Overview: This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. Note: All times shown are 24-hour Universal Time and actual local times will usually differ, and local dates may also differ. For earthquakes they are shown as (date; hour:minute); example (01-01; 08:03), which is January 1 at 8:03. Only earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater will be listed, with the exception of lesser magnitudes that cause damage.

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Last Update: May 21, 2018




2nd - Full Moon (2h 24m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iran: A wave of violent protests was still sweeping the country (see previous lunar phase in 2017), leaving at least twenty-two dead. Buildings were burned down in the town of Behbahan, flash bombs or grenades were thrown in Rasht, and street fires were ignited in Karaj, as police fired tear gas to break up protests. More than 450 arrests were made in Tehran alone. Europe: Italy: A truck crashed into a car that then slammed into the back of a tanker truck, causing it to explode on a highway near Brescia, leaving six dead. UK: Storm Eleanor swept across northern England, Northern Ireland and south-west Scotland pounding them with 90 mph (145 kph) winds, heavy rain, widespread flooding, knocking out power to tens of thousands, and disrupting travel. Asia: Afghanistan: A clash erupted between ISIS miltants and US troops in Achin, Nangarhar province, along the Pakistan border, leaving one US soldier dead and four wounded. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Kenya: The militant Islamist group al-Shabab attacked security officers on patrol, leaving a police reservist missing and feared dead. Nigeria: Gunmen opened fire on worshippers who were walking back from church, killing seventeen and wounding dozens in Rivers state (on the 1st). Madagascar: The newly formed Tropical Cyclone 3S headed for the country with life-threatening impacts, heavy rains and strong winds. It was expected to strengthen into a hurricane-like cyclone as it becomes more organized. Democratic Republic of Congo: A major storm was headed for the capital Kinshasa where it would bring heavy rains that triggered a landslide and flooding, killing at least thirty-seven. North America: US: A very large and powerful storm swept the East Coast from Georgia to Maine burying much in ice and snow. Bitter cold overwhelmed areas in the Central and Eastern regions affecting about 70% of the nation for the tenth day, closing schools, triggering vehicle pile-ups and disrupting travel. In Buffalo, New York at least twenty-two vehicles crashed into each other, injuring many and backing up traffic for hours. Forty states were under official winter alerts for bitter cold and/or snow. at least sixteen deaths were caused by the weather. Meanwhile, another storm was begining to develop resembling a winter hurricane that would batter easternmost section of the East Coast with damaging winds and blizzard-like snowfall. This type of weather system is often referred to as a "Bomb Cyclone" or "Winter Weather Bomb." South America: Peru: A bus was hit by a truck causing it to plummet down a cliff onto a rocky beach along a stretch of highway known as the "Devil's Curve," killing at least forty-eight; three others were missing. Brazil: A riot erupted at a jail in the state of Goias, allowing ninety-nine to escape, while nine prisoners were killed and fourteen were injured when a rival gang attacked that started the riot. Pacific: South: Aoba (Ambae) volcano on the island of Vanuatu erupted. Solar Activity: A huge ring of electric-blue, noctilucent clouds ­- night-shining clouds - encircled high above Antarctica.

5th-6th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Russian jets bombed the cities of Misraba and Arbin, killing at least twenty-five civilians in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus (on the 4th). At least ten hospitals in rebel-held areas were targeted by direct air or artillery attacks, though Syria and Russia denied such attacks. Libya: A rubber dinghy sank off the coast drowning twenty-five, while eighty-four were rescued. Kuwait: A glass barrier collapsed during celebrations following a soccer match, injuring at least forty. Europe: Italy and Switzerland: Heavy snow has cut off the Alpine ski resorts of Cervinia in Italy and Adelboden in Switzerland trapping about 10,000 tourists in ski resorts with more than 6.6 feet (2 m) of snow. A landslide struck Adelboden and most areas had a avalanche warning in place. Austria: An avalanche in the Austrian Alps left two skiers dead. Asia: Japan: A false alarm caused by an error in the earthquake warning system was sent to millions of people triggered a brief panic and disrupted travel. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Indian-administered Kashmir: Multiple avalanches hit vehicles in the Himalayan region, killing at least eleven; three others were missing. They had been swept away by three near-simultaneous avalanches on a stretch of about six miles (10 km) on a road in Kupawara district. Myanmar: An insurgent attack targeted soldiers in Rakhine state, killing at least six. More than twenty insurgents used homemade bombs to attack a truck transporting troops from Taungpyo township. Africa: Madagascar: Ava reached the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane as it made landfall triggering widespread flooding and mudslides. South Sudan: Despite of a mutually supported cease-fire, new fighting erupted near the capital. Senegal: An attack by unknown assailants in the region of Casamance left thirteen teenages dead somme by gunshot and others by decapitation, and another seven were wounded. North America: US: After the "bomb cyclone" had dumped more than a foot of snow across eight states, knocked out power for tens of thousands, buried cars in snow, flooded streets, grounded thousands of flights and killed at least nineteen there came frigid cold. Temperatures reached 20 to more than 40 degrees below zero, freezing cars in ice, freezing rivers, floodwaters turned to ice, and people were forced to flee their homes. Much of the Northeast and Midwest could be described as a block of ice. More than 5,000 flights had to be cancelled. The peaks of New Hampshire’s White Mountains dropped to 40 degrees below zero, and with the wind chill could make the air feel as cold as 100 below zero. Winds had gusted up to 122 mph (196 kph) on the highest peak on Mount Washington. In Florida iguanas were falling from trees because of the cold. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Pacific: South: Kadovar volcano northeast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea underwent explosive eruptions. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: The Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field tipped south triggering auroras.

8th - Last Quarter (22h 25m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A car bomber targeted the headquarters of the Islamist rebel faction Ajnad al-Qawqaz in the city of Idlib, killing at least twenty-five. Government and Russian airstrikes elsewhere left another fifteen dead. The military recaptured the strategically important town of Sinjar and also captured fourteen villages from insurgent groups. Asia: China: A collision between an oil tanker and a freighter off the eastern coast, in the East China Sea, days earlier, now began to send off toxic smoke amid the fire as bad weather made matters worse. Thirty-two crew members were missing and it was feared that the tanker would explode. Indonesia: Agung volcano on the island of Bali underwent a highly explosive eruption. Africa: Tunisia: Anger over inflation, increased taxes and rising living costs triggered violent protests in at least two towns. Protesters burned tires on the streets of the town of Thala, and about 300 took to the streets in the city of Sidi Bouzid. Sudan: A sharp increase in the price of bread resulting from the removal of government subsidies triggered protests. Protesters threw stones, burned tires and blocked roads, as the police used tear gas. A student demonstrator was killed in West Darfur. Libya: An overcrowded rubber dinghy sank off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea, drowning sixty-four migrants. Rescuers saved another eighty-six. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: The city of Sydney experienced its hottest weather in 79 years with temperatures in Penrith, west of Sydney, hitting as high as 117 degress F (47.3 C). It triggered a fire on farmland in the south, as severe fire warnings were issued throughout Sydney. Meanwhile, a new tropical cyclone was developing and could renew the risk for flooding across northern Western Australia. North America: US: A powerful storm headed for California with heavy rain, mountain snow, and strong winds. Mudslides swept through areas that were burned in last month's wildfires, covering highways, sweeping away vehicles, carrying huge boulders and smashing homes, leaving at least seventeen dead and twenty-eight injuried. Even though evacuations were instituted before the storm's arrival, some areas where the evacuations were only suggested also got hit with powerful mudslides. More than 100 homes were destroyed, and another 300 were damaged. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: South: Aoba (Ambae) volcano on the island of Vanuatu underwent an eruption. Solar Activity: A stream of solar wind triggered auroras around the Arctic Circle and geomagnetic storms.

11th-12th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Israel: Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank engaged in clashes that left two Palestinian teenagers dead. The teens were protesting the recent US president's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Tunisia: Anger over the government's budget measures and rising prices on basic goods sent people into the streets in protest. The protests took place in ten different areas targeting government buildings, torching police cars, blocking roads, and some even attempted to take over malls and shops. Police responded with tear gas, and the army was called out to keep order. Hundreds of the demonstrators were arrested. The following day, the government was prepared to give in to some of the demands of the protesters. Yemen: Houthi rebels fired a ballistic missile targeting a special forces camp and a facility for combat helicopters in the Saudi border province of Najran. Iran and Iraq: A series of eight earthquakes shook the Iran-Iraq border area and Baghdad, injuring four. The quakes were moderate and appeared to do only minimal damage. Syria: A group of rebels who had used drones to attack a Russian air base in Syria was tracked down, striking them with artillery as they were getting into a vehicle in the province of Idlib. The Russian military also destroyed a rebel facility for assembling drones in Idlib. Europe: Italy: Stromboli volcano on the Eolian Islands underwent an explosive eruption. Asia: Myanmar: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Pyu (01-11; 18:26). Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Nigeria: A mass burial was undertaken of more than seventy people killed in conflicts between nomadic herdsmen and farming communities in three states. The Nigerian army deployed special forces to quell the violence in the battle for land. South Africa: Firefighters began battling at least three separate fires in a small area outside Cape Town, in the Overberg area - one fire was set intentionally. Six people were injuried. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: Tropical Cyclone Joyce swept into and across Western Australia, triggering widespread flooding, power outages, a flooding storm surge and property damage. It was the second cyclone to hit the region in two weeks. North America: Mexico: Rampant crime and gang activity were so high that the US state department warned tourists to "completely avoid" five states. Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas were put on the same danger level as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. US: High temperatures dipped down to between minus 10 and zero degrees Fahrenheit across much of the northern Plains before falling to near minus 30. A storm brought heavy rain and flooding, and then ice, snow and a freeze-up into the Northeast. Mandatory evacuations were extended in Montecito, California, as dozens were still missing from the mudslides. Central America: Honduras: A 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck east of Great Swan Island (01-10; 02:51). Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent a minor explosive eruption. Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Venezuela: A boat that left Venezuela sank in the Caribbean near Curacao, leaving five dead and twenty-eight missing and feared dead. In a separate incident, two days of protests and looting over food shortages left at least three dead and sixteen injured. Chile: Three Roman Catholic churches were firebombed in Santiago three days before the Pope was to visit. A note was left at the scene threatening the Pope. Pacific: South: Kadovar volcano northeast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, underwent an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: A co-rotating interaction region of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field hit Earth, triggering a G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras.

17th - New Moon (2h 17m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria and Turkey: Turkey amassed tanks and troops on the border of two Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria. This amounted to Turkish efforts to rid the "terror nests" of Afrin and Manbij. The Turkish army had already shelled Afrin. Europe: UK: Continous heavy snow swept across the country with a "do not travel" warning for major roads in southern Scotland and northern England. In some places there were damaging hurricane-force winds and heavy rain. Asia: Philippines: Mount Mayon volcano underwent an eruption with lava flows, forcing about 22,000 to flee their homes as volcanologists warn a 'hazardous explosion' could take place. Myanmar: Police in Rakhine state opened fire on Buddhist protesters, killing at least seven and wounding several others. More than 4,000 ethnic Rakhine Buddhists gathered around a government office to protest a ban on the annual commemoration of the fall of the ancient Arakan kingdom when the violence ensued. Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Syria and Jordan: A large, powerful winter storm brought damaging winds, heavy rain and heavy snow to the region. In southern Turkey heavy rains triggered flooding. Powerful winds, torrential rain and flooding swept an area from Syria into Israel and Jordan. In Ukraine heavy rains also triggered widespread flooding. India: A bull-taming contest known as Jallikattu took place in the state of Tamil Nadu. The contest involves thousands of men chasing bulls to grab prizes tied to the bulls' horns. In the process five were gored to death and sixty were wounded. Africa: Nigeria: Gunmen kidnapped two Americans and two Canadians near the city of Kaduna after killing their two police escorts. South Africa: Protests ensued outside an Afrikaans medium school south of Johannesburg, blaming the school for racism as it did not admit fifty-five English-speaking students. The protesters burned tires in the street as police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to try and break up the protest. In a separate incident, two suicide bombers targeted a market in the city of Maiduguri, killing at least twelve and wounding forty-eight. The attack was believed to be carried out by Boko Haram insurgents. North America: Mexico: A pickup truck and a train collided in Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco state, killing at least five and injuring ten. US: Frigid cold temperatures swept the Deep South leaving nine dead, as more than 400 accidents were reported in Houston, Texas alone. Most of the Northeast was also either in winter weather or winter storm warnings. Another deep freeze swept over much of the central and eastern parts of the country, as well. South America: Colombia: A highway bridge in Chirajara that was under construction collapsed, killing at least nine workers and injuring five (on the 16th). Two ex-combatants of the FARC rebel group were shot to death while participating in a campaign event. FARC was transformed into a political party as part of a earlier peace accord. Solar Activity: A hole opened up on the Sun, sending a coronal mass ejection heading towards Earth where it was expected to trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras.

