Overview: This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. Note: All times shown are 24-hour Universal Time and actual local times will usually differ, and local dates may also differ. For earthquakes they are shown as (date; hour:minute); example (01-01; 08:03), which is January 1 at 8:03. Only earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater will be listed, with the exception of lesser magnitudes that cause damage.

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Last Update: December 29, 2016




2nd -- Last Quarter (5h 30m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS militants attacked areas outside central Ramadi to the north and east in an attempt to retake the city, a week after the city was recaptured by Iraqi troops. Iraq forces successfully repelled every attack. Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition again began battling rebels, overturning a ceasefire as Saudi state media blamed violations by the Houthis and other allied militia for the renewed fighting. Despite the ceasefire agreement, fierce fighting continued on the ground. Saudi Arabia/Iran: Forty-seven men were executed on terrorism-related charges in Saudi Arabia, drawing condemnation from Iran and its allies in the region. Iranian protesters then ransacked and set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. Three Sunni-led countries — Bahrain, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates — joined Saudi Arabia in severing or downgrading diplomatic ties with Iran, increasing tensions in a very volatile and unstable region. Europe: UK: More flooding took place in parts of Scotland, as the country was cleaning up from the previous two storms. Asia: India: Heavily-armed gunmen entered living quarters at the Pathankot base dressed in Indian army uniforms. As a result of the fierce fighting, five attackers and three security forces had been killed. A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck the state of Manipur near its borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh (west of the city of Imphal), killing at least nine, injuring thirty, and destroying and damaging numerous buildings (01-03; 15:05). Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a French restaurant popular with foreigners in the city of Kabul, killing at least two and wounding at least fifteen. China: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook Linkou in Heilongjiang Province in the northeastern part of the country (1-2; 12:22 [local time]). North America: US: Deadly, historic flooding surged farther south along the Mississippi River, causing many more levees to fail, and leaving more homes and highways under water. Water levels continued to rise in Memphis, Tennessee, Greenville, Mississippi, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Central America: Guatemala: A riot broke out in an overcrowded prison in the port city of Puerto Barrios on the Caribbean coast, leaving at least eight inmates dead and more than twenty injured, on the 1st. The Fuego volcano erupted with lava flows and explosions. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2473 unleashed a strong M2-class solar flare, sending a coronal mass ejection into space.

5th-6th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: An ISIS car bomb exploded as the governor of the port city of Aden was passing, killing at least one body guard. Libya: A huge truck bomb targeted a police base in the town of Zlite, killing at least sixty policemen and wounding about two hundred. Europe: Turkey: Migrants and refugees tried to cross the sea to Greece in rubber dinghies in rough seas and the boats sank, killing at least thirty-four. Asia: Afghanistan: US and UK special forces and local military targeting the Taliban in Helmand province left one US member dead and two wounded. North Korea: A 5.1 magnitude earthquake shook an area close to a site previously used for nuclear tests. Both Chinese and South Korea officials said there were indications that the tremor was man-made, suggesting North Korea was again testing nuclear or atomic explosive devices. An emergency session of the UN Security Council said that the test was a "clear threat to international peace and security" and more sanctions were imposed. Indonesia: North Sulawesi: Soputan volcano underwent a powerful explosive eruption beginning with at least four powerful explosions that sent ash 13,125 to 19,685 feet (4,000 to 6,000 m) into the air, closing the airport of Manado and severely damaging farmland. Africa: Libya: ISIS miltants tried to enter the oil port of Sidra but clashed with guards, killing two guards, four ISIS members and one civilian. The ISIS militants were repulsed. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Fighters from the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, who are Hutus, attacked a village in the east consisting of the Nande ethnic group, killing at least fourteen. North America: US: The first of several storms spawned by a record-tying El Nino began drenching the state of California, flooding roadways, and triggering landslides and mudslides. Heavy snow also fell on the state's mountains. This storm would quickly move east into Arizona where it also triggered flooding and dumped nearly a foot (305 mm) of snow in one day. Elsewhere, a polar vortex developed and would direct cold air southward and raise the chance of cold and snow in the central and eastern US. While Missouri residents continued to recover from deadly widespread flooding, communities in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi began to be hit by dangerous flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Australia: West Australia: Lightning sparked a fast-moving bushfire, as strong winds fanned the flames, south of Perth, threatening lives and homes, and forcing evacuations. New South Wales: Emergency services carried out twenty-one flood rescues and received more than 1,400 calls as heavy rains brought widespread flooding to the Hunter region. Solar Activity: A broad coronal hole opened up on the Sun and sent a solar wind toward Earth, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras a two days later.

10th -- New Moon (1h 30m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: The besieged town of Madaya was isolated so much from aid that people were starving to death, and eating pets, leaves and grass to survive. The war had prevented aid from reaching them. Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition battling Houthi rebels hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital with a missle, flattening hospital buildings, killing four and wounding ten. Iraq: A double bombing carried out by Sunni Muslims targeted a cafe in Muqdadiya, killing at least twenty Shia Muslims. Shia Muslim militiamen then went on a rampage, killing at least twenty Sunnis and destroying Sunni-owned shops and homes. ISIS militants also attacked a shopping center in a predominantly Shia eastern district of Baghdad, killing at least eighteen. Europe: Kosovo: Anti-government protesters in Pristina clashed with police, throwing gasoline bombs and stones at police, and were met with tear gas from police, at a demonstration against an agreement with the Serb minority. Africa: South Africa: A heat wave swept much of the country with scorching temperatures in Johannesburg. Central African Republic: The Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group, killed a villager and abducted dozens in a remote diamond-producing area. Asia: Philippines: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Sarangani (01-11; 08:38). Japan: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Rumoi (01-11; 09:08). North America: Mexico: Colima volcano erupted with small to moderate vulcanian-style explosions every four to eight hours on average. US and Canada: Storms from the Pacific Ocean continued to move onshore on the West Coast, but farther north, targeting areas from northern California to Washington and British Columbia, bringing heavy rain and mountain snow. Strong winds brought lake-effect snow in blinding squalls, dangerous roads and ice to the Great Lakes region, affecting areas from Ohio and Buffalo to Toronto, Canada. Canada: A newly constructed bridge in northern Ontario split apart in the cold, closing the Trans-Canada highway — the only road connecting Eastern and Western Canada. Australia: West Australia: Bushfires continued to burn out of control, killing at least two, one person was also missing, and destroying at least 166,000 acres (67,000 hectares) of land. At least 130 properties were destroyed in Yarloop alone. The towns of Harvey, Cookernup and Wokalup were warned by emergency services that they were facing a big threat as the fires spread. Solar Activity: The Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field produced a co-rotating interaction region that would hit Earth's magnetic field, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

13th-14th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: A suicide bomber targeted the convoy of Diyala's police intelligence chief, killing at least four and seriously wounding the intelligence chief. Europe: Turkey: A suicide bomber targeted the Sultanahmet tourist district in Istanbul, killing at least ten and wounding at least fifteen; late on the 12th. A car bomb exploded outside a police headquarters in Diyarbakir province, killing at least five and wounding thirty-six. The blast also damaged nearby residential buildings and vehicles. It was believed that the Kurdistan Worker's Party was responsible, but they did not claim responsibility. France: An avalanche in the Les Deux Alpes area slammed into group near a ski resort in the French Alps, killing two French schoolchildren and a Ukrainian tourist. A day earlier an avalanche slammed into the town of Bessans, covering houses in feet of snow. Asia: Pakistan: A suicide bomber targeted a polio eradication center in the city of Quetta, killing at least fifteen and wounding at least twenty-five. The two militant groups of the Pakistani Taliban, and Jundullah with links to the Taliban, both with allegiance to ISIS, claimed responsibility. Afghanistan: A deadly gun battle broke out near the mission in Jalalabad. The gunmen then barricaded themselves in a house after a suicide attack on the consulate compound. After heavy gunfire and explosions all the gunman were killed, as well as at least seven Afghan security personnel. Indonesia: Egon volcano on Flores Island increased in seismic activity, triggering an eruption warning for the volcano. An evacuation was ordered for an area two miles (3 km) around the crater, including the village of Egon Gahar. Security forces battled ISIS militants for hours in a major business and shopping district of Jakarta. Two of the attackers were killed in a suicide bombing, three others were killed in gun battles with police and four civlians were also killed, and at least twenty were wounded. Japan: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Shizunai (01-13; 19:25). Africa: Republic of Cameroon: A suicide bomber targeted a mosque in Kouyape village, killing at least thirteen and reducing the mosque to ashes. Australia: A powerful storm with heavy rain and hurricane-force winds slammed into the Sydney area knocking down trees and powerlines, damaging and destroying houses, and killing at least one. North America: US and Canada: Heavy rains plummeted from Seattle to San Francisco, triggering renewed widespread flooding that forced landslides and mudslides. The rain turned into snow covering the mountains with a thick layer. A Nor'easter slammed into the northeastern US with rain, ice, snow and wind. The storm rapidly strengthened and unleashed heavy snow in the Canadian Maritimes. Heavy snow also encircled the Great Lakes, New England and Montreal. South America: Brazil: A chemical explosion at a cargo warehouse let off a cloud of toxic gas over the country's biggest port, Santos, sickening numerous people and forcing evacuations. Bolivia: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southern Santa Cruz, near Charagua (01-13; 19:25). Atlantic: Northeast: An extremely rare hurricane - Hurricane Alex - developed near the Azores Islands with winds speeds of 85 mph (140 kph). It was the first hurricane to develop at this time of the year since 1955. Alex would hit the islands triggering wisdespread flooding and landslides. It was linked to a very strong El Nino. Pacific: Central: An extremely rare tropical storm developed into Hurricane Pali, which headed for the Equator with maximum sustained winds near 80 mph (130 kph). It was the earliest hurricane ever recorded in the Central Pacific Ocean, and was blamed on climate change and a strong El Nino. Solar Activity: A stream of high-speed solar wind triggered auroras over the polar regions north of Russia, Alaska, and Canada. Some auroras were also accompanied by what are called light pillars that look like luminous towers.

16th -- First Quarter (23h 26m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: ISIS attacked the city of Deir al-Zour, killing at least 135, though some reports say more than 300 had been killed, and claims say as many as 400 were abducted, but others dispute that number. About twenty of the attackers were killed or arrested. Iraq: Three Americans and an Iraqi translator were kidnapped by unknown persons on the southern side of Baghdad. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a Jalalabad home of a prominent local politician who backs the president's peace talks, killing at least thirteen and wounding fourteen. Indonesia: Sumatra's Sinabung volcano exploded in an eruption that sent an ash plume 6,560 feet (2,000 m) into the air. Africa: Burkina Faso: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb attacked a luxury hotel in the capital, Ouagadougou, killing at least twenty-eight and wounding fifty-six. At least four attackers were killed in the assaults. Somalia: Al-Shabab militants attacked African Union and Somali military bases outside the the town of el-Ade, killing more than sixty-three, and taking most of the military vehicles, and all arms and ammunition. The exact number of causalties and wounded could not be confirmed. North America: US: Extremely rare tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods in Sarasota and Manatee counties, Florida, killing two and destroying dozens of homes and buildings. One of the tornadoes was an EF-2 with an estimated peak wind of 127 mph (205 kph). Storms continued to roll into the Northwest from northern California to western Washington, bringing heavy rains and heavy mountain snow, triggering flooding, knocking down powerlines and trees, and damaging houses. A new arctic blast brought brutal cold to the Midwest and the Northeast. Mexico: Colima volcano once again erupted forcing evacuations. Solar Activity: A magnetic filament in the Sun's southern hemisphere exploded a day earlier, sending a coronal mass ejection into space that would hit Earth's magnetic field, producing auroras and geomagnetic storms.

19th-20th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga forces and militias in the north demolished thousands of Arab homes in revenge for the Arabs' perceived support for ISIS. Europe: Moldova: Thousands of protesters broke into parliament after it approved a new pro-European government. Police with gas masks used tear gas to control the crowd. Asia: Pakistan: At least four Taliban attackers stormed the Bacha Khan University campus in Charsadda, killing at least twenty, most of them students and teachers. Afghanistan: A suicide car bomber targeted a bus with employees of a popular privately-run TV channel in Kabul, killing seven employees and wounding at least twenty, including by-standers. China: a 6.0 magnitude earthqauke struck near Hongtu and Qinghai (01-20; 09:13). Africa: Kenya: Kenyan police undertook a dawn raid on a safe house in the coastal town of Malindi, killing four terror suspects. They also uncovered arms, ammunition and a map of the area detailing future targets for attack. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano erupted again, sending a plume of ash 6,560 feet (2,000 m) into the air and suspending flights. A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck souhwest of Tomatlan (01-21; 10:06). US: A major snowstorm headed along the East were it would bring heavy snow and wind to areas from Philadelphia to Boston. This major snow storm that would affect more than 50 million people and shut down travel. Areas from Washington, DC to Baltimore would get blizzard conditions and record snowfall. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent increased explosive activity and lava flows. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up above the Sun's south pole sending a coronal mass ejection into space that would reach Earth days later.

24th -- Full Moon (1h 46m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Syrian government and Russian forces recaptured the last major town, Rabia, held by rebels in western Latakia province. Russian officers and Hezbollah militants also took control of the villages of Daroshan and al-Rawda. Violent clashes took place between Syrian forces and al-Nusra Front fighters, while no reports of casualties were made available. Jordan: Border guards shot and killed twelve people who tried to cross into the country from Syria. About two million drug capsules were seized as a result. Europe: Morocco: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck north of Al Hoceima (01-24; 20:22). Asia: China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan: A huge temperature drop swept through parts of Asia. The South Korean island of Jeju had its biggest snowfall in three decades, causing hundreds of flights to be cancelled. In Hong Kong there was the lowest temperature in nearly 60 years. China issued its second highest weather alert due to the coldest weather in decades, as well. The city of Guangzhou had recorded its first snowfall since 1929. In Japan five people were killed and more than 100 had been injured in weather-related accidents across the country. It snowed in Amami Island, a subtropical island, for the first time in 115 years. In Taiwan the cold left at least eighty-five dead. Africa: Cameroon: Suicide bombers targeting a busy market and entrances to the town of Bodo, killing at least thirty-two and wounding sixty-six; Boko Haram was responsible. North America: US: A major blizzard buried the East Coast with five states recieving snowfall of 3 feet (91 cm) or more, amd leaving at least twenty-eight dead. In New York there was the second-largest snowfall since records began in 1869, with the mayor banning travel, roads and tunnels were closed, all flights were cancelled, and all broadway shows were cancelled. Some vehicles were trapped on snow-clogged highways for nineteen hours or more. The storm was called "Snowmageddon" and "Snowzilla" affecting about 85 million, and cutting power at one point to 300,000 people. The heaviest snowfall was recorded in Glengary, West Virginia, which had 42 inches (107 cm) and 60 inches (152 cm) in parts of North Carolina. The blizzard brought strong easterly winds combined with high tide levels that resulted in coastal flooding in New Jersey that some claimed it was "worse than [hurricane] Sandy" and the damage was expected to exceed one billion dollars. A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck east of Old Iliamna, Alaska (01-24; 02:30). The earthquake was felt in Anchorage and caused power outages, broken water and gas lines, and destroying at least four homes. Central Ameixca: Nicaragua: A tour boat capsized off the coast, killing at least thirteen and leaving more passengers missing. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2488 doubled in size and began to crackle with minor flares, producing a C-1 Class solar flare.

27th-28th -- Mid-Phase

Mideast: Lebanon: The Bekaa valley, occupied by the largest number of Syrian refugees in the country and living in makeshift dwellings, was blasted by heavy snowfall and freezing winds. The situation was bleak for the Syrian refugees, many of who will likely be lethally affected. Yemen: The Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi rebels had targeted civilians with airstrikes in a "widespread and systematic" way, indicates a UN report. The following day a ISIS suicide car bomber targeted the presidential palace in the city of Aden, killing at least seven, wounding dozens and destroying vehicles and buildings. Palestine: The militant group Hamas was working on an attack tunnel in northeast Gaza when it collapsed, killing seven of its fighters. Europe: Turkey: Heavy fighting between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Workers Party forced hundreds of residents to flee parts of the city of Diyarbakir. The fighting left at least twenty Kurdish militants and three Turkish soldiers dead. France: A rock slide slammed into a nuclear research laboratory in the city of Bure, collapsing a tunnel, killing one and injuring another. Mediterranean: A boat capsized off the Greek island of Samos near Turkey, drowning twenty-six migrants. Russia: The Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka penisula underwent elevated explosive activity, sending several ash plumes up to 22,000 feet (7,000 m) into the air. A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck north of Yelizovo (01-29; 19:25). Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano in Halmahera produced nearly continuous ash emissions, sending plumes 60 to 95 miles (100-150 km) into the air. Africa: Nigeria: Three suicide bombers targeted the town of Chibok during market day, killing at least thirteen and wounding at least thirty; Boko Haram miltants were believed to be responsible. Somalia: Kenyan forces pulled out from two military bases afterwhich Al-Shabab fighters seized the town of Badhadhe. Ethiopia: Increased volcano-tectonic activity took place along the Ethiopian part of the East African rift with a new lava overflow at Erta Ale. In the Danakil depression there was a continuously active lava lake at Erta Ale that started to overflow on the 27th. North America: US: Coconut Creek in South Florida was hit by a rare winter tornado that ripped off roofs, tossed vehicles around, toppled trucks and disrupted power to thousands. Severe weather with flooding downpours and heavy thunderstorms also swept Florida. California was put into a state of emergency as powerful waves and El Nino-fueled rainstorms eroded cliffs and damaged bluffs that destroyed buildings and forced hundreds to abandon homes and apartments. Solar Activity: A filament of magnetism erupted from the Sun's southern hemisphere and sent a coronal mass ejection into space.


1st -- Last Quarter (3h 28m) -- MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: A car bomb and two ISIS suicide bombers targeted the Sayeda Zeinab district in Damascus, home to Syria's holiest Shi'ite shrine, killing at least seventy and wounding dozens. Europe: UK: Storm Henry hit Scotland, bringing strong wind and rain so forceful that a waterfall on the Isle of Mull blew back on itself. A storm warning was issued to stop people from traveling during the storm. Asia: Afghanistan: A Taliban suicide bomber targeted a Kabul police complex, killing at least twenty police officers and wounding twenty-nine people. China: Heavy snow had disrupted public transport so much that it stranded more than 100,000 outside Guangzhou train station. Central China had experienced some of its coldest weather in years. Pakistan: Security forces and protesters clashed at Karachi airport, leaving at least two dead and three injuried. Airline staff were protesting against privatization plans, and officers responded with tear gas, water cannon and batons. India: Thirteen students were surprised by a sudden low tide and drowned while swimming off the coast of Murud beach near Alibag, Maharashtra state. Violent protests by a lower caste community erupted as they demanded better access to jobs and education in Andhra Pradesh state. The protesters were from the Kapu community who set fire to railroad cars, a police station and dozens of vehicles, and injuring fifteen policemen. Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram militants opened fire on residents, set fire to houses and targeted a crowd with suicide bombers in the community of Dalori, killing at least sixty-five and wounding dozens. Australia and New Zealand: Big Ben volcano on the sub-Antarctic Heard Island - the highest mountain on Australian territory - erupted in a spectacular display. Lava emanating from Mawson Peak and flowing down the flank of Big Ben over a glacier was an incredible sight to scientists. Another volcano on McDonald Island also erupted. New Zealand: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck west of L'Esperance Rock (02-01; 11:00). North America: US: A blizzard blasted an area from the Central Plains to the Upper Midwest with the heaviest snowfall stretching from southern Minnesota to northern Wisconsin and part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. At least seven interstate highways were closed, and thunderstorms, damaging wind, hail and isolated tornadoes left havoc, damaging buildings and vehicles. The next day a massive "wedge" tornado touched down near McMullen, Alabama, and tornado damage was also reported in Mississippi. Central America: Nicaragua: Masaya volcano was undergoing strong seismic and surface activity, producing three active lava lakes contained in two pits inside the Santiago crater. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Balleny Islands region (01-31; 09:39).

4th-5th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Fighting in Aleppo was so intense that about 70,000 fled the country's largest city and headed for Turkey. Russian airstrikes alone killed at least twenty-one. The following day the fierce fighting continued with about 120 fighters on both sides being killed around the town of Ratyan and even more fled the region. Iraq: Security forces began building a 186-mile (300-km) long wall around Baghdad in an effort to prevent attacks by ISIS. Europe: Russia: Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent frequent and relatively intense explosions sending ash plumes 13,000-16,000 feet (4,000-5,000 km) into the air. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: An avalanche struck the Siachen glacier hitting a high-altitude military post, afterwhich ten soldiers - both Indian and Pakistani - were missing and believed to be dead. Taiwan: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Tainan and northeast of Pingtung damaging numerous buildings, including toppling a 17-story apartment building that left at least three dead and 220 injuried (02-05; 11:57). Africa: Somalia: A Djibouti-bound Airbus 321 airplane was forced to land at the Mogadishu airport after a large hole appeared in the fuselage. It was suggested that a bomb caused the hole, while one passenger was missing and assumed to have been sucked out of the plane in mid-flight. The militant group al-Shabab retook control of the port city of Merca. Democratic Republic of Congo: Congolese troops killed two United Nations peacekeepers after civilians accused the Tanzanian UN troops of providing supplies to Islamist Ugandan rebels. Mali: Government troops supported by UN helicopters stormed a UN police base in the city of Timbuktu and recaptured it from suspected Islamist militants; four attackers and one army commander were killed. North America: US: A storm that brought heavy rains to the Eastern states was suddenly hit with a fast moving cold front that brought heavy snowfall from Norfork, West Virginia to Boston, Massachuetts. A tornado touched down in Georgia and the twister swept through the Fort Stewart army installation near Savannah. Some buildings and vehicles were damaged, but no injuries were reported. Central America: Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano underwent a strong explosion from the active Caliente lava dome sending pyroclastic flow down the southeast flank of the dome and ash plumes 17,000 feet (5,500 m) into the air. Authorities ordered evacuations in areas to the south and southeast closest to the volcano. Solar Activity: Solar wind flowing from a coronal hole reached Earth, triggering auroras and geomagnetic storms.

8th -- New Moon (14h 39m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria/Turkey: The Syrian refugees that were sent fleeing from Aleppo (see previous lunar phase) ended up trapped at a border crossing with Turkey. Turkey refused to let up to 35,000 people cross, leaving them in limbo, but provided food and shelter on the Syrian side of the border. Europe: Turkey: Migrants tried to reach the Greek island of Lesbos when their boat capsized after setting off from Balikesir province, drowning twenty-seven. Germany: Traditional carnival parades were called off in a number of cities and towns because of major storms packing hurricane-force winds, violent thunderstorms and heavy rains. UK: Storm Imogen swept across England and Wales with heavy rain, hurricane-force winds, and a rough storm surge with huge waves. The Environment Agency issued more than fifty flood warnings. Travel was hindered with rail service canceled and roads closed, and power was knocked out to thousands. Asia: China: Clashes broken out in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong during a police operation to clear illegal food vendors. Angry vendors then threw bricks and other objects at police, set street fires and damaged or destroyed vehicles, with the police responding with batons and pepper spray; forty-four were injuried. Indonesia: Bromo volcano in East Java erupted repeatedly sending out vigorous ash plumes, degassing and ejecta. North America: US: A major snow storm with ice and sleet swept from DC to Philadelphia and New York City. Also, as a snowstorm exited New England, a new storm moved in from the Midwest and would spread snow across the mid-Atlantic region. A Royal Caribbean cruise ship was caught in hurricane-force winds and 30-foot waves off the Carolina coast, damaging the ship and its interior. South America: Chile: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Ovalle (02-09; 16:33). Atlantic: West Central: Haiti's president stepped down at the end of his term without a successor amid widespread violence. Protesters set tires and vehicles on fire, as riot police swept the capital. Papua New Guinea: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck west of Panguna (02-08; 08:19). Solar Activity: Earth crossed through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, sparking a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras.

11th-12th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Saudi Arabia: An attacker opened fire at an education department office in the remote community of Ad Dair, in southern Jazan province, killing six and wounding two. Europe: Germany: Two commuter trains collided on a single-track stretch of railway east of Bad Aibling, killing at least twelve and injuring eighty-two, twenty severely. Turkey: A five-story building in a major pedestrian shopping area suddenly collapsed in Istanbul, the streets were buried among the debris and it is not known yet if anyone in bruied among the rubble. Asia: Indonesia: The island of Banda Neira was swamped by 3.7 inches (94 mm) of rain in a little more than an hour, triggering flooding. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of Lahihagalang (02-12; 02:02). Africa: Nigeria: Two suicide bombers targeted the Dikwa camp in Borno state, where people were getting rations, killing at least fifty-six, most of which were women and children. The victims had been displaced by the militant group Boko Haram in previous attack, and they were believed to be resopnsible for this bombing as well. Mali: A UN military base in Kidal was attacked with mortar fire, rockets and a truck bomb, killing five UN peacekeepers and wounding thirty others. North America: Mexico: A battle brokeout between rival groups in Topo Chico jail near Monterrey, leaving at least forty-nine dead and twelve injuried. Colima volcano produced intermittent explosions, and a continuous glow from the crater appeared for the first time, which might indicate a new lava dome is forming. US: An arctic front brought the coldest air of the winter to the Northeast with the system plunging southward across much of the east bringing single-digit and sub-zero temperatures that would break records. It brought with it a sudden snow that created whiteouts from Ohio to New York and Maine. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2497 exploded with a C9-class solar flare, sending an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. The flare caused a minor shortwave radio blackout over the Pacific Ocean.

15th -- First Quarter (7h 46m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Turkey bombed Kurdish positions in the north. Again, an airstrike targeted a Doctors Without Borders hospital in the north, killing seven. This time it definitely was seen as a "deliberate" attack. Europe: Russia/ Ukraine: After Russia stopped 152 Ukrainian trucks en route to Kazakhstan, Ukraine prevented Russian trucks reaching Belarus. The blockade created an economic and humanitarian crisis. Africa: Uganda: Clashes erupted in Kampala between police and supporters of the main opposition presidential candidate, leaving one dead and several wounded. Guinea: An indefinite general strike was undertaken by trade unions paralyzing the capital, Conakry, and other cities. Shops, banks and offices remained closed and streets were empty. Somalia: An explosive device was attached to a former defence minister's car. The bomb exploded in Mogadishu, killing the former defence minister; the militant group al Shabaab was responsible. North America: US: A snow and ice storm spread from Tennessee to Maine and created dangerous travel. This storm system had also produced severe weather in the Deep South and triggered several tornadoes in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. The tornadoes destroyed up to ten homes, damaged a school, and sent fire crews out to investigate reports of residents trapped under rubble. Heavy rain, gusty winds and thunderstorms swept the Atlantic Seaboard and Gulf Coast, triggering flash flooding and travel delays. Watertown, New York had a record low of 37 degrees F (2.8 C). Ausralia and New Zealand: A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand, causing a cliff to collapse into the sea at Taylors Mistake and rattled the city causing damages (02-13; 16:13). A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Auckland Island, New Zealand (02-15; 11:28). Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection reached Earth, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

18th-19th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Fighting erupted between local tribesmen and ISIS in Fallujah, leaving ten ISIS militants and five tribesmen dead. Europe: Turkey: The Kurdistan Workers Party bombed Ankara targeting a convoy as it passed close to key government buildings, killing twenty-eight and wounding sixty-one. The following day, another convoy in southeast Turkey was hit by a bomb, killing at least six troops. Asia: Afghanistan: A Swedish aid clinic in Tangi Saidan in Wardak Province was raided by the Taliban, leaving two patients and a caregiver dead. India: Protests by the Jat community to demand better access to jobs and education, got violent as demonstrators set fire to the home of the Haryana state finance minister, and attacked police buildings and vehicles. As a result, at least one person was killed and up to 205 were injured in the town of Rohtak. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Tobelo (02-17 09:26). Africa: Ghana: A bus that was overloaded crashed into a truck carrying tomatoes, killing seventy-one. North America: US: Strong winds, with gusts to 60 mph (97 kph), swept from Montana and Wyoming to the Great Lakes, causing power outages and travel disruption. Locally, hurricane-force gusts swept across the High Plains. In Chicago powerful winds were responsible for stopping trains, causing the evacuation of high-rises in the Loop, broken windows, flying debris and power outages. South America: Peru: Heavy rains triggereed mudslides in the Pampa Hermosa district, injuring twenty-five and destroying at least 100 homes. At least five towns were isolated after roads, houses and surrounding plantations were flooded. Central America: Nicaragua: Momotombo volcano increased activity with frequent explosions that sent incandescent ejecta and ash plumes into the air. Ash fell on the the communities of La Concha, Matuzán, Boca de Cántaro, Flor de la Piedra and Puerto Momotombo. Pacific: South: Ambrym volcano on Vanuatu exploded sending an ash plume 9,000 feet (2,700 m) into the air. Tropical Cyclone Winston, a category five storm, brought huge waves, heavy rainfall, and destructive winds of up to 200 mph (320 kph), as it headed for the island of Fiji. When it hit Fiji it was the most powerful storm to ever hit the island, leaving a trail of destruction and twenty-nine dead. Solar Activity: A solar wind triggered auroras across the Canadian border into Minnesota and around the Arctic Circle. A magnetic filament moving across the Sun's southern hemisphere exploded, sending a coronal mass ejection into space.

