15h 14m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: Iraqi forces battling ISIS militants in Anbar province were mistakenly hit by a coalition airstrike, killing or wounding ten Iraqi soldiers. Kurdish Peshmerga, backed by coalition airstrikes, repulsed ISIS militants from locations near the city of Mosul, killing 180 ISIS militants in the most serious attack in five months (on the 27th). Yemen: Hundreds of troops crossed into Yemen from Saudi Arabia, taking control of Hazm, capital of Jawf province, and a day earlier, seized Harad, near the Saudi border, in Hajja province. This threatened to derail peace talks and a ceasefire with the Houti rebels. Europe: UK: A series of severe storms headed for the northern regions of Northern Ireland, Northern England and Scotland. Africa: Burundi: With fighting creating a near genocide, the African Union announced a plan to send 5,000 peacekeepers to protect civilians in the country; even if the Burundi government does not want it. Nigeria: Police opened fire on supporters of an activist who backs the creation of the independent state of Biafra, killing at least five. North America: Mexico: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck east of Tres Picos (12-17; 11:49). US and Canada: A blast of cold air swept into the Midwest and Northeast, US, triggered snowfall and bands of lake-effect snow. In Canada the southeast will also be hit with cold air and snowfall. Temperatures were ten to thirty degrees (F) lower than normal. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent increased activity as three lava flows descended from the summit, reaching Trinidad ravine, Las Lajas and Santa Teresa ravine. Australia: A supercell storm hit Sydney, bringing hailstones as big as golf balls, hurricane-force winds of 125 mph (200 kph), heavy rainfall, flash flooding and tornadoes around Cronulla and Kurnell. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck north of Isangel, Vanuatu (12-18; 18:10). Solar Activity: A pair of coronal mass ejections headed for Earth where they triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras. An outbreak of rare Polar Stratospheric Clouds -- super-colorful clouds -- appeared above the North Pole, and almost simultaneously, electric-blue noctilucent clouds -- clouds that shine -- were seen floating over the South Pole. This could be expected from the Field-dynamical Earth Model.

21st-22nd -- Mid-Phase and Solstice 22nd MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A series of airstrikes by Russian planes in the city of Idlib left at least forty-three dead, and destroyed a marketplace, homes and official buildings. Iraq: Iraqi forces launched a major assault to drive ISIS militants from the city of Ramadi headed towards the main government complex, and came up against snipers and suicide bombers. Europe: Turkey: The Turkish military continued to clash with the Kurdistan Workers Party in an unprecedented military operation in heavily populated towns and cities in the southeast. Homes were destroyed and people were killed in the relentless mortar and gun fire. Mediterranean: More refugees poured into Europe topping more than a million. Italian officials rescued 555 migrants from the Mediterranean, while eleven others died trying to reach Greece from Turkey. UK: Torrential rain and high winds again hit communities in Cumbria, triggering widespread flooding for the third time in less than a month. Worst affected were the Appleby, Keswick, Kendal and Glenridding areas, where river levels rose. Twenty flood warnings awere issued cross England and Wales and six in Cumbria, urging people to take immediate action. Asia: Afghanistan: A Taliban suicide bomber targeted a patrol near the Bagram air base, killing six American troops. Taliban militants also overran the strategically important town of Sangin in Helmand Province, leaving a local Taliban commander and fifty fighters dead. China: More than thirty buildings in an industrial park in Shenzhen were buried under tons of debris after a landslide. Rescue efforts were made to find the ninety or more who were missing under the rubble. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Tarakan (12-20; 10:47). India: A light aircraft crashed on take-off near the airport in Delhi, killing ten members of the border patrol force. Africa: Kenya: al-Shabab militants shot at a bus in Mandera, boarded it and tried to separate the Muslims from the Christians, so that they could kill the Christians. However, the Muslims on the bus gave them their clothes to look more like Muslims, and the miltants gave up and left. Zambia: The country plunged into a widespread blackout that was caused by faulty equipment; only the Southern and Western provinces were unaffected. Australia: Brushfires near Melbourne and Perth destroyed a dozen homes and continued to spread. North America: US: A series of storms moved across the east dumping heavy rain from the central Gulf Coast to the western Carolinas, triggering widespread flooding. The storm generated fourteen tornadoes that touched down in Mississippi damaging or destroying at least twenty homes. Tornadoes also touched down in Indiana and Arkansas damaging buildings and knocking down trees, and leaving thousands without power and one person dead. Heavy rains and high winds battered the Northwest, triggering widespread flooding, damaging and destroying houses, and knocking out power. Solar Activity: A hidden sunspot beyond the Sun's eastern horizon exploded with an M-2 solar flare that triggered strong auroras around the South Pole and were visible in Australia. The following day, two new sunspots, AR2472 and AR2473, emerged on the Sun's eastern limb, and exploded with C- and M-class solar flares, causing minor radio blackouts at frequencies below 20 MHz.

