Overview: This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. This calendar indicates the dates on which it is more likely for there to be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, major weather events, wars, civil unrest, and solar activity. This not astrology. For a more detailed description on what the calendar is based upon click here. Note: All times shown are 24-hour Universal Time and actual local times will usually differ, and local dates may also differ. For earthquakes they are shown as (date; hour:minute); example (01-01; 08:03), which is January 1 at 8:03. Only earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater will be listed, with the exception of lesser magnitudes that cause damage.

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Last Update: April 23, 2017




1st-2nd - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Bahrain: Gunmen attacked a prison, killing a policeman and freeing ten inmates convicted of terrorism. Jaw prison, south of the capital Manama, had been in a security lockdown at the time. Iraq: Two explosions took place one after another in the busy al-Sinak market in Baghdad, killing at least twenty-eight and wounding more than fifty. ISIS miltants claimed responsiblity. An artillery strike by coalition forces struck a mortar position in the city of Mosul; ISIS militants had been using it to target Iraqi security forces. The following day, a suicide car bomber targeted a busy square in a predominantly Shia Muslim eastern district of Sadr City, killing at least thirty-five and wounding sixty-one. A second car exploded in a parking structure nearby Al-Kindi hospital, killing three. Europe: Turkey: A gunman opened fire at the well-known nightclub, the Reina nightclub, killing at least thirty-nine and wounding at least sixty-nine. Some threw themselves into the Bosphorus river to escape. Asia: Indonesia: The Zahro Express ferry was carrying more than 230 people to Tidung island when the boat caught on fire, killing at least twenty-three, injuring nine and seventeen were missing. Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent explosive eruptions. Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Ceuta: About 1,100 African migrants attempted to storm a border fence in Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta, injuring fifty Moroccan and five Spanish border guards. North America: US: Severe weather swept the lower Mississippi Valley and the Deep South with strong thunderstorms, heavy flooding rains, hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes (rare this time of the year). A tornado pounded southern Alabama killing five. A series of storms also began to sweep the West Coast, sending snow and heavy rain to areas from southern Oregon to central California. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. South America: Brazil: A fight between rival gangs took place in an overcrowded prison in Manaus, in Amazonas state, leaving fifty-six inmates dead, many of which were decapitated. A gunman killed his ex-wife, son and ten others, and wounded three in Campinas as they were celebrating the New Year. Pacific: South: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of the Fiji Islands (01-02; 13:14). Langila volcano, in New Britain, Papua New Guinea, underwent an explosive eruption sending ash plumes into the air. Solar Activity: The solar wind struck Earth triggering numerous auroras and geomagnetic storms. The following day, a large coronal hole covered nearly half of Sun's surface and was turning toward Earth.

5th - First Quarter (19h 47m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: The military undertook a new offensive to re-capture western towns near the Syrian border from ISIS militants. Syria: A car bomb exploded in a crowded commercial area near the municipal stadium in Jableh, killing at least eleven and wounding thirty-five. Europe: Turkey: Two attackers - believed to be Kurdish militants - drove a car into the courthouse in the city of Izmir, triggering a gun fight with police and then detonating the car bomb. Dozens were wounded, some critically. Germany: A storm surge caused the worst flooding in a decade for the towns and cities along the Baltic coast, from Kiel in the far north to the resort island of Usedom near the Polish border. Sweden and Finland: Both countries were hit with severe winter conditions with temperatures diving to 42.3 F below zero (-41.3 C) in Sweden and 43.06 F below zero (-41.7 C) in Finland. Africa: Tunisia: Security forces dismantled a 13-member "terrorist cell" that was connected to al-Qaeda. Somalia: A car bomb targeted a United Nations compound in Mogadishu, wounding at least four guards; the militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility (on the 4th). Central African Republic: Gunmen attacked a convoy near the town of Obo, as the UN troops were escorting fuel trucks sent from Zemio, leaving two UN peacekeepers from Morocco dead (on the 4th). Ivory Coast: Troops briefly seized the defence ministry, afterwhich the rebellion spread to other cities. North America: Mexico: A 20% increase in the price of gasoline triggered protests that then lead to the looting of shops and the barricading of roads. About 250 were arrested. US: Bogoslof volcano in the Aleutian Islands underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. A huge storm slammed the west coast with drenching rain, flooding and high country snow. Excessive rain combined with melting snow triggered flooding, mud and land slides, and road closures in what would amount to the worst flooding in "northern California since 1997 and perhaps 1986." Another storm brought heavy snow to a large portion of the South. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection triggered G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras.