20th-21st - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria and Turkey: Turkish war planes lauched airstrikes on Kurdish positions on the Syrian side of the border in the city of Afrin. The Free Syrian Army, who are pro-Turkey rebels, also began moving into the area. Dozens of airstrikes hit 153 targets belonging to the Kurdish militants. The militants retaliated with rocket fire on Turkish border areas. In the midst of it all, an avalanche hit Turkish soldiers, killing at least five and injuring fourteen. Syria: Fifteen Syrian refugees froze to death while trying to cross the mountainous border into Lebanon. Coalition forces undertook airstrikes near al-Shafah, in the Middle Euphrates river valley in the province of Deir al-Zour, killing at least 150 ISIS miltants. Europe: Switzerland: A winter storm blasted through the country, knocking down trees and power lines. Visibility in Valais was blinding whiteout conditions and ski gondolas in Verbier were whipped around by strong winds. Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands: Eight people were killed in Germany as Friederike, the strongest windstorm in 11 years, swept through. Severe wind damage was left in its wake with roads and railways littered with debris. Three other deaths were reported across Belgium and the Netherlands. The first storm spread snow and rain across central and southern Germany. On the heels of damaging windstorm Friederike, two new winter storms would target Germany. Romania: Tens of thousands took to the streets of numerous cities protesting legislation that would make it harder to prosecute crime and high-level corruption. Turkey: A bus taking families on a school holiday skiing trip crashed into trees along the road, killing at least eleven and injuring forty-six. Czechoslovakia: A hotel fire in downtown Prague killed at least two people and injured dozens. UK: Strong wintry conditions affected large parts of the UK, with snow and heavy rain in many areas. Afterward, ice warnings were issued for the North East and Yorkshire and Humber as temperatures fell sharply. Russia: Ebeko volcano on Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands, underwent an explosive eruption. Asia: Afghanistan: At least four gunmen attacked an Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, killing eighteen guests and wounding at least five. Special forces killed two of the attackers. The Taliban claimed responsibility. India and Pakistan: Kashmir fighting escalated as Indian and Pakistani troops traded fire along the frontier in Kashmir, killing at least five civilians and a soldier. India: A massive fire broke out at a firecracker factory in the Bawana industrial area of New Delhi, killing at least seventeen. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Widespread protests erupted demanding that the president should step down as his office term expired more than a year ago. At least six people had been killed in the turmoil. Ethiopia: Security forces fired on a crowd at a religious festival who were reportedly shouting anti-government slogans. The gunfire killed at least five and injuried dozens in the town of Waldiya. Kenya: An explosive device went off in a field killing four children as they where grazing livestock. North America: US: Warmer weather in the Northeast had been thawing out rivers and lakes creating concern for ice jams and flooding across the region. Several areas have already seen flooding from ice jams like Haddam, Connecticut which was put under a state of emergency. Heavy snow and blizzard conditions swept across the midwest as well, closing roads, making travel dangerous, and cancelling flights. Violent thunderstorms battered the south-central region from eastern Texas to southern Missouri, bringing torrential downpours, damaging winds and tornadoes. Mexico: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck north of the city of Loreto (01-19; 16:17). Central America: Honduras: Clashes erupted between riot police and demonstrators who disputed the result of the presidential election, leaving one protester dead in the town of Saba. Police fired tear gas and cleared roadblocks made of burning tires. The Human rights group Amnesty International says fourteen died in the clashes, but police disputes this claim. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Chile: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of the city of Putre (01-21; 01:06). Pacific: Southwest: Kadovar volcano on New Britain, Papua New Guinea, erupted again, sending plumes of steam and ash into the air, and forcing the evacuation of thousands. A major eruption could be imminent. Nearby Langila volcano also underwent an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection reached Earth, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

24th - First Quarter (22h 20m) HIGH

Mideast: Libya: Two car bombers targeted an area near a mosque in a residential area of the city of Benghazi, killing at least thirty-three and wounding forty-seven. The second bomb was timed to go off as poeple responded to the first blast. Syria: About 5,000 have been displaced by clashes between Turkish-led forces and Kurdish fighters in an offensive to drive a Kurdish militia out of the Afrin region. Europe: France: The wettest January in more than a century caused the River Seine to burst its banks in Paris. Train lines and stations were closed, boats were unable to get under bridges, hordes of rats came out of hiding, and the water level could reach above the historic levels during the dramatic floods of June 2016. Asia: Afghanistan: ISIS gunmen stormed the offices of Save the Children in Jalalabad, killing at least six and wounding twenty-seven. A suicide car bomb was detonated outside the offices, and then the attackers used rocket-propelled grenades to enter. Japan: Mount Kusatsu-Shirane volcano underwent an explosive eruption. At about the same time an avalanche killed a soldier and injuried fourteen; it was believed that the eruption triggered the avalanche. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck east of Mutsu (01-24; 10:51). Philippines: The most active volcano Mount Mayon underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and columns of ash, forcing more than 40,000 residents to evacuate. The volcano spewed lava as high as 2,000 feet (600 m), and ash plumes reached up to 3 miles (5 km) above the crater. Indonesia: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck south of Binuangeun (01-23; 06:34). Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. North America: US: A lone attacker opened fire with a handgun on a high school in the town of Benton, Kentucky, killing two and wounding seventeen. A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Kodiak, Alaska (01-23 09:31). The quake triggered a tsunami warning and could be felt as far south as Washington state. Tsunami watches were posted not only for Alaska but from British Columbia, Canada to Washington state to California - and even Hawaii and as far away as American Samoa.

27th-28th - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria and Turkey: Two Turkish soldiers and two allied Syrian opposition fighters were killed in the continuing military offensive in Afrin. Eleven soldiers and four Syrian fighters were injured. Iraq: A coalition airstrike mistakenly hit friendly Iraqi forces and civilians in western Anbar, killing seven and wounding eleven others. Yemen: Separatists in the south seized government buildings in the city of Aden, as fierce clashes took place with forces of the Hadi government. At least ten were killed and dozens were wounded. Europe: France: The Seine River continued to slowly rise as flooding already inundated roads, railways and walking paths in Paris. The Louvre Museum closed its lower level and numerous peices of art were moved. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber welding a powerful bomb in an ambulance targeted a popular thoroughfare for shopping in Kabul, killing at least one-hundred-and-three and wounding 235 others. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the insurgent attack. India: Police security forces rushed to a northern town in Uttar Pradesh state where clashes had erupted between Hindu and Muslim groups, leaving one dead and three injured. One group of people damaged and set fire to at least three shops and one bus. In a separate incident, soldiers opened fire on protesters in the disputed region of Kashmir, killing two and wounding nine. The protesters had thrown stones at the soldiers as their convoy drove through a village in southern Shopian, prompting them to open fire. Philippines: Mount Mayon volcano continued to undergo an explosive eruptions with lava flows and columns of ash, which forced more than 84,000 residents to evacuate. Africa: Southwest: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Africa in the southestern Atlantic (01-28; 16:03). North America: Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption. US: Unseasonably warm temperature challenged records in the Southwest, while the Santa Ana winds again fueled the posibility of wildfires. In the Northwest the spring-like temperatures raised the threat of avalanches. A storm spread heavy rain across the Southeast, triggering localized flooding. Central America: Honduras: Clashes erupted between police and protesters angry over an election they believed was fraudulent. Police used tear gas and protesters lit flaming barricades. Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Colombia: A homemade bomb exploded outside a police station in the city of Barranquilla, killing at least five policemen and wounding forty-two. Ecuador: A high-powered car bomb gutted a police station near the border of neighboring Colombia. Brazil: Gunmen barged into a party at a Fortaleza nightclub and shot dead at least fourteen people and wounded six. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck north of of Madang, Papua New Guinea (01-26; 22:47). Solar Activity: The Sun was sending a solar wind from small coronal holes, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras. The small coronal holes then began to form into one huge coronal hole, sending a mass ejection towards Earth.

31st - Full Moon (13h 27m) HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: Separatists took nearly full control of the port city of Aden after days of fighting with government forces that left at least forty dead. Asia: Syria and Turkey: Rockets were again fired from northern Syria into the Turkish border town of Afrin, killing more civlians. About sixty-five civilians have been killed since the campaign to drive out a Syrian Kurdish militia began. Afghanistan: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck south of Jarm (01-31; 07:07). Philippines: Mayon volcano continued to have repeated explosive eruptions, keeping people from returning to their homes. Africa: Sudan: Protesters took to the streets in Khartoum to protest against the rising price of bread and other staples after the government removed subsidies. Police fired tear gas to break up the protest. North America: US: Waves of frigid air brought another deep freeze to much of the Central and interior Northeast. The first wave brought snow and freezing rain. A train carrying Republican politicians hit a gargage truck near Crozet, Virginia, killing one and injuring six. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Peru: Sabancaya volcano also underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: Coronal holes sent waves of solar plasma towards Earth.


3rd-4th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria and Turkey: Kurdish militia attacked a tank in the Afrin region, killing fourteen Turkish soldiers. Afterward, jets struck Kurdish targets northeast of the city of Afrin. Turkey said it has killed about 900 Kurdish fighters, and a Syrian Kurdish health official claimed that 150 civilians had been killed and 300 wounded since the start of the Turkish operation. Both claims could not be independently verified. Thousands have been displaced by the Turkish-led offensive that also involves about 10,000 Syrian rebels. Syria: A Russian Sukhoi-25 aircraft was shot down in a rebel-held area in province of Idlib. Al-Qaida-linked militants downed jet, then shot and killed the pilot. In a separate incident, a chlorine gas attack hit the rebel-held town of Saraqeb in Idlib province, wounding at least eleven. Yemen: An Saudi-led coalition airstrike targeted a police building in the rebel-controlled capital, Sanaa, killing eight. Europe: Italy: Police arrested a gunman suspected of carrying out a drive-by shooting that targeted African immigrants, wounding at least six in the central town of Macerata. Greece: At least 140,000 took to the streets of Athens protesting the decades-long dispute over the northern region being named Macedonia. Protesters opposed government proposals to resolve the issue. Russia: Moscow was covered in the heaviest snowfall for a day since records began. More than 2,000 trees were brought down, travel was disrupted, and one person was killed and five were injured. Mediterranean: At least sixteen sub-Saharan Africans were found dead off the coast of Melilla, a small Spanish territory bordering Morocco. It's believed that the migrants were seeking work or asylum in Europe. Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia: Heavy rains caused waters to overflow riverbanks, triggering widespread flooding, killing one and injuring dozens. Asia: Afghanistan: Militants were targeting civilians in Kabul hoping that the chaos would spark an uprising. In the past two weeks four major attacks killed a total of one-hundred-thirty across the country. China: An explosion at a chemical plant in Linshu County in Shandong province southeast of Beijing, killed four and injuried six. Pakistan: A suicide bomber targeted an area used by soldiers for sports and exercise in Kabul, killing eleven and wounding thirteen. Philippines: Mayon volcano on Luzon Island again underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Taiwan: A strong and shallow 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast, north of Hualian (02-04; 13:56). Africa: Egypt: A roadside bomb targeted a truck carrying members of the security forces in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, killing two and wounding six. Guinea: Violence broke out after a local election, including an arson attack that set homes on fire in the town of Kalinko, killing five children. North America: US: Frigid Siberian air plunged into the Northern Plains to the Upper Midwest due to a shift of the Polar Vortex. Temperature dropped 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit below normal. The storm caused a 32-car pileup on Interstate 94 outside of Rogers, Minnesota. Another fast-moving storm brought drenching rain and snow to the Northeast. In a separate incident, an Amtrak train crashed into a stationary freight train in South Carolina; it seems it was on the wrong track. The engineer and conductor were killed and 116 passengers were injured. Mexico: Gunmen attacked a secret cockfight arena in the Chihuahua state capital, killing six and wounding fourteen. Solar Activity: A coronal hole formed around the Sun's north pole - a phenomenon called a "polar crown coronal hole" - sending solar plasma into space. A new sunspot emerged on the Sun's eastern limb, sending off a number of B- and C-class solar flares.