22nd -- Full Moon (18h 20m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: Numerous ISIS suicide bombings took place near a Shiite shrines outside Damascus and in Homs, killing at least 155, and possibly as much as 178. Libya: Coalition jets targeted positions of ISIS in the city of Sabratha, killing at least forty. Israel/Jordan: Massive, severe thunderstorms brought widespread flooding and gusty winds that damaged buildings. Europe: Macedonia/Greece: Macedonia stopped allowing Afghans in, stranding thousands of migrants and refugees near Athens and on Greece's northern border. Asia: India: Jat community protesters, angry at caste job quotas, sabotaged a key canal that supplies much of the city of Delhi, leaving more than ten million people without water. North America: US: A snowstorm blanketed parts of the Midwest. The same storm would then bring mostly rain but also gusty winds, sporadic flooding and spotty ice to the northeast. Tornadoes and severe weather destroyed hundreds of homes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida, thrashing trailers at an RV park, ripping off roofs from buildings and killing at least three.

25th-26th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Two ISIS suicide bombers targeted a Shia mosque in Baghdad, killing at least fifteen and wounding scores of others. Syria: Russian jets intensified airstrikes on rebel positions hours before a a truce was to come into effect. The militant Nusra Front urged its supporters to intensify attacks against President Bashar al-Assad and his allies. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula exploded in an eruption that sent an ash plume 21,000 feet (6,400 m) into the air. Africa: South Africa: Protesting students torched several buildings at North-West University forcing the closing of the university. Somalia: A mortar attack on the presidential palace in Mogadishu left three dead. The next day, al-Shabab miltants targeted the Somali Youth League hotel with a car bomb, afterwhich they stormed the hotel, leaving at least nine dead and scores wounded. The explosion destroyed nearby buildings. Four of the attackers were also killed. Mali: A Chadian UN peacekeeper opened fire inside a UN base, killing his own commander and a doctor in the unit. Nigeria: Numerous explosives that were seized from Boko Haram militants blew up at a police station, killing at least four and wounding several others. North America: US: Violence exploded in Hesston, Kansas, where a number of crime scenes revealed that three or four people had been killed and twenty injuried in multiple shootings. The suspected gunman was an employee at a lawnmower factory. At least twenty-nine tornadoes ripped through parts of the Southeast, leaving behind destruction and damage. In Waverly and Evergreen, Virginia at least four were killed and twenty-two injuried when the storm destroyed homes and buildings. More than two dozen tornadoes barreled through the Gulf Coast states and the East Coast. One of them directly hitting Pensacola, Florida injuring six and destroying parts of an apartment complex. A tornado tore through a mobile home park in Louisiana, killing two and destroying more than 100 structures. At least thirty were injuried at the Sugar Hill RV Park in Convent, Louisiana. Parts of the Chicago area, particularly northwest Indiana, were hit by a major winter storm that forced the cancelation of more than 1,000 flights and dumped more than a foot (305 mm) of snow in some areas. In some areas of Chicago the blizzard conditions were so bad that drivers abandoned their cars. Solar Activity: The Sun was blacked out during an hour-long solar eclipse.


1st -- Last Quarter (23h 11m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Two suicide bombers targeted a crowded mobile phone market in Sadr City, in a Shi'ite district of Baghdad, killing at least seventy and wounding more than one hundred (late on 2/29). Jordan: Security forces clashed with "outlaws" in the northern city of Irbid, killing and injuring some fighters. Three security forces were also wounded by what was suspected to be ISIS miltants. Iraq: Four ISIS militants wearing army uniforms targeted a military base after gaining entry to the base near Haditha. An Iraqi army general and nine other soldiers were killed in the fighting. Syria: An international attempt to stop the fighting was in danger of collapse because of attacks by government forces. Europe: UK: Powerful Storm Jake brought heavy rains, strong winds, power cuts and disruption to travel across the nation. Heavy snowfall and ice swept large parts of Scotland, forcing travel delays and closing roads. Russia: Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka penisula underwent two strong explosions, sending ash plumes 13,000 and 17,000 feet (4.2 and 5.1 km) into the air. Asia: Indonesia: A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Sumatra (03-02; 04:49). Africa: Somalia: The militant group al-Shabab exploded a car bomb outside a restaurant as people were watching the English Premier League soccer match, killing at least thirty. Another suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy intersection. The two attacks also wounded at least sixty. North America: US: Hurricane-force winds tore up Wheatland, Wyoming. In Buffalo, New York, a train with sixteen cars, two carrying ethanol, derailed, forcing dozens from their homes. In Birmingham, Alabama an EF-2 tornado touched down, causing widespread destruction; another two tornadoes may have struck as well. Central America: Nicaragua: Telica volcano began the early signs of an eruption with a bright glow visible from the crater, indicating lava was erupting onto the crater floor. Solar Activity: A magnetic filament near the Sun's northeastern limb exploded sending a coronal mass ejection into space away from Earth.

4th-5th -- MidPhase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Men pretending they were visiting their mothers gained access to an old folk's home, and then handcuffed sixteen people and killing them by shooting them in the head; four Catholic nuns were among the dead. United Arab Emirates: Flash flooding from heavy rainfall near Fujairah caused major mudslides, widespread flooding and mud covered highways. Iraq: A fuel tanker was blown up by a suicide bomber at a checkpoint near Hilla, a city south of Baghdad, killing at least forty-seven and wounding dozens. Europe: Turkey: Claiming that the newspaper Zaman was closely linked to the Hizmet movement, a radical militant group, a court shifted ownership to the state. Turkish police then raided the offices of the paper, using tear gas and water cannon to get past hundreds of protesters outside. The Kurdistan Workers Party was blamed for a car bomb that targeted an area close to a police station and a police housing compound in Nusaybin town, near the Syria border. Two policemen were killed and fourteen others were wounded, some of them were civilians, and the blast caused extensive damage to the compound. UK: Heavy snowfall in northern England caused havoc, cancelling flights, creating dangerous roads and accidents, and closing roadways and about 100 schools. Russia: The Alaid volcano, on Northern Kuriles, Kuril Islands, erupted sending a plume of ash and steam 13,000 feet (4,000 m) into the air. Asia: Thailand: A boat exploded as it pulled into a Bangkok pier, injuring at least fifty-eight. North America: US: California was swept by strong winds and heavy rains that brought widespread flooding and mudslides. Snow also blanketed the Sierra Nevada mountains. The storm would then move east bringing a dangerous flooding situation in and around the lower Mississippi Valley. Africa: Central African Republic: Armed men attacked three different villages near the central town of Bambari, killing at least twelve. It was likely linked to livestock rustling or an inter-ethnic dispute involving the Peuhl, or Fulani, ethnic group. Somalia: Considering it an imminent threat to US troops and African peacekeeping forces, an airstrike was undertaken, killing as many as 150 suspected Al-Shabaab miltant fighters. South America: Peru: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding in the city of Ayacucho. Raging flood waters swept away vehilces, blocked highways, destroyed homes, and left many injuried or dead. The regional La Nubia airport was closed as a result. Colombia: Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted sending an ash plume 9,850 feet (3,000 m) into the air, and sending ash falls that blanketed the cities of Chinchiná, Villamaría, Manizales and Palestine. Solar Activity: A co-rotating interaction region of the solar wind hit Earth's magnetic field a day later, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

9th New Moon -- (1h 54m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Despite a truce, airstrikes bombed a fuel market in Abu Dhuhour in Idlib province, killing at least twelve and wounded dozens. United Arab Emirates: Heavy rain triggered widespread flooding, closing roadways, destroying buildings, washing away vehicles and closing schools and businesses. Europe: Greece/Macedonia: About 14,000 migrants were stranded on Greece's border with Macedonia when torrential rain flooded the Idomeni migrant camp, making what was a terrible situation even worse. Macedonia would no longer let any migrants through its border with Greece, effectively blocking the northern part of the Balkan route. UK: Severe and widespread flooding swept central England, causing major disruptions with rail passengers stranded, roadways impassible, and many schools closed. Forty-six flood warnings were issued for places across England and Wales, and more rain would fall in the Midlands the following day. Africa: Somalia: US and Somali troops took part in a raid on the al-Shabab militant group, killing at least fifteen of the militants. Nigeria: A five-story building under construction in Lagos collapsed, killing at least thirty. North America: US: Tropical moisture coming up from the Gulf brought widespread flooding, strong winds and saturated soils to Texas, Loiusiana and Tennessee. In Loiusiana there was especially major floods that killed three, seventeen counties were declared disaster areas, thousands were forced to evavcuate, hundreds of houses were destroyed, and schools and businesses were closed. The probability of more flooding was evident as more rain was on the way. In Seatle, Washington a natural gas line exploded severely damaging thirty-six businesses, while three other businesses were completely destroyed. People began fishing in the streets. Central America: Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano in Santa Maria underwent a strong explosion, causing a part of a lava dome to collapse and form pyroclastic flows, and sending ash plumes 13,125 feet (4,000 m) into the air as ash fell in areas to the northest, including the cities of Quetzaltenango and Santa Marcos Palajunoj. Solar Activity: A total solar eclipse could be seen all over Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, though it was a partial eclipse seen in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Note: Some events from mid-March to mid-April will occur off the lunar phase aspects of the calendar, and this period tends to be the most active time of the year.
This situation is the result of a dominance of the solar-terrestrial linkage due to Earth's orbit bringing it closer to the Sun.
These events will be noted in the calendar on the nearest lunar phase date, and the date of the event will be shown.

12th-13th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS miltants undertook two mustard-gas chemical attacks near the city of Kirkuk, killing a 3-year-old girl, wounding 600 and causing hundreds more to flee the area. Europe: Poland: A constitutional crisis deepened between the government and the Constitutional Court judges, triggering a demonstration of thousands of people in Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw. Italy: An avalanche in the Italian Alps in the Ahrntal in the South Tyrol, near the Austrian border, killed at least six, and several others were possibly missing, injured or dead. Turkey: A suicide car bomber targeted a busy square in central Ankara, killing at least thirty-four and wounding 125, nineteen of them seriously. The attack was likely the work of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. The following day, Turkish warplanes struck Kurdish militant camps in northern Iraq. Asia: North Korea: A North Korean submarine was operating off the coast for several days when it disappeared and was presumed sunk. The country issued another threat of war over the drill involving South Korea and the US in their largest-ever military exercise. North Korea had recently tested a missle with an nuclear warhead and threatened to attack both South Korea and the US. Africa: Ivory Coast: Heavily-armed gunmen went on a shooting rampage in the beach resort of Grand-Bassam, killing at least sixteen; six of the gunmen were also killed. North America: US: The Northwest was pounded by persistent rounds of rain, mountain snow and gusty winds from San Francisco to Seattle. Some local flooding took place and some roadways were impassible. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of Atka, Alaska (03-12; 11:06). After flooding downpours across the waterlogged, lower Mississippi Valley, a second storm system hit the region with severe weather including damaging winds, widespread flooding, heavy downpours and isolated tornadoes. Central America: Costa Rica: Rincon de la Vieja volcano exploded with an eruption sending an ash plume into the air, producing fresh magma, and causing a light ash fall that blanketed nearby villages as much as 3.75 miles (6 km) away. South America: Venezuela: Crowds demonstrated in Caracas and other cities protesting the country's economic crisis and calling on the president to resign. Brazil: Protesters marched through the streets of cities across the country, seeking the removal of the president. At the peak of the demonstration there were 1.4 million demostraters in Sao Paulo alone, while there were many more cities with protests. Solar Activity: The two sunspots, AR2513 and AR2519, were crackling with minor C-class solar flares. A day earlier, an unexpected coronal mass ejection swiped Earth's magnetic field, sparking a G2-class geomagnetic storm.

There is an increased probablity that a major earthquake will strike western North America with the region from northern California through to Vancouver, Canada being the most likely. The East Coast of the US will experience a major storm as well. This probability increase will be in effect until mid-April [posted 03/13/2016]

15th -- Last Quarter (17h 03m) HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition of warplanes undertook an airstrike with at least two missiles hitting a busy market in the Mustaba district of Hajja province, killing at least forty-one and wounding thirty-five, and destroying numerous buildings. Europe: Hungary: Tens of thousands joined striking teachers in Budapest to demonstrate against the government's education policies. Asia: Japan: Akita-Komaga-take volcano in Honshu underwent increased seismic activity. Africa: Nigeria: Two female suicide bombers, associated with Boko Haram militants, targeted a mosque outside the city of Maiduguri, killing at least twenty-two and wounding eighteen. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Nyiragongo volcano was very active, producing pulsating lava fountains about 100 feet (30 m) in height at intervals of thirty seconds, and lava flows poured from a vent. Australia and New Zealand: East Australia: Heavy rains brought more than five inches (130 mm) of rain in a few hours to Byron Bay, triggering floods. North America: Mexico: Colima Volcano underwent explosive activity, forming a new lava dome. US: Heavy snow fell on parts of the central Rockies and High Plains, making travel hazardous. In the Midwest there was ajor widespread flooding, more than 2,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, and tornadoes swept parts of Illinois and Wisconsin. South America: Argentina: The country's coastguard chased and sank a Chinese ship that it says was fishing illegally in Argentine waters; all thirty-two crew members were rescued. Ecuador: An army plane crashed in the province of Pastaza, Ecuador's Amazon region, killing all twenty-two on board. Solar Activity: Earth passed through a stream of solar wind, sparking bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. The following day (3/16) a magnetic filament erupted from sunspot AR2522, sending out a stream of energetic protons.

18th-19th -- Mid-Phase and 20th -- Vernal Equinox MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Russia revealed that they were undertaking airstrikes in and near the city of Palmyra everyday as they attacked ISIS locations. Egypt: An ISIS mortar attack hit a checkpoint in the city of El-Arish, on the Sinai Peninsula, killing at least thirteen policemen. However, ISIS claimed a suicide bomber blew up a car with explosives instead. Iraq: Two rockets were fired by ISIS into the Makhmur base where US troops were training the Iraqi military for an assualt on Mosul, killing one and wounding several others. Europe: France: The suspect believed to be behind the Paris attacks in Novemeber 2015 that left 130 dead was wounded and captured in a dramatic raid in Brussels. Turkey: A suicide bomber targeted a busy shopping area in the city of Istanbul, killing at least four and wounding thirty-six. The Kurdistan Workers Party was suspected for the attack. Russia: Coming from Dubai, a FlyDubai Boeing 737, a passenger plane, was in the midst of hurricane-force winds and heavy rain, when it plunged to the ground after missing the runway, killing all sixty-two aboard. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck south of Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy (03-20; 15:50). Africa: Algeria: The In Salah gas plant in Krechba, of the Norwegian oil company, Statoil, was attacked by militants using missles. No one was hurt, but extensive damage was evident. Niger: Militants from al-Qaeda and Boko Haram killed four security forces in two separate attacks. In one incident, suspected al-Qaeda militants attacked a village near the border with Burkina Faso, shooting dead three policemen. In the other, one soldier was killed and two others wounded when a military convoy was attacked close to Nigeria's border. In a separate incident, Nigeria's electoral commission reported that some of its staff were killed, injured and kidnapped during an election re-run in Rivers state. Somalia: The military surrounded 250 fighters from the militant group al-Shabab in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland. The militants tried to escape but were pushed back into a few caves in the area of Suj were they hid; they were expected to be defeated. Somalian al-Shabab militants attacked a Somali government military base, in Laanta Buur, killing at least six soldiers (early morning on the 21st). Cameroon: A military court sentenced eighty-nine Boko Haram miltants to death for their roles in several attacks in Cameroon's northern region, which borders Nigeria. North America: US: Thunderstorms and heavy rain swept across parts of Texas to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, triggering widespread flooding. The storm would strengthen and move up the East Coast. In the days that followed the storm would become a Nor'easter dumping heavy snowfall, especially in the Northeastern section with Boston receiving the most snow. Note: See the prediction posted on March 13th that such a storm would take place and will likely just be the first of a series of such storms. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck south of Atka, Alaska (03-18; 18:35). Atlantic: West Central: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Codrington, Barbuda (03-19; 04:26). Solar Activity: The Sun was peppered with sunspots, but none were active.

23rd -- Full Moon (23h 01m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: A US military airstrike in the mountains of Yemen, where there is a training camp run by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, killed at least forty miltants (on 3/22). Syria: Government forces reached the outskirts of the ancient city of Palmyra after having drove back ISIS militants. Europe: Belgium: Three ISIS suicide bombers targeted the Brussels' main airport and a train station leaving more than thirty-one dead and at least 300 injuried, sixty-one critically (on 3/22). UK: The first in a series of storms brought scattered showers and gusty winds to all of the country, affecting more than twenty million during a time of major travel for the Easter holiday. Asia: Indonesia: A major rain storm brought 13.82 inches (350 mm) to Nabire Regency, triggering major widespread flooding and damages. North America: US: Heavy blizzard snowfall swept Colorado and Nebraska closing roadways and even snow plows were having trouble in the heavy, blowing snow. Parts of the central and southern US were pounded by severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail, isolated tornadoes and heavy downpours that triggered widespread flooding and damages. South America: Chile: Copahue volcano ash emissions increased and became continuous, sending an ash plume 12,000 feet (3,600 m) into the air. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2524 unleashed a C1-class solar flare.

27th-28th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Government forces advanced into Palmyra with strong support from Russian airstrikes, taking control of several districts away from ISIS. The following day, fighting was taking place around ISIS-held towns to the northeast and southwest of the city. United Arab Emirates: A huge residental complex, the Ajman One complex, a development of twelve towers with 3,000 luxury apartments, in the emirate of Ajman, north of Dubai, caught fire. The flames engulfed most of one side of a tower, reaching several stories high, and the possibilty of the fire spreading to other towers was feared. Saudi Arabia: A huge sandstorm swept across parts of the country, forcing flight delays at Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport and closing roads due to poor visibility. Europe: Belgium: A large group of demonstrators stormed the park Place de la Bourse where people were creating makeshift memorials for the victims of last week's deadly attacks. The demonstraters confronted Muslim women, made Nazi salutes and chanted, forcing riot police to fire water cannons to disperse the demonstrators. Belgian police also carried out thirteen new raids and took more people in for questioning as part of investigations into the Brussels attacks. UK: Storm Katie battered large parts of England, leaving more than 100 flights cancelled amid winds that reached 106 mph (171 kph), property damage and flooding were widespread, roadways were closed, and 200,000 were without power. Asia: Pakistan: A Taliban suicide bomber targeted a park in Lahore where there were Christians gathered to celebrate Easter, killing at least sixty-nine, mostly women and children, and wounding more than three hundred. The following day, thousands of protesters staged a sit-in outside the country's parliament in Islamabad protesting the execution of Islamist killer Mumtaz Qadri. Clashes brokeout with the police who made a number of arrests and cleared some areas of protesters. China/Pakistan: Connecting China and Pakistan the Karakoram Highway was swamped by very heavy rains that sent rock slides onto the highway. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano underwent intensified strombolian activity at the Otake crater, generating a bright glow visible from neighboring islands, and sent ash plumes about 3,280 feet (1,000 m) into the air. Africa: Somalia: Heavy fighting brokeout between pro-government forces and the militant group al-Shabab, leaving at least 115 al-Shabab soldiers dead. Another 110 militants were captured during the fighting. Algeria: A military helicopter crashed in the south, in the Tamanrasset region, killing twelve soldiers on board. North America: US: Severe storms swept across the mid-Mississippi and Ohio valleys with heavy rains, hail, damaging winds and flooding. Heavy hail also slammed parts of Kansas and Florida. A man walked into the underground US Capitol Visitor Center and pointed what appeared to be a weapon at officers who then shot and wounded him. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Fox Islands, a part of the Aleutian Islands (03-28; 18:27). Alaska’s Pavlof volcano erupted unexpectedly - it was on the lowest alert status - after sharply increased earthquake activity, an impressive lava fountain developed and an ash plume was sent 20,000 to 30,000 feet (6,100 to 9,145 m) into the air. A major dust storm triggered a fifteen car pileup on a Southern California roadway, Highway 18 in Lucerne Valley, leaving twenty-eight injuried. Solar Activity: A gaseous canyon developed in the Sun's atmosphere, spewing solar wind toward Earth, and triggering geomagetic activity and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

31st -- Last Quarter (15h 17m) MAXIMUM

Europe: France: As many as 1.2 million took to the streets to protest new labor laws. Clashes with police erupted in the cities of Nantes, Rennes and Toulouse. Protesters set fires and threw projectiles, as police used tear gas and arrested more than one hundred. A strike disrupted travel, closed schools and shut the Eiffel Tower, and dozens of flights were cancelled. Turkey: Explosives were detonated in a car near a bus station in city of Diyarbakir as a police minibus drove by, killing seven policemen and injuring more than twenty civilians. Asia: India: A bypass was under construction in the Girish Park area in the city of Kolkata (Calcutta) when it suddenly collapsed, killing at least twenty-one, and dozens more remained buried under the debris. Rescuers searched for the people buried, amid fears that other sections could also collapse. Japan: The Sakurajima volcano erupted sending an ash plume 12,000 feet (3,660 m) into the air. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Shingu (03-31; 19:39) Africa: Somalia: An al-Shabab militant, suicide bomber targeted a hotel in the north-central town of Galkayo, killing at least eight and wounding several. North America: US: Tornadoes tore through Oklahoma, destroying and damaging buildings and homes, cutting off power to thousands and closing roadways. Seven people were injuried, one critically. Severe thunderstorms swept parts of the Midwest and Southeast as a potent cold front slammed the region from the lower Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico coastal waters. Widespread flooding, strong damaging winds and travel delays resulted. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck north of Chignik Lake, Alaska (04-01; 22:50). South America: Chile: The Nevados de Chillán volcano erupted sending ash emisions into the air several times. Colombia: The Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted sending an ash plume 30,000 feet (9,000 m) into the air. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Angoram, Papua New Guinea (04-01; 12:24). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2526 was big enough to swallow Earth - twice - and crossed the center of the solar disk, directly facing Earth. The co-rotating interaction regions between fast- and slow-moving solar wind streams would later trigger auroras.


3rd-4th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: Ten suicide bombers targeted members of the security forces and allied Shia Muslim militias across the country, killing at least twenty-five and wounding dozens. ISIS claimed responsibility for some of the attacks. Syria: Goverment forces and their allies retook the central town of al-Qaryatain that had been in ISIS hands form more than eight months. Europe: Azerbaijan/Armenia: Amid clashes with ethnic Armenian separatists, Azerbaijan threatened a major attack on the capital of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, Stepanakert. Armenian forces continued to shell military positions and villages near the frontline despite a ceasefire declared unilaterally by Azerbaijan a day earlier. Up to 170 Armenian troops were said to be "neutralized" and tweleve Armenian armoured vehicles destroyed. Austria: Police clashed with demonstraters who were against the closure of Europe's frontiers at a border crossing with Italy. Five policeman were injuried when about fifty protesters clashed with police in riot gear at the end of the protest. Asia: Pakistan: Torrential rains brought flooding to parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan provinces, destroying homes and buildings, forcing evacuations, killing at least fifty-three and injuring dozens. Japan: Sakurajima volcano, in Kyushu, again erupted with multiple and relatively strong vulcanian explosions, sending out incandescent bombs and ash plumes rising 15,000 feet (4,500 m) into the air. Indonesia: Bromo volcano, on the island of East Java, erupted, sending a plume of steam and ash about a 1,000 feet into the air and drifting about 25 miles (40 km) to the west. Africa: Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Ninja militia group attacked at least one police station and a government building in the Makelekele district of Brazzaville; hundreds of citizens fled the area due to the clashes. Somalia: A car packed with explosives was found in the heart of the capital, Mogadishu. Fortunately, experts defused the explosives which could have been devastating. North America: US: An Amtrak train derailed when it hit a backhoe (a mechanical digger) on the tracks, south of Philadelphia, leaving two dead and more than thirty injured. Severe winds over many areas in the Northeast resulted in wisdespread damages and two deaths. A southward shift in the polar vortex made it feel more like winter with cold and even snow returning from the Great Lakes to the Northeast; it would remain so until mid-April (posted and as predicted on 03/13). Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent a strong explosion sending an ash plume 6,600 feet (2,000 m) into the air. It also ejected incandescent fragments up to 11,500 feet (3.5 km) distance on the eastern and southeastern slopes, igniting bush fires on the upper reaches of the volcano. Pacific: South: A powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck north of Port-Olry, Vanuatu (04-03; 01:23) and a 6.7 magnitude struck west of Sola, Vanuatu (04-05; 23:58). The city of Nadi, in the Fiji Islands, was swamped with eleven inches (280 mm) of rain in less that 24 hours, triggering widespread flooding. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream hit our planet's magnetic field, triggering a geomagnetic storm on the 2nd. Shortly thereafter, another solar wind stream headed for Earth that would trigger more geomagnetic storms and auroras. The Sun also had numerous prominences - clouds of plasma held above the surface by unstable magnetic fields.