25th -- Full Moon (11h 11m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Airstrikes hit a meeting place of the Jaysh al-Islam, killing the head and several leaders of the powerful rebel group. Europe: France: A crowd of several hundred vandalized a Muslim prayer hall in Ajaccio, Corsica. The attack was in retaliation for an attack on firefighters a few days earlier. UK: For the third time in a month heavy rainfall again hit Cumbria feeding already-swollen rivers and saturated ground. Troops put out sandbags in preparation and flood defense gates were closed in Cockermouth, Carlisle and Keswick. More than 70 flood warnings and more than 110 flood alerts were in place in England and Wales. Asia: Afghanistan/Pakistan: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the northern province of Badakhshan, close to the Pakistani and Tajik borders (12-25; 11:14). At least seventeen were injured in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Numerous buildings and homes were destroyed or damaged. Africa: Nigeria: A huge explosion at a butane gas depot in Nnewi in Anambra State, killed more than one hundred, and destroyed or damaged buildings and vehicles. The fire raged for more that five hours. Australia: More than 300 firefighters, 60 tankers and 18 aircraft battled a brushfire along the Great Ocean Road, in Victoria, that destroyed at least fifty-three homes. North America: US: More than two dozen tornadoes - extremely rare in December - swept several Southern and Midwestern states, destroying homes and killing at least fourteen. In the Northwest heavy rains triggered landslides, closing roads and destroying homes. In another rare occurance, the El Dorado Hills of northern California, near the town of Folsom, saw a tornado touch down. A strong storm system strengthening over the southern Plains that would bring blizzard conditions to Texas and New Mexico, and heavy rain to the Gulf states and Southeast. South America: Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: More than 150,000 were driven from their homes by some of the worst flooding in fifty years, as heavy rains forced rivers out of their banks. At least four were killed from fallen trees. High winds knocked out powerlines. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Southern East Pacific Rise (12-24; 11:44). Solar Activity: A moderately high-speed stream of solar wind sparked geomagnetic activity at high latitudes and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

28th-29th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: Iraqi forces recaptured the city of Ramadi from ISIS after extensive fighting. Much of the city was in rubble with many buildings completely flattened. Syria: Hundreds of wounded rebel fighters and civilians from the city of Zabadani and two Shia villages were evacuated to Turkey as part of a ceasefire and besieged villages deal. Europe: Spain: Firefighters battled more than 120 forest fires in the north with the regions of Cantabria, Asturias and the Basque Country most affected. Many of the fires were deliberately started, it seems by cattle farmers who wanted better pasture grazing that would follow. UK: Flooding continued to plague northern England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, causing damages that were estimated to exceed $2.2 billion (1.5 billion British pounds). Storm Frank then blasted the UK with another round of strong winds and flooding rain. Roads, bridges and tourist attractions were closed, power outages were common and thousands were evacuated. Asia: Pakistan: A suicide bomber targeted a government office in Mardan, killing at least twenty-six and wounding more than forty-five. Africa: Nigeria: Suicide bombers targeted the cities of Maiduguri and Madagali, killing more than fifty-five and wounding more than one hundred. North America: US: Tornadoes, some as strong as an EF-4, and powerful storms battered the south, killing more than forty-three and destroying or damaged homes and buildings. In the Dallas area alone more than 600 homes and businesses were destroyed. A blizzard hit the Midwest closing schools, roadways and canceled fights. The governors of Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico declared states of emergency. Missouri residents struggled as they began fighting rising floodwaters that inundated homes, forced evacuations, and closed highways and part of the Mississippi River near Saint Louis. As the storm moved into the Northeast it brought heavy snowfall and ice. Mexico: Colima volcano spewed out large columns of ash into the air during two major eruptions. Solar Activity: The huge sunspot AR2473 erupted, producing a powerful M1.9-class solar flare, which disrupted the normal propagation of shortwave radio signals, especially in South America, Africa and the south Atlantic Ocean. The explosion also produced a coronal mass ejection. Auroras and geomagnetic storms were expected to follow.


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