7th - Late Quarter (15h 54m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Government warplanes bombed several towns in the Eastern Ghouta, causing buildings to collapse and killing at least twenty-three civilians. It was a new wave of government airstrikes on a rebel enclave near Damascus. A day earlier, airstrikes and artillery strikes targeted ten towns across the area, leaving eighty dead. Syria and Israel: Israeli warplanes fired missiles targeting a Syrian military position near Damascus. Ammunition depots in Jamraya were hit. Many of the Israeli strikes were to prevent transfers of advanced weapons to the Lebanese Hezbollah movement. American airstrikes and artillery were engaged to repel the attack where Syria government forces targeted a headquarters belonging to US-backed rebels fighting ISIS. Europe: France: Heavy snowfall created massive problems in Paris and northern France. The snow and freezing temperatures contributed to a record number of traffic jams, powerlines froze and rails required de-icing, finally leading to closing down public transportation. It was the heaviest snowfall since December 2010 and more snow was on its way. Asia: Taiwan: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck near the coastal city of Hualien, killing at least nine, injuring more than two-hundred-fifty and trapping people under collapsed buildings (02-06; 15:50). Numerous buildings were also tilted and roads were buckled. A 6.1 magnitude aftershock was also registered (02-04; 13:56), and a few lesser magnitude aftershocks were also felt. Sixty-seven people were unaccounted for and likely were under or in some of the collapsed or tilted buildings. Africa: Nigeria: The country'a military destroyed a bomb-making factory operated by the militant group Boko Haram in its Sambisa forest hideout. Several of the militants were killed in a defensive counter-attack. North America: US: A burst of Arctic air swept in behind a winter storm, resulting in a quick freeze-up from the Ohio Valley through to the Northeast. Temperatures plunged into the teens and twenties, travel was dangerous, more than a thousand flights were canceled, and some schools were closed, affecting millions. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosve eruption. South America: Bolivia: Heavy rains riggered a mudslide and flooding in Cochabamba province, the overflowing Taquina river damaged buildings and covered streets in mud and rubble, leaving at least two dead and one missing. A state of emergency was issued for several regions that were the worst-hit by torrential rains and affected more than 6,300 families. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2699 erupted with a C8-class solar flare. The flare sent out a pulse of extreme UV radiation that ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere, interfering with shortwave radio transmissions below ~10 MHz over the South Atlantic ocean. Sunspot AR2699 was expected to intensify and again hit Earth with solar flares. Meanwhile, the solar wind from a coronal hole triggered intermittent auroras around the Arctic Circle.

10th-11th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Israel inflicted huge damage on Syrian air defences after one of its F-16 fighter jets was brought down during a raid. Israel responded with a second wave of strikes on both Syrian and Iranian military targets operating inside Syria. A Turkish helicopter was shot down as the country continued its offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, killing two. The next day, US-led air and artillery strikes killed about one-hundred pro-government fighters near the Euphrates river, in Deir al-Zour province. The strikes were in response to an previous attack on US coalition forces. Egypt: A military operation in the Sinai peninsula left sixteen militants dead. The military also targeted and destroyed dozens of militant supplies including weapons depots, motorbikes and cars. Europe: Italy: Several thousand anti-racism protesters rallied in the town of Macerata, a week after a far-right gunman shot and wounded six people he thought were migrants. Russia: Russian forces got into a gun battle in Ingushetia, in the Caucasus region, killing two miltants. Two explosive belts, grenades and ammunition where found in the militant's camp. A Russian airliner crashed shortly after leaving Moscow's Domodedovo airport, killing all seventy-one on board. The cause was unknown. Asia: Indonesia: A bus carrying local tourists on island of Java ran off a road and overturned, killing at least twenty-seven and injuring eighteen. China: A double-decker bus crashed in Hong Kong, killing nineteen and injuring almost fifty. India: Soldiers traded fire with armed militants who were holed up inside an army camp in Indian-controlled Kashmir, leaving two soldiers dead and wounding three. Afghanistan: The Taliban attacked police checkpoints in southern Helmand province, killing six local police and wounding eight. Pakistan: A bus bound for the city of Karachi skidded off a road and plunged into a ditch, killing eight and injuring fifteen. Africa: Mali: A army vehicle hit a land mine between Kontza and Dera, killing four and wounding several. North America: US: As another large storm brought more rounds of snow to Chicago, Detroit and other parts of the Midwest and northern tier of the Northeast. Later rain turned into ice making travel dangerous. Frequent snowfalls have caused problems across the region. In Michigan, the snow covered roads caused a huge pileup of over thirty-eight vehicles. Snowplows were having trouble keeping up in cities like Chicago and Detroit. South America: Venezuela and Colombia: Venezuela has suffered for years from high inflation and the chronic shortage of food and medicines. Thousands of Venezuelans rushed to border crossings with Colombia as news of pending restrictions emerged. Thousands of Venezuelans cross into Colombia daily to look for temporary work or to buy essential goods. In a separate incident, the Venezuela army took control of an illegal gold mine and in the process eighteen of the miners were killed during clashes with security forces. Bolivia: A vendor's gas canister exploded near the Carnival parades, killing eight and injuring at least forty. Pacific: South: Tropical Storm Gita swept American Samoa damaging buildings and triggering wide-spread power outages. The full effects were yet to be determined. North: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck east of Rota, Northern Mariana Islands (02-11; 23:14). West: The newly-formed Tropical Storm Sanba formed and headed for the Philippines with flooding rain, mudslides and strong winds. Solar Activity: Sunspot AR2699 turned to directly face Earth and then a C4-class solar flare erupted. Extreme UV radiation from the flare ionized the Earth's atmosphere triggering a brief 'brownout' of shortwave radio signals over South America and the South Atlantic Ocean. The next day a coronal hole opened up on the Sun, sending a solar wind stream towards Earth.

15th - New Moon (21h 05m) LOW

Mideast: Egypt: A massive security operation, mainly in the northern Sinai Peninsula, left at least fifty-three miltants dead. They also arrested five militants and 680 others who were suspected of supporting the militants and those who were suspected criminals. Saudi Arabia: A massive dust storm severely swept the capital city of Riyadh stopping travel and forcing people to take cover; visibility was only a few feet. Europe: France: Heavy snowfall across the Alps triggered an avalanche in the back country, near the Cauterets resort in the Pyrenees mountains, killing three skiers. Italy: A huge sinkhole opened up in a Rome neighborhood, swallowing several cars and forcing more than twenty families to evacuate two apartment buildings. Russia: A Russian special forces officer was killed in a shootout with a militant who was also killed. The clash took place in Dagestan, a republic in the Russian Caucasus. Ebeko volcano on Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands, underwent a explosive eruption. Asia: India: A five-story building under construction in eastern Bangalore collapsed, killing at least three workers and trapping several others. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra, underwent an explosive eruption. Philippines: Mayon volcano, on Luzon Island, underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Nigeria: The military undertook a massive operation to stop the frequent killings caused by clashes between nomadic herdsmen and crop farmers. Hundreds have been killed in the last year. The next day, three suicide bombers targeted the town of Konduga attacking a fish market, leaving at least eighteen dead and more than fifty wounded. Ethiopia: Anti-government demonstrations turned violent leaving ten dead and injuring dozens. Democratic Republic of Congo: Heavy rains triggered an acciident between a cement truck and the presidential motorcade, killing five and injuring eleven. Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand: After leaving a trail of destruction from heavy rains, flooding, strong winds and mudslides stretching from American Samoa to Tonga, Cyclone Gita headed for New Zealand. North America: US: A deranged shooter used an assualt rifle in a shooting in a Florida middle school, killing at least seventeen and wounding fourteen, three critically. In a YouTube post last year the shooter said he would be a "professional school shooter". The FBI was aware of the post, but could not find him with the evidence they had. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption along with the formation of lava domes. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection slammed into Earth triggering auroras and geomagnetic storms.

18th-19th - Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Iran: A passenger plane crashed into the Zagros mountains, killing all sixty-six aboard. Bad weather, including fog and heavy snow, made rescue efforts difficult. The following day, a protest by Sufi Muslim dervishes at a police station in northern Tehran became violent when three Iranian policemen were hit and killed by a bus. Israel: A bomb attack that wounded four Israeli soldiers triggered a reprisal by the Israeli military who carried out a number of strikes against Palestinian positions in the Gaza Strip. Two Palestinians were killed. The Israeli air force also destroyed a number of sites linked to Hamas militants. Syria: Government forces, using airstrikes and rocket fire, attacked the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus, killing at least seventy-seven civilians. Iraq: ISIS militants ambushed Iraq's Shiite-led paramilitary fighters near the city of Kirkuk, killing at least twenty-seven. An undisclosed number of the miltants were also killed. Europe: Russia: A gunman opened fire in a Christian church in the city of Kizlyar, in the republic of Dagestan, killing five and wounding five. The gunman was killed and ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. France and Switzerland: Heavy winter snowfall made the Swiss Alps dangerous, triggering another avalanche that injuried two. In France's Savoie region an avalanche occurred near the Val-d'Isere ski resort, close to the Italian border, and killed two. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Mount Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption, sending ash 50,000 feet (15,240 m) into the air and covering nearby villages' homes, vehicles and trees, and turning day into night. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda: Congolese soldiers clashed with the Rwandan army in the Virunga National Park, on Congolese territory. At least five Congolese soldiers were killed. It seems that the Congolese troops initially thought they were fighting one of the many rebel groups in the area. Burkina Faso: An extremist threat moved into a new part of the vast Sahel region, in a previously calm area of West Africa. The region now faces the kinds of attacks that forced thousands elsewhere to flee over the past year. Nigeria: Boko Haram militants arrived in the town of Dapchi, Yobe state, shooting and setting off explosives. The noise alerted a nearby school and the staff and students were able to escape. Mozambique: A huge mound of garbage collapsed due to heavy rains, killing at least seventeen. Recuers were still searching for more victims. Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand: Cyclone Gita brought heavy rains, widespread flooding, damaging winds of 50 to 60 mph (80 to 85 kph), dangerous seas and storm surge flooding. The northern South Island bore the brunt of Gita. North America: Mexico: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Pinotepa de Don Luis, near Oaxaca (02-16; 23:39). While the quake did not kill anyone, the next day a helicopter used to assess the damage crashed, killing at least fourteen. US: Storms caused severe flooding to the Northeast. In West Virginia a state of emergency was issued because of severe flooding from the Ohio River. Relentless rain swept an area from the lower Red and Mississippi river valleys to the central Appalachians, triggering flooding, mudslides and dangerous travel. A 1,500-mile-long swath of the central US also was hit by repeated heavy downpours, triggering widespread flooding and mudslides from Texas to the Great Lakes. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: Plasma from a coronal mass ejection triggered auroras and G-1 class geomagnetic storms.

23rd - First Quarter (8h 09m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: Airstrikes targeted the cities of Eastern Ghouta, Douma and Hamouriyeh, killing at least thirty-two. More than 640, mostly civilians, including 103 children, were killed and more than 2,000 were wounded in this week alone. Meanwhile, talks of a truce were underway. Europe: Russia: Ebeko volcano on Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands underwent an explosive eruption. Asia: Myanmar: Satellite images indicated that at least fifty-five entire Rohingya villages have been completely bulldozed. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosve eruption that blew the top off the volcano and sent ash more than 100 miles (160 km) away. Africa: Somalia: The militant group al-Shabab targeted the presidential palace and the offices of the national intelligence agency in Mogadishu with huge explosions. The two blasts left at least eighteen dead and dozens wounded; five of the miltants were also shot dead. Zimbabwe: Clashes erupted in the capital, Harare, between police and civilians, leaving two dead and seven injuried. Three police officers were also seriously wounded as crowds threw stones at a nearby police station, and also set fire to several vehicles. Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda: A protest over a cut in food rations in Rwanda left five refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo dead. Nigeria: Dozens of Dapchi schoolgirls in Yobe State went missing and it was unknown why. Many believe that they may have been kidknapped by Boko Haram miltants. North America: US: Rounds of heavy rain, along with melting snow, caused several rivers across the central US to reach major flood stages, killing at least two. States of emergency were declared in numerous states in the region from Texas to Michigan. Severe thunderstorms then targeted the southern area of had been recently hit by heavy rain and rising floodwaters. Heavy downpours, damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes swept the area. South America: Peru: A bus veered off the Pan-American Highway on a curve and plunged down a rocky river bank, killing at least forty-four (on the 22nd). Solar Activity: The solar wind hit the Earth's magnetic field off-center, making it ring like a bell and triggering auroras that exploded over the Arctic.