7th -- New Moon (11h 24m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Rebels seized control of the strategically important northern town of al-Rai from ISIS. In another incident, ISIS attacked a factory near Damascus, afterwhich at least 200 people were missing and believed to be captured or killed. About 140 workers managed to escape. Iraq: It was noted by the US-organization, Human Rights Watch, that residents in the city of Falluja - an ISIS-held city - were starving. Europe: Greece/Turkey: A second wave of migrants was sent back to Turkey from Greece as part of an European Union deal to reduce the number of migrants reaching Europe. Russia: Klyuchevskoy volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted in a new phase of strombolian activity, and intense steaming and a glow at night. Asia: Bangladesh: Students protested and set fires in the street due to alleged government inaction after another secular blogger was killed by suspected Islamic militants. Indian-administered Kashmir: Sparked by a cricket match, students and police clashed at the National Institute of Technology in Srinagar city, with police using sticks to beat up students. India's World Twenty-20 semi-final cricket match went up against the West Indies where local Kashmiri students supported the West Indies, while others cheered for the home team. The rallying cries then became shouting that soon turned violent and clashes broke out. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Bunisari (04-06; 07:45). Africa: Nigeria: About 800 militants from the Boko Haram group have surrendered and shown remorse. Those doing so will be rehabilitated into society by a de-radicalization initiative. North America: US: Strong, 50+ mph (80+ kph) winds fanned a huge fire that consumed at least 55,000 acres (22,260 ha). Strong blasts of arctic air and a new cold plunge brought snow showers and accumulating snow in parts of the Midwest and Northeast. Along the East Coast very strong winds up to 60 mph (90 kph) wrecked havoc, causing travel delays, knocking down powerlines, and producing a mix of rain, ice and snow in some areas and mostly snow in others. The winds knocked over trails and big rigs. In Tampa Bay, Florida four tornadoes touched down damaging or destroying more than fifty homes. (Conditions posted and as predicted on 03/13). Pacific: South: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck west of Sola, Vanuatu (04-06; 20:32). Solar Activity: Earth crossed the Interplanetary Magnetic Field's arm, filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields, triggering a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras.

10th-11th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: ISIS militants overran the town of al-Rai after intense fighting. The town had been taken away from ISIS by the Free Syrian Army, but ISIS recaptured it. It is an important town because it is close to the border with Turkey and is a key supply route into ISIS-held territory in the Aleppo province. Yemen: A UN-brokered peace was in place, but the next day there were already clashes, though the peace was holding. The government accused Houthi rebels of violations in the cities of Taiz and Marib. Europe: UK: Strong winds, reached 65 mph (105 kph), triggering huge waves that caused flooding in a number of seaside towns in Cornwall, England. The flooding and waves damaged buildings, disrupted travel and twelve flood and sixteen flood alerts were issued by the Environment Agency - the night's high tide was about to make things worse. Asia: India: Thousands gathered to watch fireworks as part of a new year's festival at a Hindu temple in Kerala when the fireworks exploded. A huge fire brokeout following the explosion that also caused a temple building to collapse, leaving more than one hundred dead and nearly 400 injuried (on the 9th). The south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were stiffled by very high temperatures and high humidity, causing more than one hundred to die of heatstroke. Afghanistan: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake was felt across a number of major cities, including Kabul, Islamabad, Lahore and Delhi, forcing residents to leave their homes. The earthquake struck in Afghanistan, west of Ashkasham, close to its border with Tajikistan (04-10; 03:28). At least one was killed and thirty injuried, as buildings collapsed and landslides were triggered. Philippines: The country' military clashed with the militant Abu Sayyaf group on Basilan island, leaving eighteen soldiers dead and more than fifty wounded, and five militants were also killed. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Bengkulu, South Sumatra (04-10; 02:14). Afghanistan: A motorcycle bomb targeted police recruits in a bus in the Sorkhrot district of Nangarhar province, killing at least a dozen and wounding thirty-eight more. The Taliban cliamed responsibility. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano underwent strong strombolian activity, incandescence was visible from nearby islands, and it sent an ash plume 6,000 feet (1,830 m) into the air. Africa: Somalia: An al Shabaab car bomber targeted a local government headquarters in Mogadishu, killing five and wounding five. Uganda: A building in the capital, Kampala, collapsed, trapping many in the rubble. Rescuers had so far brought seven people alive out from the debris, and three who were dead. Nigeria: Pirates off the coast attacked a Turkish cargo ship, kidnapping six of the crew. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms brought flooding downpours, isolated tornadoes, large hail and fierce winds from Oklahoma and eastern Texas to the lower Mississippi River valley. In Texas there were fierce winds and hail that was the size of softballs that broke car, home and business windows, tore of roofs, some cars were severely damaged or destroyed, and crops were lost. A rare dust storm swept through parts of Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri wrecking havoc. The dust storm triggered a pileup that involved at least twelve vehicles in Portia, Arkansas. Solar Activity: An incoming solar wind stream was ejected out of a hole - a coronal hole - in the Sun's atmosphere that would trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras the following days.

14th -- First Quarter (3h 59m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: Government troops recaptured the strategically important ISIS militant-held town of Hit - a key supply route linking ISIS-held territory in Iraq and Syria. Syria: In spite of peace talks in Geneva government forces, backed by Russian troops, struck rebel-held parts of Aleppo, targeting supply routes. Europe: Spain: A four-story building in Los Cristianos, on the southern island of Tenerife, collapsed after an explosion. Six died, three people were injuried, and nine were still missing and believed to be amoung the rubble. Asia: Japan: A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck east of Kumamoto, destroying buildings, cutting off power and gas, killing at least forty-one and injuring more than 760 (04-14; 12:26). Thousands fled their homes and many people spent the night in the open. Pre-shocks included a 6.2 magnitude quake southwest of Ueki (04-14; 05:26) and 6.0 magnitude quake east of Uto (04-14; 08:03); there were also numerous magnitude five aftershocks. The next day a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kumamoto-shi (04-15; 09:25). Elsewhere, a major storm brought 4.8 inches (122 mm) of rain to Owase in less than 24 hours. Myanmar (Burma): A powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Mawlaik (04-13; 06:55), preceeded by a 6.0 magnitude shock (04-14; 05:17). Another powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Mandalay (04-14; 20:25). It was felt in the surrounding countries of Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. China: Very strong winds blew through Dongguan City, in Guangdong province, causing a crane to collapse onto a two-story building, killing at least eighteen and also injuring eighteen. Africa: Zimbabwe: About two thousand opposition supporters, some holding signs calling for President Robert Mugabe to resign, rallied in the capital Harare. Tensions were high as the police are known to be ruthless against voices of dissent. North America: US: A slow-moving storm brought cold air that would lead to major heavy snowfall across the eastern Rockies and High Plains. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent repeated strombolian explosions, creating a lava fountain that reached 1,310 feet (400 m) in height and the increased lava flow reached 6,560 feet (2 km) in length into the Las Lajas ravine. Pacific: South: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Port-Olry, Vanuatu (04-14; 14:50). Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection triggered a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras around both of the poles.

17th-18th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Israel: A bomb exploded in the back of a bus in southern Jerusalem, wounding at least twenty-one, and the explosion set fire to a passing car and an empty bus. Syria/Turkey: ISIS militants fired rockets from northern Syria into the Turkish border town of Kilis, killing four Syrians, three of them children. Yemen: Peace talks to end a civil war and Saudi-led airstrikes was disrupted as fighting persisted despite an announced ceasefire. Europe: Mediterranean: Migrants' boat capsized drowning as many as five hundred. They had left the Libyan port city of Tobruk to head for Italy when the boat sank. Syria: Claiming truce violations by the army, rebels began a new battle in northwest Syria in response. Asia: Japan: Nearly 250,000 were told to leave their homes concerned that there might be more earthquakes (two quakes took place around the last lunar phase). India: The south states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and the city of Bhubaneswar in Orissa experienced its hottest April day on record on the 17th. Dozens of heat-related deaths took place. Afghanistan: A Taliban suicide bomber targeted an agency that provides protection for high-ranking government officials, afterwhich a pair of gunmen entered, killing at least sixty-four, most of which were civilians, including women and children. The bomber and gunmen were also killed. Africa: Ethiopia/South Sudan: South Sudan's Murle tribe killed 205 people near its border and abducted at least 39 children. Security forces chased the attackers and had killed at least sixty. Somalia: African Union troops opened fire when a car failed to stop at a roadblock, killing four civilians travelling in the car near Bulla Marer. This triggered widespread protests. Nigeria: Boko Haram militants inflicted heavy casualties on Nigerian forces after an early morning attack on the army in the north-eastern state of Borno on the base in Kareto village. Zambia: Hundreds threw stones and broke into shops owned by foreigners in the capital, Lusaka, accusing the immigrants of being involved in a recent outbreak of what appear to be ritual killings. Mali: Protesters tried to set security areas on fire at the airport in the northern town of Kidal, UN-peacekeepers killed two and wounded four. North America: US: A massive storm would dump a month's worth of rain and severe weather would slowly move eastward across the US stretching across 1,000-mile swath from Texas to the Dakotas. In Houston, Texas days of rain triggered historic flooding, with 17.6 inches (44.7 cm) of rain falling in less than 24 hours on the 17th alone. Rivers burst their banks, 1,200 people had to be rescued from rising floodwaters, and four drowned. At least one thousand homes were flooded and floodwaters were 40 feet (12 m) higher than the previous record, making this an historic event. The Texas governor declared a state of emergency. This flood would eventually destroy at least 4,000 homes, killed eight and the cost was estimated to be at least $5 billion. In the west record warmth spread from San Francisco to Seattle. South America: Ecuador: A very powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck south of Muisne (04-16; 16:58). It killed at least 655 (48 were still missing), injuried 29,067, and destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and buildings. At least 29,067 were left homeless. About 10,000 troops and 3,500 police were deployed in rescue operations. The area was also hit with numerous aftershocks of 5.0 or greater magnitude, including a 6.2 (04-20 01:33) and a 6.0 (04-20; 01:35). Solar Activity: Earth entered a stream of high-speed solar wind. The solar wind is flowing out of a coronal hole on the Sun. Sunspot AR2529 erupted, producing a strong M6.7-class solar flare that sent out a coronal mass ejection that would hit Earth in a couple of days.

22nd -- Full Moon(5h 24m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Government airstrikes in Aleppo and a warplane crash near Damascus left eighteen dead. The main rebel groups set up a joint operations room to launch reprisal attacks on the government - putting the truce and peace talks in danger of collapse. Africa: Tanzania: Heavy rainfall began and would continue for weeks, triggering widespread flooding that left at least five dead, almost 14,000 homeless and destroyed 3,100 homes. Asia: India: Torrential rains triggered a landslide in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, killing at least fifteen hotel construction workers who were asleep in a camp. A number of others were trapped in the debris. North America: US: Eight people - all from the same family - were killed execution style with a bullet to the head in different locations in Piketon, Ohio. Heavy rains swept through the Northwest triggering local flooding and downed powerlines. Central America: Belize/Guatemala: Tensions over a border dispute increased after a Guatemalan teenager was shot dead. Guatemala then deployed 3,000 troops on its border with Belize. Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano underwent a large eruption triggering a series of collapses that generated pyroclastic flows and a huge ash plume that rose about 9,800 feet (3,000 m) into the air. Ash falls took place in the towns of Cuyotenango, San Francisco, Zunilito and Pueblo Nuevo, elsewhere. South America: Brazil: Part of a coastal bicycle pathway in Rio de Janeiro collapsed, killing at least two; another three were missing. Ecuador: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Bahia de Caraquez (04-21; 20:03). Pacific: East Central: Langila volcano, in Papua New Guinea, exploded, sending an ash plume 7,000 feet (2,100 m) into the air. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up in the Sun's atmosphere, sending a coronal mass ejection towards Earth that would later trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras.

25th-26th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Egypt: Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators filled the streets of Cairo, protesting the president's decision to give back two islands to Saudi Arabia. A clash erupted with police using tear gas and birdshot. Meanwhile, it took place despite police and soldiers being deployed across the city and warnings being issued against unauthorized demonstrations. Yemen: Controlled by al-Qaeda militants for a year, the port city of Mukalla was recaptured by Yemeni and Saudi-led coalition forces. In the first hours of the joint operation alone more than 800 of the militants were killed. Europe: Turkey: ISIS rockets slammed into the town of Kilis near the Syrian border, killing at least one and wounding twenty-six (on the 24th). Russia: Kliuchevskoi volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula, erupted with strong strombolian explosions and sending an ash plume 5 to 5.5 miles (8-9 km) into the air and drifting more than 250 miles (400 km) to the southwest. Greece: Clashes broken out between police using tear gas and stone-throwing, fire-setting migrants at a detention center on the island of Lesbos. The immigrants were frustrated with the conditions and slow processing of their assimilation into the Europe Union or their deportation. Asia: India: There are 330 million people in 256 districts affected by severe drought, brought on by three years of poor rainfall, and scorching heat. In the state of Bihar, for example, villagers were advised to avoid cooking between 9 am and 6 pm to prevent outbreaks of fires during the scorching summer. About sixty-seven have been killed by fires that got out of control. Africa: Burundi: A Burundi general and his wife died instantly, and their daughter was injured, when their car was attacked by heavily armed men while the general was driving. There had been unrest since President Pierre Nkurunziza said he would run for a third term, which has killed more than four hundred. In a separate incident, a packed bus used for a school trip overturned, as it travelled from Gitega city southwards to Rutana province, killing as many as twenty-seven. Kenya: Conntinous heavy rain began to fall that would lead to flooding (see the next lunar phase). North America: US: Severe thunderstorms quickly developed across the Plains from Texas to Nebraska. Tornadoes, hail as large as grapefruits in some cases, heavy downpours, widespread flooding and damaging winds were spawned, wrecking havoc. Downed powerlines and trees, flooding, and hundreds of houses and buildings were damaged or destroyed by the severe weather. Millions of people and property were threatened as the storms went late into the night and the next day. Showing the mechanisms involved a lot of space lightning called "sprites" was observed during the storm. Severe weather in southern Nebraska produced hail and at least one tornado that tore a path of destruction. A surge of cold air moved into mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast slashing temperatures to levels more like early March. Mexico: Several gunmen attacked a hotel where police officers stay in Las Playas, Acapulco, forcing dozens to flee to safety, while one gunman was killed. In a separate incident, at the same time, another group of gunmen attacked a federal police base in the city. The attacks were said to be due to gang members taking revenge for the arrest of their leader. South America: Ecuador: Torrential downpours triggered flooding in earthquake-hit area (see mid-phase 17th-18th), leaving at least four dead and injuring several others. At least 80 houses were destroyed, and the River Damas burst its banks in the Parish of Alluriquin. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the coast of Chiapas (4-25; 07:07). Central America: Guatemala: Heavy rains triggered a huge rubbish dump to collapse and slide down a hillside trapping dozens and killing at least four. Atlantic: Central: Police discovered eleven bodies, including eight soldiers, in a military barracks on the Cape Verde islands off northwest Africa. It is believed that a missing, disgruntled soldier was behind the killings. Pacific: Northeast: The Northern East Pacific Rise slipped, tiggering a 6.6 magnitude earthquake (04-28; 18:33).

30th -- Last Quarter (3h 29m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: A truck with about three tones of explosives blew up near a livestock market in Baghdad, likely targeting passing Shia pilgrims on their way to the Imam Moussa al-Kadhim shrine in the Kadhimiya district. The blast left at least thirty-three dead, more than fifty wounded, and damaged or destroyed vehicles and buildings in the town of Samawa. ISIS, a Sunni Muslim group, claimed responsibility. Later thousands of Shia Muslims occupied Iraq's parliament in Baghdad's government district protesting the government who was neglecting needed reforms. Europe: Germany: A meeting of the right-wing anti-immigrant party, Alternative fur Deutschland, was disrupted by clashes outside in Stuttgart. Left-wing protesters blocked roads, burned tires and threw firecrackers, as about 1,000 riot police were deployed using tear gas, pepper spray and a water cannon to keep the protesters away. Norway: A helicopter flying from the Gullfaks oil field to Bergen, a center for the North Sea oil and gas industry, crashed killing all fifteen aboard. Mediterranean: An inflatable dinghy sank off the Libyan coast in rough seas, leaving at least eighty-four migrants missing and presumed dead. Africa: Kenya: Conntinous heavy rain (beginning on 26th) brought terror and destruction to several areas, affecting the counties of Wajir, Marsabit and Turkana, where thousands were displaced. In the capital, Nairobi, more than 3.3 inches (85 mm) fell in just three hours; average monthly rainfall for April in Nairobi is around 8.6 inches (220 mm). This triggered widespread flooding, leaving several dead and causing the collapse of walls and buildings in the city. One collapse was a six-story residential building, where there were around 120 rooms, leaving many missing and feared dead. At least twenty-seven were killed and ninety-three remained missing days later. Somalia: A mosque that was being renovated collapsed in Mogadishu, killing at least fifteen and injuring forty. Since hundreds were in the mosque praying, some were still believed to be trapped under the debris. North America: US: Parts of southern Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana were overwhelmed when heavy rains triggered flash flooding (beginning on the 28th), dumping as much as 10 inches (254 mm) of rain in just a few hours. Numerous homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed, emergency crews carried out over 70 flood-related rescues, and six lost their lives. A late-April snowstorm dumped over a foot of heavy, wet snow across parts of Colorado. Heavy thunderstorms, locally severe, triggered widespread flash flooding, damaging winds and hail, along the middle and lower Mississippi Valley. A few potent thunderstorms with hail, strong winds and downpours also swept across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas to southern Illinois. Pacific: Central: A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck southeast of Norsup, Vanuatu (04-28; 12:33) was followed by a 6.0 magnitude quake southwest of Lakatoro, Vanuatu (04-30; 01:35). Solar Activity: Earth crossed a fold in the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field - a region of space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields - sparking an outburst of auroras around the Arctic Circle.


3rd-4th -- Mid-PhaseHIGH

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS militants breached the Kurdish Peshmerga forces' frontline near the town of Tal Asqof. A number of truck bombs were used, but ISIS miltants were driven out later in the day by Peshmerga fighters. A Navy Seal was killed by a ISIS sniper, during the clash. Asia: India: Protestors demanding the release of an anti-dam activist in the border town of Tawang, in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, were fired on by police, killing two and wounding six. Police said they were attacked by protesters who tried to enter a police station in an attempt to free the activist. Africa: Somalia: Al Shabaab militants retook the town of Runirgood, killing as many as thirty-two Somali soldiers. Al Shabaab used a suicide car bomb to target the military base, afterwhich fierce fighting followed. Kenya: Police foiled a large-scale biological attack using anthrax by a terror group with links to ISIS. Democratic Republic of Congo: Attackers, armed with machetes and axes, stormed a village in the Beni region of North Kivu province, killing at least sixteen. They managed to get past soldiers and cut the throats of the villagers. No group claimed responsibility, but it is believed that Ugandan rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces could be responsible. Nigeria: Suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked two villages in the state of Zamfara, killing at least ten; hundreds have been killed in past few months. Property and supply rights were behind the conflct. South Africa: Protesters burnt down thirteen schools in two areas of northern Limpopo province in a dispute over district boundaries. North America: Canada: A huge wildfire forced the evacuation of more than 99,000 from Fort McMurray - nearly the entire city. The fire had already destroyed more than 1,600 structures and ash was falling everywhere. The remnants were desribed as looking like a war scene. Officials feared that the entire city might be destroyed, as it was expected to continue for months. US: High winds, heavy downpours and tornadoes wrecked havoc in Pennsylvania, damaging or destroying buildings and homes, downing trees and knocking out power. Tornadoes touched down in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana, destroying homes, tossing vehicles and RVs, knocking down trees and powerlines, and interupting power. Pacific: South: Nearly eight inches (200 mm) of rain fell in parts of the Tonga islands in a few hours. Solar Activity: While not really solar activty, "Space Lightning", also known as sprites, appeared over the Caribbean (i.e., near the North Atlantic Field). A few days after a widespread display appeared over Texas, more sprites appeared near Puerto Rico. Sprites move upward unlike "terrestrial lightning" - the upward acceleration of the Field.

6th -- New Moon (19h 30m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Firing tear gas, government troops stormed a prison in the city of Hama in an attempt to stop a mutiny among about 800 inmates. In a separate incident, Syrian or Russian forces undertook an airstrike on a Syrian refugee camp, killing at least twenty-eight. UN officials said that the incident could be considered a war crime. Israel/Palestine: In some of the worst fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants since the war of 2014, an Israeli tank fired a round that killed a Palestinian woman in the Gaza Strip and injuried another. Israel claimed that it was returning fire as Hamas fired mortar rounds. Iraq: A coalition airstrike against ISIS in Anbar province, killing a key leader of the militant group and two others. Europe: UK: Powerful thunderstorms swept across the Midlands and into Wales, bringing torrential downpours, hail and damaging wind gusts. Asia: Afghanistan: Government special forces freed more than sixty people held by the Taliban in a makeshift jail in Nowzad district in Helmand province. Two Taliban militants were killed. India: Forest fires that killed at least six and destroyed more than 4,700 acres (1,900 ha) of woodland was out of control for weeks and amounted to more than 400 separate fires. Then heavy rains finally dousted all of the fires in the state of Uttarakhand. Japan: An increse in small earthquakes took place under the Niigata Yake-Yama volcano, forcing the local government to set an exclusion zone around the summit. In a separate incident, the island of Yakushima was dousted by 4.6 inches (120 mm) of rain in a few hours. Africa: Kenya: In the same area as the Nairobi collapse of a building in the district of Huruma that killed at least forty-two last week (see the lunar phase on April 30th). The government began demolishing homes and apartment buildings deemed unfit to live in. At least 226 buildings were to be demolished and the residents may have nowhere to go. Nigeria: The Chevron oil company shut down its offshore facility in the Niger Delta region following an attack. The Niger Delta Avengers, a little known militant group, was behind the attack, probably because the region does not benefit from the oil it produces and they want to control the region's resources. North America: US: The Cleveland volcano on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, underwent a new explosive eruption (the size was not known), forcing officials to raise the alert level. A severe storm began to develop and move into the south-central US, where it would bring heavy downpours, damaging winds, flooding, hail and isolated tornadoes. In Wray, Colorado, a tornado swept over a highway and into a field, leaving at least five injured when the tornado touched down. Central America: Nicaragua: Telica volcano underwent increased deep-seated activity, a stronger nightly glow from the crater, and occasional ash plumes. Solar Activity: A G1-class geomagnetic storm took place as the Earth entered a high-speed stream of solar wind.

9th-10th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Egypt: A police van with eight policemen inside, traveling on the outskirts of Cairo, was ambushed by four ISIS gunmen using automatic weapons - all eight policemen were killed. Syria: Syrian government forces and their allies fought insurgents near Aleppo, as airstrikes were conducted around the town of Khan Touman seized by militant rebels, leaving at least ten dead. There was supposed to be an agreed to ceasefire. Iraq: Three ISIS suicide bombings targeted sites in Baghdad, killing at least ninety-three and wounding 165. Europe: Turkey: Rockets fired from across the border in Syria hit the Turkish town of Kilis, destroying or damaging buildings and homes, and injuring or killing many. This took place almost every day for the past few weeks, leaving at least twenty-one dead since January. France: The government forced through controversial labor reforms, triggering fierce protests that included clashes between protesters and security forces in Nantes and rubber bullets in Paris. Some of the clashes were very violent and included setting fires and destroying vehicles and damaging buildings, as ploice used tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets. Asia: China: Heavy rains triggered a landslide at a site in Fujian province, Taining county, where a hydropower project was being built. The landslide buried the dormitory of the construction workers under rocks and mud, leaving at least forty-one missing and possibly dead. Africa: Rwanda: Heavy, torrential rains triggering landslides that killed at least fifty-three, destroyed more than 500 homes and caused widespread damages to the infrastructure. Kenya: Protesters filled the streets of Nairobi, demanding the resignation of the country's political body, at which point the police used water cannon and fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators who then began to throw rocks. Eventually riot vehicles were rolled out in attempts to bring order. In a separate incident, a six-story extension of a shopping center collapsed in the city of Mombasa. Gambia: Demonstrators gathered outside the high court where the leader of the main opposition party was on trial in the capital, Banjul. Police and the protesters clashed as a result; no reports of causalties. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms triggered at least a eighteen tornadoes, three of which were F-5 with winds in excess of 200 mph (320 kph), and leaving at least two dead, in Oklahoma alone. As many as a dozen homes were destroyed in a 2-mile stretch in Garvin County, Oklahoma. Gusty winds, large hail, isolated tornadoes and heavy downpours were reported elsewhere around the Plains, including Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas. Severe weather reemerged across the Midwest and Plains the following day, bringing several tornadoes, flash flooding, large hail, and damaging winds. South America: Chile: Nevados de Chillán volcano underwent two new phases of ash eruptions that sent an ash plume 5,580 feet (1,700 m) into the air. There were also numerous small quakes, outgassing and steam. Brazil: Protesters constructed burning barricades and blocked roads across the country in protest against moves to impeach the country's president, causing widespread disruption in all Brazilian states. The protests spread to cities and towns across the country, blocking highways and roads leading to traffic jams, and closing businesses and schools. Central America: Nicaragua: Telica volcano underwent increased deep-seated activity again (see last lunar phase). Solar Activity: Very strong geomagnetic storms (G3-class storms) triggered bright auroras around both poles, parts of four continents, and more than a half dozen US states, at least as far south as Seatle, Washington.

13th -- First Quarter (17h 02m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: The al-Furat Cafe, in the mainly Shia town of Balad, often frequented by supporters of the Spanish football team "Real Madrid", was attacked by ISIS miltants who opened fire with machine guns, killing at least sixteen. Later one of the ISIS militants blew himself up after being cornered by Shia militiamen, who killed four of them. Europe: Turkey: Turkish military clashed with Kurdish rebels near the Iraqi border, killing six soldiers on the ground and two pilots who crashed their helicopter coming to their aid. At least six rebels were killed and eight Turkish soldiers were wounded, near the town of Cukurca, in Hakkari province. Italy: Stromboli volcano, on the Eolian Islands, erupted with strombolian-type explosions. Africa: Nigeria: A four-story shopping mall was being built in a busy area of Abeokuta in Ogun state when it collapsed, killing one construction worker and ten bystanders, and another seven workers were injuried. Ethiopia: Days of heavy rains - that began in the previous lunar phase - triggered widepsread flooding and landslides that destroyed bridges, buildings and roads, and killed at least ninety people. Democratic Republic of Congo: Police fired tear gas to disperse several thousand supporters of powerful opposition leader in the city of Lubumbashi, as he was standing trial for hiring mercenaries. North America: US: Powerful thnduerstorms swept through parts of the central US and then reignited in parts of the mid-Atlantic early the following day, bringing damaging winds, hail and flooding downpours. Highs temperatures dipped 15-20 degrees below normal in the midwest and northeast. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba Volcano erupted ejecting a cloud of volcanic ash, gas and rocks. Solar Activity: The Sun ejected B-5 and B-8 X-ray Solar Flares.