8th-9th - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Israel: A Palestinian man drove a truck into a group of soldiers, killing three and wounding seventeen in what was called a terrorist attack. Iraq: Government forces fighting ISIS miltants in Mosul penatrated as far as the banks of the Tigris river for the first time. Syria: A car bomb exploded outside a courthouse in the town of Azaz, killing at least forty-three. Europe: Various Parts of Europe: An unexpected freeze swept much of Europe, leaving at least twenty dead. Snow blanketed as far south as the Greek islands and southern Italy. In Italy, ferries and flights were canceled, in Turkey, heavy snow swept Istanbul, in Russia temperatures plunged to 22 F below zero (-30 C), and in typically warmer Greece, temperatures dropped to 4 F below zero (-15 C). Asia: Thailand: Heavy rains triggered widespread severe flooding in the south, submerging numerous villages and elsewhere the water reached roof tops. Hundreds of thousands were affected by the water levels, flights were canceled, schools were closed and powerlines were downed. The heavy rain was expected to continue for two more days. At least twenty-five were killed. Sri Lanka: China was given the go ahead to build a port and industrial zone around Hambantota port, Colombo. This would force the eviction of thousands of villagers, triggering a mass riot. Philippines: A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck south of Tabiauan (01-10; 06:13). Solomon Islands: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kirakira (01-10; 15:27). Africa: Egypt: A suicide bomber driving a truck filled with explosives targeted a police station in North Sinai, afterwhich miltants open fire, killing at least eight and wounding ten. Nigeria: Two female suicide bombers knocked on doors in Maiduguri and hugged their victims before detonating their bombs, killing two and the bombers. They were suspected to be Boko Haram miltants. The bombings came a day after a clash in which five soldiers and more than fifteen militants died in neighboring Yobe state. North America: US: Major storms swept both the Eastern and Western parts of the country. In California a series of storms pounded the state, especially the northern and central regions which were hit with heavy rain and mountain snow. In San Francisco one was killed and power was knocked out for more than 20,000. Runoff from the excessive rain, combined with snowmelt, triggered widespread flooding called the worst in decades. Mudslides, rock slides and landslides were widespread. Flooding also swept parts of Nevada. Oregon was swept with snow and ice closing roads, canceling flights and closing schools, businesses and government buidings. In the Northeast, hundreds of accidents took place with snow accumulations of over six inches (152 mm) along the coastal areas and more than a foot (310 mm) from Alabama to Massachusetts amid record cold. South America: Chile: Bad weather in Puerto Varas triggered mudslides that stranded fifty vehicles, including five tourist buses. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection enveloped Earth, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras for the fifth day in a row.

12th - Full Moon (11h 34m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: A suicide bomber targeted the Kafr Sousa neighborhood, south of Damascus - home to several top officials - destroying vehicles, damaging buildings, and killing at least seven; several others were also critically wounded. In a seperate incident, an area west of Damascus was bombed, including a military airport; casualties were not yet reported. In yet another seperate incident, an airstrike targeted a rebel-held village near the city of Aleppo, killing at least nine, and airstrikes in neighboring Idlib province left twenty-two militants dead. Europe: UK: A blast of freezing snow swept across the country in areas already hit by heavy snow. Another band of sleet and snow hit Scotland overnight. The army was preparing for the flooding that would follow as the snow melts and areas are hit by a tidal surge the next day - more than 65 flood warnings and more than 70 flood alerts were issued. Meanwhile, roadways were buried, flights were canceled, and schools and businesses were closed. Germany: A strengthening storm brought disruptive snow and strong winds to northern areas. Africa: Algeria: Two armed Islamist militants were shot dead in an ambush during a military operation in Skikda. Weapons and ammunition were seized during the ongoing operation. Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe: An outbreak of army worms was affecting the three countries. The worms are really caterpillars that sweep across the land in large numbers feasting on young corn plants, wiping out entire fields. It could affect the food supply for millions. North America: US: A destructive ice storm swept through a 1,000-mile (1,610 km) area of the central US - from Texas to Ohio. The storm was a long-duration ice storm that would turn destructive and cut power to hundreds of thousands. After flooding, mudslides, rock slides, sinkholes and yards (meters) of mountain snow triggered by the recent series of storms, a new train of storms was headed for the West Coast states, especially California, with more drenching rains. After more than six feet (1,830 mm) of snow the Crested Butte Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado had to close for the first time. Solar Activity: The Earth crossed through a fold in The Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

15th-16th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: ISIS militants fiercely attacked government-held areas in the city of Deir al-Zour, leaving twenty-four dead (20 militants, 12 soldiers and 2 civilians). Asia: India: A stampede erupted at a two-day harvest festival in Gangasagar, West Bengal, killing six and injuring ten. In a seperate incident, a boat overturned hundreds of miles upstream on the Ganges River, killing twenty-four. Kyrgyzstan: A Turkish cargo plane traveling from Hong Kong crashed into a village, destroying half of the villages homes and killing at least thirty-three and injuring fifteen. All four on board the plane also died. Japan: Suwanose-jima volcano on the Ryukyu Islands underwent an explosive eruption with strombolian activity. Indonesia: Ibu volcano on the island of Halmahera and Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent explosive eruptions. Africa: Libya: A boat sank off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea, drowning about ninety migrants. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Nyamuragira volcano erupted with strong lava flows. North America: US: A long-duration ice storm swept across the central Plains, recking havoc with hundreds of vehicle pile ups. In one such pile up six were killed. The most significant icing took place from the northern Texas panhandle to eastern Nebraska and western Iowa, and then spread to the Upper Midwest. Tornadoes touched from Dallas to Houston, Texas - tornadoes are rare this time of the year. Another river of moisture was heading for the Northwest, especially parts of Califronia and Oregon. Bogoslof volcano on the Aleutian Islands underwent an explosive eruption. People gathered in the park for a post-parade celebration Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park when gunfire erupted, killing eight and wounding eight. Mexico: A gunman open fired at a club hosting an electronic music festival in the resort of Playa del Carmen, in Quintana Roo state, killing at least five and injuring fifteen. The attack was not terrorism, but appeared to be drug-cartel related. South America: Brazil: A 14-hour riot erupted between rival gangs at Alcacuz prison, leaving at least twenty-six dead. Solar Activity: A huge coronal hole opened up on the Sun, sending a stream of solar wind toward Earth.