26th-27th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Pro-government forces continued to bombard the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta despite a UN-brokered ceasefire. Airstrikes and artillery shelling killed at least thirty-one civilians. One UN official called it, "Hell on Earth." Egypt: Fighting broke out between soldiers and militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula, leaving three Egyptian soldiers dead and wounding four. Egyptian forces foiled a suicide attack and killed eleven militants. Europe: Various: A Siberian snow blast swept through most of Europe. The weather was blamed for seven deaths. Rome saw snow for the first time in six years and train stations were serving as emergency shelters for the homeless. In Brussels they had to force the homeless into shelters. In most places trains were halted and roads were unusable. It was so cold that the sea at Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, froze. Meanwhile, a powerful late-winter storm, Storm Emma, would bring rounds of heavy rain, snow and locally damaging winds to parts of Spain, France and Portugal. The cold weather spread as far south as the Mediterranean coast. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosvie eruption. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Airbuaya (02-26; 13:34). Philippines: Mayon volcano on Luzon Island underwent an explosve eruption. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: Protests against the president in the capital, Kinshasa, left two dead as security forces used live bullets to disperse the protesters. Uganda and Somalia: Two Somali soldiers were killed in a confrontation with African Union peacekeepers from Uganda after they tried to force their way through a security checkpoint manned by Somali soldiers. Nigeria: The Nigerian army rescued more than 1,100 civilians from their abductors, Boko Haram militants. Boko Haram militants ambushed an army convoy in the state of Borno, wounding three; eight soldiers were also missing. In a separate incident, a fight broke out after a Christian girl converted to Islam, leaving seven dead, fifteen injuried, and several homes burnt to the ground. Somalia: A US airstrike against al-Shabab fighters left two of the militants dead and another wounded. North America: US: A strong storm system triggered flooding, along with hail, high winds and tornadoes in central and southern states, leaving at least five dead. Many states declared a state of emergency. More severe thunderstorms were forecast. Meanwhile, a new storm brought downpours, flooding and locally gusty thunderstorms from central Texas to central Arkansas and southern Tennessee. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosve eruption with lava flows. South America: Colombia: A roadside bomb exploded in the Norte de Santander province hitting a convoy of soldiers, killing five and wounding ten. The army blamed the explosiion on the National Liberation Army rebels. Pacific: Southeast: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island underwent an explosive eruption. A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck south of Porgera, Papua New Guinea, leaving at least fifteen dead and dozens injuried, and triggering landslides and destroying homes (02-25; 17:44). A 6.2 magnitude aftershock struck southwest of Mendi, Papua New Guinea (02-26; 15:17), and a 6.0 aftershock followed (02-26; 08:26). Five tsunami warnings were issued. Arctic: North Pole temperatures reached the melting point of 32 degrees, a surprising high that exceeds the norm for this time of year by more than 50 degrees. It appears that the warmer temperatures stem from the area’s increasing number of winter storms. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection triggered a G-1 class geomagnetic storm and numerous auroras in the Arctic. An as yet unnumbered sunspot emerged, as well.


2nd - Full Moon (0h 51m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: Turkish soldiers continued their offensive against Kurdish fighters in Afrin. Eight Turkish soldiers were killed and thirteen were wounded, some critically. Europe: Various: A severe freeze still gripped most of Europe, leaving more than sixty dead. Numerous businesses were closed, and schools, flights and transportation were shut down. France: An avalanche hit near the ski resort of Entraunes, in the French Alps near the border with Italy, killing at least four. Asia: Azerbaijan: A fire swept through a drug rehabilitation center in the capital, Baku, killing at least twenty-four. The cause was unknown. Africa: Madagascar: A tropical disturbance began developing in the North Indian Ocean and would strengthen and form into a dangerous tropical cyclone striking the island nation. Burkina Faso: Gunmen twice targeted the French embassy and army headquarters in the capital, Ouagadougou. At least eight attackers were killed, and twenty-eight soldiers and civilians were killed in the embassy, while eighty others were wounded. Democratic Republic of Congo: A new outbreak of ethnic violence between the Hema cattle herders and Lendu farmers, claimed more than thirty-four lives. North America: US: A powerful Nor'easter strengthened into a "bomb cyclone" bringing strong hurricane-force winds, flooding rain, snow and surging waves. Being called "windmageddon", it underwent bombogenesis, as inducated by an extreme drop in atmospheric pressure. About 80 million people are in its path, including more than 22 million who are under a coastal flood warning. The coasts were already flooding and being battered by strong powerful storm surges and huge waves. The airlines and Amtrak cancelled most services, and powerlines and trees were knocked down some triggering power outages. This storm and others that follow will batter the region into mid-March. Cleveland volcano on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, underwent an explosive eruption. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the Sun.

5th-6th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: A UN convoy sent to deliver urgently needed aid to the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta was cut short as shelling in the area drove them out. In another incident, a Turkish airstrike in the region of Afrin left at least fifty civilians and pro-Syrian government troops dead. Government strikes killed twenty-four civilians in Hammouriyeh and another ten in Harasta, both towns in eastern Ghouta. The next day, a Russian military transport plane crashed during landing at Hmeimim airbase, near the city of Latakia, killing all thirty-nine military personnel on board. Europe: UK: After the big freeze from Storm Emma (see previous lunar phase) the thaw led to burst water mains and leaks, leaving tens of thousands without water. Flood alerts were in effect across parts of England and Scotland as rising streams and rivers threatened areas. Albania: Many rivers swelled by continuous rain and melting snow, so much so that authorities started to release excess waters from three hydropower stations, which caused more flooding. Many remote villages could not be reached, roads in the village of Obot, in the Shkodra district, were under water and two bridges in the area were damaged. More rain was forecast. Germany: A storm swept from northern Italy into Poland unleashing heavy snowfall across the eastern region of the country. Spain and Portugal: Storm Emma had brought rounds of heavy rain and wind to the two countries. New rounds of rain continued to batter them, further threatening more widespread flooding. Mediterranean: A boat sank off the coast of North Africa while heading to Italy drowning twenty-one migrants. Asia: Japan: Kirishima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption with ash emissions. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Sri Lanka: Several attacks against mosques and Muslim-owned businesses lead to the declaration of a state of emergency. Four mosques, 46 shops, 37 houses, and 35 vehicles were damaged or destroyed in the Digana and Teldeniya area due to the attacks. At least two were killed. Africa: Ethiopia: Anti-government protests against the state of emergency spread throughout the Oromia region, forcing schools, shops and markets to close, and halting public transportion. A least five died in clashes between security forces and protesters. Mozambique: An orphanage was attacked and women and children were raped by the criminals. Local prison guards refused to help, so they begged the government for help. Madagascar and La Reunion: Tropical cyclone Dumazile brought damaging hurricane-force winds, flooding rainfall and dangerous seas as it began to strengthen. Libya: Clashes erupted between warring groups in the city of Sabha, leaving three dead and a dozen wounded. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: A powerful storm dumped up ten inches of rain in some places, while many rivers overflowed forcing roads to be inexcessible, and trapping some residents in their homes. North America: US: There were still 500,000 residents without power after the deadly "bomb cyclone" Nor'easter storm flooded roadways and snapped power lines from hurricane-force winds (see previous lunar phase). Another Nor'easter was forecast for later in the week. Meanwhile, another storm brought more travel-disrupting snow, strong winds and blizzard conditions across the north-central states. The winds combining with the snow led to local whiteout and blizzard conditions. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Porgera, Papua New Guinea (03-04; 19:56), and was followed by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake (03-06; 14:13) that killed eighteen. The island has been rocked by numerous quakes in recent weeks. Solar Activity: A stream of solar wind from a coronal mass ejection was headed for Earth, and would trigger auroras and geomagnetic storms. A study revealed that in more recent years cosmic rays in the Earth-Moon system were peaking at levels never seen before. The assumption is that the cosmic rays are from distant sources, but this could be from the Field-dynamic Earth Model, which emits ionizing radiation.

9th - Last Quarter (11h 20 m) MODERATE

Mideast: Israel and Palestine: Clashes erupted across the West Bank and along Gaza's border after Palestinians hurled fire bombs at Israeli forces. One Palestinian was killed and at least a dozen protesters were injured. Europe: Slovakia: The murder of a journalist investigating Mafia-linked corruption in the government sent about 40,000 protesters to the streets. Spain: About 5.3 million women undertook a 24-hour strike targeting gender inequality and sexual discrimination. The women stopped working, did no chores and spent no money, whie they chanted "if we stop, the world stops". Portugal through to France: A pair of storms brought more rain and gusty winds to the region. Meanwhile, a more powerful storm, dubbed Storm Felix, would bring powerful winds, heavy rains, flooding and rough seas. Water levels were already running high for certain rivers and streams and the addition rainfall caused them to overflow their banks, triggering widespread flooding. Asia: India: An explosion rocked a chemical factory in the state of Maharashtra and was felt nearly 7 miles (12 km) away, shattering windows. The explosion was followed by a fire that consumed the factory and left at least three dead and several injuried. The death toll was expected to rise. Pakistan and Afghanistan: Missiles fired by a US drone struck a seminary in Afghanistan, killing a Taliban chief's son and twenty other Pakistan Taliban members. Afghanistan: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted ethnic Hazaras at a police checkpoint near a gathering of the minority Shiites in western Kabul, killing nine and wounding eighteen. Taliban attacked the province of Farah and in a clash with Afghan security forces killed at least twenty-two. Africa: Libya: A bomb exploded at a checkpoint south of the town of Ajdabiya, killing at least three security personnel. Rwanda: Lightning struck a Seventh-Day Adventist church, killing sixteen and injuring dozens (early on the 10th) North America: US: A second storm to hit the East Coast in less than a week, dumped more than 2 feet (60 cm) of snow. More than 800,000 were without electricity, as heavy snow and icy roads forced schools to close and cancelled or delay thousands of flights. At least two were killed. Meanwhile, another Nor'easter was poised to bring more snow, rain and wind to the mid-Atlantic states. A intense snow squall in Michigan triggered a 45-vehicle pileup on an interstate highway. Pacific: Southeast: A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit east of Taron, Papua New Guinea (03-08; 17:39). It was followed by a number of aftershocks. Papua New Guinea has been the scene of numerous earthquakes in recent weeks. Southwest: A powerful storm, dubbed Storm Hola, strengthened into a Category 3 tropical cyclone packed with strong winds, heavy rains and rough seas. Hola hit New Caledonia and southern Vanuatu and then would strike the North Island of New Zealand. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection triggered auroras and geomagnetic storms.

12th-13th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iran: A private Turkish jet traveling from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to Istanbul crashed into the Zagros Mountains, killing all eleven on board. Syria: Offensives against rebels by Turkey and the Syrian government focused on two separate towns. Displaced residents in the town of Douma in the rebel-held Damascus suburbs of eastern Ghouta feared the offensive, and ended up sleeping in shops and in the streets as basements in the town filled up beyond capacity. Many fled to the Greek island of Lesbos, creating more of a humanitarian crisis. Thousands also fled the town of Afrin, as the offense began to surround the town. The next day, the Turkish military surrounded the Kurdish-held city of Afrin. Israel and Palestine: An explosion targeted the Palestinian Prime Minister's convoy in Gaza in an assination attempt. However, he escaped any injury. Europe: Croatia: Melting snow triggered a landslide in the town of Hrvatska Kostajnica destroying houses and sending people fleeing from their homes in panic. Local authorities were also battling floods in the area. Dozens of houses were flooded in the town from the river Una swelled, as heavy snowfall was followed by warm weather. UK: A low pressure storm, named Gisele, brought more rain to flooded areas. Dozens of new flood alerts and warnings were issued, and would continue into late in the week. Asia: Nepal: A plane carrying 71 passengers and crew crashed when landing at Kathmandu airport, killing forty-nine. The plane was said to approach the airport from the wrong direction. Japan: Kirishima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. India: A tropical low spread rain across the south as a wildfire raged in the Theni Forest of western Tamil Nadu, killing at least ten; six were still in the area of the forest fire. A tropical depression was also moving into the Arabian Sea and would bring heavy rains to some areas. The potential for flash flooding and mudslides was high. Africa: Ethiopia: Ethiopian military undertook an operation against rebels in Moyale border town with Kenya, killing nine and wounding twelve civilians. The government suspended several soldiers and began an investigation into the incident. Sierra Leone: Violent clashes erupted between supporters of the ruling party and the main opposition party. Several people were injured, and eighteen were arrested. Democratic Republic of Congo: Violent clashes again erupted between the Hema cattle herders and Lendu farmers after heavily armed men attacked villages in the east, leaving at least forty-one dead. It started by burning homes in at least one of the affected villages in Ituri province. Guinea: Anti-government protests over disputed local elections spread to the mining towns of Boke and Kamsar. Opposition protestors blocked roads with burning tires and the police responded with tear gas and clubs. Ethiopia: A bus plunged off a cliff killing at least thirty-eight college students. Australia: Linda, a Category 1 cyclone, headed for the coast of southeastern Queensland and northeastern New South Wales. North America: US: Exploding packages that were sent to residential parts of Austin, Texas, killed two people, and seriously injured two others. A helicopter crashed into the East River of New York City, killing five. It seems that a passenger's bag accidentally hit the fuel shutoff button. Another Nor'easter swept the Northeast bringing heavy snowfall and dropping temperatures. Bitter winds and blinding snow squalls swept through the Great Lakes and interior Northeast. The heavy snow and blizzard conditions brought travel to a halt in some places. Hundreds of thousands lost power, schools were shut down and the city of Boston declared a snow emergency. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: A large coronal hole opened up on the Sun, spewing a broad stream of solar wind toward Earth.