16th-17th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Iraq: An ISIS suicide car bomb targeted the entrance of a gas plant in the Taji area, then a second suicide bomber targeted inside the facility, and six ISIS militants then tried to storm inside (late on the 15th). This left ten dead and twenty-four wounded, while three gas storage tanks burned to the ground. A day later, four bomb blasts in Baghdad killed at least sixty-nine and wounded more than one hundred, two of the bombings were undertaken by ISIS. One bomb hit a mixed Shia-Sunni area, while three other bombings targeted mainly Shia Muslim areas. Syria: The Turkish army and coalition forces used air and artillery strikes to attack ISIS targets in the north, killing at least twenty-seven militants, and destroying five fortified defense posts and two gun posts. Syria: ISIS caused extensive damage to a strategically significant airbase in central Syria used by Russian forces, destroying four helicopters and twenty trucks, while triggering fires. Europe: Mediterranean: An Airbus A320 airplane en route from Paris to Cairo vanished from radar, and later was discovered to have crashed into the sea (early on the 18th). All sixty-six on board were killed. Asia: Indonesia: Sinabung volcano in Sumatra exploded with two pyroclastic flows and sent an ash plume 8,200 feet (2,500 m) into the air. Sri Lanka and India: Widespread flooding swept across Sri Lanka and parts of India with some areas already reporting more than 10 inches (250 mm) of rain, including the capital of Colombo where rainfall surpassed 13.9 inches (350 mm). This triggered widespread flooding and mudslides, killing at least eight, as tens of thousands were forced out of their homes. In the Bay of Bengal it triggered devastating flooding and mudslides with at least seventy-three dead. India: Widespread drought hit parts of the north where five villagers in Haryana state tried to restore an old well only to be killed by the release of poisonous gases. Africa: Kenya: Protesters gathered demanding that the present electoral commission be dissolved and a new one be set up. Police responded with clubs, tear gas and water cannon, and beat up protesters, arresting fifteen and killing at least one. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights called police actions "gruesome violence". South Africa: University of Johannesburg's 1,000 seat auditorium, and computer laboratories and equipment were fire-bombed by arsonists in Johannesburg. The estimated damages were $640,000 (£44,000) and the incident was part of organized attacks on educational institutions. Rwanda: The government expelled at least 1,300 Burundians after they refused to move to refugee camps. Somalia: A coalition of US, Somali and African Union forces undertook an assault on al-Shabab bases in the town of Barire in an operation against al-Qaeda-linked militants; casualties were not reported. Uganda: Twenty people were abducted from Lewa village, a farmland in Kochi parish,, close to the South Sudanese border - suspected militia members from South Sudan appeared to be responsible. North America: US: Two tornadoes torn up Felt, Oklahoma, and a third one ripped through the northwest Texas Panhandle. Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana were pounded by severe weather for two days, including heavy downpours, hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. More than 11 inches (280 mm) of rain turned the streets of Vero Beach, Florida, into rivers, destroying or damages buildings, homes and vehicles. An EF1 tornado caused an estimated $395,000 in the Vero Beach Highlands area. South America: Ecuador: A powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake (05-18; 00:57) was followed by a 6.8 magnitude quake (05-18; 09:46) struck northwest of Rosa Zarate. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent a new phase of ash emissions. Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano underwent multiple pyroclastic flows and a series of powerful explosions sending ash plumes 9,840 to 13,125 feet (3,000-4,000 m) into the air. The ash fell on the towns and villages of Nuevo Palmar, San Felipe Retalhuleu, Aldea Loma Linda, San Marcos Palajunoj El Patrocinio and others. Solar Activity: Solar wind flowed from a coronal hole on the Sun and would eventually trigger auroras and geomagnetic storms.

21st -- Full Moon (21h 14m) LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Thousands of mainly Shia Muslims in Baghdad, protesting against corruption and security failures, where met with soldiers who fired real and rubber bullets, and used tear gas to disperse the crowd (late on the 20th). It was reported that as many as ninety protesters were injuried and at least four were killed. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna in Sicily erupted with lava fountains and an ash plume, causing light ash to fall on villages and towns. Asia: Bangladesh: Cyclone Roanu slammed into coastal areas, forcing half a million to flee their homes, triggering floods, landslides and submerging homes, knocking out power, and killing at least sixty, most by lightning strikes and drowning. India: Phalodi state in the desert reached a record temperature of 124 F (51 C) amid a heatwave battering the country. The heatwave had already claimed dozens of lives in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Pakistan: Jacobabad also was hit with the heatwave with a record temperature of 125 F (52 C). Africa: Tanzania: More than a dozen unknown militants, carrying machetes and axes, attacked a mosque in the Mwanza district, killing at least three. North America: US: A multiple-day severe weather outbreak began, spanning from Montana and North Dakota to Texas, bringing thunderstorms, torrential downpours, damaging winds, flooding, large hail and isolated tornadoes. Canada: Crews continued to battle the raging Fort McMurray fire, which had shifted northward and was threatening nearby oil sands, forcing more evacuations. It was unknown if the fire might ignite the tar sands. South America: Chile: Violent protests brokeout in Valparaiso during the state-of-the-nation address by the country's president. Protesters set up barricades and hurled firebombs, while police fired tear gas and water cannon. Masked protestors burned down a pharmacy and supermarket, and many vehicles and buildings were damaged or destroyed, and at least one person was killed. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent a powerful eruption sending an ash plume 9,840 feet (3,000 m) into the air. Layers of ash coated buildings and cars, while hundreds went to the hospital, complaining of breathing difficulties and skin problems. Solar Activity: A G1-class geomagnetic storm erupted when the Earth passed through an arm of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field with negative polarity magnetic fields.

24th-25th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Yemen: An ISIS suicide car bomb targeted a military camp in Aden's Khor Maksar district, killing at least forty and wounding sixty (late on the 23rd). Syria: ISIS militants bombed parts of Jableh and Tartous on the Mediterranean coast, killing at least 148 and wounding at least two-hundred (late on the 23rd). About 30,000 Kurdish Popular Protection Units militia and the Syrian Democratic Forces began a campaign to expel ISIS militants from land north of Raqqa. They were also backed by US-led coalition and Russian warplanes. Iraq: Iraqi forces were battling ISIS militants in Falluja where there were about 50,000 civilians. The UN feared the fate of these civilians as ISIS snipers surrounded the city's exits and they faced acute shortages of food, medicine and other essential items. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna, in Sicily, again erupted with lava fountains and an ash plume. A section of the embankment of the River Arno in central Florence collapsed, forcing a part of the road and twenty cars into the newly formed ditch. Mediterranean: A migrant boat capsized after people on board rushed to one side after spotting a rescue ship. Italy's Bettica patrol boat rescued 562, while seven drowned. Many were still under the capsized boat. Another migrant boat with 108 migrants was rescued by the same ship, and at least another twenty drowned. Asia: Myanmar (Burma): Heavy rains in a jade-producing area in Hpakant, a town in the northern state of Kachin, triggered a landslide that killed at least twelve, while as many as one hundred others were still buried under the rubble. Thailand: The city of Taku Pa was deluged by 14.1 inches (360 mm) of rain that brought widespread flooding. Africa: Nigeria: A state of emergency was declared in the tomato sector in Kaduna state after a moth destroyed more than 80% of the tomatoes. The loss was estimated to be $5.1 million among a group of 200 farmers. Kenya: Opposition protests calling for electoral reforms were met with violence from poliice who were said to be brutal. At least three protesters were killed and dozens were wounded. Somalia/Kenya: Kenya's military sought out the militant group al-Shabab who had their convoy shot at in western Somalia. The fighting left twenty-one militants and five soldiers dead, and al-Shabab also wounded eight soldiers and burnt one military vehicle. Niger: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb carried out a rocket attack on a French-run uranium mine in the north, promising more attacks on corporate greed. North America: US: Rounds of severe weather plagued the central part of the country, bringing heavy downpours, damaging winds, large hail, isolated tornadoes and flooding stretching from Nebraska to Texas. A large tornado touched down close to Dodge City, Kansas, and the severe thunderstorm that produced it also produced multiple tornadoes. Reports put the number of tornadoes at thirty-five in five states that brought damages and destroyed at least two dozen homes, but only injuries, no deaths. In Kansas City 4.25 inches (110 mm) of rain fell along with golf-ball-sized hail. A storm system near the Bahamas was developing into a tropical system and would likely impact part of the East Coast. Pacific: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake (05-26; 21:08) was followed by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake (05-27; 22:38) strking south of Ndoi Island, Fiji. Solar Activity: Earth crossed an arm in the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field and entered a region filled with negative polarity magnetic fields that trigger geomagnetic storms and aurora.

29th -- Last Quarter (12h 12m) LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Iraqi government elite combat troops made progess in their offensive to drive ISIS militants from Falluja. However, the militants killed and injuried some Iraqi forces in a suicide car bomb attack, but was repelled with the help of combat helicopters. The town of Karma, now under control of government forces, is now a ghost town without a single citizen and streets filled with damaged and destroyed buildings and vehciles. Syria: ISIS militants attacked the rebel-held city of Marea with tanks and car bombs, capturing six villages around Azaz, near the Turish border (on the 28th). Tens of thousands of displaced civilians appeared to be trapped by the fighting. Europe: Ukraine: A fire broke out at a two-story building housing the elder in a village near Kiev, killing seventeen. Various: Powerful thunderstorms swept through numerous countries in Europe. Strong lightning strikes left at least one dead and as many as forty-nine others with serious injuries in Poland, France, Germany and elsewhere. In Germany a severe storm flooded streets, and extensive damage was caused by mudslides, leaving at least three dead in Baden-Württemberg. Africa: Mali: United Nations peacekeepers were travelling from Togo through the Mopti region when their vehicle was attacked and then the vehilce hit a landmine. Five peacekeepers were killed and several were wounded. It was not known who the attackers were, but it was suspected that the Macina Liberation Front, a jihadist group with suspected al-Qaeda links, was responsible. Australia: Thousands of demonstrators who were marching against racism clashed with protesters who were against immigration. Police used pepper spray to break up the clashes between the two rival groups. Many were injuried or arrested, and police were assaulted. North America: US: Previously a tropical storm, Bonnie continued to spread downpours across the East Coast triggering flash flooding, closing roads and causing travel delays. Relentless severe thunderstorms, downpours, hail and flooding continued to batter millions in the central states. In Texas the flooding was the worst ever seen with floodwaters reaching more than four feet (1,220 mm) above the previous record. At least six were left dead, and cities near the coast had forced evacuations. And the storms would continue to hit Texas in the following days, making matters worse. Flooding also swept parts of Kansas and South Carolina were at least eight were killed. South America: Venezuela: Unidentified gunmen ordered eleven people out of their homes and then shot them dead in Trujillo state. Atlantic: South: A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck north of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (05-28; 02:46). Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection flowing from a coronal hole triggered a geomagnetic storm and auroras.


1st-2nd -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Thousands of Kurdish and Arab fighters began a new front against ISIS in Manbij were airstrikes killed at least fifteen civilians. The clashes were fierce and intense. Meanwhile, the besieged Damascus suburb of Darayya was suffering dire shortages of food, clean water and medicine, but now got its first aid since November 2012. An ISIS motorcycle bomber targeted a mosque in the al-Qa'tour district of the port city of Latakia, killing and wounding several people as they left after prayers. Europe: Various: Incessant rains continued to deluge Germany, Austria, Bavaria and France, leaving behind massive destruction and damages. In Germany the government declared a state of emergency. Flood waters dragged along cars, trees and furniture from flooded homes. At least ten were killed in Germany, Bavaria and France. In France the flooding escalated, forcing the closing of the Louvre in Paris to move artwork as the Seine River rose further. Asia: Indonesia: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck west of Sungaipenuh (06-01; 15:56). Taiwan: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck east of Keelung (05-30; 22:23). Africa: Mali: Rockets or mortars were fired at the UN peacekeeping mission in Gao, killing one Peacekeeper and wounding three, and also wounding ten civilians. In a separate incident two private Malian security guards and an international expert were killed. Somalia: Attackers set off a car bomb at the gates outside of a hotel in Mogadishu, and then gunmen entered the hotel, killing at least fifteen and wounding at least fifty. Numerous buildings and vehicles were destroyed by the blast. Later the three attackers were killed in an overnight gunfight. Niger: The Niger Delta Avengers group destroyed oil wells operated by US energy firm Chevron. Libya: The bodies of at least twenty-five migrants who drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean washed up near the western city of Zuwara. It was suspected that more bodies would come ashore. North America: US: More rounds of strong storms raised the flood risk across the south-central states, including the already record-flooded Texas. In Texas there were strong flash floods in Houston and Dallas, livestock was moved to higher grounds, hundreds of homes were evacuated, thousands of rescues were performed, and schools and roads were closed. A military truck was swept away by flood waters at Fort Hood, Texas, killing at least three, while six were still missing. The Texas govenor declared a state of disaster in thirty-one counties. Pacific: North Central: Two new lava flows emerged from Kilauea, a volcano in Hawaii. Solar Activity: An incoming solar wind stream flowed from a coronal hole on the Sun.

5th -- New Moon (3h 00m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: The Iraqi army nearly encircled the city of Falluja, with the exception of the western bank of the Euphrates river, meeting strong resistance from ISIS militants. Hundreds tried to flee the city, leaving their belongings behind, only to be shot dead by ISIS snipers. Europe: Belgium: A passenger train crashed into the back of a freight train traveling at high speed in the twon of Hermalle-sous-Huy, near Liege, killing at least three and injuring forty. Germany: The sold-out Rock am Ring music festival's last day was cancelled after eighty fans were struck by lightning in bad weather. Most of the 92,000 fans at the event ran for shelter. Asia: Kazakhstan: Suspected ISIS militants attacked two gun shops and an army unit. They targeted the shops, killing three and then seized a bus to break through the gates of the army unit, killing three and wounding nine soldiers. Four of the attackers were killed in shootouts with police, while some escaped, triggering a manhunt in the city of Aktobe. Afghanistan: A bomb exploded outside the house of a military policeman killing him and three civilians. In a separate incident, Taliban gunmen in police uniform stormed a court in Puli Alam, killing at least seven and wounding more than twenty. They claimed that these events were in retaliation for the execution of sixteen Taliban who were responsible for a bombing that killed sixty-four. Indonesia: A 6.3 maagnitude earthquake struck southwest of Leksula (06-05; 09:25). Kerinci volcano in Sumatra erupted with an ash plume rising 2,625 feet (800 m) into the air. Africa: Kenya: Nairobi's police chief warned opposition protesters not to take part in the demonstration "if you value your life". Niger: "Hundreds" of Boko Haram militants attacked a military post in the town of Bosso, killing at least thirty-two soldiers; numerous Boko Haram militants also died (on the 4th). Tens of thousands of the residents fled into the bush. Chad would later send troops to help repel the Boko Haram as they were near their border. Australia: Powerful, massive storms triggered flooding as rivers overflowed, and strong winds uprooted trees and tore into beaches along the east coast, killing at least one. The storm then continued to slam areas of southern New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, destroying and damaging homes and buildings, closing roads, causing massive coastal erosion, and cancelling flights. North America: US: While Texas was still suffering from massive flooding, Tropical Storm Colin developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Colin would then slam into Florida, triggering widespread flooding, isolated tornadoes and powerful waves along the coast. Heavy rain would also spread to southern Georgia and the Carolina coastline. Mexico: Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Colin also swept along from near the Yucatan Peninsula to the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Solar Activity: A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras erupted over the South Pole as the Earth was swept by a stream of fast-moving solar wind.

8th-9th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Israel: Two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at two locations in Sarona Market - a shopping and restaurant area of central Tel Aviv - killing at least four and wounding six. The two locations were close to Israel's defence ministry and main army headquarters. Syria: Airstrikes on rebel-held areas in the city of Aleppo destroyed three hospitals and numerous buildings, killing at least fifteen and wounding dozens. In a separate incident, ISIS militants reinforced frontlines around the towns of Tabqa and Manbij, where government and Kurdish forces launched offensives. Libya: Government forces fought to recapture the city of Sirte from ISIS using missles, groud troops and airstrikes. Iraq: Two suicide attacks took place in Baghdad. The first attack targeted a commercial area in a mainly Shia district, leaving nineteen dead. The second targeted an army checkpoint in Taji, killing eleven. Europe: Various: Heavy weather continued to batter parts of Europe. In Belgium, torrential rains destroyed buildings and sent vehicles down streets turned into rivers. Several countries were hit with powerful lighning that struck homes and trees, causing power outages and damaging vehicles. In Germany, a tornado was seen over the city of Hamburg. More 70,000 reports of thunder were indicated in parts of France, especially the Pas-de-Calais region. In the UK, torrential downpours in the Midlands and London triggered widespread flash floods, as many were rescued on top of houses and vehicles. Asia: Indonesia: Student protests on the University of Papua New Guinea were met with police who opened fire killing four and wounding twenty-three. The protests were against the Prime Minister who was seen as unfit for office. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kota Ternate (06-07; 12:15), and a 6.2 quake struck south of Kute (06-08; 21:13). Afghanistan: Taliban gunmen stopped buses and kidnapped as many as forty people on the main road that runs through the province of Kunduz. Pakistan: The temperature in Sie reached a blistering 124 degrees F (51 degrees C). China: Heavy rains began that would continue for days triggering widespread flooding and destruction. Africa: Somalia: The militant group al-Shabab attacked an African Union base, killing at least sixty Ethiopian soldiers. The African Union repulsed the attack, killing 110 militants. In a separate incident, another 240 militants were killed during an attack in Halgan, north of Mogadishu. Ghana: Heavy downpours in the capital city of Accra triggered widespread flooding, forcing the evacuation of buildings, closing streets and damaging infrastructure. North America: Mexico: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck south of San Patricio (06-07; 03:51). US: The remnants of Tropical Storm Colin continued to drench areas from the Florida Keys to the southern part of Florida, bringing heaavy rain that triggered widespread flooding, damaged buildings and vehicles, and caused travel delays. Central America: Nicaragua: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck east of Puerto Morazan (06-09; 20:25). Pacific: East Central: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck west of Auki, Solomon Islands (06-09; 21:17). Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2552 emerged on the Sun's northern hemisphere. Earth passed through a solar sector boundary crossing of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, triggering geomagnetic activity and auroras.

12th -- First Quarter (8h 10m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Three ISIS militants - two carrying explosives and one with a car bomb - carried out attacks in Sayyida Zeinab, a predominantly Shia area, killing at least twelve and wounding at least fifty-five. Libya: Government forces retook control of the port in the city of Sirte, after fierce fighting with ISIS militants. Europe: UK: Heavy rains triggered flash floods that struck Poynton, Disley and Stockport, and caused widespread disruption across parts of Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Houses and roads were submerged, people were rescued by boats, and a landslide disrupted the train line between Stockport to Disley. More rain was expected. Asia: China: A man set off an explosive device at Shanghai International airport, injuring four, and then stabbed himself in the neck. Kazakhstan: Security forces killed five suspects linked to attacks in the city of Aktobe. In one instance the suspects shot three civilians at two gun shops, another man was shot dead after opening fire, and then three soldiers were killed at a military base. Africa: Eritrea/Ethopia: Eritrea launched an assault on Ethiopian forces leading to heavy fighting on the mutual border near the town of Tsorona. There were significant casualties on both sides. The Eritrea forces alone killed more than 200 Ethiopian troops and wounded 300 others. Libya: Twelve prisoners who once were accused of taking part in the killings and torture of protesters opposed to former-ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 were recently granted conditional release by the courts. All twelve were found shot dead a day later in different parts of Tripoli. Uganda: Gunmen attacked a police station in the town of Gulu in an attempt to rescue a opposition politician. The attackers battled with police before fleeing, abandoning five rifles and a machine gun. North America: US: A gunman claiming allegence to ISIS entered a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and opened fire. At least forty-nine people were killed and at least fifty were injuried, most of them critically, before he was shot dead by police. A multi-day severe storm swept from North Dakota to parts of Oklahoma were there was severe, widespread flooding. There were torrential downpours, hail, damaging winds, thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes. Florida was still being affected by the remnants of Tropical Storm Colin, leaving behind widespread flooding. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano erupted, sending an ash plume 1.5 miles (2.44 km) into the air, and producing pyroclastic flows and mudslides. A 7.5-mile (12-km) radius around the crater was closed to visitors.

15th-16th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Libya: Fighting to dislodge the ISIS miltants from its stronghold in Sirte, left nine fighters allied with the UN-backed government dead and fifty others wounded. A suicide bomber targeted a police station in the town of Abughrain killing ten and wounding fifteen. Yemen: More than 300 Somali migrants that were headed for Saudi Arabia were being held captive in Yemen by a militia group that demanded a ransom for their release. Europe: Germany: A recently-built section of a bridge, and the scaffolding around it, near the town of Werneck, northern Bavaria, fell onto workers, killing at least two and trapping as many as eighteen under the debris. France: At least 75,000 protesters in Paris demonstrating against a labor reform bill turned violent, injuring at least forty (including 29 police officers). Several hundred masked people threw pieces of concrete, set bins on fire and smashed some shop windows, as police responded with tear gas and water cannon. In a separate incident, repeated clashes took place between French police and soccer fans at the Euro 2016 tournament in Lille, leading to the arrest of thirty-six fans. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Protesters and police fought over the alleged desecration of a local Hindu temple in the Hindu-dominated Jammu region. The protesters damaged property and threw stones a day after a mentally-ill man threw stones at the temple. Some also accused police of hitting a temple priest in the unrest. China: Heavy rains that began a week ago (see the entry of the 8th-9th) triggered widespread flooding, killing at least one, while five were missing, and destroying 1,100 homes and forcing 16,000 to evacuate. Vehicles were swept along roads that had turned into rivers. Africa: Kenya/Somalia: A massive build-up of heavily armed Kenyan troops took place along the border with Somalia, and Kenya also shutdown the roadway between the two countries. It was unclear why, as the government did not respond as to their intentions. Uganda: A soldier went on a shooting spree at a military police barracks in Kampala, killing seven, including three children, afterwhich he was shot dead. Democratic Republic of the Congo: South African troops from the UN Force Intervention Brigade fired on Kobo and Nande militiamen after they tried to prevent workers from giving out food to Hutu civilians in a displacement camp in the town of Buleusa in North Kivu province, eleven militiamen were wounded while the rest fled. North America: US: Severe stroms brought hail, damaging wind gusts and flooding from Indiana, southeastward to Ohio and Kentucky. The storms then intensified and moved southeastward into western Maryland, much of Virginia, eastern Tennessee and northwestern North Carolina triggering widespread flooding. A storm off the Atlantic Coast developed and would produce rough surf, downpours and flooding along the East Coast. In the Southwest oppressive heat sent temperatures to near and past record highs. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent a new phase of activity with quakes and an ash plume that rained ash on areas of the Valle Central. South America: Venezuela: Food shortages lead to rioting and looting at over 100 shops in the coastal town of Cumana, leaving one dead and more than 400 arrests. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Isangel, Vanuatu (06-14; 06:49). Solar Activity: Interation with the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field triggered a potent, G2-class geomagnetic storm. Red sprites - high-altitude glowing, upward discharges - and green airglow began to form in the Earth's upper atmosphere. A coronal mass ejection took place on the farside of the Sun away from Earth, but could turn towards Earth later.

20th -- Full Moon (11h 02m) and Solstice HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Government forces swept into northern areas of Falluja, after pushing ISIS militants from the center of the city. The fighting was intense but no reports of causalties were available. Iran: A plot by Sunni militants to bomb targets in Tehran and other cities was foiled when officials arrested the militants and seized their explosives. Syria: Government forces advanced ISIS-occupied Tabqa air base in the north, pushing the extremist group from Raqqa. Jordan: ISIS miltants carried out a suicide truck-bomb attack that targeted ans killed six Jordanian security personnel on the border with Syria. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a minibus carrying Nepali security guards who were working at the Canadian embassy in Kabul, killing at least twenty and wounding at least two. Shorty afterward, a suicide bomber on a motorbike targeted a crowded market in the province of Badakhshan, killing eight and wounding fourteen. India: Numerous lightning strikes in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh left nearly one hundred dead and twenty injuired. Africa: Kenya: Militant, al-Shabab gunmen targeted a police vehicle with a rocket-propelled grenade as it was escorting a commuter bus from Mandera town to Wajir town, killing five and wounding four policemen, and then the militants torching police vehicle. South Africa: Rioting in Pretoria took place with shops being looted, buildings and vehicles being set ablaze and killing at least three - fifty were arrested (late on the 19th). North America: Mexico: A teachers protest in Oaxaca turned violent when police tried to clear the roads and unknown gunmen began firing at both sides to create chaos and conflict. The insuing result brought about fightng between protesters and police, leaving at least six dead and more than 100 injuried. Vehicles, roads and buildings were set ablaze. In Nuevo Leon the temperature hit a scorching 121 degrees F (44 C). Tropical Storm Danielle began to strengthen in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and would bring heavy rains, flooding, mudslides and rought surf along the east coast across the states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz, and the cities of Ciudad Victoria and Tampico. US: Record-breaking heat also baked the Southwest. In Arizona, the heat took four hikers' lives, and a Mesa Airlines flight was forced to turn back to its Houston departure point because the heat was so intense that it made the atmosphere less dense, preventing lift and increasing the potential for a crash. In California the temperature reached 122 to 123 degrees F (50-50.5 C) in Needles, Palm Springs and Death Valley. Wildfires swept the southwest as well, leaving dozens of homes and other structures destroyed. In Los Angeles the heatwave fueled wildfires forcing the evacuation of hundreds. In the Northeast, torrential downpours, damaging winds and hail wrecked havoc with damaging thunderstorms, flooding, and travel delays. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Isangel, Vanuatu (06-19: 02:47). A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Namatanai, Papua New (06-21; 10:12). Atlantic: A 6.1 magnnitude earthquake struck the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (06-21; 09:26). Solar Activity: Noctilucent clouds - night shining clouds that form blue ripples far above the Earth's surface - were seen in Canada, Alaska and many countries in Europe.

23rd-24th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: A coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters advanced into the strategically ISIS-held Manbij, leading to heavy clashes. Sixty-three of the Syrian Democratic Forces and at least 458 ISIS militants were killed in the clashes since they began. Syrian or Russian airstrikes hit heavily crowded areas in the town of al-Quria in Deir al-Zor province, killing twenty-seven children, dozens of others, and made rubble of numerous buildings and homes. Libya: Pro-government forces, along with help from UK and US Special Forces, fought against ISIS in the city of Sirte, leaving "a lot of casualties". Europe: UK: Torrential, heavy rain - a month's worth in less than a day - swept across London and southeast England, bringing widespread flooding, lightning damages, and forcing the shutdown of rail services and road travel. At least 400 rescues took place. A vote for Britain to leave the European Union sent some stocks tumbling with the Dow dropping over 600 points, and caused the loss of $657 billion for the US alone. Africa: South Sudan: Fighting broke out between armed groups and government forces around the town of Wau, leaving at least forty-three dead. The United Nations indicated that around 12,000 people had sought refuge around its base in Wau. Asia: China: A tornado, torrential rains and hail swept through the outskirts of the city of Yancheng, in the province of Jiangsuha, killing at least 100 and injuring nearly 800. Homes were destroyed, rains brought widespread flooding, and many became homeless. Africa: South Africa: Rioting in Pretoria continued with shops being looted, buildings and vehicles being set ablaze and at least five being killed. At least 150 people were arrested. In a separate incident, a train collision took place in the coastal city of Durban, injuring at least seventy. North America: US: At least six tornadoes swept through northern Illinois, as powerful storms swept across the upper Midwest, damaging homes and businesses. An EF-2 tornado with wind speeds of 115 to 125 mph (185-200 kph) carved a path more than 11 miles long and about four football fields wide through the city of Pontiac, injuring four. Severe thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds and flash flooding swept parts of the mid-Atlantic states and the Ohio and Tennessee valleys. As a result, West Virginia was pounded with 7 to 9 inches (180-230 mm) of rain in a few hours, triggering massive widespread flooding. The govenor declared a state of emergency for 44 out 55 counties. The flooding consumed houses and buildings, destroying at least 100 homes, carried vehicles down roads turned into rivers, destroyed infrastructure, knocked out power, and killed at least twenty. A wildfire destroyed at least eighty buildings, killed two, and forced hundreds to flee their homes in town of Lake Isabella, California. The fire spread rapidly with at least 1,500 more buildings at risk of destruction. Mexico: A tropical system was drifting across the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, along the Bay of Campeche. It would bring torrential downpours, flooding and rough surf to eastern Mexico. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream was headed towards Earth and was expected to trigger a geomagnetic storm.