19th - Last Quarter (22h 13m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iran: The landmark 17-story Plasco high-rise building in Tehran caught fire and then collapsed, killing at least twenty firefighters. Two hundred firefighters battled the blaze for hours before the collapse. Syria: ISIS militants beheaded four people and shot eight dead in the city of Palmyra. Russian and Turkish airstrikes targeted ISIS miltants in the town of al-Bab, in Aleppo province a day earlier (on the 18th). Europe: Italy: An avalanche was triggered by five earthquakes - four were more than 5.0 in magnitude - burying about thirty-five people under rubble and snow. Seventeen bodies were recovered from the ruins of the Rigopiano hotel, in the central Abruzzo region - a dozen were still missing. Heavy snowfall hampered rescue efforts. Spain: The first snow in decades blanketed the low altitude city of Murcia, as well as Lorca and even along the coast in Dénia. Asia: Oceania: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck west of Kirakira, Solomon Islands (01-19; 23:04). Africa: Libya: US airstrikes targeted military camps run by ISIS militants located southwest of the city of Sirte, killing at least eighty. Gambia: The Nigerian military deployed troops and military planes "to protect the people of the Gambia and maintain sub-regional peace and security." Longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh refused to leave office and was given until the next day to leave, allowing President-elect Adama Barrow to take over. Ghana was planning to deploy more than 200 combat troops, as well. Mali: A vehicle packed with explosives was detonated at a camp housing soldiers and other armed groups in the city of Gao, killing at least seventy-seven (on the 18th). An Al-Qaeda affiliate claimed resposibility. North America: US: A sudden heavy rain dropped more than six inches (152 mm) in a short time, triggering widespread flooding in Houston, Texas. This caused more than a million gallons of wastewater to be inadvertently released. A system was heading for the Southeast and was expected to bring damaging winds, torrential downpours, hail and tornadoes. Three storms were also headed for California and the Southwest, and were expected to bring widespread flooding and heavy moutain snow. Mexico: Colima volcano underwent a violently explosive eruption. South America: Brazil: Violence again broke out as hundreds of inmates from rival gangs threw rocks at each other in Alcacuz Prison - where 26 were killed earlier (see previous lunar phase). Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to keep them apart. Solar Activity: Earth entered a coronal mass ejection that triggered Arctic auroras and geomagnetic storms.

mid-22nd-mid-24th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: Two drone strikes in the central province of Bayda killed thirteen Al Qaeda militants. The government undertook an offensive to retake the port city of Mokha from the Houthis with airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition killing at least fifty-two Houthi fighters. Meanwhile, the Houthis killed fourteen Hadi government attackers in Aden. Asia: India: A train derailed in the state of Andhra Pradesh, killing at least thirty-nine - many were still trapped in the wreckage. Pakistan: A bomb exploded in a vegetable market in the city of Parachinar, a mainly Shia Muslim area, killing at least twenty and wounding forty. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility, adding that it was to "teach a lesson to Shiites for their support" of the Syrian President. Oceania: A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck west of Papua New Guinea, triggering a tsunami warning (01-22; 04:30). Japan: Heavy snowfall brought nearly 53.5 inches (1,360 mm) in 72 hours. Gusty winds reached 56.5 mph (91 kph) and produced sea-effect snow as well. Numerous vehicles were buried in the snow, as were numerous homes and businesses. Africa: Rwanda: Unexpected heavy rains swamped the capital Kigali, causing massive destruction of property - at least 800 houses including homes, schools and residential areas, and washed away roads - as well as killing at least five. North America: US: Severe weather, including at least forty-four tornadoes swept through the Southeast, killing at least twenty and injuring dozens. Homes and businesses were damaged or completely destroyed from Loiusianna and Florida through to southern Georgia. The storm then swept up the East Coast into the Northeast, developing into a Nor'Easter triggering coastal flooding and major disruptions, power outages and downed trees. In California heavy rains triggered widespread flooding as snow buried mountain tops. Strong winds knocked down trees and powerlines, produced rough seas and grounded flights. Mudslides and landslides closed roadways. Described as the worst storms in years, as much as an inch (25 mm) per hour fell. Gusty winds and snow swept across the north-central US, triggering blizzard conditions in some areas. South America: Chile: A state of emergency was declared for a large area south of Santiago because of the worst forest fires in decades. About 1,200 troops and 500 firefighters battled the blaze that began a week ago, reaching a peak in this lunar phase. Hundreds were forced to evacuate. Eventually the town of Santa Olga was destroyed by the blaze. Solar Activity: Two new huge sunspots - AR2527 and AR2528 - suddenly emerged and were so large that they could be seen at sunset without a telescope. Also, a solar prominence - a giant cloud of plasma - developed over the Sun's western limb.