17th - New Moon (11h 20m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Turkish shelling and airstrikes on the city of Afrin, killed dozens of civilians fleeing the attack. In a separate incident, troops captured major areas in eastern Ghouta towns. More than 30,000 residents have fled and the flow was continuing. Later, there were reports that chemical weapons were delivered to southern Syria under the guise of humanitarian convoys. Europe: Slovakia: Anti-government protests again overwhelmed the country - this time it was more than 65,000. This was the third week for protests over a murdered journalist and government corruption. UK: High winds and huge waves threatened ten seaside chalets that were "perilously close" to the edge of cliffs in Norfolk. Residents were forced to evacuate as the chalets could fall into the sea. Greece: A smuggling boat sank off coast of the Aegean island of Agathonisi, killing at least sixteen migrants. Poland: Hundreds of protestors in Warsaw and other cities marched against racism and anti-Semitism in the country and government. Switzerland: An avalanche in the Alps in the Vallon d'Arbi area killed at least one, as three others remained missing and were feared dead. Germany: A high pressure system pulled very cold air from Siberia westward across Europe, along with disruptive snowfall. Asia: India: A speeding bus plunged into a dry river bed near Sitamarhi, Bihar state, killing at least twelve and injuring thirty-five. Philippines: A small passenger plane crashed into a house in Pthe twon of laridel shortly after takeoff north of Manila, killing all five on board and five on the ground. Two others were injuried by flying debris. Africa: Madagascar: Eliakim, a potent tropical cyclone, dumped torrential rain, that triggered widespread flooding, mudslides, wind damage and power outages. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: Cyclone Marcus brought heavy rain and strong winds to the Northern Territory, knocking down trees, triggering explosions from electrical faults and power outages. Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Marcus threatened the north with flooding downpours. North America: US: As a second storm in three days swept east of the Rockies, bringing locally severe storms over parts of an area that stretched from the lower Mississippi Valley to parts of the southern Plains. It also brought damaging winds, large hail and widespread flooding. Tornadoes were also likely to strike. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection sent the solar wind towards Earth, triggering strong auroras.

20th-22nd - Mid-Phase and Vernal Equinox MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A rocket attack targeted a busy market in a government-held district of Damascus, killing at least thirty-five and wounding six. Rebels in the besieged Eastern Ghouta region fired the rockets. In a separate incident, an airstrike in the besieged rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region hit an underground school, killing fifteen school children and two women. The next day, an airstrike on a market in the northwest killed twenty-eight. Europe: UK: A Hawk military aircraft crashed at RAF Valley on Anglesey, killing one and injuring several. Only one person had ejected from the jet before it crashed and burst into flames. Spain: Officers were checking the identity of a Senegalese street merchant in the central Madrid neighborhood of Lavapies when a group began insulting them and throwing objects at them. Three of the policemen were wounded, and riot police were deployed. Spain and Portugal: Storm Hugo began strengthening as it headed for Spain and Portugal with flooding rain and damaging winds. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a shrine in Kabul during an Afghan New Year celebration, killing at least thirty-one and wounding sixty-five; ISIS claimed responsibility. Thailand: A tour bus lost control on a downhill curve in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The bus then crossed over the highway median into oncoming traffic before falling on its side, killing eighteen and injuring thirty-three. Africa: Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Eliakim affected 15,000 people, destroyed 648 homes, damaged more than a thousand other homes, damaged schools and left at least seventeen dead. About 43,000 had no access to clean water. The storm battered areas that were hit by Tropical Cyclone Dumazile earlier in March and Tropical Cyclone Ava in January. Somalia: A US airstrike near Mubaarak killed two and wounded three al-Shabab militants; a vehicle was also destroyed. In a separate incident, an al-Shabab militant's car packed with explosives targeted a tea shop in the Wehliye Hotel, in Mogadishu, killing at least fifteen and wounding twenty-two. Several buildings and vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Mali: French and United Nations bases on the outskirts of Kidal were hit by rockets, wounding five soldiers. This was followed by a failed attempt of a Malian military offensive to retake the town from separatist groups, leaving sixty soldiers dead. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: A tropical cyclone was developing in the Arafura Sea and would bring damaging winds, widespread flooding and rough seas. Some of these same areas endured heavy rainfall and flooding from Tropical Cyclone Marcus just days ago. A massive brushfire in the New South Wales coastal town of Tathra destroyed more than seventy homes and buildings (late on the 19th). North America: US: A student shot and critically wounded two fellow students at a Maryland high school. After a gunfight with a campus security officer the shooter was killed. In a separate incident, another package, filled with nails and shrapnel, exploded in Austin, Texas at a FedEx depot. This was the sixth exploding package in the city, leaving two dead and wounding four. The next day the police found the suspect and he detonated a bomb and killed himself as authorities approached his vehicle. In a separate incident, severe storms ripped through the Southeast, dropping tornadoes and large hail across parts of Mississippi and Alabama. Numerous homes, churches and schools were destroyed. Roofs were ripped off and windows were smashed in the dorms at Jacksonville State University, as trees and powerlines were also knocked down. The next day, an area from Florida to coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina were put through the same with damaging winds, large hail, flooding and tornadoes. Another Nor'easter, the fourth in recent weeks, slammed the Northeast from Philadelphia to New York City with snow, ice, and damaging winds, leaving at least four dead. Snow also covered inland regions, such as Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Schools and businesses closed, thousands of power outages took place, and more than 5,000 flights were canceled. A state of emergency was declared in New York. In California heavy rainfall triggered flooding and mudslides in those areas devasted in last year's wildfires. US and Canada: A new storm from Alberta, Canada, know as the Alberta Clipper, was headed northward and spread heavy snow across parts of the northern Plains and Midwest. Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Militants once linked to Colombia's largest rebel group attacked soldiers in Esmeraldas province, killing three. The group was said to be involved in drug trafficking and a recent spate of violence along the border. Solar Activity: The solar wind intensified Arctic auroras and triggered a G-1 Class geomagnetic storm. The Earth's magnetic field was in a state of unrest for the past five days as an unusually-wide stream of solar wind blew around our planet. The geomagnetic field was literally shaking back and forth. The next day, a complex network of coronal holes opened on the Sun, spewing more solar wind into space.

24th - First Quarter (15h 35m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: Rebel groups pulled out of more towns in the Eastern Ghouta, especially leaving the city of Douma, the last rebel-held stronghold. It is now mostly controled by the government. Egypt: A bomb placed under a car exploded in the city of Alexandria as the city security chief's convoy passed by, killing two policemen and wounding four others. Saudi Arabia and Yemen: Houthi rebels in Yemen fired several missles into Saudia Arabia. Saudi forces shot down seven missiles. Missle fragments landed in on suburb home, killing one and wounding two (early on the 25th). Europe: France: A gunman attacked a supermarket in the town of Trebes, leaving three dead (including the gunman) and twelve wounded (late on the 23rd). The gunman had taken hostages and barricaded himself in the supermarket for about two hours. Earlier he had stolen a car by killing the driver and shot policemen as they were jogging. Later three homemade explosive devices, a handgun, and a knife were found inside the supermarket. He claimed to be an ISIS miltant and it was considered a terrorist attack. Russia: A leisure complex in the Siberian city of Kemerovo caught on fire, killing at least sixty-seven, forty-one were children (early on the 25th). Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a sports stadium right after a wrestling match in Helmand province, killing at least thirteen and wounding fifty. The bomber was stopped from entering the stadium but blew himself up at the entrance. Vehicles and building were destroyed or damaged. In a separate incident, a bomb was detonated in Kabul near a tent being used by members of a civil society in support of Pashtuns against atrocities in Pakistan. The blast killed one and wounded thirteen. It was believed to be the work of the Taliban or local ISIS miltants. Indian Ocean: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Southeast Indian Ridge (03-24; 19:58). Japan: Kirishima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia; A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of the island of Saumlaki (03-25; 20:14). Africa: Kenya: A crack opened up in the Rift Valley forcing part of a highway to collapse and forcing evacuations from the Suswa area. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: Tropical Storm Nora intensified and made landfall in northern Queensland as a severe tropical cyclone (equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane). Nora brought strong winds and rough seas, as heavy rains and a strong storm surge triggering widespread flooding. The amount of damage was yet to be discovered. North America: US: More than half-million people marched in Washington, DC for more gun control in what was called a "March for Our Lives"; numerous other cities in the US also marched to end gun violence. It was a response to the latest school massacre. More than 800 sister protests took place in numerous cities including Paris, Edinburgh, London, Geneva, Sydney and Tokyo. Mexico: Police in the state of Michoacan found a bullet-ridden pickup truck with fifteen dead bodies. One of the dead was identified as member of a cartel involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion and killings. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Brazil: Buses and buildings were firebombed in the city of Fortaleza and the surrounding state of Ceará in at least ten incidents. As a result, police escorted public buses the next day and nearly 4,000 troops patroled Rio favelas. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck east of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea (03-24; 11:23). Solar Activity: The co-rotating interaction region of the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field triggered G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras.

27th-28th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Saudi Arabia and Yemen: Saudi Arabia and its allies bombing campaign against Shia rebels over three years has left around 2.2 million Yemeni children malnourished, 80 percent of them severely. This "Forgotten War" - most of the world's attention has been focused on Syria - has put the country on the verge of a man-made famine. Syria: Government forces surrounded the last rebel-held town in the Eastern Ghouta area, preparing for a huge operation in Douma. Douma was controlled by Jaysh al-Islam who said its fighters want to disarm and stay, instead of evacuating during a ceasefire. Europe: Russia: Several thousand rallied outside the local government headquarters to protest the handling of the leisure complex fire in the Siberian city of Kemerovo that killed at least sixty-seven (see the previous lunar phase). The fire alarm was switched off and the exits were blocked. Also, the protesters claimed that the death toll was greater than reported and that many were still missing. Ebeko volcano on Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands, underwent an explosive eruption. UK: The Russian engineered poisoning of a former Russian spy in England was met with international outrage. At least 123 Russian diplomats were expelled from at least twenty-seven countries and NATO. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Nigeria: A fire broke out in a camp where thousands lived after being displaced by Boko Haram violence near the Nigerian border with Cameroon. Five were left dead, dozens of livestock were lost and around 200 tents were destroyed. Democratic Republic of Congo: Suspected rebel attackers, armed with machetes and hatchets, killed eleven in Beni. Other experts blamed DR Congo soldiers for the killings. Somalia: A bomb went off shortly after three men left a parking lot next to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Mogadishu. One of the men was critically wounded and the other two and an ICRC staffer were injuried by the bomb attached to their vehicle. North America: US: An SUV plunged off a cliff along Northern California's scenic Pacific Coast Highway near Mendocino, killing at least five in the vehicle. Three other children were missing and extensive searchs for them got undeway. A slow-moving storm system brought flooding downpours, severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, and tornadoes across Texas and Louisiana. The heavy rain flooded Texas A&M campus. Cars were trapped on flooded roads on campus and buildings filled with water. Rising rivers would bring even more flooding to the south-central states. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Venezuela: Officials investigated a riot and fire at a police station in Valencia that many claimed was holding detainees in extremely poor conditions, so much so, that relatives feared they were dead. Police would not let them go into the station, and instead, launched tear gas to disperse the crowd of screaming men and women. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck east of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea (03-26; 09:51). Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection bathed the Earth with solar wind plasma for more than five days, keeping the geomagnetic field in an unsettled state with frequent Arctic and Antarctic auroras.