27th -- Late Quarter HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: Two suicide bombers and other militants carried out at least seven simultaneous attacks involving suicide bombers, a car bomb, a bomb concealed in a box of food and an improvised explosive device, killing at least forty-three and wounded twenty-four in the port city of Mukalla. The attacks were believed to be carried out by the militant, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Emirati forces from the Saudi-led coalition, then guarded the city's port and airport, and sealed off several main streets. Europe: Croatia: It took less than an hour of intense storms with strong winds, heavy rain and hailstones to flood towns and cities where trees were downed, vehilces were damaged and houses were submerged. Turkey: Three attackers arrived at Istanbul's Ataturk airport and opened fire, afterwhich police began to fire back and the attackers then blew themselves up. The scene was left with at least forty-two dead and 239 injured, 41 of which were put in intensive care (on the 28th). Asia: Kyrgyzstan: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck south of Sary-Tash (06-26; 11:17). Africa: Madagascar: A national day of celebrations were interupted when a grenade was detonated at a free concert in the Mahamasina stadium in Antananarivo, killing two and wounding eighty. Nigeria: Two suicide bombers whose bombs exploded prematurely in Maiduguri city, and thereby killed themselves. North America: US: About thirty members of a white supremacist group were holding a rally outside the California State Capitol in Sacramento, when about 400 counter-protesters turned up and fights broke out. At least ten were treated for stab wounds, cuts and bruises, two seriously. In West Virginia the rains continued, leaving at least twenty-four dead, more than a hundred homes destroyed, turned rivers and streams into torrents, cutting off several towns, and more than 30,000 homes and businesses without power. The president declared the state a major disaster area. A storm developed in the Rocky Mountains and would bring severe storms with torrential downpours of a few iches an hour, large hail the size of tennis balls, and damaging winds near huricane-force to parts of Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. South America: Colombia: A helicopter crashed northwest of Bogota, in Antioquia province, killing seventeen policemen. It was suggested that the crash was due to bad weather. Chile and Argentina: Calbuco volcano - on the border of the two countries - underwent a significant increase in seismicity as the volcano was supplied with fresh magma, and that an eruption could take place soon. Central America: Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano in Santa Maria underwent an explosive eruption sending an ash plume 16,400 feet (5,000 m) into the air and rained ash on nearby communities while generating pyroclastic flows as well. A warning indicated that heavy rainfalls could trigger dangerous mudslides. Solar Activity: A solar eruption took place hurling a cloud of plasma over the Sun's eastern limb on the farside of the Sun.

30th-July 1st -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: A coalition airstrike near the city of Mosul killed two senior ISIS military leaders - the deputy minister of war, who oversaw Mosul's capture in 2014, and a senior military commander. Israel: The city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank was closed off, following an increase in deadly attacks. The closure took place after a Palestinian gunman shot and killed an Israeli man, and his wife and two children were wounded after their car crashed and turned over. Asia: Afghanistan: Two Taliban bombers attacked a police convoy carrying police-cadet graduates outside Kabul, killing at least thirty and wounding fifty. The first bomber targeted one bus and then when rescuers began to arrive the second bomber drove an explosives-laden car into the vehicles. Pakistan: Government forces killed three suspected members of a militant group as part of a crackdown following attacks on security personnel. Four soldiers and four policemen were gunned down by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militants a couple of days prior. India: A fire broke out at a pharmacy in the city of Mumbai, killing eight who were asleep on the first floor. Either a gas cylinder exploding or a circuit shorted, triggering the fire. Bangladesh: Eight or nine armed men stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in the Gulshan district of Dhaka, taking as many as twenty foreigners hostage. A gun battle took place between the ISIS gunmen and police, leaving two policemen dead and thirty wounded. The attack that left twenty-eight dead, including six attackers and twenty of the hostages. Africa: Libya: An inflatable boat carrying migrants capsized in the Mediterranean while sea conditions included high winds and waves, drowning at least ten, while more than one hundred were rescued. Somalia: A bomber targeted a bus that was being escorted by a military vehicle in Mogadishu, killing at least eighteen. It was uncertain who undertook the bombing, but al-Shabab militants have repeatedly targeted both government officials and the public. Cameroon: A suicide bomber targeted a mosque where Muslims gathered under a tent in Djakana town, killing at least ten and injuring dozens. South Africa and Zimbabwe: Protesters forced the closure of the countries' common border at Beitbridge. The demonstrators were protesting a new Zimbabwean regulation banning the importation of local goods. Kenya: Gunmen targeted two buses in Mandera county, killing at least six. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms along with damaging winds, hail, flash flooding and tornadoes swept the Northeast. In San Tan, Arizona, powerful winds toppled powerlines, signs and damaged houses. In Las Vegas, Nevada, a sudden, unexpected downpour brought widespread flooding turning streets into rivers that swept away vehicles. Pacific: North Central: Kilauea volcano erupted with a new lava flow that was rapidly headed towards the ocean. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake also shook the region (07/01; 00:36).


Note: See previous entry for July 1st.

4th -- New Moon (11h 01m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: An ISIS suicide car bomber targeted a busy shopping street in central Baghdad, killing at least 281 and wounding about 225, many critically (on the 3rd). The attack was timed to cause maximum loss of life by considering that after breaking their fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan people would be out and about. Saudi Arabia: A suicide bomber targeted a mosque in Medina, killing four and wounding five. Thousands of worshippers were about to hold sunset prayers when the attacker set off the bomb because security officers became suspicious of him. Another suicide bomber in Jeddah wounded two. In Qatif another two explosions were reported near a mosque - one was a suicide bomber who wounded two others near the US consulate. Kuwait: Authorities thwarted three planned attacks by ISIS, including a plot to blow up a Shia mosque. Asia: China: Heavy rains (4-10 inches; 100-500 mm) fell on seven provinces, as the storms swept across central and southern parts of the country, triggering widespread flooding. Flooding along the Yangtze River alone left at least 186 dead. At least forty-five were missing and 33 million were affected in 26 provinces. The floodwaters washed away railway lines, vehicles, buildings, bridges, and shut down roads that became rivers. About 1.4 million people were relocated and 56,000 houses were destroyed. Villages near Wuhan in Hubei Province, large areas of Jiangxi Province and the city of Bijie in Guizhou Province were submerged. Pakistan and India: Heavy monsoon rains triggered widespread flooding leaving at least fifty-eight dead, and washing away houses and vehicles. Floods in the Chitral district of Pakistan damaged houses and a mosque, killing at least thirty, and floods and landslides in India's Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh states killed at least twenty-eight. Several villages were buried in landslides and mudslides. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano in Sumatra erupted sending an ash plume 4,920 feet (1,500 m) into the air. Japan: Tropical Storm Nepartak was soon to become a powerful typhoon, targeting the Ryukyu Islands. Flooding rainfall of 5-10 inches (125-250 mm), destructive hurricane-force winds with gusts of 100-130 mph (160-210 kph) and rough seas were ushered in. Taiwan, eastern China and South Korea: Tropical Storm Nepartak would also effect Southeast Asia in the days that followed. Africa: Zimbabwe: Unrest began when bus drivers in Harare erected barricades in a protest against harassment and roadblocks by police who demanded bribes. Police used tear gas and water cannons to break up the protest, and later beat up protesters. Nigeria: Three female Boko Haram militants tried to attack people as they were collecting water at a well near a town in Borno state. Soldiers shot two dead and two civilians were injured when the suicide bombs went off. The third bomber blew herself up as she traveled down a road - it was uncertain if that explosion caused any injuries or casualties. Kenya: Hundreds of Kenyans took to the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa to protest three policemen who murdered three people found in a river last week. North America: Mexico: Roadblocks set up by protesting teachers created food shortages, forcing the air force to fly in tons of grain into Oaxaca state. US: Heavy thuderstorms brought flooding to an area from the Ohio Valley to the southern portion of the Northeast. Solar Activity: In spite of very low solar activity the northern regions displayed auroras and noctilucent clouds. The Earth passed through a region of space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field triggering these effects.

7th-8th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: Gunmen and two suicide car-bomb attackers targeted Central Security headquarters in Khormaksar, near Aden's airport. Fierce battles ensued leaving at least ten Yemeni soldiers and numerous attackers. Syria: After heavy fighting and airstrikes, government forces cut off the only road - Castello Road - into rebel-held areas of the city of Aleppo. Iraq: Suicide bombers and gunmen targeted a Shia shrine in the town of Balad, killing at least thirty-five and wounded dozens. One ISIS bomber blew himself up outside, allowing the gunmen to enter, and the other bomber blew himself up as many were running out of the shrine. Europe: UK: In Birmingham a recycling site's retaining wall holding scrap metal collapsed, killing five Gambian nationals. Russia: Alaid volcano on the Kurile Islands erupted with fresh lava, a new cinder cone and an opening in the crater wall with a lava flow. Klyuchevskoy volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted with an active lava flow and ash emissions. Asia: Bangladesh: About 300,000 gathered for Eid prayers at the Sholakia field in Kishoreganj district when militants attacked a security checkpoint with bombs and gunfire. Four, including two officers and one attacker, were killed. Taiwan: Typhoon Nepartak strengthened into a category five storm - a super typhoon - packing winds of 175 mph (282 kph), triggering widespread flooding and mudslides. At least two were killed and sixty-six injuried, and more than 15,000 fled their homes. The storm then headed for China's north and central provinces. Indonesia: Crowds, travelling back home to their villages at the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, converged at a single traffic junction, where building work forced them to wait. What followed was traffic filled up three lanes for several days on the island of Java, and the wait brought on dehydration and exhaustion that killed at least twelve. Africa: Ghana: A stampede erupted at a party to mark the end of Ramadan in the city of Kumasi, leaving nine dead and injuring several. South Sudan: A shootout between opposing army factions in the capital left five South Sudanese soliders dead. A day later, heavy gunfire and big explosions erupted outside the president's compound and a UN base in Juba sheltering thousands of civilians. Both civlilians and soldiers were wounded, as many as 150 were killed, and fears emerged that the country might again be plunged into civil war. Nigeria: A Boko Haram suicide bomber targeted a mosque in the town of Damboa, killing six and wounding one. Another bomber failed to enter the mosque when security stopped him. Central African Republic: Renewed fighting forced thousands to flee to neighboring Chad and Cameroon. North America: US: Damaging and life-threatening thunderstorms swept areas from upper New York to Pennsylvania and Kentucky. They then moved farther east, battering areas from New York City to Washington, DC. A heat wave extended across much of the northeast and southeast, pushing temperatures into the 100s and 90s (32-38 C). A group of non-violent protesters in Dallas, Texas, were protesting those police who were resonsible for two unjustified killings of black men in Louisianna and Minnesota, when a sniper shot at police who were maintaining the peace, killing five and wounding seven policemen. Solar Activity: A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras around the poles were triggered when the Earth entered a stream of solar wind. A high-speed stream of solar wind flowed from an enormous coronal hole in the Sun's surface, engulfing Earth.

12th -- First Quarter (0h 52m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Rebel fighters launched an assault on government-held districts of Aleppo, with a barage of hundreds of shells. The attack left at least eight dead and dozens wounded. Europe: Italy: A head-on collision between two passenger trains left at least twenty-five dead and many more injured (some critically). It was unclear why the trains were on a single-track between the towns of Bari and Barletta. The powerful, sudden impact at high speed left the leading cars unrecognizable. A violent storm swept through Novara, damaging buildings and causing power outages. Russia: Alaid volcano in the Kurile Islands entered a new eruptive phase that produced lava flows. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Hundreds of protesters took to the streets following the shooting of a well-known militant leader. Government forces fired live rounds and tear gas at the protesters, leaving at least thirty dead and wounding more than 200. A curfew was put in place after a police post was set on fire and a military airbase was targeted. Indonesia: Bromo volcano in East Java erupted sending an ash plume 3,940 feet (1,200 m) and drifted over Malang, forcing a temporary closure of the city's regional Abdul Rachman Saleh airport. Africa: Niger: The Nigerian militant group known as the Niger Delta Avengers blew up another oil facility in the country's oil-producing region. South Sudan: Violent fighting left more than 200 dead, including at least sixteen Kenyan and six Ugandan truck drivers caught in the crossfire on their way from Juba. An uneasy truce followed. Mali: Protesters in the city of Gao were demonstrating against the introduction of a new interim authority in the region. Soldiers opened fire on the protesters killing at least two and wounding dozens. Australia and New Zealand: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck northeast Raoul Island, New Zealand (07-13; 12:11). North America: US: Locally severe storms battered parts of the central Plains and middle Mississippi Valley as well as parts of the Great Lakes, triggering flash floods, property damage, damaging wind gusts, large hail and disrupting travel. South America: Ecuador: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Rosa Zarate (07-11; 02:11). Pacific: Southwest: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck of Hihifo, Tonga (07-10; 13:41). Solar Activity: Solar winds triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras at both poles.

15th-16th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Government or Russian planes undertook airstrikes on rebel-held areas in the east of the city of Aleppo, killing at least twenty-eight. In one instance, a hospital was hit, wounding staff and patients. A number of barrel bombs were dropped, wounding dozens and destroying homes and other buildings. Europe: France: A Tunisian-born man, living in Nice, drove a truck at high speed into a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks in the city of Nice, killing at least eighty-four and injuring more than two hundred. It was unknown whether he worked alone or was part of a terrorist group - ISIS claimed the attack was their's days later. Turkey: Blasts shook the parliament building in Ankara and two large explosions took place near Istanbul's central Taksim Square. In an attempted coup, an army group claimed it had taken over the country, and positioned soldiers at strategic points in Istanbul and sent jets flying low in Ankara. The CNN Turkish broadcast station was also briefly taken over by soldiers. Seventeen police officers were killed in a helicopter attack on police special forces headquarters near Ankara. Turkish Air Force planes downed the helicopters. In all nearly 300 were killed. The president etablished a curfew and martial law, and detained 9,000 - the situation was largely under control, along with a no-fly zone over Ankara. The next day thousands gathered in Istanbul and other cities to defend democracy. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Several leading newspapers were raided by police who seized printing plates and thousands of editions. Cable television was also shut down in an attempt to stem the violence that took at least forty lives over the week (see previous lunar phase). Indonesia: Sinabung volcano, in Sumatra, underwent powerful explosions, glowing avalanches, and violent pyroclastic flows, sending an ash plume 15,000 feet (4,500 m) into the air. Bromo volcano, in East Java, sent ash plumes 3,280 feet (500-1000 m) into the air. North America: US: Severe storms brought heavy rain, strong winds, thunder, lightning and flooding to Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma. A similar scene swept Arkansas where streets became rivers that carried vehicles down roads. A second round of severe thunderstorms with large hail and powerful winds also swept across the Plains, hitting Nebraska, Oklahoma and northeast Texas. Central America: Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano underwent a strong explosion at the Caliente lava dome, sending an ash plume 16,400 feet (5,000 m) into the air. Solar Activity: Big sunspots AR2565 and AR2567 emerged on the Sun's surface, directly facing Earth, and one of them had an unstable magnetic field that poses a threat for M-class solar flares and auroras in the days that follow.

19th -- Full Moon (22h 57m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Coalition airstrikes took place near the ISIS stronghold of Manbij, killing ninety, fifty-six of which were civlians. Europe: Turkey: The country was still being affected by the failed coup with the president ordering more than 1,500 university deans to resign and revoking the licences of 21,000 teachers working at private schools. In addition, 6,000 soldiers were arrested, almost 9,000 police officers were fired, nearly 3,000 judges were suspended, and so forth, totaling about 45,000 since the failed coup (see the previous lunar phase). France: In Paris vandals set fire to an electrical transformer at the Gare du Nord railway station, causing the cancelation of rail travel. The station was a key national and international hub, with trains departing to various European capitals. UK: A major heatwave swept across northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and Wales, afterwhich heavy rain and thunderstorms triggered widespread flooding and quilled the heatwave. Asia: Taiwan: A bus crashed into a barrier on a national highway and caught fire, killing at least twenty-six Chinese tourists aboard and the driver. India: A clash took place between security forces and Maoist rebels in Bihar state, leaving at least ten paramilitary soldiers dead (late evening on the 18th). Heavy monsoon rains triggered widespread flooding, landslides and road accidents, leaving at least twelve dead. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano on the Ryukyu Islands erupted sending nearly constant ash plumes several hundred feet into the air. Africa: Mali: Heavily armed men attacked a military base in the town of Nampala, killing at least seventeen soldiers, wounding another thirty, and set parts of the base on fire. Ivory Coast (aka, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire): Police clashed with a group of protesting students on the campus of Felix Houphouet Boigny University, in Abidjan city. During the protest at least forty students were arrested and a dozen wounded, and several vehicles were burnt down by police. North America: US: The central part of the country was engulfed in triple-digit heatwave with temperatures rangng fom 100 to 120 degress F (38-49 C). Heavy rains deluded Relign, North Carolina with six inches of rain in less than an hour, trigering widespread flooding. In Iowa severe storms ripped house apart. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection reached Earth, triggering a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras.

22nd-23rd -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: The Thuwwar al-Sham rebel group blew up a tunnel underneath a building in the city of Aleppo, completely destroying it, and killing at least thirty-eight troops. I n addition, government forces backed by Russian airstrikes intensified their bombardment of the rebel-held areas. Iraq: Government offices were shutdown and streets were emptied as summer temperatures reached 127 F (53 C), nearing the highest recorded in the country. Shortages of power, drinking water, and a military assault on Falluja made things worse. The next day, an ISIS suicide bomber targeted the predominately Shia town of Khalis, killing at least seventeen and wounding twenty. Europe: Germany: A gunman or gunmen opened fire in a Munich shopping center, killing nine and wounding sixteen, three critically. Only one suspect was found dead, and the railway system was suspended and the center hub was evacuated. In a separate incident, a Syrian immigrant detonated a bomb, killing himself and injuring fifteen. Asia: Afghanistan: One of two ISIS fighters detonated an explosive belt targeting a gathering of Shia muslims, killing at least eighty and wounding 230 in what was described as a "war crime". Another two attackers wer killed by security forces. The following day thousands marched in a day of mourning. China: Floods and landslides in the north and central parts of the country killed at least 150, with dozens missing and hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes. In Hebei province alone 111 were missing and 53,000 houses destroyed. More than 1.5 million hectares (3.7 million acres) of crops were lost - in excess of $3 billion. Africa: Libya: Fourteen bodies were found near the city of Benghazi, all had been shot in the head, execution-style. Somalia: Suspected al-Shabab militants attacked a Burundi army base on the outskirts of Mogadishu - heavy casualties were reported, but not the exact number. Mali: Fighting erupted between Tuareg rebels and the pro-government militia in the town of Kidal. North America: US: Fast-moving wildfires in the mountains north of Los Angeles, California, near the city of Santa Clarita, forced hundreds to flee their homes. About 1,000 homes were in danger, eighteen of which were already destroyed but if the situation worsened along with strong winds and dry conditions, up to 45,000 homes would be at risk. A double waterspout formed off the coast of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The eastern states continued to swelter with above-average temperatures. This heat triggered severe storms with hevy winds that downed trees and powerlines, leaving one man dead in Vermont. South America: Brazil: Police arrested ten people allied with a group alleged to be preparing to undertake terrorist attacks, two weeks before the start of the Olympic Games. Pacific: Central: Tropical Storm Darby strengthened less than 200 miles from the Big Island of Hawaii. And would bring locally heavy rain and high surf to parts of the islands. Solar Activity: Disappearing sunspot complex AR2565-AR2567 exploded twice with two strong solar flares in quick succession - the strongest of 2016. When engulfing Earth they caused a blackout of shortwave radio transmissions over the Pacific side of the Earth, geomagnetic storms and auroras.

26th -- Last Quarter (23h 00m) MODERATE

Europe: Germany: A shooting took place in a shopping mall in Munich, killing several and wounding several. Asia: Japan: A knife attack took place at a mental hospital in the city of Sagamihara, killing nineteen and wounding twenty-five (twenty seriously). The motive he claimed was that the severely disabled should be euthanised. Afghanistan: A military operation in Nangarhar left about 120 miltants dead, including a major ISIS leader and founder of ISIS groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bangladesh: A gun battle erupted in Dhaka between a miltant group and the police, after the police were attacked by handmade bombs. The police killed nine of the miltants. Africa: South Africa: The roof of a shopping mall collapsed in the town of Tembisa, injuring several people. A tornado swept through the area, but it was not clear if it caused the damage. Somalia: One bomber detonated his vehicle outside the UN compound office as a second bomber targeted a checkpoint manned near the African Union base in Mogadishu, killing at least thirteen security guards. The militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility. North America: US: A shooting took place at a nightclub hosting a party for teenagers in the city of Fort Myers, Florida, killing two and wounding sixteen. It was not a terroist incident. Dangerous storms swept across the Northeast as the region was toasted by an excessive heatwave. South America: Chile: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Diego de Almagro (07-25; 17:26). Pacific: Southeast: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea (07-25; 19:38). Solar Activity: A high speed stream of solar wind hit Earth's magnetic field, while the edge of a coronal mass ejection delivered a glancing blow at about the same time.

29th-30th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: An airstrike destroyed part of a Save the Children maternity hospital in Kafer Takhareem, killing at least two and wounding several. A nearby civil defence building was also hit and destroyed. Coalition airstrikes also hit a village near Manbij, killing twenty-eight civilians. Still under intense bombardment, about 300,000 continued to be trapped in rebel-held eastern Aleppo. Running out of food and water, a "humanitarian corridor" was opened up for aid, but the opposition said it was "not for getting aid in, but driving people out" so that the government could capture the entire city. Europe: Turkey: The Turkish military clashed with Kurdish militants who tried to storm a military base in the Cukurca district of Hakkari province near the Iraqi border. The clash left thirty-five Kurdish militants dead. Asia: South Asia (various): Torrential monsoon rains brought chaos to several countries, triggering widespread flooding and landslides that killed more than 100, displaced hundreds of thousands, and submerged vast areas of farmland and roads. The countries affected were Bangladesh, India and Nepal, and it involved millions of people. A similar fate brought heavy rains and flooding to the Phillipines as Tropical Depression Nida swept the islands. Tropical Depression Nida then headed for China and Taiwan. Vietnam: A possible tornado ripped through the Yên Phong industrial district in Bac Ninh Province, destroying everything in its path. Africa: Burundi: Violence and human rights violations continued to grow so much that the UN Security Council authorized sending 228 police for at least a year. Nigeria: The country's military carried out an airstrike on a base of oil militants in the Arepo area of Ogun State, killing many of the militants (the number of casualties was not reported). In a separate incident, militants, possibly Boko Haram militants, ambushed a military-escorted UN convoy carrying humanitarian aid, wounding a UN worker, two civilians and two soldiers. Kenya: In wave of arson attacks two more schools were burnt overnight making the total more than one hundred. North America: US: Days of drenching showers and heavy thunderstorms swept across the east, especially the northeast and the mid-Atlantic, stretching from Maine to Tennessee, triggering widespread flooding that destroyed homes and vehicles, and turned streets into rivers. In Ellicott City, Maryland floodwaters carried away vehicles with people still inside, damaged more than 200 buildings, with five of them being completely destroyed, thirty others sustained major damage, and two people were killed. Heavy rains also brought flooding to the north central states with similar results. In Texas, a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed, killing all sixteen on board - it was unkown how it caught fire. Pacific: Northwest: A powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck south of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands (07-29; 21:18). Solar Activity: A solar wind stream was ejected that would sweep Earth's magnetic field, triggering auroras and geomagnetic storms around both poles. The coronal mass ejection was being followed by a second solar wind stream creating a one-two punch.


2nd -- New Moon (20h 45m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: As a government siege of rebel-held areas in Aleppo intensified, rebels set off a huge tunnel bomb underneath army positions in the strategic Ramouseh district. Fighting intensified with the help of Russian airstrikes in an attempt to stop the rebels advance. Later that evening, a helicopter dropped containers of toxic gas (chlorine?) on the town of Saraqeb, in rebel-held Idlib province. At least thirty-three were sicken by the attack on the town, which was close to where a Russian military helicopter had been shot down hours earlier. Libya: A suicide bomber targeted soldiers in the al-Guwarsha area west of the city of Benghazi, killing at least eighteen and wounding a dozen. The Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries - an Islamic militant group - claimed responsibility. Airstrikes targeted positions in the port city of Sirte, an ISIS stronghold, causing "heavy losses". Iraq: A palace built by Saddam Hussein - used as a training center for ISIS miltants - was bombed by coalition forces. The palace was destroyed, but the number of casualties was not reported. Asia: India: Heavy monsoon rains continued to trigger extremely widespread flooding, leaving at least 152 dead and displaced millions. Large tracts of agricultural land and infrastructure in the states of Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, and West Bengal were underwater. China: Typhoon Nida, a powerful typhoon, battered Hong Kong with high winds and torrential rains, forcing the city to basically shut down. Typhoon Nida then moved inland into southern China. The full extent of the damages and casualties were not yet known. Indian Ocean: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Indian Ocean (08-01; 07:42). Indonesia: Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island underwent an explosive eruption that ejected an ash plume 32,000 feet (10 km) into the air and drifted south, closing the Lombok's Praya Airport. Sinabung volcano in Sumatra underwent three explosions sending three ash plumes that rose 3,400, 4,900 and 6,550 feet (1,200, 1,500 and 2,000 m) into the air. Africa: Kenya: A residential building suddenly collapsed in Nairobi, but most residents escaped. In a separate incident, more than 200 club and sword-wielding teenagers attacked fourteen Chinese railroad workers at a construction site in Narok County. The youth protested that they were being sidelined for job opportunities. North America: Heavy monsoon rains feel so quickly on Phoenix, Arizona that streets turned into rivers, highways were shut down and water rescues were undertaken. Atlantic: Northwest: Tropical Storm Earl brought extreme weather to Haiti and the Dominican Republic as the storm passed over the Caribbean, killing at least nine. Tropical Storm Earl then headed for Honduras, Belize and Mexico bringing heavy rains, flooding and high winds that wrecked havoc. A hurricane watch was issued for the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. Solar Activity: A mild G1-class geomagnetic storm was triggered by a slow-moving coronal mass ejection which would cotinue to affect the Earth the next day.

mid-5th-mid-7th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: A coalition of rebel groups stormed an artillery base in the city of Aleppo in an attempt to end a government siege. The assault was repelled, inflicting heavy casualties on the rebels. The next day the rebels claimed to have broken the government siege. An alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters - known as the Syria Democratic Forces - seized the key town of Manbij from ISIS. A coalition airstrike destroyed an estimated $11 million worth of oil and trucks from ISIS's black market oil trade. Iraq: Residents tried to flee three villages in an attempt to get to Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk, but were shot at by ISIS gunmen. Two villagers were killed, 100 were captured and the rest were forced to return to their homes. Europe: Russia/Ukraine: Russia began a steady buildup of military forces along its border with Ukraine suggesting that a military campaign against Ukraine may be at hand. Macedonia: Torrential rains in a "freak" storm hit the capital, Skopje, and Tetovo, washing away roads and vehicles, destroying homes and buildings, and leaving at least twenty-one dead, with many missing. Asia: India: Gunmen attacked a busy market in Balajan, an area just outside the town of Kokrajhar, killing at least thirteen people. Police said that it was miltants from the National Democratic Front of Bodoland. One of the miltants was killed by police. Japan: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck east of Iwo Jima (08-04; 16:24). Pakistan: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted mourners gathered at a hospital in the city of Quetta, killing at least seventy and wounding more than one hundred (early on the 8th). Africa: Egypt: The military undertook a series of airstrikes on ISIS fighters in Sinai Province, killing the head of the Sinai branch of ISIS and forty-five fighters, and wounding dozens more. Ethiopia: Anti-government protesters took to the streets in the city of Gondar where they clashed with police who used tear gas and fired into the air and at protesters. Nearly one hundred protesters were killed during the three-day protest. Democratic Republic of Congo: An ethnic Nande militia, the Mai-Mai Mazembe, killed at least seven civilians in the town of Kibiriz before fleeing when Congolese troops arrived. An ethnic Hutu militia, the Nyatura, also killed a man in the nearby town of Nyanzale. North America: Mexico: Tropical Storm Earl made landfall in Belize as a Category One hurricane, but it still brought heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding and landslides in eastern Mexico. Homes and buildings were destroyed, vehicles were swept away, and at least thirty-eight were killed. Tropical Storm Javier developed and headed for Mexico's Baja California Sur with flooding rains and damaging winds. US: Powerful winds and heavy rain, accompanied by a tornado that started out as a waterspout, wrecked havoc in Ocean City, Maryland. Several homes and businesses were damaged. South America: Argentina: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck west of La Quiaca (08-04; 14:15). Solar Activity: Earth was bathed in a stream of solar wind, triggering almost non-stop auroras over Antarctica. Then an M1-class solar flare erupted along with a general increase in minor flare activity.