28th - New Moon (0h 07m) MODERATE

Mideast: Yemen: The US carried out a commando raid on an al-Qaeda stronghold in a village in Yakla district, killing at least fourteen militants. One commando was killed and three soliders were wounded. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Heavy snow buried the remote Gurez region, blocking roads and railways. As a result two avalanches swept the region killing fourteen soldiers near the Pakistan border. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Somalia: The militant group al-Shabab claimed its fighters killed fifty-seven Kenyan troops when they attacked a remote military base, and seized military vehicles and weapons. In contrast, Kenyan's military said that the claim was false and that they had killed dozens of the miltants. Meanwhile, it was reported that a Somali mayor was killed by al-Shabab in the attack. Ethiopia: Erta Ale volcano underwent an eruption spewing lava from two sides. North America: US: Bogoslof volcano on the Aleutian Islands underwent an explosive eruption that sent an ash plume 30,000 feet (9,145 m) into the air. Extremely wild, strong Santa Ana winds swept across southern California knocking down trees, power lines, big rigs and more. Mexico: Colima volcano again underwent an explosive eruption along with the formation of lava domes, vulcanian eruptions and strombolian activity. Canada: A French-Canadian student opened fire in a mosque in Quebec City, killing at least six Muslim worshippers and wounding five; another twelve had minor injuries. Central America: Guatemala: Fuego volcano underwent an explosive eruption with the formation of lava domes and extruding lava flows. Solar Activity: A huge stream of solar wind hit Earth's magnetic field, triggering G1-class magnetic storms and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

See first entry in Febuary for January 31st.


January 31-February 1st - Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Yemen: Houthi rebels attacked one of Saudi-led coalition warships in the Red Sea, killing two crew members. Three Houthi "suicide boats" attacked the boat by colliding with it, triggering an explosion and a fire. But a rebel news report said the warship had been hit by a guided missile, not the boats. Europe: Ukraine: Officials prepared for an evacuation of the eastern frontline town of Avdiivka as renewed fighting with pro-Russian rebels escalated. Seven soldiers were killed, and a number of rebel and civilian casualties also took place on both sides. The shelling knocked out power and water services, and food was scarse. Western Europe: A series of storms began, the first of which brought strong winds and rain from the UK through to Spain. Romania: A decree was passed that could free dozens of officials jailed for corruption, sending at least 150,000 protesters demonstrating outside government offices in Bucharest. Some protesters threw firecrackers and smoke bombs at police who responded with tear gas. Africa: Nigeria: A ten-year old girl blew herself up after approaching a camp for internally displaced people in the town of Banki in Borno state. A separate suicide bombing took place in the city of Maiduguri, killing at least one. Boko Haram miltants were likely responsible for both attacks. North America: US: A strong West Coast storm system brought widespread coastal flooding to northern and central California, along with heavy snow for the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades of Oregon and Washington. Rounds of blinding snow swept Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. An "Alberta Clipper" from Canada brought a major snowstorm spreading across the central and northeastern US. Solar Activity: A coronal hole opened up on the Sun, sending a stream of solar wind directly toward Earth. The next day it reached Earth triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras around the Arctic Circle.

4th - First Quarter (4h 19m) LOW

Europe: Romania: The demonstrations that began during the last lunar phase, as a result of a decree that freed dozens of officials jailed for corruption, escalated. This time the crowd swelled to at least 500,000 protesters that demonstrated throughout the country - the largest in nearly three decades. Ukraine: Fighting escalated again with pro-Russian rebels as a senior commander with pro-Russian rebel forces in eastern Ukraine was killed in a car bomb attack in Luhansk. This followed the bloodiest week since 2015. Western Europe: Another series of storms from the Atlantic brought damaging winds and heavy rain to France, Spain and northern Portugal. Asia: Afghanistan and Pakistan: Heavy snow triggerd avalanches that killed at least 119, injuried 89, destroyed houses, and wipped out whole villages and towns. People were found frozen in their buried cars. Avalanches hit Nuristan, a northeastern Afghan province, the northern Pakistan's town of Chitra, and north of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Scores more were missing in several mountainous provinces with entire villages buried under snow. North America: US: Cleveland and Bogoslof volcanoes, on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, underwent explosive eruptions. Mexico: Colima Volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows, vulcanian eruptions and strombolian activity. Solar Activity: The Earth emerged from the solar wind stream of a coronal mass ejection that triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras.