31st - Full Moon (12h 37m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Yemen: The war-torn country, with more than 20 million in need of food and other supplies, suffered the loss of four warehouses holding 50 tons of food by a destructive fire. The warehouses also contained fuel and mattresses for displaced people. The cause of the fire was unknown. Israel and Palestine: Israel targeted militant groups inside Gaza, killing fifteen Palestinians and wounding twenty-five others. Thousands of Palestinians marched along Gaza's border with Israel throwing stones and rolling burning tires toward troops. Israeli forces fired at clashes along the border fence, killing at least fourteen and wounding more than 750. Europe: Germany and Poland: Colder air and heavy precipitation interacted across northern Germany and western Poland, bringing rain mixed with wet snow and disrupting travel. UK: A disruptive snow storm unfolded across a part of the country, bringing snow to the hills and rain elsewhere. Asia: India: A four-story hotel collapsed in Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh state, killing at least ten and injuring three. Another ten were pulled from the debris, while another five were trapped under the rubble. Pakistan: Militants targeted a police convoy in Dera Ismail Khan with a bomb attack, killing three officers. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and warned of more to come in the future. Japan: Sakurajima volcano on Kyushu island underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Nigeria: Boko Haram militants targeted two villages and a military base near the city of Maiduguri, in Borno State. The militants clashed with soldiers using suicide bombers, mortars and guns, killing fourteen villagers and a solider, and wounding eighty-three. Democratic Republic of Congo: A Catholic priest was kidnapped in the city of Goma in North Kivu province and demanded $500,000 for his release. This came at a time when North and South Kivu provinces were experinceing a wave of violence among militia groups. North America: US: Another disruptive storm brought snow to the Great Plains and Great Lakes. Another storm moved quickly eastward from the Ohio Valley to the central Appalachians bringing a mix of rain and wet snow, and disrupted travel. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck east of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea (03-29; 21:25). The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Earth's biggest cluster of ocean trash enlarged to be three times the size of France. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the northern section of the Sun, sending a mass ejection towards Earth.


3rd-4th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: The government began regaining control of the last rebel-held town in the Eastern Ghouta region, as the first members of the Jaysh al-Islam rebel group left Douma on buses. Despite a ceasefire the region was bombed by Syria and Russia Yemen and Saudi Arabia: Yemen's Houthi rebels attacked a Saudi oil tanker in the Red Sea west of the port of Hodeida in Yemen, causing minor damage to the ship. The next day, a missile was launched by the rebels targeting an Aramco oil facility in the city of Jizan. Europe: France: The train network was severely disrupted as a wave of strikes began against the country's President whose labor reforms were unpopular. It was planned to last three months, affecting two days in every five. Various: European air traffic control was hit with a system glich that delayed 15,000 flights. Germany: Two subway trains collided in the city of Duisburg, injuring twenty-two, two seriously. Asia: Afghanistan: An Afghan military airstrike targeting the Taliban in a religious school in Dasht-e Archi district in Kunduz province, killing at least twenty-five and severely wounding fifty. According to the Taliban they claimed that none of them were there and that all causualties were civilians. In contrast, the government claimed that at least twenty-five Taliban were killed or wounded. Indonesia: An Indonesian military attack targeted the Papua region, sending about one hundred villagers to flee in order to take shelter within a mountainous jungle with rebels after Indonesian soldiers set fire to their homes. The soldiers killed two rebel fighters and injured dozens. India: Millions sweltered in a resurgent heat wave that spread from Delhi to Hyderabad. Africa: South Africa: A bus carrying members of the National Union of Mineworkers was firebombed, killing six and wounding several others. Mali: A mass grave was discovered just days after increasing jihadist attacks and the military began an increased presence to stop extremism from spreading. The following day, a mortar attack against UN Peacekeepers, left two dead and at least ten wounded. Central African Republic: Anti-Balaka militants attacked a UN peacekeeping base in Tagbara, killing one and wounding eleven. UN peacekeepers claimed that more than twenty-two anti-Balaka fighters died in the clash. Cameroon: Twelve Europeans and six Cameroonians were seized by "secessionist terrorists" and were later freed in a military operation. Nigeria: Five gunmen riding motorcycles raided a police station in Kogi State and began shooting, killing at least two police officers and a suspect in a jail cell. They then stole guns and ammunition. Australia and New Zealand: Austalia: Tropical Cyclone Iris - strengthened into a Category 2 storm - battered the Queensland coastal areas from Ayr to Sunshine Coast with widespread flooding, rough surf and damaging winds. North America: US: A woman shot and wounded three at YouTube's headquarters in Northern California, and then she killed herself. A critcally wounded man was beieved to be her boyfriend. New York was hit by a snowstorm that brought its highest snowfall since 2003. The Ohio Valley to the lower Mississippi Valley was hit with the year’s most extensive severe weather outbreak, bringing hail, damaging winds, hurricane-force wind gusts, flooding and tornadoes. Buildings had their roofs blown off, nearly 100,000 were without power, and trees were knocked down. South America: Bolivia: A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of Tarija and north of Carandayti (04-02; 13:40). People evacuated buildings that swayed, some as far away as Sao Paulo, Brazil, about 1,800 miles (2,895 km) from the epicenter. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent a explosive eruption. Pacific: Southwest: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck south of the Fiji Islands (04-02; 05:57). Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the Sun that lashed Earth with high-speed solar wind in mid-March began turning to face Earth again. It is emerging over the Sun's eastern limb.

8th - Last Quarter (7h 18m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A chemical attack targeted the rebel-held town of Douma, killing about seventy and injuring more than five-hundred. Meanwhile, government forces comtinued their offensive against the last rebel-held town in eastern Ghouta, near the Damascus, along with airstrikes and shelling of civilian areas. The offensive killed eight and wounded forty-eight, while seventeen Syrian soldiers were also killed. Europe: Germany: A man in a van targeted people drinking outside a popular bar in the city of Muenster, killing two and injuring twenty. The driver then shot himself dead. In a separate incident, a World War II-era bomb was discovered during construction work in the town of Paderborn, forcing the evacuation of more than 26,000 residents in order to remove the bomb. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Central African Republic: A United Nations mission in the country undertook a joint operation with the military to dismantle the bases of armed groups inside the capital, leaving at least three dead and thirty wounded. Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand: A powerful storm brought heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong, damaging winds. It triggered widespread flooding, knocked out power, disrupted travel and brought snow to the uplands. North America: Canada: A big rig truck slammed into a bus chartered by a junior hockey team, killing fifteen (on the 7th). US: The Deep South was pelted with tennis-ball-sized hail and ripped by tornadoes. Heavy rain and flash floods threatened parts of California and led to the closure of Yosemite National Park. The same storm brought disruptive snow sweeping across the northern Plains to the Ohio Valley. In Pennsylvania eventy landslides spilled onto highways. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: Southeast: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Porgera, Papua New Guinea (04-07; 05:48). Southwest: After being battered by Tropical Cyclone Josie, Fiji experienced new dangers from strengthening Tropical Cyclone Keni, a Category 2 tropical cyclone. It brought widespread flooding, dangerous seas, and damaging winds. Solar Activity: A large coronal hole opened up on the Sun, spewing a stream of solar wind towards Earth.

11th-12th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Saudi Arabia and Yemen: Yemen's rebels, known as the Houthis, used missiles to target the cities of Riyadh and Jizan, and drones to target an airport and an Aramco oil facility. Saudi officials said that the missles were intercepted and some of the drones were destroyed. Israel and Palestine: Another Palestinian protester was shot and killed at a border protest campsite by Israeli fire. This makes the number killed by Israeli fire over the past two weeks to thirty-four; at least twenty-six were protesters. Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. India: A powerful thunderstorm with hurricane-force winds caused two pillars to collapse located at different entry gates of the Taj Mahal, in the city of Agra. Japan: A powerful storm began developing that would bring flooding, damaging winds and travel disruptions across the country. Africa: Algeria: A military plane crashed just after taking off from Boufarik military airport, west of Algiers, killing 257; most were army personnel and their families. It was the country's worst-ever air disaster. Somalia: A bomb exploded at a packed football stadium, killing five spectators and seriously wounding eight. The miltant group al-Shabab claimed responsiblity. North America: Mexico: People in the town of Totolapan, in the state of Guerrero, were so afraid of drug gangs that ninety-two were evacuated by Mexican soldiers and police. US: An outbreak of severe thunderstorms, including tornadoes, developed and swept portions of the central and southern Plains to the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee valleys. The storms brought damaging winds, flooding, hail and tornado damage. Another storm brought a dark sky and a funnel cloud over downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Another tornado whipped through the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport briefly shutting down a runway, damaged a small private plane and tossed luggage with peak winds of 84 mph (135 kph). A funnel cloud was also reported in the Port Everglades area of Fort Lauderdale. Aother major storm developed bringing heavy snow and blizzard conditions from regions of the northern and central Plains to the Upper Midwest. It was expected to ground flights, disrupt travel, close schools and impede businesses. South America: Brazil: Inmates at a jail in the city of Belem attempted a mass breakout with the help of an armed group outside the jail who blew a hole in a jail wall with explosives. The result was that one guard, and nineteen prisoners and there helpers were killed. Colombia: A drug gang, known as the Gulf Clan in the Uraba region, targeted a caravan of government workers, killing eight with a homemade bomb. The next day the country's president told the security forces to go after the Gulf Clan. Chile: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Ovalle (04-10; 10:19). Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: Southeast: Aoba (Ambae) volcano on the island of Vanuatu erupted, dropping widespread ash and killing at least four. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection sent a stream of high-speed solar wind towards Earth, triggering auroras and G1-class geomagnetic storms. Auroras were seen a far south as the Dakotas. The auroras and storms continued for days.

16th - New Moon (1h 57m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: The country's air defenses shot down missiles targeting the Shayrat air base in the city of Homs. Europe: Cyprus: Several hundred Cypriot, Palestinian and Syrian protesters waved Syrian flags and chanted anti-Western slogans in front of the US Embassy. They questioned whether the Syrian President used chemical weapons on his own people (see the previous lunar phase). Asia: Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent another explosive eruption with lava flows. India: A dangerous heat wave once again was putting millions of residents at risk for heat-related illnesses, such as strokes, and those related to poor air quality. Temperatures ranged from 100 F to 110 F (38 C to 43 C). Africa: Nigeria: In Abuja clashes erupted between security forces and protesters who demanded the release of a pro-Iranian Shia leader. Protesters threw stones at the police who fired teargas and arrested many of the protesters. In a separate incident, an armed gang opened fire on a vehicle killing a local policeman and abducting a German construction worker in an ambush in Kano. North America: US: A violent riot erupted at a maximum security prison in South Carolina, leaving seven dead and at least seventeen injuried. Contraband and territory were seen as the reasons for the riot. The northeast was battered with severe weather, including flooding downpours, a rare April ice storm, and strong winds. In New York City, travel disruptions mounted as streets and subway stations became flooded, and hundreds of flights were canceled. The storm also unleashed torrents of rain that flooded parts of New England. In the south, dozens of tornadoes touched down, leaving paths of destruction and nearly 140,000 customers were without power. At least one person was killed and seven were injuried. Thndersnow, sleet, heavy snow and blizzard conditions blasted the north-central states, breaking snowfall records. South America: Brazil: About one hundred members of a homeless movement protested the jailing of the former President and briefly took over the beachfront apartment at the center of the corruption case against him. Pacific: North Central: A record-breaking 28 inches of rain in a 24-hour period was dumped on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, triggering widespread flooding, inundating homes and businesses, stranding entire towns, triggering landslides and washing out roads. Southeast: Aoba (aka, Ambae and Manaro Volcano) volcano on the island of Vanuatu erupted (see last lunar phase), and now, a new round of evacuations could make the evacuations from last year's violent eruptions permanent. The Vanuatu government was considering permanently relocating all 11,000 residents of the island. Solar Activity: Another wide coronal hole opened on the Sun, sending a stream of solar wind towards Earth.