10th -- First Quarter (18h 21m) LOW

Mideast: Libya: US-backed militias seized control of the headquarters of ISIS in Sirte, on the Mediterranean coast. This was ISIS's most significant stronghold in the country. Europe: Turkey: Kurdish PKK rebels undertook two bomb attacks targeting police vehicles in the towns of Kiziltepe and Diyarbakir, killing at least eight and wounding thirty-seven. France: Wildfires threatened the city of Marseille, burning down homes and forcing the evacuation of hundreds. Homes and vehicles were destroyed in the towns of Vitrolles and nearby Pennes-Mirabeau, both north of Marseille. Portugal: Wildfires swept parts of the city of Funchal, on the island of Madeira, killing at least four, and destroying homes and vehicles. More than a thousand were forced to evacuate. Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera island became more active, sending an ash plume 8,000 feet (2,400 m) into the air. Africa: Nigeria: Clashes took place between herdsmen and farmers as population growth explodes, leaving hundreds dead in the quest for farmland. North America: US: Moisture from the remnants of Tropical Storm Javier fueled drenching downpours across the Southwest, triggering widespread flash floods. A slow-moving storm system with torrential downpours - in some places as much as eight inches (200 mm) - swept across Florida and along the central Gulf of Mexico coast, triggering widespread flooding in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Solar Activity: A solar wind flowed from a large coronal hole in the Sun's northern hemisphere, triggering auroras around the South Pole.

13th-14th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Kurdish forces captured several villages near Mosul from ISIS - Mosul was the last stronghold of ISIS in the country. ISIS undertook airstrikes and sent explosive-laden trucks against the advance - violent clashes ensued. Kurdish and government forces were encircling Mosul in a bid to eventually take the city from ISIS. Syria: Government and Russian airstrikes and artillery bombardment of opposition neighborhoods left at least seventy-two civlians dead in Aleppo and rural villages in nearby Idlib Province. Europe: Switzerland: A man with a knife, first set fire to a train, and then attacked passengers, sending six to the hospital with stab wounds and burns - some where in serious condition. The incident took place near Salez in St Gallen canton, close to Liechtenstein. Russia: Days of heavy rain would inundate Moscow turning streets into rivers. Asia: China: A rare luminous purple and red lightning structure was observed to bolt upward out of a thundercloud into space. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Rebels attacked the village of Rwangoma near the town of Beni in North Kivu province, killing at least thirty. The military blamed Allied Democratic Forces rebels for the attack. North America: US: Torrential rains brought "historic" flooding to Louisiana, where more than a thousand had to be rescued and at least thirteen were killed; many were also missing. The neighboring states of Alabama and Mississippi also experienced severe flooding. And the next day more rain swamped the region. At least 60,000 homes and buildings, and hundreds of vehicles were destroyed. Twenty parishes were designated as federal disaster areas and flood-related losses were estimated to be upwards of $20 billion. Slow-moving storms swept the Midwest and Northeast as repeated storms dumped excessive rain, triggering widespread flooding. Riots brokeout in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after the fatal shooting of a black man by a black officer. The rioters torched business and vehicles for two nights. Mexico: A criminal gang dropped three iceboxes with a severed head in each one near a government building in Chilpancingo, the capital of the state of Guerrero. Messages were left describing them as "traitors" and "blackmailers". Pacific: Southwest: A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck east of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia (08-12; 01:26). A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck south of the Fiji Islands (08-12; 03:29). Solar Activity: A high-speed solar wind headed for Earth and would trigger auroras and geomagnetic storms.

18th -- Full Moon (9h 27m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: Government jets bombed Kurdish-held areas of the city of Hassakeh. The attack came after the Kurds had seized government buildings in Hassakeh and nearby Qamishli. Europe: Russia: Two ISIS gunmen wielding guns and axes, attacked police in Balashikha, east of Moscow, wounding two. The attackers - from the North Caucasus - were then killed by police in St Petersburg. Russian special forces engaged in a shoot-out during a raid on an apartment in St Petersburg, killing four suspected militants. Chikurachki volcano on Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands, erupted. Turkey: Bomb attackers targeted police stations in Van and Elazig, killing four police officers and two civilians. A military vehicle was targeted in Bitlis province, killing five soldiers and a village guard. Another 219 were wounded by the two blasts. Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera Island, underwent an eruption, sending continuous ash plumes into the air. Africa: Rwanda: Police investigating people suspected of links to foreign terror groups came across a man who barricaded himself in a house in Kigali and engaged in a gun battle, injuring one policeman. The gunman was killed by police after the three-hour battle. Libya: Two suicide bombers rammed their cars into troops' position at a checkpoint in Sirte city and then detonated their explosives, killing at least ten soldiers. The bombers were suspected ISIS miltants. North America: US: Record-breaking heat scorched the Pacific Northwest with temperatures that were ten to twenty degrees above normal. Violent thunderstorms swept over the Plains and Upper Midwest bringing damaging winds, widespread flash flooding and large hail. A huge fast-moving fire swept over an area in southern California, just east of Los Angeles. It forced the evacuation of about 82,000, destroyed homes and disrupted transport between California and Nevada. Central America: Guatemala: Santiaguito volcano underwent an explosive eruption and produced continuous ash plumes. Fuego volcano also erupted. Atlantic: Central: Tropical Storm Fiona strengthened as it headed for the Caribbean. Solar Activity: A co-rotating interaction region, between slow- and fast-moving solar wind streams, headed for the Earth.

21st-22nd -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria/Turkey: Turkey attacked ISIS and Kurdish militia targets in the towns of Jarablus and Manbij. In addition, about 1,500 Turkish-backed Syrian were in the town of Gaziantep waiting to attack. Israel/Palestine: Government aircraft and tanks attacked targets belonging to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in the Gaza Strip after rocket fire by Palestinian militants. Europe: Turkey: A suicide bomber targeted a wedding in Gaziantep near the Syria border, killing at least fifty-one and wounding ninety-four, many seriously. The bomber was only 12- to 14-years old. Asia: Japan: Two 6.0 magnitude earthquakes struck Miyako (08-20; 09:01 and 08-20; 15:58). Typhoon Mindulle made landfall in Tateyama city with wind gusts up to 112 mph (180 kph) and heavy rains that triggered landslides and widespread flooding. Hundreds of domestic flights were cancelled. In Oshima Island 11.5 inches (290 mm) of rain fell. Sakurajima volcano underwent explosions and associated ash plumes from the older summit crater, Minamidake. India: Heavy monsoon rains again triggered widespread flooding, especially in central Madhya Pradesh and eastern Bihar states. Houses collapsed, huge areas of crops were destroyed, at least 15,000 people were evacuated, and more than thirty were killed. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Nebe (08-23; 19:39). North America: US: A tornado swept through Grand Rapids, Michigan leaving extensive damages to homes and businesses, and toppling trees and powerlines. Heavy thunderstorms with flooding downpours, destructive winds and frequent lightning swept the Northeast. Louisianna was still trying to recover from historic flooding as heavy downpours made things worse. A massive dust storm - a haboob - formed and moved into Phoenix, Arizona completely covering downtown and causing flight delays at the airport. South America: Chile: Hundreds of thousands took part in protests against the country's controversial privatized pension plan. Atlantic: Southwest: A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake (08-19; 07:32), followed by a 6.4 quake (08-21; 03:45), rattled South Georgia Island. Central: Two tropical disturbances pushed off the African coast heading for the Americas and the Caribbean. Tropical Storm Gaston - one such storm - formed off the coast of Africa and was heading for the US with near hurricane-force winds.

25th -- Last Quarter (3h 41m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: After a long government siege with near-constant bombardment, and shortages of food, water and power, an agreement was reached to evacuate the town of Daraya. Thus, allowing civilians and rebel fighters to leave. Europe: Italy: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the central part of the country flattening houses and buildings, and buckling roads (08-24; 01:36). At least 247 people were killed, while hundreds were missing or buried under rubble. Most of the damage was in the Lazio and Marche regions, with Lazio hit the hardest. Umbria was also affected. The initial quake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks - the greatest being a 5.5 magnitude - hindering rescue efforts. Asia: Myanmar (Burma): A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck west of Chauk (08-24; 10:34), damaging pagodas in the ancient city of Bagan and killing at least one. Afghanistan: Gunmen attacked the American University in Kabul, killing at least thirteen and injuring thirty-five students and nine policemen (late evening on the 24th). Two of the attackers were killed by police. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano, on the Ryukyu Islands, underwent a new explosive eruption. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent a new explosive eruption, producing violent glowing avalanches and pyroclastic flows. Africa: Zimbabwe: A coalition of opposition parties and civil society groups staged an anti-government protest that turned violent. Clashes took place between protesters and the police, and vehicles were torched. North America: US: The state of Indiana was battered by at least two tornadoes, damaging buildings and cutting power to thousands. In the town of Kokomo a tornado ripped roofs off buildings and destroyed a cafe. Atlantic: Central: Powerful tropical storm, Gaston, became stronger reaching hurricane status as it headed for the Caribbean and was likely to hit Bermuda. A second tropical storm, 99L, strengthened and could become Tropical Storm Hermine or possibly a hurricane threatening the Bahamas, Florida and the Gulf Coast.

28th-29th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria/Turkey: Turkey undertook airstrikes on Kurdish-held areas in Syria, near the border city of Jarablus, killing at least twenty-five militants. A second report says that at least 35 civilians and four militants were killed by a wave of airstrikes in the same area, but it was unknown if it refers to the same event or not. The US warned Turkey to not attack the Kurds who were helping to fight ISIS militants. Yemen: An ISIS suicide car bomber targeted a pro-government Popular Resistance militia training camp in the city of Aden, killing at least sixty and wounding more than seventy. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevskoy volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted with three active lava flows and sent ash plumes 20,000 feet (6,000 m) into the air. Asia: Philippines: Government troops engaged in heavy fighting with Abu Sayyaf militants, leaving at least twelve soldiers dead and five wounded. Africa: Libya: Government forces and militia pushed into the last two areas of Sirte held by ISIS encountering heavy fighting that killed thirty-four and wounded 150 government soldiers. Somalia: A car bomb exploded outside the Banadir Beach Club restaurant in the Lido area of Mogadishu and gunmen then stormed the building, killing at least seven. Security forces killed two attackers and arrested another. North America: US: Tropical Depression 9, was situated about 60 miles (97 km) south of Key West, Florida. Tropical Depression 8 would likely strengthen into a tropical storm as it approaches North Carolina. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, there was so much hail that they had to bring out the snowplows. The rain that accompanied the hail triggered widespread flooding. South America: Paraguay: A military patrol was on a routine mission near the village of Arroyito when they were ambushed with explosives and gunfire, leaving eight soldiers dead. Atlantic: South Central: A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck north of Ascension Island (08-29; 04:29). Pacific: Northwest: Typhoon Lionrock was poised to make landfall in Japan in a few days with heavy rainfall, damaging winds and an inundating storm surge. It would trigger widespread flooding, killing at least eleven. Southwest: Bagana volcano on Papua New Guinea erupted sending an ash plume 17,000 feet (1,200 m) into the air. North Central: Hurricane Lester was not far behind Hurricane Madeline, as both headed for Hawaii. Solar Activity: Earth crossed a solar sector boundary of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field triggering a geomagnetic storm and auroras at high latitudes. Sunspot AR2582 grew larger and showed signs of possible flare formation.


1st -- New Moon (9h 03m HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Government warplanes undertook airstrikes that bombed several areas in the central province of Hama after a major rebel offensive got underway. At least twenty-five civilians and about fifty rebels were killed. Troops and allied militiamen were involved in heavy clashes near Suran and al-Buwaida and destroyed a number of tanks. Africa: Gabon: The President was narrowly re-elected in the previous day's vote, triggering violent protests in the capital, Libreville. Thousands were arrested, at least three were killed, and burnt out vehicles littered the streets next to government buildings that were also damaged and burnt. New Zealand: The North Island was hit by a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake at sea northeast of Gisborne, triggering a tsunami warning (09-01; 16:37). Those in the Tolaga Bay area were told to evacuate their homes, but later returned after there was no tsunami danger. North America: US: Tropical Storm Hermine strengthened into a hurricane, bringing a dangerous storm surge, widespread flooding, heavy rain and tornadoes to Florida. The governor ordered evacuations in five counties in Florida's northwest and called for voluntary evacuations in three other coastal counties. Meanwhile, 8,000 members of the Florida National Guard were readied for rescue missions. Hermine would then blast coastal areas of the mid-Atlantic with rough surf, heavy rain and strong, gusty winds. Mexico: Colima volcano erupted sending an ash plume into the air. South America: Venezuela: Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in the capital, Caracas, protesting both for and against the president. Clashes broke out between anti-president protesters and police who used tear gas. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck east of Namatanai, Papua New Guinea (08-31: 03:11). Solar Activity: A solar wind stream triggered a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras.

4th-5th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Rebels of the Free Syrian Army repelled ISIS from its last territories on the border with Turkey. In a separate incident, government forces - backed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes - recaptured parts of Aleppo, putting rebel-held districts in the city's east once again under siege. The following day ISIS undertook four bombings in mainly government-held areas in Tartous, Homs and a suburb of Damascus, leaving at least forty dead and forty-five wounded. Israel: A multi-level car garage under construction collapsed in the city of Tel Aviv, killing at least two, while others were still missing. Europe: Spain: Three fires were deliberately started in the southeast of Valencia, forcing the evacuation of more than a thousand from Javea and the resort of Benitachell. More than 300 firefighters were deployed to tackle the fire. A number of buildings and vehicles were destroyed. Russia: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck east of Nikol'skoye (09-05; 22:54). Klyuchevsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: Afghanistan: A bus traveling from Kandahar to Kabul when it collided with a fuel-tanker truck in the Jildak area of Zabul province consuming it in an inferno. At least thirty-six were killed and twenty-five were injuried. The following day a bomb was detonated near the defence ministry in Kabul and a suicide bomber then targeted civilians, police and soldiers leaving work at rush hour. At least twenty-four were killed and ninety-one were wounded - the Taliban claimed responsibility. Indonesia: Dukono volcano in Halmahera erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Africa: Ethiopia: A fire erupted at the Qilinto prison, on the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa, where anti-government protesters were being held. The government said that twenty-one died of suffocation after a stampede while two others were killed as they tried to escape. Meanwhile, unnamed witnesses claimed that wardens shot them dead. North America: US: The tropical storm Hermine again strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane. It had lost strength after it pummelled Florida, killing at least two in the southeast (see previos lunar phase). Hurricane Hermine then moved up the US eastern seaboard, threatening the northeast with dangerous coastal storm surges, heavy rain, dangerous winds, flooding and tornadoes, stretching from Virginia to New Jersey. Many of the East Coast beaches were being torn up by the storm surge. South America: Colombia: Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Brazil: Fifty thousand in Sao Paulo alone, and thousands more elsewhere, took to the streets to demonstrate against the government. While the protest had begun peacefully police used tear gas, stun grenades and water cannon as clashes broke out. Some threw bottles and stones at riot police, and built and set fire to barricades. A number of protesters were injuried by police. Pacific: West Central: A tropical storm strengthened into Hurricane Newton, which was heading for Mexico's Baja California twin resorts of Los Cabos. Residents and officials braced for a possible direct hit as shelters were being opened and low-lying areas were evacuated. Torrential rains, strong winds, widespread flooding and muslides forced people from their houses, made roads impassible, knocked out power, and destroyed or damaged buildings and vehicles. Solar Activity: Earth was swept by a fast-moving solar wind stream sparking geomagnetic storms and bright auroras around the poles.

9th -- First Quarter (11h 49m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: A senior commander of the militant group formerly known as al-Nusra Front, now called Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, was killed in an airstrike near Aleppo amid heavy fighting. Europe: Spain: A train derailment near O Porrino, near the border with Portugal, left four dead and forty-seven injuried. Russia: Volunteer firefighters, who had traveled to southern Russia to help put out forest fires were attacked by men armed with a gun, knives, stun grenades and viles with chemicals that burn - describing themselves as "Cossacks" - seriously wounded four of the firefighters. The attackers viewed the firefighters as a front for Western spies, and said if they didn't leave no one would ever find them. Klyuchevsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: North Korea: The country undertook its fifth and biggest nuclear test forcing the United Nations Security Council to begin new sanctions against the country. The blast triggered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. Indonesia: Dukono volcano in Halmahera erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Africa: Nigeria: Government troops destroyed seventy-four illegal refineries hidden in the swamp lands of the southern oil-rich Niger Delta. In Rivers and Bayelsa states they also found camps belonging to oil militants and criminals involved in kidnapping for ransom. Tanzania: A 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck the northwestern region of Kagera, northeast of Nsunga, killing sixteen, injuring more than two-hundred-fifty and making rubble of hundreds of buildings (09-10; 12:27). Australia: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Macquarie Island (09-08; 21:46). North America: US: A burst of July-like heat and humidity plagued the Northeast. In Champaign County, Illinois four tornadoes touched down damaging and destroying homes, buildings and vehicles. In Kansas heavy rains triggered widespread flooding. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: A solar wind erupted from a southern coronal hole on the Sun that would later trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras.

12th-13th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Libya: Fighters loyal to a Libyan general took control of the Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil terminals. Europe: UK: Dry and abnormally hot weather spread from South East to the East Midlands of England. Meanwhile, severe storms swept across Wales and western England. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Four militants were shot dead in a clash with the Indian army in the Kupwara district (on the 11th). The next day, another three were killed when they tried to storm a government office in the Poonch district. At least sixty were injuried in the violence that swept ten areas of the region. India: Protesters in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka state attacked shops and set fire to vehicles in a long-running dispute about water. The protesters were angry about a Supreme Court ruling ordering Karnataka to share more water from the Cauvery river with neighboring Tamil Nadu. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera island again erupted sending ash plumes into the air. China: Violent protests took place in the southern fishing village of Wukan, where villagers threw stones at police who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. A number of villagers were injuried and/or arrested. North Korea: Typhoon Lionrock triggered widespread major flooding that destroyed homes, buildings, vehicles and crops. At least 133 were killed and four hundred were missing in what was called "a very major and complex disaster" and "beyond anything experienced by local officials". The situation was compounded further by food shortages. Africa: Tunisia: Residents in the town of Fernana, tried to disrupt the water supply to Tunis in protest of "poverty and marginalization". Niger: Boko Haram and Nigerien soldiers fought in the Diffa region, near the village of Toumour, near Lake Chad and the Nigerian border, leaving thirty Boko Haram and five soldiers dead. South Sudan: Renewed violence forced people to flee the cities and towns in the conflict-ridden region, causing about 40,000 to be at risk of dying from starvation. Australia: Heavy rains forced the closing of roads, damaged properties, and flooded creeks and rivers across the country's southeast, including parts of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales - at least one death took place. North America: US: Numerous downpours and heavy thunderstorms swept across Florida and later Georgia, triggering widespread flooding. Heavy downpours also swept across portions of South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, triggering widespread flooding there too. Atlantic: Central: Tropical Storm Ian developed and strengthened heading north-northwest and would send rough surf to the Leeward Islands. Two other areas of disturbed weather developed, one near the Bahamas and another near the Cabo Verde Islands. Pacific: Northwest: Super Typhoon Meranti strengthened into the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 190 mph (305 kph). It brought damaging winds, torrential rain, widespread flooding, mudslides, downed trees and power outages, battering Taiwan and the island of Itbayat, located in the Philippines. It was expected to then hit parts of China and possibly Japan later in the week. Solar Activity: Earth passed through a stream of solar wind filled with negative polarity magnetic fields, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras. The geomagnetic storms were said to "ring like a bell."

16th -- Full Moon (19h 05m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: In spite of a US-Russia-brokered cease-fire, trucks carrying humanitarian aid to a rebel-held part of the city of Aleppo were suspended as heavy fighting broke out near Damascus between government forces and insurgents. Israel: Three attacks on Israelis took place with two in the West Bank city of Hebron and a third in East Jerusalem, leaving attackers, two Palestinians and a Jordanian, dead. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted, sending an ash plume into the air. Asia: Pakistan: A suicide bomber targeted a Sunni mosque in the northwest in the village of Ambar, killing at least twenty-four and wounding twenty-eight worshippers. A Taliban group later claimed responsibility. China: Typhoon Meranti made landfall near the city of Xiamen, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands, closing roads, canceling flights, triggering landslides, and winds overturned vehicles and knocked out power to 650,000 households. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: A UN peacekeeping mission, known as Monusco, forced 752 armed rebels and civilians associated with the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition out of Garamba National Park. North America: Mexico: Ten of thousands of protesters gathered in Mexico City as anger mounted over the president's handling of drug violence, corruption and his meeting with Republican presidental hopeful who insulted the Mexican people. US: Heavy thunderstorms battered an area from Chicago and Milwaukee to Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Lubbock, Texas, triggering widespread flooding. Tropical Storm Julia brought rough surf, beach erosion and showers to the coastal areas of Carolinas. A man planted several bombs in New York and New Jersey most of which exploded wounding a dozen. He was later in a shootout with police and captured. Atlantic: East: Tropical Depression 12 strengthened into Tropical Storm Karl that would become the ocean's fifth hurricane of the season. Pacific: Northeast: Typhoon Malakas headed for Taiwan and Japan with the potential of triggering dangerous widespread flooding, destructive winds and rough surf. Both already had widespread flooding earlier.

19th-20th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A convoy of trucks carrying aid was hit by an airstrike from Russian warplanes near the town of Urm al-Kubra (near the city of Aleppo), killing at least twelve. At least 18 of the 31 trucks had been hit and destroyed. A US-led airstrike mistakenly hit and killed at least 62 Syrian troops and wounded 100 more fighting ISIS, late on the 18th. Europe: Greece: The Moria camp on the island of Lesbos was nearly two-thirds consumed by a large fire that destroyed tents and prefabricated homes, forcing the evacuation of about 3,000 immigrants. Russia: Dukono and Shiveluch volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Violent protests against Indian rule in the disputed region were met with India's security forces who were attacked by four gunmen, leaving eighteen of them dead, on the 18th. The next day, clashes between troops and suspected militants erupted again, leaving eleven dead, including a soldier. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera island erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Japan: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Izu Islands region (09-20; 16:2). Typhoon Malakas brought another round of dangerous widespread flooding - Nobeoka alone got 16.73 inches 425 mm) of rain - dangerous winds and rough flooding surf also pounded the islands. The storm was equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane when it slammed into Kyushu Island and the Ryukyu Islands. China: Heavy rains battered Sichuan Province with widespread flooding, destroyed buildings, and left at least ten dead and at least six missing. Indonesia: Torrential rains triggered flash floods that swept through the Garut area, killing at least twenty and destroying hundreds of home; at least six people were missing. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Protests calling for the president to step down led to violence as protesters set up barricades and torched cars on one of the main roads in Kinshasa, while police fired live ammunition into the crowd. At least six policemen and thirty-seven protesters were killed, and at least three opposition party offices were burned down. Meanwhile, the opposition said more than one hundred were killed. Nigeria: Gunmen on bicycles attacked a church in the village of Kwamjilari in Borno state, killing at least eight - Boko Haram militants were suspected. Central African Republic: Violence broke out between fighters from the mainly Muslim Seleka group against the Christian anti-Balaka militia in the towns of Ndomete and Kaga Bandoro, leaving at least twenty dead. This took place after the Seleka rebel group went from door to door and killed their victims. North America: Mexico: Colima Volcano erupted sending an ash plume into the air. US: Moisture from Hurricane Paine triggered thunderstorms, bringing heavy downpours and flash flooding to an area stretching from Southern California and much of Arizona to southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado. Another black man, who was suspected of being unarmed, was killed by a policeman, triggering days of violence in Charolette, North Carolina. South America: Colombia: Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted sending an ash plume into the air. Atlantic: East Central: Tropical Depression 13 developed about 350 miles (562 km) west of the Cabo Verde Islands. Slowly gaining strength, it would become Tropical Storm Lisa. Central: Tropical Storm Karl began to strengthen into the next Atlantic hurricane of the season before approaching Bermuda and then later it would batter the East Coast of the US. Solar Activity: A coronal hole developed on the Sun's surface, sending a fast moving solar wind towards Earth, triggering G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras.