7th-8th - Mid-Phase LOW

Mideast: Syria: Numerous airstrikes targeted several areas of Idlib, killing at least twenty-three civilians, and leveling several multi-story buildings. In addition, the airstrikes destroyed the headquarters of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, an al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group, killing eleven. In a separate incident, government forces advanced towards the last major stronghold of ISIS in Aleppo province, cutting off the main supply route into al-Bab and capturing the town of Tal Uwayshiya. Asia: Afghanistan: A suicide bomber targeted a court's parking structure at a time when people were leaving to go home. At least twenty were killed, and forty-one were wounded, about ten critically. The blast was so strong that it shattered the windows of nearby buildings. The next day, suspected ISIS gunmen killed six Afghans working for the Red Cross in the province of Jowzjan. Pakistan: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck west of Pasni (02-07; 22:03). Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: A sudden, unexpected violent storm, triggered flooding in the capital Kinshasa. Hundreds tried to clear water from their homes and businesses. In a separate incident, an attack took place on Banro Corp's Twangiza gold mine, killing three policemen and one of the attackers. Ivory Coast: The southeastern town of Adiake town was in chaos as a mutiny by elite troops fiercely loyal to the former president opened fire at a military barracks; casulities were unknown. Somalia: The militant group al-Shabab ambushed a convoy belonging to the African Union force near the town of Mahadaay. Central African Republic: Clashes erupted between security forces and a militia group, leaving at least four dead in Bangui, the capital. Mozambqiue: More than 59,000 acres (24,000 hectares) of crops were devastated by the combined effects of drought and flooding (since October). More than 92,600 people were affected, over 24,500 houses were destroyed, almost half of them totally. North America: US: Powerful thuderstorms and tornadoes ripped throught eastern New Orleans, Louisiana, flattening houses, knocking out power, and tossing vehicles. More tornadoes touched down near the town of Donaldsonville and another in the town of Killian. At least forty were injuried. Much of the Pacific coast was hit with heavy rain and gusty winds that triggered flooding, mudslides and sporadic power outages. Several mudslides occurred in central California, largely in Santa Cruz and Mariposa counties, and the Bay Area. In some places highways were closed as a result. In the Northeast a major Nor'easter snowstorm developed in less than 24 hours. All public schools in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia were closed, as more than 4,300 flights were canceled. Fifty million people from Maine down through Philadelphia and Washington, DC, were affected by the storm that dumped as much as four inches (100 mm) of snow per hour. South America: Brazil: A police strike led to a crime wave that left dozens dead, forcing the government to send more than 1,000 troops into the streets to restore order. TV news broadcast scenes of looting, shootings and carjackings. Businesses, schools and banks were all closed as a result. Bolivia: A plague of locusts spread throughout a vast agricultural area, forcing the government to declare a state of emergency. The locusts destroyed pasture, and fields of corn and sorghum over more than 2,470 acres (1,000 hectares) area. Solar Activity: The Earth crossed through the Sun's Interplanetary Magnetic Field - a fold in the heliospheric current sheet - as a coronal mass ejection sparked bright auroras.

11th - Full Moon (0h 33m) LOW

Mideast: Iraq: Thousands of protesters, demanding electoral reform, tried to storm the high security "Green Zone" in Baghdad. Police fired tear gas, leaving at least 200 injuried. Later, several rockets hit the Green Zone; causalties were not reported. Europe: Greece: At least 70,000 people in the city of Thessaloniki were evacuated as a 500-pound (227-kg) World War Two bomb was defused; the largest bomb to be found in an urban area. France: An avalanche took place at the ski resort of Tignes, killing four. Asia: Philippines: A 6.7 magnitude earthquake near the city of Surigao on Mindanao island damaged buildings and knocked out power, leaving four dead and more than one hundred injuried; USGS puts it at 6.5 magnitude (02-10; 14:03). Africa: Angola: A crowd triggered a stampede at a football stadium in the city of Uige after they were prevented from entering the stadium. The stadium was already at capacity. Some fell and were suffocated, killing at least seventeen. Democratic Republic of Congo: Violent clashes took place between the army and a militia near Tshimbulu, killing eleven. Australia: A 121-year-old heat record was broken with dangerously hot weather that continued to bake Sydney. North America: US: A snowstorm with blizzard conditions dropped several feet of snow and brought travel to a halt across the Northeast. This was the second storm in less than a week to hit the area (see previous lunar phase). Strong winds, as much as 60 mph (79 kph), swept the Great Lakes and mid-Atlantic regions. In California a deep hole on the emergency spillway of the Oroville dam, threatening to flood the surrounding area and prompted officials to evacuate more than 200,000 of its residents. Lake Oroville’s level rose significantly after record-setting rainfall. South America: Brazil: Police in the state of Espirito Santo went on strike setting off a week of violence and looting that left at least 120 dead (see previous lunar phase). Since it's against the law in Brazil for the military police to go on strike, they were charged over 700 police officers with rebellion.

14th-15th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Battles brokeout in Idlib province between Tahrir al-Sham, formerly an al-Qaeda affiliate, and Jund al-Aqsa, regarded as close to ISIS, leaving dozens dead. Nearly seventy were killed since the fighting began on the morning of the 14th. Iraq: The Iraqi air force took aim at a building in Qaim, killing at least thirteen ISIS commanders. At least sixty-four lower-ranked ISIS fighters were also killed in the airstrikes. The following day a suicide bomber targeted a busy street filled with garages and used-car dealers in Sadr City - a predominantly Shia suburb of Baghdad - killing at least eighteen and wounding forty-two. The next day a car packed with explosives again blew up near car dealerships in the Shia area of Bayaa, killing at least forty-eight and wounding more than fifty. Asia: New Zealand: The city of Christchurch was surrounded by a huge wildfire that already destroyed eleven homes and forced the evacuation of its residents. A helicopter pilot was killed when the helicopter crashed fighting the fire. Pakistan: Two separate suicide bomber attacks targeted a government compound in the Mohmand tribal region, killing at least seven and wounding dozens. China: Three knife-carrying attackers killed five and injured ten before they were shot dead by police in Pishan county, in the Xinjiang region. Africa: Mozambique: A powerful cyclone developed and headed towards Mozambique's southern coast. The next day it was upgraded to Tropical Cyclone Dineo, which hit the coastal city of Inhambane with high winds, torrential rainfall and dangerous storm surges. Various: The cost of cereals doubled in some markets as the result of drought, reaching record and near-record levels in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization feared that this would increase widespread hunger. Ethiopia/Kenya: A huge newly-built Ethiopian dam cut off the supply of water to Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, threatening the livelihoods of about 500,000 in both countries. In addition, international experts gathered in Zimbabwe to halt an outbreak of armyworms (catepillers) that was causing wideespread damage to crops. Democratic Republic of Congo: Government soldiers clashed with the local militia group Kamwina Nsapu, killing at least one hundred in the central province of Kasai. North America: US: Severe storms and flooding rain swept through portions of eastern Texas. Several tornadoes slammed into the Houston area as well, with winds of about 50 mph (80 kph). A series of powerful storms developed and headed towards the already drenched West, especially California. The seriously damaged Oroville dam was again to be hit with powerful rainstorms. Another Nor'easter developed and was heading for New England and the Atlantic coast of Canada with more heavy snow. Central America: Pacaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption that created a new active lava flow. Solar Activity: Streams of solar winds triggered geomagnetic storms and auroras in the Arctic.