19th-20st - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Rebels evacuated the town of Dumayr, northeast of Damascus, and headed to north Syria. This was the latest turnover by the rebels to the government. In a separate incident, airstrikes by Iraq's military left thirty-six ISIS miltants dead. Israel and Palestine: Protest organizers moved tents closer to the Israeli border fence in Gaza a day before a planned mass demonstration. The likelihood of bloodshed was high. The next day, Israeli soldiers fired from across a border fence, killing four and wounding more than 150 Palestinians. Yemen: Heavy fighting brokeout between Yemeni pro-government forces and Shiite Houthi rebels in the province of Taiz, leaving at least twenty-five dead and dozens wounded. Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition carried out airstrikes against the rebels in the town of al-Rahda. Pro-government forces also seized control of several villages in the Qabbaytah district, leaving five Houthi rebels dead. Yemeni security forces also killed two suspected al-Qaida operatives in the province of Abyan. Europe: Germany: A World War II bomb in a Berlin train tunnel was defused by police after forcing an evacuation of about 10,000 from residences, businesses, government ministries, hospitals and museums. Armenia: About 40,000 demonstrators took to the streets protesting the new prime minister whom they wanted to resign. The protests were due to a new system that gives the prime minister expanded powers and diminishes the presidency. Asia: Indonesia: Rivers and canals were clogged with dense masses of bottles, bags and other plastic packaging. The crisis was so acute that the army was called in to help, but the waste accumulates as quickly as they try to clear it. Ibu volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption. Also on the island, Dukono volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Mount Ioyama volcano erupted after being dormant for 250 years, spewing clouds of volcanic ash on the Shiretoko Peninsula of Hokkaid?. Africa: Senegal: Three opposition politicians were arrested and police fired tear gas to prevent a demonstration. However, protesters gathered against voting on a bill that would limit the number of candidates who run for president. South Africa: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Prince Edward Islands region (04-19; 21:09). Crowds of protesters in the town of Mahikeng were looting shops, barricading roads and setting vehicles on fire, because an official was misusing state funds. Police fired rubber bullets at the crowds and the country's predident cut short his attendance at the Commonwealth summit in London to deal with the situtation. North America: US: The Rhea wildfire burned over 350,000 acres in Oklahoma, making it what is called a Mega-fire. So far it destroyed more than fifty structures, two people were killed and another nine where injured, and it was difficult to contain. After being hit with massive and widespread flooding (see the previous lunar phase), Hawaii was again hit with more heavy rain. It made the flooding worse, triggering more landslides, mudslides, and washing out roads. South America: Ecuador and Colombia: A Colombian rebel group kidnapped a couple in Ecuador just days after they had kidnapped journalists and their driver, and then killed them. In response, both Ecuador and Colombian stepped up their hunt for the rebels. Solar Activity: A stream of solar wind triggered G2-class geomagnetic storms and unusual "electric blue" auroras.

22nd - First Quarter (21h 46m) HIGH

Mideast: Saudi Arabia: A bus was travelling from Mecca on an Umrah pilgrimage when it was hit by a fuel tanker, setting the tanker on fire, and killing two and injuring twelve. Syria: Government forces used warplanes, helicopters and artillery to bombard districts of Damascus held by ISIS miltants. The miltants held parts of the Yarmouk camp and nearby area of Hajar al-Aswad, forcing most of the six thousand civilians in Yarmouk camp to evacuate to an area in Yalda. Libya: The country's navy recovered the bodies of eleven migrants and rescued 263 others whose boat capsized in two separate operations off the western coast. In a separate incident, the Libyan National Army carried out airstrikes against "terrorist sites" near the city of Misrata, destroying dozens of weapons and vehicles in the town of Sadada. The strikes targeted an al-Qaida-linked group as retaliation for recent attacks by the group. Europe: Armenia: Thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets in the city of Yerevan after riot police seized their leader. The current prime minister was re-elected by parliament, fuelling the protests. Seventy were arrested, including two suspected bombers. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a voter registration center in Kabul, killing at least fifty-seven and wounding 119; ISIS miltants claimed responsiblity. China: A long, narrow boat packed with paddlers, known as a dragon boat, overturned and another arriving at the scene also capsized on a river in the city of Guilin. Nearly sixty were plunged into the water, killing seventeen. It appeared that a strong river current was responsible. Pakistan: Gunmen killed two Shiites and wounded a third in Quetta, adding the fifth such incident to a recent series of attacks on the religious minority. In a separate incident, thousands of Pashtuns, a tribe people, took to the streets in the city of Lahore, protesting for the release of tribesmen being held on alleged links to militants. India: Government forces raided Maoist rebels' hideout deep in a forested area in the Gadchilori district in Maharashtra state, killing at least fourteen Maoist rebels. Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Japan and the Korean Peninsula: A storm system began to bring flooding downpours, mudslides, and travel disruptions to the Korean Peninsula. It would then move across Japan in the days that followed. North America: US: A nude gunman with a semi-automatic rifle burst into a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee, killing four and wounding two. A layer of ice on the Aroostook River broke triggering flood warnings in the towns of Caribou and Washburn in Maine. A powerful storm system brought heavy thunderstorms, flooding downpours, waterspouts and travel delays to the Souteast. Canada: A man used a rental van to plow into pedestrians on a roadway and sidewalks in northern Toronto, killing ten and wounding fourteen (on the 23rd). Central America: Nicaragua: Dozens of shops in Managua were looted as protests continued due to government social security reforms (see previous lunar phase). At least sixty-three protesters were killed, fifteen were missing and dozens were arrested during several days of clashes. Solar Activity: Geomagnetic activity and auroras began to subside after an interplanetary shock wave passed by the Earth.

25th-26th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Egypt: Rare heavy rains fell on Cairo and other parts of the country triggering widespread flooding, submerging roads, houses and vehicles. Major highways were closed and numerous people were stranded in their cars. Israel: Unusually heavy rainfall triggered a flash flood that swept hikers away in Nahal Tzafit, killing at least nine. Another fifteen were rescued and one was missing. Europe: Armenia: After talks failed tens of thousands of opposition protesters returned to the streets. Some officials called on the entire government to resign and suggested the country hold fresh elections. Italy: Stromboli volcano on the Eolian Islands underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Spain: A court acquitted five men of rape charges for an attack on a young woman during a bull-running festival, sending thousands into the streets in protest. Protests took place in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Pamplona, and in more than a dozen other cities. Asia: Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent a number of explosive eruptions. La Réunion Island and the island nation of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, were slammed by Tropical Storm Fakir. Its powerful winds toppled trees and power lines, and the rains triggered widespread massive flooding and mudslides, submerged roads, homes and vehicles, damaged property and killed at least two. India: The state of Andhra Pradesh recorded 36,749 lightning strikes in just a 13-hour period, and continued to strike the next day, killing at least nine. Extreme weather patterns were responsible for the unusually high number of strikes. A school bus collided with a train in the state of Uttar Pradesh, killing at least thirteen children. Africa: Kenya: Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding, forcing more than 200,000 to flee their homes, as roads and buildings were submerged. With heavy rainfall persisting and Kiambere Dam overflowing, the flooding continued to pose a risk to thousands more. Madagascar: Thousands of protesters took to the streets of the capital of Antananarivo for a fifth day that left at least two dead. The factor that triggered the protests was now due to a new electoral law that prevented the former president from running for office. Cameroon: The military underook weeks of raids in English-speaking parts of the country where homes were burned, many people were arrested, and the headmaster and teacher of a school were killed. The separatists, known as the Ambazonians, attacked the military in the town of Belo, afterwhich Cameroon forces retreated. South Sudan: Ten aid workers were kidnapped near the town of Yei. South Africa: Overnight rains triggered flooding in the drought-hit city of Cape Town, submerging roads and flooding houses and businesses. North America: Mexico: Gunmen in a car tried to kidnap a high school student, then they opened fire on him as he fled into the building, wounding five other students. Popocatepetl volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and lava domes. US: A refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, exploded, injuring at least twenty and was felt a mile (1.6 km) away. The reason for the explosion was unknown and there were no immediate reports of fatalities. Residents were ordered to evacuate their homes. A strong thunderstorm outbreak swept the Southeast, especially Georgia and eastern Alabama, triggering localized damage, flooding and travel disruptions. Multiple tornadoes also swept the Southeast damaging homes and businesses, and injuring at least six, one seriously. A waterspout swept parts of Florida, as well. Central America: Nicaragua: Police released dozens of protesters some of which said they were beaten and tortured, while some were distressed and had their heads shaved. At least twenty-five protesters were killed since the protests started (see the previous lunar phase). South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: North Central: Klauea volcano in Hawaii underwent an eruption with lava flows. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the Sun's northern hemisphere, sending a stream of solar winds towards Earth.

30th - Full Moon (0h 58m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Missile strikes hit military sites in Hama and Aleppo provinces, killing a number of pro-government fighters. A monitoring group said four Syrians and twenty-two foreigners, mostly Iranians, were killed. The military sites were seriously damaged. It was unknown who launched the missles. Europe: Switzerland: The Swiss Alps were hit by major wind storms and falling temperatures, killing four skiers; one died in a fall and three of hypothermia. Another five were in serious condition. The bad weather forced them to spend the night outside, as they were unable to reach shelter. In a separate incident, two climbers were also killed in the bad weather. UK: A slow-moving storm system brought heavy rainfall and flooding to parts of the country. The arrival of strong winds and cold air made matters worse. Asia: Afghanistan: A militant on a motorbike attacked an area in Kabul, and then a second attacker targeted the same area after a crowd had gathered at the scene. At least forty-one were killed, nine of which were journalists, and forty-five were wounded. In a separate incident, a suicide bomber targeted NATO troops in Kandahar province, killing eleven children. ISIS claimed responsiblity for the attacks. China: A former student took revenge for being bullied at a secondary school in Shaanxi province by stabbing nineteen students, killing nine. India: Deadly thunderstorms and temperatures as high as 115 F (46 C) were felt across parts of the country. Powerful thunderstorms swept parts of the northeast, including Bihar state, where at least thirteen were killed. Deadly thunderstorms were expected to continue for days. Africa: Somalia: Heavy rains triggered flooding in the town of Beledweyne in Hiran region, as the Shabelle River burst its banks, forcing thousands to flee their homes. Roads, homes and businesses were submerged, and an unknown number of people died. South Africa: Gangs set fire to at least eighteen trucks on a highway in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, forcing the closure of the main road between the two biggest cities, Johannesburg and Durban. More than fifty protesters were arrested for public violence. The reason for the unrest was that foriegn truck drivers were employed which some locals did not want. North America: US, Mexico and Central America: The Mexico-US border crossing near San Diego was already full when an additional 150 Central Americans escaped their country's unrest to seek asylum in the US. US: Dangerously severe storms, with thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, flooding and tornadoes, began to sweep the central and southern Plains from Texas to Iowa. The storms were epected to last for another two days and may extend into New England. The rapidly expanding Tinder Fire in Arizona destroyed at least 500 homes and forced a number of evacuations and road closures. Strong winds hampered efforts to contain the fire that was expected to continue for days. South America: Suriname: Pirates raided fishermen's boats off the coast, forcing sixteen fishermen to jump overboard. Only four made it to shore, and the other twelve were missing and feared dead. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: North Central: The Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano's Puu Oo crater floor began to collapse, triggering a series of earthquakes and pushing the lava into new underground chambers. Solar Activity: Solar wind began flowing from an equatorial coronal hole.


3rd-4th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Libya: The headquarters of the electoral commission in Tripoli was attacked by ISIS-miltant suicide bombers, killing at least twelve (on the 2nd). Palestine and Israel: Several thousand Palestinians staged a protest on the Gaza-Israel border; the sixth in recent weeks. At least seventy Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire, as the protesters damaged pipelines that carry fuel and gas into Gaza. Asia: India: Monster dust storms chocked the states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, killing at least 125 and injuring scores more. The storms also knocked out electricity, uprooted trees, destroyed houses and killed livestock. The state of Andhra Pradesh alone was hit by more than 41,000 lightning strikes. Pakistan: A suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted a bus carrying employees of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, killing two and wounding several others. Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Mali: Militants linked to the ISIS group in Mali attacked the two communities of Tindinbawen and Taylalene, killing at least seventeen. South Africa: A minor 2.2-magnitude earthquake struck a gold mine outside Johannesburg, killing four, injuring six and trapping another six. Kenya: A group of militants attacked workers in a quarry in the town of Mandera, killing four and wounding several others. The militants, believed to be al-Shabab militants, then crossed the border into neighboring Somalia. North America: US: Severe weather threatened at least 40 million people in the central states and Northeast. Nine tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri with wind gusts of 100 mph (161 kph), with heavy rain, lightning, and strong winds damaging homes and knocking down powerlines. A day earlier eighteen tornadoes ripped through the Midwest. Strong tornadoes, damaging winds and very large hail ripped throughout the Plains. The storm then brought damaging thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes and strong winds to the Northeast. Connecticut police were in a stand-off over a domestic violence call when a barn exploded, killing one officer and injuring nine others. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. The next day, Pacaya volcano underwent a mildy explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: North Central: More than 300 earthquakes shook Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano, prompting scientists to say the activity could trigger a new eruption. People were told to stay away and be ready to evacuate. The Puu Oo crater floor began to collapse on the previous lunar phase, triggering a series of earthquakes and pushing the lava into new underground chambers. The next day the volcano erupted sending fountains of lava 100-feet (30 m) into the air and destroying several homes and roads. The 1,800 residents in the area were forced to evacuate. A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck southeast of the volcano and southwest of the Leilani Estates (05-04; 22:32). Southeast: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Easter Island region (05-02; 06:32). Atlantic: West Central: A storm brought rain and thunderstorms to the northern Caribbean islands, the Bahamas and part of Florida, triggering widespread flooding. Solar Activity: A coronal hole covering nearly half of the solar disc turned toward Earth and spewed a stream of solar wind that was expected to trigger G1-class geomagnetic storms.