22nd -- Autumnal Equinox and 23rd -- Last Quarter (9h 56m)MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A seven-day US-Russian brokered truce collapsed. Then, the military undertook a new offensive in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, as airstrikes pounded rebel positions, killing at least one hundred, and destroying buildings and vehicles. The airstikes continued for this city with still 250,000 residents who were short on basic necessities. Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition airstrike took place in the Red Sea port city of Hudaydah, killing at least twenty-five and wounding at least seventy, and destroying buildings and vehicles. Iraq: The Royal Air Force of Britian stepped airstrikes on the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul, which appeared about to be retaken by the Iraqi forces. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevsky and Shiveluch volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: Japan: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck east of Katsuura (09-23; 00:14). Philippines: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Tamisan (09-23; 22:53). Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera island erupted sending an ash plume into the air. Africa: Egypt: Another boat carrying hundreds of refugees capsized off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea, leaving at least 162 dead and hundreds missing - 163 were rescued, but the boat carried 450 to 600. Kenya: Fifty al-Shabab militants overran a police station, set the station on fire, then left with a police vehicle and stole some weapons. The miltants claim that they killed six officers and captured two. South African: Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at stone-throwing students in Pietermaritzburg who were protesting tuition fee hikes. Democratic Republic of Congo: Militia fighters wanting to avenge the death of their leader who was killed by the military last month clashed with security forces in the city of Kananga, leaving at least ten dead. North America: US: Protesters in Charolette, North Carolina continued to protest the killing of what might have been an unarmed black man. There was continuing violence, while shops were looted and burned, and vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Someone shot a black protester who later died. A powerful storm packing heavy rain, strong winds, flash flooding and mountain snow swept across parts of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. A rare tornado touched down in Washington Terrace, Utah. Heavy rain swamped central Wisconsin so quickly that it pushed a boat over a dam before it could be tied down. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano erupted sending an ash plume into the air. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano erupted sending an ash plumes into the air. Pacific: South: Yasur volcano on the Tanna Island, Vanuatu erupted sending an ash plume into the air. North: Tropical Storm Megi strengthened and would later threaten lives and property across Taiwan and eastern China. A strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck north of Ndoi Island, Fiji (09-24; 21:28). A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck west of Neiafu, Tonga (09-24; 21:07). Atlantic: North: A tropical storm began to develop posing a threat for the Caribbean and North America. Solar Activity: A coronal hole developed on the Sun sending a stream of solar wind towards Earth where it would trigger auroras and geomagnetic storms.

mid-26th-mid-28th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS suicide bombers targeted Shia areas in Baghdad - the Jadida district and the Bayaa area - killing at least nine and wounding fifty-nine. Syria: Government forces, Russia and allied militia from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon undertook a massive assault attacking the opposition-held region of Aleppo. The intense bombing left many trapped under buildings brought, and left hundreds dead and many more wounded. Asia: Afghanistan: A leading Pakistani Taliban commander, his son and nine other militants were killed by special forces in Paktika province, near Pakistan's border. Taiwan, China and Japan: Typhoon Megi - equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane - brought heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding, mudslide and landslides, along with strong winds and pounding surf to Taiwan and then China. It also affected Japan's southernmost Ryukyu Islands where it brought gusty squalls and rough surf. Five people were killed and more than 300 were injuried, buildings were damaged or destroyed, and downed powerlines left three million without power in Taiwan. Meanwhile, a new typhoon was forming in the western Pacific Ocean and could pose a new risk to Japan, Taiwan and eastern China. Indonesia: Mount Barujari on Lombok island erupted, sending ash 6,500 feet (2,000 m) into the air. Authorities evacuated about 1,100 tourists who wanted to scale the volcano, and several hundred were missing and being searched for. Africa: Mali: Armed men - suspected of being al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb - attacked two in the city of Timbukutu, killing a soldier and his cousin. South Africa: Students against an increase in tuition fees forced the closure of the University of Pretoria and the Tshwane University of Technology. The destruction of property since the protests began reached $44 million. Chad: Boko Haram attacked a military base on the northern border with Niger, killing four Chadian soldiers and wounding six. Seven of the militants were killed when troops returned fire. Nigeria: The militant group Boko Haram attacked three villages - Kubirivour, Boftari and Kuburmbalah - killing at least eight. Somalia: The state of Galmudug was hit by an airstrike, killing more than twenty regional security forces. It was believed that the nearby state of Puntland instigated the violence. Madagascar: A fire swept through a poor neighborhood in the capital, Antananarivo, killing at least eight, and destroying at least fifty homes, making 460 homeless. Australia Fierce storms and lightning strikes plunged the entire state of South Australia into darkness, leaving 1.6 miilion people without power. It was called "one of the most ferocious storms in decades" and an "unprecedented weather event", stopping trains, trams and traffic lights from working, and grounding planes, and triggering widespread flooding. An astounding 80,000 lightning strikes were recorded, and they sparked a number of fires. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano erupted, sending a cloud of ash into the air and a pyroclastic flow down the flanks of the mountain. US: Days of heavy rain swept the interior Northeast, New England and mid-Atlantic coasts, triggering widespread flash flooding. Flooding downpours swept through southern Texas, as well. Cedar Rapids, Iowa residents stacked more than 250,000 sandbags along the Cedar River and moved valuables in preparation for what was to become the second-worst round of flooding in its history. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano erupted sending an ash plume into the air. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano erupted sending an ash plume into the air. Pacific: North: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, erupted sending an ash plume into the air. Atlantic: Northwest: A tropical disturbance developed into Tropical Storm Matthew in the Caribbean. Areas from the Dominican Republic and Haiti to Cuba and Jamaica, as well as northern Venezuela and Colombia could be affected, and it may develop into a hurricane that hits the US. Solar Activity: A large coronal hole turned toward Earth, triggering auroras and geomagnetic storms.


1st -- New Moon (0h 11m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Russian and Syrian airstrikes pounded the rebel-held part of Allepo turning buildings and homes into rubble, even the largest hospital was hit, killing two, wounding ten, and closing the hospital. Clashes between government troops and the rebels took place on the ground as well. The number of people killed over the week mounted to more than four hundred. Libya: More than 130 families were trapped in a small area of Benghazi for months as battles erupted all around them, and now they face starvation as food and water supplies dwindled and supplies could not get in. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: India: Indian villagers living close to the border with Pakistan from a number of villages in Punjab state fled as some of India's airstrikes intented for Kashmir militants hit nearby. In Punjab state alone six border districts and thousands of villagers were evacuated. Japan: Chaba - a powerful typhoon that was strengthening - threatens lives and property across the Ryukyu Islands and the mainland. It would gain more strength as it moved into very favorable conditions, reaching Category 2 hurricane status. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera island erupted sending an ash plumes into the air. Africa: South Sudan: Government forces surrounded the town of Yei trapping more than 100,000, restricting access into the town and also preventing people from leaving. The reason behind this maneuver was they were accused of siding with opposition forces. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano erupted sending ash plumes and thick black smoke into the air, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people. More than 350 living in La Yerbabuena and La Becerrera villages at the foot of the volcano and people from parts of Jalisco state were moved to safety. US: Hundreds of earthquakes on the San Andreas fault promoted an major-earthquake warning for Southern California. Atlantic: North Central: Hurricane Matthew with winds gusts of 185 mph (298 kph) headed for Jamaica. The Category 4 Hurricane would also likely to reach Haiti and Cuba, and possibly the USA.

4th-5th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: An ISIS militant suicide bomber targeted a Kurdish wedding in the northeast, killing at least thirty and wounding at least ninety. In Aleppo, airstrikes continued with barrel bombs and chlorine gas hitting residential areas as well as rebel-held areas. Buildings and homes were brought to rubble and causualties were dramatically increased. Iraq: Mistaken for ISIS militants, twenty pro-government Sunni tribal fighters were killed in an airstrike near the town of Qayyarah. Europe: Russia: On the Kamchatka peninsula Shiveluch volcano erupted sending ash plumes into the air, while Karymsky volcano was showing signs of a pending eruption. Asia: Afghanistan: Taliban militants attacked Kunduz city on the 3rd, and the next day Afghan forces repeled the militants from most of the city. Various conflicting reports indicated that there were large numbers of Taliban casualties, but no exact number; one Afghan soldier was killed. South Korea and Japan: Typhoon Chaba brought powerful winds, torrential rain and rough seas to South Korea on its way to Japan. Both countries ordered forced evacuations of hundreds of thousands. Chaba had reached super-typhoon status, strengthening to the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, but weakened slightly while still a powerful storm. It had killed at least five when it lashed South Korea and Japan, triggered widespread flooding and damaged or destroyed homes, buildings and vehicles. Africa: Mali: An attack took place on a UN base in Aguelhok city, leaving a UN peacekeeper dead and several others wounded. South Africa: Police fired stun grenades to disperse protesting students at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Students threw gasoline bombs and started fires at South Africa's University of Cape Town. Most of the country's universities were shutdown due to violent protesters and police. Ethiopia: Protests erupted in response to the deaths of at least fifty-five in a stampede at a religious festival of the Oromo people on the 3rd. The protesters believed that security forces triggered the stampede. The protesters burnt trucks and machinery at the Dangote Cement Factory in Ada Berga, which was owned by Africa's richest man. It seems that protesters also freed prisoners after setting on fire a police station in the Bule Hora area. Nigeria: Gunmen abducted eleven, including three babies, from the remote Tipchi village, and were seeking a ransom. Ethiopia: Anti-government protests, demanding more political and economic rights, took place in Addis Ababa where demonstraters blocked access roads with stones and a truck was set on fire. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Guatemala: Santa Maria volcano also erupted sending ash plumes into the air. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano continued to erupt (see previous lunar phase) with lava flows, occasional pyroclastic flows and sending more ash plumes into the air. Evacuations were enforced on the nearest communities around the volcano. US: While Hurricane Matthew threatened the Southeast and East Coast there were severe thunderstorms, hail, torrential downpours, flash flooding and isolated tornadoes stretching from the eastern Dakotas to central Oklahoma. Atlantic: Northwest: Caribbean: Hurricane Matthew a Category Four storm, brought strong 145 mph (230 kph) winds, heavy rain and powerful storm surges, as it slammed into Haiti. With Matthew there came widespread flooding that covered roads and bridges, triggered landslides, forced thousands to evacuate, downed powerlines, and buildings, homes, bridges and vehicles were destroyed. More than a thousand were killed and thousands more were injuried. In neighboring Dominican Republic it killed at least four after mudslides and walls collapsed. The US evacuated 700 spouses and children of military personnel from Guantanamo Bay. In Cuba a hurricane alert was issued for six eastern provinces, forcing residents to move from low-lying areas. Matthew then targeted the Bahamas after hammering Haiti and Cuba. It appeared that it would also hit the US East Coast later in the week, and could get stronger, triggering Florida, South Carolina and parts of North Carolina to be declared in states of emergency. Over one million were forced to evacuate. Also noted were gravity waves -- upward-moving pressure gradients -- and sprites -- upward-moving lightning -- above Hurricane Matthew. Making things worse, Tropical Storm Nicole developed over the Atlantic Ocean, joining Hurricane Matthew in the region. Pacific: South: Yasur volcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras were triggered as the Earth passed through a fast-moving solar wind.

9th -- First Quarter (4h 33m) HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: A Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit a funeral hall, killing over 140 and wounding more than 525. Thousands of Yemenis took to the streets in Sanaa to protest the airstrike. Israel: A Palestinian gunman opened fire from his car in an attack on a tram stop in East Jerusalem, killing two and wounding six. After a police pursuit the gunman was also killed. Europe: Turkey: A Kurdish militant car bomb targeted a checkpoint, killing ten soldiers and eight civilians. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula again underwent a highly explosive eruption and sent ash plumes into the air. Asia: Myanmar (Burma): A series of attacks targeted border posts along Myanmar's border with Bangladesh - the Rakhine region - leaving nine police officers and several attackers dead. The attackers also took more than 50 guns and thousands of bullets from the guard posts. Afghanistan: The Taliban launched a major assault on the strategically important city of Lashkar Gah, leaving fourteen dead. Africa: Ethiopia: A state of emergency was declared after months of anti-government protests by the country's two largest ethnic groups, the Oromo and the Amhara. South Sudan: Rebel gunmen ambushed trucks carrying civilians on a road connecting Yei town, in Central Equatorial State, to the capital Juba, killing twenty-one and wounding twenty (on the 8th). Democratic Republic of Congo: Clashes between the army and suspected Ugandan rebels took place leaving ten dead, mostly civilians. North America: US: Hurricane Matthew left behind massive devastation, particularly in the Southeast, but also nearly the entire East Coast. The destruction amounted to $6 billion or more, yet rivers were just beginning to crest at record high levels, millions were displaced, and huge widespread flooding swept away buildings, homes, vehilces and bridges. It also killed nearly thirty. Strong winds and heavy rains from the storm's remnants continued to sweep the East Coast. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano explosively erupted again, sending ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: A magnetic filament in the Sun's northern hemisphere exploded, sending a coronal mass ejection towards Earth.

12th-13th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga forces prepared to retake the ISIS-held city of Mosul when a booby-trapped drone crashed and a Kurd picked it up at which point it exploded killing two. Yemen: US warships in the Red Sea came under missile attack a second time by Houthi-rebel forces; though they say it was not them who fired the missles. In response Yemen radar sites were hit by Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from the destroyer USS Nitze. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Two armed militants took up positions in a government building near the town of Pampore. Government forces surrounded the building and fired rockets, and used flame throwers and grenades, while the militants returned fire using automatic weapons and grenades. The militants were killed. Africa: Nigeria: A fully-packed taxi approached a gas station on the outskirts of Maiduguri when an explosion targeted the taxi, killing eighteen and wounding fifteen. In a separate incident, Shia Muslims marked an important religious event by taking place in government-banned marches when they were attacked in the town of Funtua and the city of Kaduna, leaving at least thirteen dead. A mosque was also torched in the violence. Police rescued about one hundred from the attackers. Libya: A migrant boat ran into trouble off the coast causing fifteen migrants to drown. A Spanish aid boat rescued more than one hundred while rough seas prevented the rescue of some. Central African Republic: Muslim Seleka rebels attacked a UN refugee camp in the north leaving at least twenty-three dead. North America: US: North Carolina was experiencing the worst flooding in its history as a result of the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew's torrential downpours swelling rivers way past flood stage. A series of at least three potent storms, including the remnants of Typhoon Songda, began to batter a region stretching from southern Washington, western Oregon and northern California with heavy rains and strong winds. Areas along the coast were affected by hurricane-force winds, widespread flooding, mudslides and beach erosion. The storms would then go on to hit Idaho and western Montana, as well as neighboring British Columbia, Canada in the days that followed. Mexico: Colima Volcano continued to erupt, sending ash plumes into the air. Atlantic: Northwest: Hurricane Nicole strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane and headed for Bermuda where it would lash the islands with destructive winds and flooding rain. Homes were flooded, roofs were ripped off, powerlines toppled, boats sank, and roads were made useless. Pacific: South: Ambrym volcano on the island of Vanuatu erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Northwest: A region of showers and thunderstorms east of the Philippines became Tropical Depression 24W and developed into the tropical storm, Sarika. Areas from the Philippines to southern China and Vietnam would be affected by the budding typhoon. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection sparked bright auroras around the Arctic Circle and geomagnetic storms. A dark coronal hole opened on the Sun that was pointing almost directly at Earth which would be hit by a solar wind.

16th -- Full Moon (4h 23m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: A military operation to recapture the city of Mosul from ISIS began. A day earlier, a suicide bomber targeted a Shia section in Baghdad, killing at least thirty-five and wounding more than sixty. Another suicide attack took place in Malha, an area east of the city of Tikrit, leaving eight dead and eleven wounded. Syria: Turkish-backed Syrian rebels took control of the town of Dabiq from ISIS who regarded it as a place for a prophetic, apocalyptic battle. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula erupted with lava flows, strombolian activity and ash plumes. Asia: Philippines: Typhoon Sarika - the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane - pounded Luzon Island with damaging winds, heavy rains and widespread flooding. The typhoon then headed for China and Vietnam. Typhoon Haima formed and strengthened and was headed for the islands as well. Vietnam: Severe widespread flooding caused by torrential rain swept the center of the country, ahead of Typhoon Sarika, killing at least twenty-one and submerging tens of thousands of homes, and damaging buildings and downing powerlines. Indonesia: A bridge connecting two small islands - the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan - near the island of Bali suddenly collapsed, killing at least eight and injuring thirty as a religious precession was passing over the bridge. Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera erupted with explosive lava flows and ash plumes. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck north of Kimbe (10-15; 08:03) and 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kandrian (10-17; 06:14). India: A stampede erupted as tens of thousands attended a Hindu religious event in the state of Uttar Pradesh, leaving at least twenty-four dead and twenty injuried. Too many attended the event and police began to turn people back when a rumor spread that the bridge was broken and people started to run for safety. North America: US: A county Republican headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was firebombed and spray painted with "Nazi Republicans get out of town or else". Beginning as a waterspout, a rare tornado swept through the coastal town of Manzanito, Oregon, knocking down powerlines, trees, and damaging houses and vehicles. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Atlantic: Northwest: Still unsettled from the effects of Hurricane Matthew, which killed more than 900, angry Haitians looted aid trucks as the UN secretary general visited parts of the country. Pacific: South: Yasur volcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu erupted, sending ash plumes into the air and strombolian activity. Solar Activity: G1-class geomagnetic storms and massive auroras around the Arctic was triggered by a fast moving solar wind.

19th-20th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: ISIS militants began to flee Mosul as Iraqi and Kurdish forces moved in. Yemen: A three-day ceasefire between a Saudi-led military coalition and Houthi rebels began and was broken by both sides. The rebels breached it more than forty times along the border with Saudi Arabia, and an airstrike on the rebels territory killed three civilians. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption again, sending ash plumes into the air. Asia: Philippines: Super Typhoon Haima slammed into the island of Luzon as one of the country's worst-ever storms with sustained winds of 140 mph (225 kph) and gusts of 195 mph (315 kph); the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. It brought torrential rains, coastal flooding, rough storm surges, mudslides, landslides, downed powerlines and trees, and destroyed buildings and vehicles, as tens of thousands of residents evacuated. At least seven were killed. Haima was the second typhoon to hit the Philippines in a week, following the deadly flooding caused by Typhoon Sarika. It would then head for China and skirt Taiwan with heavy downpours. Meanwhile, a demonstration took place at the US embassy in the capital, Manila, with hundreds of protesters demanding the US end its military presence in the country. Riot police used tear gas, and water hoses against the protesters, and a police vehicle plowed into the crowd injuring many. The demonstrators grabbed the hose and used it and rocks to attack the police. Afghanistan: A gunman opened fire on a military base in Kabul, killing at least two Americans and wounding three. The gunman was killed. Indonesia: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck north of Indramayu (10-19; 00:26). Africa: Somalia: The militant group al-Shabab engaged in fierce fighting near Mogadishu, in the town of Afgoye, in an attempt to overthrow the UN-backed government. At least ten were killed, including four policemen and several civilians, as they clashed with Somali and African Union forces. Nigeria: Thirteen Nigerian soldiers were wounded while several were missing following an attack by suspected militant on their positions in the Gashigar area, near the border with Niger. Ghana: About 200 illegal miners responded to orders to desist by the government by destroying property at the headquarters of both the ruling and opposition parties in the town of Obuasi in the Ashanti region. North America: Mexico: Colima Volcano explosively erupted with strombolian activity. Central and South America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano explosively erupted again, sending ash plumes into the air. Latin America: Tens of thousands across Latin America took part in protests against gender violence, following the terrible rape and murder of a sixteen-year old girl in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending ash plumes into the air. Atlantic: Northwest: A tropical depression developed off the Southeastern US, and would go on to become Tropical Storm Otto. The effects of widespread rain, gusty winds and rough seas would spread from the Bahamas to Bermuda and the US East Coast. Solar Activity: A large coronal hole opened up over the Sun's eastern limb.

22nd -- Last Quarter (19h 14m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces pushed toward Mosul, cordoning off eight ISIS-occupied villages. Eight car bombs were destroyed in the operation, including three by airstrikes, and dozens of ISIS militants were killed. They also secured part of a highway that cut-off the free movement of the miltants. Syria: A ceasefire was active when clashes erupted in Aleppo. Airstrikes targeted a key front line with clashes between rebel fighters and government troops intensifying in rebel-held eastern districts. Yemen: Airstrikes and ground clashes intensified in spite of a UN-backed ceasefire. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula again erupted with lava flows, strombolian activity and ash plumes. Asia: Japan: Three nearly simultaneous explosions rocked the city of Utsunomiya, killing at least one, injuring three and destroying two cars and a building. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck south of of Kurayoshi (10-21; 05:07). India: Police tracked a group of about thirty Maoists who set up a makeshift training camp close to the border with Andhra Pradesh state. Surprising the gathering, a gun battle erupted leaving twenty-four Maoists dead. Indian Ocean: North: A strengthening cyclone headed for a region from western Myanmar to northeast India and Bangladesh, where it would bring heavy rains, strong winds, flooding, landlsides and coastal erosion. China: A powerful explosion - due to illegally stored explosives - destroyed buildings in the city of Yulin, killing at least ten, injuring at least 150 and leaving rubble throughout. Africa: Cameroon: A train traveling between the cities of Douala and Yaounde crashed as it derailed, killing at least seventy and injuring about 600. A bridge on the road connecting the two cities had collapsed after heavy rain, leading to the addition of more cars to carry the extra people. North America: US: A tour bus returning to Los Angeles after a casino trip slammed into the back of a semi-truck on a highway, killing thirteen and injuring thirty-one. A severe storm dumped over five inches (130 mm) of rain on Worcester, Massachusetts, triggering widespread flooding. One of the worst flooding events in decades brought widespread flooding to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. It damaged or destroyed buildings, foundations, and river banks, and broke a gas pipe that spilled a huge amount of gas into a nearby river. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption that sent ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: A minor coronal mass ejection hit Earth and was followed by a high-speed solar wind stream, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

25th-26th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Syrian or Russian airstikes on the rebel-held Idlib province hit a residential area and a school in Haas village, killing twenty-six, most of which were children. Buildings, including the school, and vehicles were destroyed. A Russian seven-ship armada, led by aging a Soviet-era aircraft carrier, sailed to the eastern Mediterranean to launch strikes in Syria, using Russian fighter-bomber jets and attack helicopters. Iraq: The assault on Mosul intensified with ISIS militants using residents as shields and in an attempt at producing terror killed fifteen and threw their bodies into a river. Europe: Italy: A series of strong earthquakes rocked a wide area in the center of the country - the first was magnitude 5.5 (10-26; 17:10), the second 6.1 (10-26; 19:18) and the third 4.9 (10-26; 21:42) - causing the collapse of several old structures, including a number of historic rural churches. At least sixty aftershocks were recorded. This triggered fear among residents who had been rattled by a deadly quake in August that left 298 dead. Asia: Pakistan: Three militants with guns and explosives, targeted a police training college near Quetta, killing sixty-one and wounding 120. Afghanistan: ISIS militants were collecting firewood in the mountains in central Ghor province when they kidnapped thirty civilians, and also took two flocks of sheep. Police tried to free them, killing the militants' commander, afterwhich the militants killed the civilians in revenge. Polynesia: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck west of Hihifo, Tonga (10-26; 05:19). Indonesia: Ulawun volcano on New Britain, Papua New Guinea, explosively erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Indian Ocean: Cyclonic Storm Kyant strengthened as it headed for parts of eastern India where it would unleash heavy rain and gusty winds, putting the Diwali celebrations at risk. Africa: Mozambique: A sudden hail storm pounded Maputo destroying fifty-five houses and seven schools, and left at least twelve dead. Somalia: ISIS militants took control of the ancient Red Sea port town of Qandala where they set up a military camp inside, forcing many of the residents to flee. Australia: Beaches in Sydney, Australia were hit by a sudden storm surge that destroyed or damaged several publicly displayed sculptures. South America: Venezuela: Hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest against the President's government. Protesters clashed with security forces across the country, leaving more than twenty injured in the city of Merida alone. Chile: Chillán volcano explosively erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: A solar wind stream produced a strong G3-class storm that was one of the strongest magnetic disturbances of 2016. As storm levels were subsiding weaker G1 and G2-geomagnetic storms took place. There were also numerous Arctic auroras.

30th -- New Moon (17h 38m)MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Houthi rebels and inmates were among the sixty dead and thirty wounded after government missles hit a building being used as a prison in Hudaydah. Iraq: Shia militia groups - Hashid Shaabi - targeted the town of Tal Afar, cutting ISIS jihadist supply routes to Mosul from Syria. Also part of the offensive to retake Mosul, Iraqi, Kurdish and allied forces, backed by US air power, advanced in their push against ISIS. Europe: Italy: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck near the town of Norcia, in Perugia region, damaging and destroying buildings and vehicles (10-30; 06:40). About thirty were injuried during this quake, the strongest in three decades to hit the region. Powerful aftershocks continued to damage and destroy homes and historical buildings, while thousands took to the streets, some moved into tents, stayed in their cars or evacuated to shelters. It was the third quake over 6.0 magnitude in the Apennines region in just three months. In a seperate incident, a bridge in Lecco province near Milan suddenly collapsed when a truck laden with heavy goods drove over the bridge. It collapsed onto a busy road crushing cars below, leaving at least one dead and five injuried. Russia: Shiveluch and Klyuchevsky volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent explosive eruptions with lava flows and ash plumes. Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano on Halmahera island underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Africa: Central African Republic: Muslim fighters of the former Seleka militia and the Christian vigilante anti-Balaka group clashed, leaving twenty-five dead and dozens wounded in two days of violence. Morocco: Police confiscated and sought to destroy an out-of-season swordfish catch when the fish seller tried to retieve it and was crushed by the garbage truck. This brought out thosands of protesters into the streets after widespread anger on social media. Nigeria: Two Boko Haram militant, suicide bombers on motorized rickshaws targeted a camp and a gas station killing at least seven in Maiduguri. North America: US: A pair of storms with heavy rains, lightning (rare in the West), strong winds and mountain snow swept the West Coast. A series of strong storms with damaging downpours threatened a portion of the Northeast - across Ohio, Pennsylvania, southern New York, New Jersey and Maryland - putting millions at risk. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Solar Activity: A strong solar wind triggered numerous auroras for days.


2nd-3rd -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Libya: Two shipwrecks took place off the coast in the Mediterranean drowning more than 200, mostly West Africans. Syria: Rebels in east Aleppo intensified their attempts to break the Syrian government's siege, and at least twelve died and more than 200 were wounded in rocket fire, gunfire and car bombs in government-held western Aleppo. Europe: Italy: Another earthquake struck the same region as it did during the last lunar phase. Though only a 4.8 magnitude it caused more damage as more buildings collapsed, and it was felt in the cities of Perugia and Ancona and some parts of Rome. Russia: Shiveluch and Klyuchevsky volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula again underwent explosive eruptions with lava flows and ash plumes. Asia: Vietnam: A fire broke out at an eight-story karaoke bar in the Cau Giay district of Hanoi, killing at least thirteen. The fire spread to three adjoining buildings, burning a car and motorbikes on the street. China: A blast in a mine in the Chongqing region caused the collapse of the mine trapping miners in the rubble. Rescue efforts failed leaving thirty-three dead; two survived. Indian Administered Kashmir: Cross-border gunfire in the disputed region between India and Pakistan left at least twenty-four dead. Indian Ocean: A tropical system over the Bay of Bengal would develop into a cyclone as it headed for India and Bangladesh where it would bring heavy rain and strong winds. Africa: South Africa: Police fired stun grenades and water cannon to disperse protesters who marched towards the country's presidental offices in Pretoria. Niger: Clashes erupted between farmers and nomadic cattle herders, leaving at least eighteen dead and twenty injuried. Australia: A massive hailstorm hit towns west of Noosa, Queensland, as heavy rain pelted other parts of the state. Pacific Ocean: Southwest: Langila volcano on Papua New Guinea underwent an explosive eruption sending ash plumes into the air. North America: US: The Southwest was hit with a series of storms that brought heavy downpours and flash flooding to western Texas, New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano again underwent an explosive eruption sending ash plumes into the air. South America: Brazil: A roof caved in at the Casa da Pedro grotto near the city of Santa Maria in Tocantins state, killing at least ten and injuring four. Colombia: Nevado del Ruiz volcano explosively erupted, sending ash plumes into the air. Chile: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck east of Curico (11-04; 16:20). Solar Activity: The Earth was awash with solar winds that triggered an explosion of auroras.