18th - Last Quarter (19h 33m) MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: An offensive started that was to get ISIS miltants out of the western part of Mosul. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were still trapped in the city. Europe: Turkey: A large car bomb targeted a building were judges and prosecutors lived in Viransehir, in Sanliurfa province, killing a 3-year old, and destroyed or damaged buildings and vehicles. Belgium: A train derailed in Brussels, causing a train car to flip on its side, killing at least one and injuring twenty. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption and lava flows. Asia: Pakistan: A suicide bomber targeted a Sufi shrine in the town of Sehwan, killing at least eighty and injuring 250. In response, more than 100 terrorists were killed and many others arrested in the 24 hours as part of anti-terrorist operations across the country, including Punjab province. Africa: Ceuta (A Spanish territory in North Africa): About 700 migrants - some wielding shears and clubs - stormed a 20-foot (6-m) security fence that separates Morocco from Ceuta. Nearly 500 made it across the razor wire with blooded hands and legs, and at least eleven Spanish police were injuried. Somalia: A car bomber targeted a market in Mogadishu, killing thirty-nine and injuring at least fifty (early on the 19th). Australia: A tropical low hit coastal communities around the Gulf of Carpentaria with flooding downpours, gusty winds and rough seas. North America: US: One of California's strongest storms in years - called a "weather bomb" - hit the state, killing at least four amid torrential rain and widespread flooding. Hundreds of homes were evacuated in anticpation of mudslides near Los Angeles. About 150,000 households lost power while sinkholes swallowed cars. Many cars were trapped by rising water, and there were at least four dead. The storm then headed east affecting the Southwest with similar results. Bogoslof volcano, Aleutian Islands, underwent an explosive eruption. South America: Argentina: A bus overturned on a remote road in the Andes, near the border with Chile, killing at least nineteen. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of San Antonio de los Cobres (02-18; 12:10). Solar Activity: The Earth moved deeper into a stream of solar wind, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras.

21st-22nd - Mid-Phase MODERATE

Mideast: Iraq: Government forces took the strategically important town of Abu Saif, close to western Mosul, in its push to get ISIS militants out of the city. An airstrike destroyed a house full of suspected ISIS fighters, killing all seven. Syria: Kurdish and Arab rebels advanced into territory held by ISIS in Deir al-Zour province. Syrian Democratic Forces captured about fifteen villages from ISIS. Airstrikes killed eleven and wounded thirty-five in one of the villages. Other villages did not report causualties. Yemen: The deputy army commander and several others were killed in a missile strike by Houthi rebels on a Red Sea army camp outside the port city of Mokha. Europe: Sweden: A riot erupted in a mainly immigrant Stockholm suburb. Rioters, some of them wearing masks, threw rocks, set vehicles on fire and looted shops, as police took warning shots. Asia: Pakistan: Three suicide bombers targeted a courthouse in Tangi, using hand grenades and guns to force their way in, but security forces kept them at bay. The battle left the three bombers dead, while at least fifteen civilians and five police officers were wounded. The Pakistani Taliban group Jamaat-ur-Ahrar claimed responsibility. Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Libya: African migrants were crossing the Mediterranean to Italy in a rubber boat that failed, killing at least eighty-seven. South Africa: More than thirty foreign-owned shops were looted in Pretoria. Guinea: Students demonstrating for an end to teacher strikes were shot by security forces, killing at least five and injuring at least thirty. North America: US: Northern California was again hit with a powerful storm that triggered widespread flooding, killing at least five. The storm also unleashed travel-disrupting snow in the mountains and mudslides at lower altitudes. Several hundred people in San Jose, California had to be rescued from their homes after flood waters swallowed up parts of the city. Some had to be rescued with boats in the high floodwaters that consumed whole neighborhoods as rains forced the bursting of river banks. Two tornadoes touched down in San Antonio, Texas, destroying and damaging numerous homes. South America: Bolivia: A 6.5 magnitude earthhquake struck east of Padilla (02-21; 14:09). Solar Activity: An explosion on the Sun's eastern limb hurled a twisted plume of debris referred to as a "solar tornado." Solar wind speeds increased and would trigger a G1-class geomagnetic storm.