7th - Last Quarter (22h 8m) MODERATE

Mideast: Saudi Arabia and Yemen: Airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition targeted the presidency building in the heart of the Yemeni capital, killing at least six and wounding thirty. Many were believed to have been buried under the rubble, as well. Europe: Turkey: Heavy rains in Ankara triggered flash floods that injured at least four, tossed cars around and blocked roads and rivers filled with debris. Asia: Afghanistan: An explosion took place at a mosque in the province of Khost, killing at least seventeen and wounding thirty-seven, many critically. People had gathered for afternoon prayers at the mosque, which was also being used for voter registration. It was likely the work of ISIS miltants. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Philippines: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck north of Pandan (05-05; 06:19). India and Pakistan: Severe thunderstorms swept the north bringing frequent lightning, damaging hurricane-force winds and blowing dust. Thunderstorms swept across northeast Pakistan before moving into Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. Africa: Rwanda: Heavy rains triggered landslides, killing eighteen and washing away houses. Kenya, Somalia and Uganda: Heavy rains also swept through these countries, triggering widespread flooding, submerging roads and houses. Kenya and Somolia: Nine Kenyan soldiers were killed when Al-Shabab militants attacked their patrol car in neighboring Somalia. Nigeria: More than 1,000 people that were held captive in four villages in the Bama area of Borno State by Boko Haram militants were rescued by Nigeria's military. South America: US: Heavy rains and melting snow brought the worst flooding to Montana since June 21, 1975. Numerous rivers overflowed their banks blocking roads and flooding homes and businesses. Pacific: North Central: Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano continued to erupt destroying thirty-six buildings, mostly homes, and threatens hundreds more. Roads were also detroyed and surrounding forests were set on fire. Almost 2,000 were forced to evacuate and new fissures and vents opened up. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection reached the Earth, triggering G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras.

10th-11th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria, Israel and Iran: Twenty rockets were fired at Israeli military positions in the occupied Golan Heights. In response, Israel struck almost all of Iran's military infrastructure inside Syria. It was called the "biggest assault" of the war. Iraq-Syria border: Iraqi and US-backed Syrian forces captured five senior ISIS group leaders in a cross border raid. Palestine and Israel: Once again, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza protested near their sealed border, as the Israeli army fired on them, killing one and wounding 176 Palestinians. Later, vandals burned a fuel depot and a conveyor belt, causing more than $9 million in damages and disrupting the import of fuel and building supplies. Europe: Russia: Klyuchevsky volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Asia: Indonesia: Merapi volcano in Central Java underwwent a sudden highly explosive, Large Plinian eruption with pyroclastic flows. Tajikistan: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Ishkashim (05-09; 10:41). Myanmar: Rohingya villagers who spoke to a UN security council delegation in Rakhine about the violence they experienced at the hands of the Myanmar military. This forced them to disappear because the security agencies launched a hunt for them. Africa: Kenya: Heavy rains caused a dam to burst near the town of Solai, killing at least forty-one. More than 2,000 were left homeless as it swept away hundreds of homes, power lines and buildings, including a school. Torrential rains continued to fall, hampering rescue efforts, and adding to the death toll. Dozens were still missing. Somalia: A landmine exploded in the Wanlaweyn district, killing ten soldiers and wounding three. A day earlier, a suicide bomber targeted a market in Wanlaweyn, killing at least fourteen. In a separate incident, US and Somali commandos seized three commanders of the al-Shabab militant group in a village in the Lower Shabelle region. A day earlier, five people were killed and a number of others were captured in a raid by al-Shabab militants. South Africa: Attackers entered a mosque in KwaZulu-Natal province after midday prayers, stabbing three people, one later died, and they also set the mosque on fire. Nigeria: Operations got underway in the troubled Adamawa and Taraba states where the military and police tracked down armed bandits, killing at least ten in each state. North America: US: A tornado hit Wisconsin’s Washington County, knocking down power lines and trees, blocking roads and causing structural damage to buildings. A tropical disturbance began moving slowly northward over the eastern Gulf of Mexico, bringing powerful thunderstorms, rain and heavy downpours over Florida, triggering flooding. Central America: Nicaragua: Tens of thousands of protesters undertook new anti-government rallies in Managua, the capital. The government then cracked down on student protesters in universities in Managua, killing three - adding to the estimated 63 deaths since the protests began weeks ago. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: North Central: Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano continued to erupt destroying more homes and roads, as another fourteen fissures opened up, along with rockfalls and explosions that produced ash columns. The volcano observatory warned that the risk of potentially large, phreatic explosions had increased, and that huge projectiles and large ash falls were eminent. Winds were forecast to shift and send vog - a fog of dangerous sulfur-gas fog - from the latest Kilauea eruption to spread northwestward from the Big Island to Maui and other islands in Hawaii. Southeast: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea underwent an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: Earth exited a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole, which triggered brief but intense magnetic disturbances.

15th - New Moon (7h 47m) MODERATE

Mideast: Israel and Palestine: The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem was met with violence against protesting Palestinians, leaving sixty dead and about 2,700 wounded (mostly on the 14th). Many nations condemned the attacks. Asia: India: An overpass was being built in the city of Varanasi when it collapsed, crushing vehicles beneath it, killing at least eighteen. There were others still trapped beneath the fallen structure, but their number and condition was unknown. In a separate incident, violent clashes erupted over local elections in the state of West Bengal, leaving at least five dead (some reports say ten) and twelve injuried. In a sapatate incident, fierce winds and lightning devastated many villages, bringing down homes and leaving at least twenty-three dead and dozens injured in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Delhi. The number of dead over three days totaled eighty. All four states remained on high alert as officials warned of more thunderstorms over the next few days. Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Senegal: Protesting students clashed with police at the University of Saint-Louis, leaving one student dead and two dozen injuried. Eighteen police officers were also injuried. The reason for the protest was that the students had not received their grants and as a result wanted to eat for free at the university's restaurants. Then the authorities called the police. Nigeria: At least eighty people were abducted by gunmen as they travelled on a major highway in the state of Kaduna. North America: US: Colorado was pelted by large hail that coated the ground making it look more like winter. An EF-0 tornado tore through a community in Florida, destroying homes and knocking down trees and power lines. Meanwhile, a storm was headed for Florida with drenching downpours, gusty winds and strong thunderstorms. The storm brought tornadoes, waterspouts, flooding and rough seas. Severe thunderstorms erupted over the central Appalachians and headed for other parts of the Northeast. The storms brought damaging winds, flooding, hail, tornadoes and travel disruptions. A State of Emergency was issued in New York. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Ecuador: Reventador volcano volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: North Central: Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano continued to erupt destroying more homes and roads, as another three fissures opened up, making a total of twenty fissures. Rockfalls and explosions that produced ash columns increased. Officials may order thousands more people to evacuate before escape routes are cut off. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the Sun's southern hemisphere.

18th-19th - Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Palestine and Isreal: Palestinians resumed their fiery protests at Gaza's border with Israel which drew Israeli gunfire and tear gas, leaving at least twenty-three wounded. Syria: An explosion at a weapons warehouse at the Hama air base set off more explosions that left eleven dead and dozens wounded. It was not clear what set off the first explosion. Yemen: A warning was issued for the very rare Tropical Cyclone Sagar in the Gulf of Aden, which triggered widespread flooding that forced sewage out onto the streets and destroyed buildings and vehicles. Europe: Russia: Four gunmen attacked a Russian Orthodox church in the province of Chechnya, but were killed by security forces in a clash that also left two policemen and a churchgoer dead. Asia: Afghanistan: Three bombs targeted a cricket tournament in Jalalabad province, killing at least eight and wounding forty-two. India and Pakistan: Indian and Pakistani soldiers fired at border posts and villages along the highly militarized frontier in disputed Kashmir, killing eight civilians and an Indian soldier, and wounded ten. The firing and shelling began overnight and the next day spread to dozens of posts in the Jammu region of the Himalayan territory. Africa: Kenya: Two Kenyan politicians who were taking a selfie escaped unhurt after a bridge collapsed in Kisi. There was no know reason why the bridge collaped. Ghana: A group of soldiers went on the rampage in the city of Tamale after one of their colleagues was arrested. This incident triggered a clash with police that left eight policemen injuried. Tropical Cyclone Sagar also brought flooding to northwestern Somalia and neighboring Djibouti (see the entry for Yemen). North America: US: A student opened fire at a Texas high school, killing at least ten and wounding ten. The attacker was arrested and charged with murder. Strong storms brought large hail, strong winds, widespread flooding and a few tornadoes to the Central Plains, affecting Colorado, Wyoming, and large portions of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Record rainfall in Virginia triggered raging floodwaters from the Potomac River. Flooding also took place downstream in the DC area. South America: Venezuela: Inmates held at El Helicoide, the headquarters of the country's secret service, took over part of the jail after a political prisoner was beaten. The beating triggered a protest which was met with tear gas by the National Guard. In a separate incident, a prison riot was triggered by inmates who wrestled a gun from guards in the city of Barquisimeto, setting off an exchange of gunfire that left two guards and nine inmates dead, and twenty-eight prisoners were injuried. Atlantic: West Central: A Boeing 737 airliner crashed near Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba, killing 113 and injuring three critically. Pacific: North Central: Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano underwent another explosive eruption that sent ash 30,000 feet (9,100 m) into the air. More fissures opened up totaling twenty-two fissures, as more homes were destroyed. A red aviation code warned planes to avoid the area. People near the volcano were told to wear masks because of the ash and the noxious sulfur gases. South: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck south of the Kermadec Islands (05-18; 01:45). Solar Activity: A stream of solar wind reached Earth but did not trigger any geomagnetic storms.

21st - First Quarter (23h 49m) LOW

Mideast: Syria: The military captured an enclave in southern Damascus from ISIS militants, bringing the capital fully under the government's control; the first time in seven years. This allowed the military to move into the remaining rebel-held territory in the south near the border with Israel. Europe: Ukraine: Clashes broke out between Ukrainian forces and separatist rebels near the village of Yuzhnoye, leaving two soldiers dead and four wounded. It was the worst fighting of the year. Asia: Sri Lanka: Heavy rain from thunderstorms triggered flooding and landslides that left at least seven dead and displaced more than a thousand. More thunderstorms was forcast and the government warned people to take precautions against lightning strikes. Japan: Sakurajima volcano on the island of Kyushu underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: An attack took place in the Beni region by a Ugandan rebel group, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), killing at least ten. The ADF are militant extremists that pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda. Somalia and the Horn of Africa: Tropical Cyclone Sagar brought torrential rains that triggered widespread flooding, killing more than twenty and displacing as many as 30,000 in Djibouti alone. Buildings, homes, vehicles and infrastructure were damaged or destroyed. North America: US and Mexico: At least 200 demonstrators blocked a major bridge between Mexico and Texas to protest the disappearance of dozens from the border state of Tamaulipas. This caused long lines of thousands of trucks to back up in both directions. US: Severe storms brought flooding rains, strong winds and tornadoes to parts of the southern US. Homes, buildings and vehicles were damaged or destroyed. An unsettled weather pattern developed and remains over the Southeast bringing thunderstorms, flooding downpours and tornadoes. It showed no signs of ending soon and would continue for days to come. Thuderstorms, damaging winds, flooding downpours and hail battered the Ohio Valley, as well. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: North Central: Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano activity sent two lava flows into the Pacific, creating thick hazardous clouds known as "laze" - clouds of hydrochloric acid and glass particles. Hawaii's Civil Defense Agency told residents to stay away from any ocean plume as a result. Thousands have left their homes and more than forty homes have been destroyed. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the Sun sending the solar wind towards Earth.

24th-25th - Mid-Phase LOW

29th - Full Moon (10h 19m) MODERATE

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