7th -- First Quarter (19h 51m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Hundreds of Peshmerga Kurdish forces fought their way into the town of Bashiqa, northeast of Mosul, being backed by artillery and coalition airstrikes, advancing from three directions. About forty car bombs targeted Peshmerga positions, as they went house-to-house searching for ISIS miltants. This forced the retreat of ISIS militants who abducted 295 former Iraqi Security Forces, and forced 1,500 families to retreat with them from Hammam al Alil. It was later discovered that ISIS miltants had hung the bodies of forty civilians from poles. A day earlier, suicide-ambulance bombers targeted the cities of Tikrit and Samarra, killing at least twenty-one and wounding dozens. Syria: Kurdish and Arab forces and coalition airstrikes, began an operation to capture Raqqa, the so-called capital of ISIS miltants. Yemen: Troops loyal to the president's government killed at least thirty al Qaeda militants in a raid backed by a Saudi-led military coalition. Europe: Italy: A massive storm unleashed a tornado in Ladispoli on the coast north of Rome, killing one. Strong winds toppled a tree killing another. Near the Uffizi gallery, in Florence, the River Arno rose to dangerously high levels. Africa: Somalia: Clashes erupted between two regional militias in Galkayo, a city divided between Puntland and Galmudug, leaving at least twenty-nine dead and fifty wounded. Mali: Armed men raided the town of Banamba, attacking local security forces, a bank and the prison; possibly twenty prisoners escaped, while little was known about any casualties. South Sudan: A gunman attacked a crowd watching a soccer game near the town of Juba, killing at least eleven and wounding sixteen. Mali-Niger: Heavily armed gunmen riding vehicles raided a village and killed five soldiers in Niger near the border with Mali. Atlantic: Northwest Central: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding in northern Haiti, killing at least ten. North America: US: Nineteen earthquakes, felt as far away as Texas, struck the city of Cushing, Oklahoma, closing schools and damaging at least forty buildings. South America: Chile and Argentina: Copahue volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending ash plumes into the air. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: The Sun's northern hemisphere became unstable and erupted, sending a coronal mass ejection - a "canyon of fire" - directly toward Earth, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

10th-11th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: The battle for Mosul continued as ISIS miltants used civilians as shields. Europe: Romania to Ukraine: A strong storm system developed and would track across eastern Europe, dumping at least a foot (300 mm) of snow. Asia: Afghanistan: A Taliban suicide bomber targeted a German consulate in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, destroying the consulate, killing at least two, wounding more than eighty, and causing massive damages as far as blocks away. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano explosively erupted with strombolian activity and sent ash plumes into the air. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck east of Ishinomaki (11-11; 21:42). India and Pakistan: Dangerous smog shrouded both countries, resulting in extremely hazardous air quality and poor visibility, and was the worst in decades. Estimates are that it would take months for the smog to clear. India: A fire broke out at a garment factory in the city of Ghaziabad, killing thirteen and injuring three. Indonesia: Dukono volcano, on Halmahera island, explosively erupted sending lava flows down the volcano. Africa: Somalia: ISIS repelled a naval attack by Somali forces in the town of Qandala. Kenya: A multi-story building under construction in Kisii collapsed, trapping people inside. South Africa: Heavy rain triggered widespread flooding in Johannesburg, killing at least six, turning roads into rivers, and submerging buildings and vehicles. Hundreds were displaced and homes were washed away on the banks of the Juksei river. Nigeria: A town in the state of Lagos was set on fire forcing an estimated 30,000 to become homeless after their homes were burnt down in the district of Lekki. In Maiduguri the military was taking on Boko Haram militants as three suspected female suicide bombers were shot at which caused their bombs to explode killing all three. Meanwhile, three or four explosions did occurr in Ummarari. North America: US: Multiple wildfires burned over the southern interior, some of which were intentionally set by an arsonist. In North Carolina the govenor declared a state of emergency for areas most at risk for fires and evacuations. The fires swept parts of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano explosively erupted sending ash plumes into the air. Guatemala: Fuego volcano explosively erupted with lava flows and sent ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection hit Earth triggering circum-Arctic auroras.

14th -- Full Moon (13h 52m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Six ISIS suicide bombers tried to enter Ain Tamr from the province of Anbar, but were stopped by security forces. Five of the bombers were shot dead and the six took refuge in a house and blew himself up, killing eight. In a separate incident, two bomb attacks took place in the city of Falluja, killing at least eight. Five others were wounded. A day earlier, a series of bombings took place in and around Baghdad, killing at least twenty-three and wounding seventy. In a separate incident, government forces captured Nimrud, the site of an ancient Assyrian city, from ISIS militants. Europe: Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption with large pyroclastic flows caused by dome collapse. Asia: New Zealand: Earthquakes of 6.1 (11-13; 11:52), 6.5 (11-13; 11:32) and 6.5 (11-14; 00:34) magntitudes struck northwest of Kaikoura. A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck nearby Amberley (11-13; 11:02). Then gale force winds and heavy rain prevented the airlift of hundreds of evacuees. At least two were killed and there was billions of dollars in damages. Roads buckled and rail lines were severed. India Administered Kashmir/Pakistan: "Unprovoked" shelling by Indian forces took place overnight in the Bhimber sector, killing seven Pakistani soldiers. Myanmar (Burma): The army shot dead at least twenty-five in Rohingya Muslim villages, in Rakhine state, targeting armed militants. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption. Australia: Brisbane was hit by a storm that was the strongest in more than three decades. It's wind gusts were equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane. Africa: Nigeria: Shia Muslims clashed with police at a religious procession in Kano city, killing at least ten and wounding many marchers and five police officers. South Sudan: Twenty aid workers were abducted from the town of Nhialdiu after it was briefly overrun by forces loyal to the ostended vice president. North America: Canada: A huge lightning storm knocked out trees and powerlines, triggering a blackout in Mildura, Victoria, British Columbia. Atlantic: A cluster of showers and thunderstorms in the western Caribbean was becoming more organized into a tropical storm. Solar Activity: Earth was passing through a stream of fast-moving solar wind, that triggered geomgnetic storms and auroras.

17th-18th -- Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Iraq: An ISIS suicide car bomber targeted a wedding in the town of Ameriyat Fallujah, killing at least seventeen and wounding dozens. Syria: Government airstrikes and shelling on rebel-held parts of Aleppo left at least thirty-eight dead. "The most intense" airstrikes and intense artillery fire pounded the city. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevsky and Shiveluch volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula explosively erupted sending lava flows down the mountains. Greece: For two nights unknown attackers threw gasoline bombs, fireworks and stones at migrants' tents in Souda, on the Greek island of Chios, forcing about 150 to flee. Asia: Myanmar (Burma): Hundreds from the Rohingya minority were forced to escape a military crackdown by crossing the border into Bangladesh. Africa: Mozambique: People were taking gas from a truck when it exploded in the village of Caphiridzange in Tete province, killing at least ninety-three and injuring more than one hundred. Libya: Another Mediterranean shipwreck took place off the coast leaving at least one hundred dead. This brought the migrant death toll at sea to more than 340 for the week. Sudan: After decades of deforestation and drought parts of the country that were once covered in dense forest are being swallowed by sand. North America: US: A strengthening storm brought significant snowfall to the northern Plains and Midwest with localized blizzard conditions and temperatures plunging by as much as fifty degrees. The first major snowfall swept Colorado triggering major accidents on slick roads, leaving at least three dead. South America: Ecuador: Tungurahua volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Chile: Chillán volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Peru: Sabancaya volcano had an explosive eruption with lava flows. Chile/Argentina: Copahue volcano had an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: A large coronal hole opened up on the Sun's northeastern limb.

21st -- Last Quarter (8h 33m) LOW

Mideast: Yemen: The coalition conntinued fighting the Houthi rebels around the city of Taiz and Sanaa in spite of a UN-brokered truce. Europe: UK: Powerful winter storms battered England and Wales leaving a ferry stranded at sea unable to dock at Fishguard, roads were flooded and trains shutdown. The Environment Agency posted 72 flood warnings. Asia: Japan: A powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima prefecture and near the Fukushima nuclear power plant (11-21; 20:59). Coastal residents were ordered to flee to higher ground, as a tsunami warning was issued. Afghanistan: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted a Shia Muslim mosque in Kabul, killing at least twenty-seven and more than fifty were wounded. Myanmar (Burma): It was discovered that more than 1,200 homes were destroyed in villages inhabited by the Muslim Rohingya minority (over the past six months). New Zealand: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Castlepoint (11-22; 00:19). Africa: Libya: A pet monkey assaulted a schoolgirl which lead to days of fighting between the Awlad Suleiman and Guedadfa clans, leaving at least twenty people and the monkey dead, and more than fifty wounded. Senegal: Pilgrims heading to a major Sufi Muslim religious gathering in Touba were involved a number of road accidents that left 16 dead and 572 injuried. Democratic Republic of the Congo: An ethnic conflict erupted between two communities in Tanganyika region, killing at least thirty with poison arrows. The violence was blamed on members of the Twa ethnic group, also known as pygmies, who used bows and arrows to attack Muswaki village inhabited by ethnic Lubas. North America: US: Police doused peaceful protesters with water cannons in subfreezing weather near the Dakota Access oil pipeline. At least seventeen protesters were taken to the hospital, including some who were treated for hypothermia. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano explosively erupted sending lava flows down the mountain. South America: Argentina: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck south of Zonda (11-20; 20:57). Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras: Tropical Depression Sixteen developed into Tropical Storm Otto in the Carribean, and brought flooding, mudslides and damaging winds to these Central American countries. Solar Activity: The Sun's coronal hole, covering more than quarter of the visible solar disk, turned toward Earth triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

24th-25th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: A suicide ISIS militant truck bomb targeted four buses filling up with fuel at the road stop near the village of Shomali, killing at least seventy-seven, most of them Shia pilgrims from Iran and Afghanistan. It also destroyed the gas station and a restuarant. Israel: A drought and strong winds fanned arson-set fires that swept the city of Haifa, forcing about 80,000 to flee. Wildfires were also threatening homes near Jerusalem and the West Bank. Police arrested twelve for arson. Syria: Turkey's military was targeted by a Syrian government airstrike, killing three Turkish soliders and wounding ten. In a separate incident, intense airstrikes pounded the rebel-held east Aleppo, killing at leasst thirty-two. Qatar: Rare dramatic double tornadoes swept Al Khor. Iran: A train brokedown and then was hit by another train in Semnan province, killing at least thirty-five and injuring more than seventy. Europe: Bulgaria: About 1,500 migrants clashed with police in the country's largest refugee center where protesters threw stones at the police, who used water cannon to control the outbreak. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka penonsula underwent a highly explosive eruption, including lava domes and large pyroclastic flows. Asia: China: A power plant in Fengcheng, Jiangxi province, had a cooling tower under construction when it collapsed, killing sixty-seven. Japan: Tokyo got its first November snowfall in 54 years. Tajikistan: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck east of Karakul (11-25; 14:24). Africa: Egypt: A car bomb attack targeted a Sinai checkpoint, killing eight soldiers and wounding twelve. Three attackers were also killed. Indonesia: Dukono volcano, on the island of Halmahera, underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes and lave flows. North America: Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes and the formation of lava domes. US: The first major lake-effect snow buried parts of the Northeast with feet of snow, knocking down powerlines and closing roads. Central America: Nicaragua: Hurricane Otto - strengthened into a category two hurricane - made landfall near the town of San Juan de Nicaragua. Costa Rica: The country declared an emergency and ordered the evacuations as a precaution that Hurricane Otto might strike there and it did. At least nine were killed, 5,000 were evacuated, several towns were covered by water and mud, and bridges collapsed. Nicaragua and El Salvador: A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of El Salvador, near Puerto El Triunfo, triggering a relatively small tsunami (11-24; 18:43). Solar Activity: G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras at both poles were triggered as Earth moved through a stream of solar wind.

29th -- New Moon (12h 18m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: The government's advance into battered rebel-held areas of the city of Aleppo forced about 16,000 to evacuate. The fighting left at least twenty-eight dead. The Israeli Air Force bombed a building used by ISIS militants in the Golan Heights. Europe: Russia: Chirinkotan volcano, in the Northern Kuriles, underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Militants stormed an army camp in Nagrota, killing at least seven Indian soldiers. They also took sixteen hostages that were later rescued after fierce gun battles that left three of the miltants dead. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano underwent an explosive eruption with strombolian activity and ash plumes. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Africa: Uganda: Fighting in Rwenzururu kingdom in western part of the country that began on the 27th left at least eighty-seven dead. North America: US: An historic wildfire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee destroyed more than seven hundred homes and businesses, and forced the evacuation of thousands, killing eleven. The fire was stoked by 90 mph (145 kph) hurricane-force winds and left behind what the governor called, "an apocalyptic wasteland." A Somali-born student refugee rammed his car into a group of pedestrians at Ohio State University and then began stabbing people before police shot him dead. He wounded eleven people in what might have been a terrorist attack. Two tornadoes touched down in eastern Iowa, toppling powerlines and damaging roofs. Severe weather, including tornadoes, threatened lives and property in parts of the Deep South. Two tornadoes killed five people in two states and injured at least a dozen. Tornadoes also damaged homes and buildings, and toppled trees in parts of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. South America: Colombia: A plane crashed with 77 on board as it approached Medellin, killing 71, including many on the soccer team, Chapecoense of Brazil. Solar Activity: Two new sunspots emerged on the Sun, and one of them (AR2615) produced C- and M-class solar flares.


3rd-4th -- Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Government troops gained control of more than half of the rebel-held areas of east Aleppo. About 250,00 were still trapped in the city because of the fighting. Europe: Spain: Some of the heaviest rainfall in years caused widespread flooding in towns close to Malaga along the southern coastline. Ukraine: A failed operation to arrest robbers ended with two sets of police shooting at each other believing the other to be the criminals, leaving five dead. Asia: India: A new tropical cyclone began to develop and strengthen as it was headed for Eastern India. Signs are that it could become the strongest cyclone in two years to hit the region. The storm was on the heels of Cyclone Nada that caused severe flooding in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. Indonesia: Bagana volcano, on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, ubderwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Palue (12-05; 01:13). Africa: Libya: Libya's UN-backed government took full control of Sirte from ISIS militants, but the fighting continued. Sirte was the former headquarters of ISIS. North America: US: Heavy rains from Texas to Alabama triggered widespread flooding. Record rainfall swept Galveston County, Texas, triggering widespread flooding with as much as 7 inches (178 mm) in less than an hour. More rain would bring the rainfall total up to 15 inches (380 mm) in some areas. A fire broke out in a converted warehouse being used for a rave party, killing more than thirty-three, while many were still missing. The cause was unknown. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck south of Shemya Island, Alaska (12-03; 09:23). South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Brazil: Brazil: Tens of thousands took to the streets to in protest against an ineffective anti-corruption bill. Chile and Argentina: Copahue volcano underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Pacific: A heavy snow fell in tropical Hawaii, and rarely had it fallen so heavily at such low altitudes. There was up to three feet (90cm) of snow and more snow would fall. In other parts of Hawaii there were widespread flash floods. Solar Activity: A large coronal hole opened on the Sun and it was turning toward Earth, and would trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras.

7th -- First Quarter (9h 03m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Airstrikes on the city of al-Qaim - held by ISIS militants - destroyed vehicles, homes and buildings, and killed at least sixty (two other sources say 70 and 120). Many civilians were amoung the causualties. Syria: The besieged towns of Madaya and Zabadani were hit with barrel bombs, artillery shells and mortars by government forces over three days, killing and wounding dozens, and destroying homes, buildings and vehicles. Asia: Indonesia: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Sigli, near Reuleut, a town in the province of Aceh (12-06; 22:03). Several mosques in Pidie Jaya, and hundreds of stores, houses and other buildings collapsed, killing at least ninety-seven and injuring hundreds, as many remained buried under rubble. It would eventually leave 43,000 homeless. A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake (12-08; 17:38) struck west of Kirakira, Solomon Islands. It triggered a tsunami warning, forcing evacuations in coastal areas. The quake collapsed buildings on the island of Malaita. An 6.5 magnitude earthquake aftershock followed (12-08; 21:56). Pakistan: A Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed into a mountain in the Havelian area, not far from Islamabad. All forty-eight on board were killed. Indian Ocean: A new tropical depression developed and strengthened in the Bay of Bengal and headed westward toward India. It was to become a cyclonic storm named Vardah, and would hit areas from Chennai to Visakhapatnam. The Andaman and Nicobar islands would face the brunt of the impacts with flooding downpours and strong winds triggering flash flooding, mudslides and power outages. Africa: Libya: The pro-unity government forces took full control of Sirte, and began to hunt down the remaining ISIS miltants. Somalia: Government forces recaptured the key ISIS-held town of Qandala, in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland. North America: US: Heavy snow and ice storm hit the northwest, triggering vehicle accidents, producing dangerous roads, and downing powerlines and trees. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck west of Ferndale, California (12-08; 14:49). South America: Brazil: Police and anti-austerity protesters clashed in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Police used tear gas, stun grenades and shot rubber bullets from a church. The protesters set fires and vandalized buildings. Many of the demonstraters had not been paid in months, though they were public workers. Peru: Sabancaya volcano again underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Solar Activity: The solar wind swept Earth with a co-rotating interaction region, triggering auroras and geomagnetic storms.

10th-11th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Just hours after Russian airstrikes drove them back, ISIS militants retook the ancient city of Palmyra. Russia carried out 64 airstrikes, and claimed to have killed more than 300 militants. The army was then doing whatever they could to prevent the militants from staying in the city. Aleppo was still under heavy bombardment, but it soon became less important than Palmyra. Thousands of residents were still streaming out of Aleppo each day. Large numbers of people were also trapped in the rubble of destroyed buildings. Yemen: A suicide bomber targeted an army barracks in the city of Aden, killing at least forty-five soldiers and wounding at least fifty (other estimates say fifty were killed and seventy wounded). Europe: Turkey: A suicide bomber targeted a police vehicle near the Vodafone Arena in Itanbul, killing at least thirty-eight. TAK, an offshoot of the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party, claimed responsibility. Bulgaria: A train carrying liquid gas derailed and then exploded in the village of Hitrino. At least twenty buildings were damaged, five people were killed and twenty were injuried, some seriously. Asia: India: Cyclone Vardah strengthens as it headed for Andhra Pradesh, but made landfall between Chennai and Ongole in a weakened state. Still it would bring heavy rain, strong winds and dangerous seas. Oceania: A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck west Kirakira, Solomon Islands (12-09; 19:10). Africa: Egypt: A bomb exploded in a Coptic Christian cathedral complex in Cairo, killing at least twenty-five and wounding dozens. Nigeria: A church roof collapsed in Uyo, killing at least sixty. Kenya: A fuel tanker truck, heading to Uganda, was going downhill when it crashed into other vehicles in Naivasha. The truck exploded and the fireball swept numerous vehicles, killing at least thirty-nine and injuring ten. Somalia: A suicide car bomber targeted the entrance of the Mogadishu's main port facilities, killing at least sixteen and wounding at least forty-eight. North America: US: A disruptive wintry storm system brought heavy snow to parts of the northern Plains and Midwest, causing traffic pile-ups, burying roads, and grounding flights. Heavy rains and snow swept the Northwest. A huge pile-up took place on Interstate-90, near the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio, where dozens of cars and trucks suffered a chain reaction of collisions, injuring fifty. Severe winter storms spread from Oregon to Pennsylvania with widespread snow and low temperatures. South America: Colombia: Nevado del Ruiz volcano underwent an explosive eruption sending ash plumes into the air. Chile/Argentina: Copahue volcano again underwent an explosive eruption sending ash plumes into the air. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Solar Activity: The solar wind was about twice as fast as usual, triggering numerous geomagnetic storms and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

14th -- Full Moon (0h 06m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Rebels and civilians in the city of Aleppo were due to leave, but the truce collapsed as government forces resumed airstrikes. Asia: India: Cyclone Vardah lashed Chennai with heavy rain and hurricane-force winds, leaving at least seven dead. It also closed schools and businesses, destroyed or damaged buildings, triggered widespread flooding, tossed vehicles around, and forced the evacuation of 15,000 from low-laying areas. Africa: Nigeria: More than a third of the 743 health facilities in Borno state have been "completely destroyed." North America: Mexico: Colima volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows, ash plumes and strombolian activity. US: A massive ice storm swept through parts of the Northwest, knocking down trees and powerlines, closing schools and businesses, damaging houses, and producing dangerous roadways. The same storm soaked California with rain and flash floods. Heavy lake-effect snow produced whiteout conditions and dangerous travel across the Great Lakes. A 1,200-mile swath of the central United States was hit with heavy snowfall and strong winds from the Rockies to the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. In some places it reached blizzard conditions closing roads, schools and businesses. The storm would move eastward and as far south as the Carolinas to as far north as Maine. Pacific: North: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands (12-14; 02:01). Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection sent a solar wind stream headed towards Earth and would trigger Arctic auroras.

17th-18th -- Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Evacuations resumed with buses and ambulances leaving rebel areas of east Aleppo. Earlier, buses sent to take people out of government-controlled areas were set on fire, stopping the latest evacuation deal. Thousands were left stranded again. Jordan: Four gunmen undertook a shooting spree leaving ten dead, afterwhich they fled to a historic hilltop castle in the city of Karak. There security forces shot dead the four gunmen. Yemen: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted al-Sawlaban military base, killing at least forty-eight soldiers and wounding another eight-four in the port city of Aden. Europe: Turkey: A suicide car bomber targeted a bus carrying soldiers visiting a local market in the city of Kayseri, killing at least thirteen and wounding fifty-six. Ukraine: Heavy fighting brokeout with pro-Russian rebels in the east who tried to seize territory near the strategic town of Debaltseve, leaving five soldiers and twenty-five rebels dead, and at east twenty wounded. The rebels also destroyed two infantry fighting vehicles. Asia: Indonesia: An Indonesian air force Hercules C-130 plane crashed during bad weather in the remote province of Papua, killing all thirteen aboard. A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck east of Taron, Papua New Guinea (12-17; 10:51) and was followed by a 6.3 magnitude aftershock (12-17; 11:27). A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Ngulu, Micronesia (12-18; 09:47). A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kirakira, Solomon Islands (12-18; 05:46). Afghanistan: A bus collided with a fuel truck on a highway, killing at least fourteen and injuring more than forty, many critically. In a separate incident, two gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on a bus carrying five women security staff who worked at Kandahar airport, killing all five and the driver. It was believed to be the Taliban who carried out the attack. Africa: Burkina Faso: Militants on pick-up trucks and motorbikes attacked soldiers near the border with Mali, killing at least twelve soldiers; another two were missing. They opened fire at the depots, the tents and set fire to some of the vehicles. North America: US: Freezing rain and icy road conditions in Balitmore led to a pileup of fifty-five vehicles, including one tanker truck that explosed, leaving two dead and fifteen injuried. The blazing pileup was one of many crashes in the Baltimore-Washington area. Heavy snow covered the Midwest and mid-Atlantic as a blast of arctic air caused temperatures to plummet from the Plains to the Atlantic coast. Temperatures plummeted into the single digits and wind chill values sent some places to below minus 30 F (minus 34.5 C). The Northwest was still experiencing sub-freezing temperatures as frozen rain brought down trees and powerlines. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption sending ash plumes into the air. South America: Brazil: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of Tarauaca (12-18; 13:30). Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Solar Activity: A huge hole opened up on the Sun, sending a coronal mass ejection towards Earth that woud later trigger auroras and geomagnetic storms.

21st -- Late Quarter (1h 56m) and Solstice MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Hundreds of rebel fighters and civilians were bused out of war-ravaged Aleppo in a rare, heavy snow storm. Syria/Turkey: Fierce fighting against ISIS militants in the town of al-Bab left fourteen Turkish soldiers dead and thirty-three wounded. Also, 138 ISIS militants were killed. Iraq: A parked motorcycle with a bomb exploded next to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in Koy Sanjaq, killing at least seven and wounding fifteen. Europe: UK: Storm Barbara strengthened as it headed for Northern Ireland, north Wales and the north of England with hurricane-force winds in excess of 90 mph (145 kph). The government warned that it would disrupt holiday travel, and that it may have "an impact on power supplies, structures, and disrupt bridge and ferry crossings." Asia: Afghanistan: Taliban militants attacked the house of a member of parliament in Kabul, killing at least five and taking hostages. A suicide bomber targeted a Shia Muslim mosque in Kabul, killing at least twenty-seven. East Timor: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck east of Dili (12-21; 00:17). Oceania: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kirakira, Solomon Islands (12-20; 04:21). Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Confrontations with security forces in the capital, Kinshasa, left at least twenty civlians dead. Security forces and protesters clashed in several cities, including the capital, Kinshasa, as the president refused to step down. Security forces arrested 275 of the protesters, while twenty-one civilians and one police officer were killed during the protests. Congo-Brazzaville: Security forces and a militia group clashed in the province of Mongala, leaving at least eighteen dead. Nigeria: A bus ploughed into a Muslim procession marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, killing at least twenty-eight, many of which were children. An angry mob then beat the driver to death. Egypt: Snow fell in the Sahara desert for the second time in recorded history. Australia: A van filled with gas bottles was driven into the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters in Canberra, where the driver set it on fire and then the van exploded. The motive was unknown. North America: Mexico: An explosion at the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec, located close to Mexico City, left at least thirty-two dead and more than seventy injuried. About 80% of the 300 stalls were destroyed. US: Severe weather could threaten lives and property over parts of the central US with strong damaging winds, torrential downpours, large hail and even a few tornadoes. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent explosive eruptions with lava flows. Solar Activity: A G2-class geomagnetic storm and auroras were triggered by the solar wind from a coronal mass ejection.

24th-25th -- Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: After the evacuations in Aleppo it met its final fate as a bomb-ravaged ghost town. Europe: Russia: A military jet flying to Latakia in Syria crashed into the Black Sea killing all ninety-two on board. The cause was unknown. UK: Storm Conor brought blizzards and gale-force gusts to Orkney, Shetland and the most northerly part of the Highlands. About a dozen flood warning were also issued. Asia: Philippines: Powerful typhoon Nock-Ten, packing winds of 158 mph (255 kph) - equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane - made landfall in the south. About 100,000 were evacuated from areas in the Bicol region were there was widespread flooding and landslides. Dozens of ports were closed. Oceania: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Africa: Libya: Two men hijacked a Libyan plane with 118 people on board after taking off from Sabha, bound for the Libyan capital Tripoli. The ordeal ended peacefully after the men surrendered in Malta. Nigeria: The army drove out Boko Haram militants from the last camp in their Sambisa forest stronghold. Australia: A "twice-a-century weather event" brought record rainfall that triggered widespread flooding and mudslides to the Northern Territory - a desert. North America: Mexico: Colima volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava domes, vulcanian eruptions and strombolian activity. A plague of violence continued with the discovery of six decapitated heads in one state and seven in another. US: Blizzard conditions and ice storms swept the across the north-central states. As much as 18 inches (457 mm) of snow blanketed western South Dakota and surrounding areas to northeastern North Dakota. Snow and an icy mix spread from Utah to Wisconsin and from Oklahoma to Nebraska. Travel was very dangerous with vehicles sliding off roadways and being involved in mulitple pile-ups. An icy mix also created slick roads from central Pennsylvania to New York and New England. South America: Chile: A powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the southern coast, south of Puerto Quellon, triggering a tsunami warning (12-25; 14:22). About 4,000 were evacuated, and roads and bridges were damaged or destroyed. Solar Activity: Again, Earth was inside a stream of solar wind caused by a coronal mass ejection, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras for the fourth day in a row.

29th -- New Moon (6h 53m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: Government and coalition forces launched new attacks against ISIS militants in Mosul, sweeping into several eastern neighborhoods. There were several casualties of ISIS militants and civilians. Asia: India: A passenger train derailed in northern Uttar Pradesh state, injuring at least fifty-three. China: Four attackers targeted a Communist Party building in western Xinjiang province, and set off explosives that killed one and injured three (late on the 28th). Chinese police then killed the four attackers. It was believed that the attackers - Uighur groups - retaliated the government's repression of the Muslim community. Indonesia: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck south of Tolotangga (12-29; 22:30). Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Torrential rain caused widespread flooding that left at least fifty dead and thousands homeless. Ethiopia: Erta Ale volcano underwent an eruption that sent lava down the north and south sides of the volcano. North America: US: A blizzard - known as a Nor'easter - swept an area from northern New Hampshire to northwestern Maine. The storm knocked out power, buried roads and grounded flights. Lake-effect snow also created blizzard conditions for the region surrounding the Great Lakes, causing whiteouts, poor travel conditions and large snow drifts. During the heaviest bands of lake effect, the snow accumulated at the rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. South America: Colombia: Two assailants on motorcycles attacked a checkpoint north of the capital Bogota, killing one and wounding seven policemen. The attackers planted explosives on the dead policeman and then set them off when the other policemen investigated. Solar Activity: Another coronal mass ejection sent a stream of solar wind heading for Earth, where it would trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras.

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