26th - New Moon (14h 58m) MODERATE

Mideast: Syria: Gunmen and suicide bombers targeted security bases in Homs, killing at least forty. In retaliation, government planes carried out airstrikes on the last opposition territory in Homs. Asia: Melanesia: A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck south of Ndoi Island, Fiji (02-24; 17:28). Africa: Egypt: Dozens of Coptic Christian families fled North Sinai after a number of killings in recent weeks by militants, taking refuge in the Evangelical Church in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya. Somalia: Dozens of troops seized the parliament building in the capital Garowe and blocked nearby streets in Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland. South Sudan: Three years of civil war had driven thousands of families into the marshes of the Nile to hide from the conflict. Affecting about 100,000 "a man-made famine" struck the region due to the civil war, sending thousands to the town of Thonyor where supplies could be gotten. Many believe President Kiir wants to drive people out of his county by government troops raiding, taking cows, killing, and burning churches and houses, forcing people into the islands. North America: US: A line of strong thunderstorms swept across the Northeast with damaging winds, hail and downpours. The storms caused property and tree damage, and power outages from Washington, DC to New York City. South America: Chile: Heavy rains and landslides contaminated the Maipo river - a major river supplying Santiago - forcing the authorities to cut off drinking water to four million people. The water barreling down from the Andes also cut off roads, isolated thousands and left at least four dead. Businesses and restaurants were ordered to close, and the start of the school term was postponed. Solar Activity: The solar wind headed towards Earth and would trigger geomagnetic storms and auroras.


1st-2nd - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Clashes, heavy shelling and Russian airstrikes swept across the historic city of Palymra as an offensive sought to take back the city from ISIS militants. The Syrian government troops and their allies seized a strategic area known as the "Palmyra triangle." The next day government forces recaptured the entire city. Casualties were not reported. Iraq: Government forces took control of the last major road out of western Mosul, preventing ISIS militants from fleeing the city. Later that evening an airstrike damaged the Omar al-Aswad mosque in the Farouq district and nearby homes in the city of Mosul controlled by ISIS miltants. A number of civlians and miltants were killed, but the exact number was not known. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna erupted, sending a fountain of bright lava and ash clouds into the air. A major avalanche occurred near the northern ski resort of Courmayeur, killing at least three and injuring three, while two were still missing. Ukraine: A methane explosion in a coal mine in the Sokal district of Lviv region killed eight miners and injuried six. Turkey: A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck west of Samsat, injuring at least five as buildings crumbled (03-02; 11:07). Asia: Afghanistan: Two suicide attacks targeted a police station and intelligence agency offices, killing at least sixteen and wounding forty-four. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks. China: A storm with strong winds caused a crane to collapse on a road in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, killing at least two and injuring twenty-two. Africa: Various: Heavy rains in Zimbabwe forced more than 1,000 people to places where they had to be rescued from flood waters. More heavy rain and thunderstorms would follow, sweeping across Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. In Somalia alone about 250 were killed. Meanwhile, a storm in the southern Indian Ocean, was developing into a tropical cyclone that could hit Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar. Kenya: Armed herders from the Pokot and Tugen ethnic groups appeared to be behind killings of ten people and the displacement of thousands, forcing police to intensify an operation against the marauders. Somalia: Kenyan forces killed fifty-seven al-Shabab militants near the town of Afmadow in a battle in southern Somalia. Kenyan did not report on their own casualties, but claimed that it had killed more than one hundred of the miltants. Ethiopia: A planned attack by an Eritrean-backed group on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project was stopped when security forces killed thirteen and captured seven of the attackers. North America: US: A powerful storm damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and blew vehicles off highways in the Midwest. Numerous tornadoes in eight states were blamed for seven deaths, and the damage or destruction of more than 100 homes. The storm then moved eastward towards the mid-Atlantic states and southern New England threatening more than one hundred million people. An EF-3 tornado with wind speeds between 136 to 165 mph (219-265 km) produced extensive damage in Crossville, Illinois. Baseball-sized hail was also produced. Severe thunderstorms moved into Washington, DC, producing hurricane-force wind gusts that downed trees and powerlines, leaving more than 40,000 without electricity. South America: Brazil: A fire in a favela in the city of Sao Paulo destroyed dozens of buildings. Central America: Guatemala: Pacaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption, sending lava down from the summit crater. Solar Activity: Earth moved deeper into a fast-moving stream of solar wind, triggering a G2-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.

5th - Last Quarter (11h 32m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: A Syrian military aircraft crashed near the border between Syria and Turkey with ISIS militants claiming that they shot it down. Iraq: Iraqi forces began a new offensive to capture western Mosul from ISIS, forcing more than 45,000 to flee the city; this brings the total number displaced to 206,000 in one week. Iraqi forces advanced towards the old center of the city and the neighborhood were the governor's offices were located. Also a car bomb exploded in the area. There were no reports on the casualties, while about 700,000 citizens remained in the city where hunger and fear dominated. Libya: Rival armed factions fought for control over the "oil crescent" - crucial oil terminals in the east. The country is regionally split with two centers of power that oppose each other, and a myriad of rival armed groups. Fears are that this would trigger a wider war that could bring down the country. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna volcano continued to erupt with ash plumes. Asia: North Korea: Four missiles were fired from the Tongchang-ri region, near the North's border with China, and it fell into the Sea of Japan, increasing tensions in the region. Oceanian: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea (03-05; 22:47). Africa: Somalia: A region of the country was in the grips of a severe drought that in 48 hours had left at least 110 dead. Fears emerged that a full-blown famine will follow, affecting almost three million people. Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Enawo strengthened into a dangerous cyclone as it would make landfall in the north. As strong as a Category 2 hurricane, the cyclone was still strengthening and packing destructive winds, flooding rains and a powerful storm surge. The north was at risk for life-threatening flooding rain and destructive wind gusts in excess of 100 mph (160 kph). Mozambique: The Limpopo River burst its banks in the southern province of Gaza and Save River has, for the second time this year, inundated the town of Machanga, in the central province of Sofala due to heavy rains in neighboring Zimbabwe. This forced to evacuation of thousands, destroyed and several roads in the Limpopo Valley have been cut off. Zambia: A church was distributing food at a public hall in Lusaka when it triggered a stampede, killing at least eight and injuring twenty-eight. Mali: Militants attacked an army post near the border with Burkina Faso, killing eleven soldiers and wounding five. North America: US: A storm system developed that would bring severe thunderstorms, hail, flooding downpours, and isolated tornadoes stretching from eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas to southeastern Minnesota. Texas was hit by heavy rains that triggered widespread flooding. Snow squalls in Pennsylvania triggered a 32-vehicle pileup on Interstate 81, killing one and injuring twenty-three. South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows and ash plumes. Solar Activity: Contrary to forecasts, the solar wind continued as a strong fast wind that triggered auroras in the Arctic and Antarctic (some were visible in New Zealand).

8th-9th - Mid-Phase HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Government forces recaptured a prison northwest of Mosul where ISIS miltants - Sunni extremists - killed as many as 600 inmates there, most of them Shia Muslims. The next day, two ISIS suicide bombers targeted a wedding in the village of Hajaj, killing at least twenty-six and wounding twenty-five. Syria: Coalition airstrikes in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa killed 20 civilians. In addition, the US sent 400 additional troops to Syria to support an allied local force. Europe: Greece: About 1,300 farmers protested outside the agricultural ministry in Athens due to addition taxes and pension payments that were deeply affecting their profits. Protesters set fires, attacked police vehicles and threw gasoline bombs at police, who responded with tear gas. Italy: A highway bridge collapsed near the city of Ancona, killing two and injuring two. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption that produced large pyroclastic flows. Asia: Afghanistan: ISIS militants dressed as doctors stormed the largest military hospital in Kabul, killing more than thirty and wounding more than fifty. The attackers gained entry by detonating explosives at a gate and then opened fire on staff and patients. Oceania: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, underwent an explosive eruption. Myanmar/China: At least 20,000 in Myanmar fled across the border to China after violence erupted between ethnic rebels and security forces. Earlier in the week an attack targeted police and military posts in Laukkai, killing thirty. Indonesia: Dukono volcano, on the island of Halmahera, underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Sinabung volcano, on the island of Sumatra, also underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Libya: A man was shot dead by a bank guard in the town of Gorji, afterwhich the dead man's family and other residents then attacked the armed militia group guarding the bank and set it on fire. Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Enawo - equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane - made landfall, causing considerable damage in the north and northeast, and killing at least fifty, injuring 180 and displacing 153,000. The cyclone destroyed houses, uprooted trees, and triggered widespread flooding and power outages, forcing mass evacuations. Then schools and businesses closed as parts of the nation were put on red alert. Nigeria: Violence broke out between the Hausa community – mostly economic migrants from the north - and the local Yoruba community, leaving at least twenty dead. This led to a three-day dusk to dawn curfew in Ile-Ife city. North America: US: Dangerous, destructive winds - some hurricane force - swept eastward from the Great Lakes to the central Appalachians, knocking out power to more than a million. The winds also downed trees, damaged buildings and triggered flooding. The next day, severe thunderstorms brought damaging winds, large hail and heavy downpours from Missouri to Tennessee. Wildfires swept across multiple states in the central US, consuming as many as one million acres and killing at least seven. In some places it forced evacuations and killed hundreds of farm animals. Bogoslof volcano near the Aleutian Islands of Alaska underwent an explosive eruption, sending an ash plume 35,000 feet (10,670 m) into the air. Central America: Guatemala: A fire erupted at the girls shelter, Virgen de Asuncion in San Jose Pinula, killing nineteen girls and injuring forty. It was believed that the fire had been intentionally set, since a day earlier a riot broke out as the result of the girls being mistreated or sexually abused; about sixty had escaped. Santa Maria (Santiaguito) volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: Even without sunspots for two days, geomagnetic storms and bright auroras were taking place around the Arctic Circle, as is typical around the March equinox.

Alert: There are indications that the eastern US will be hit with a massive snowstorm in March or early April. Also, there is a strong possibility that the western US will be hit by a strong earthquake from now until mid-April. It is most likely to take place in Northern California, but it is also probable in the region from Southern California to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

12th - Full Moon (14h 54m) HIGH

Mideast: Iraq: Fighting between Iraqi forces and ISIS militants intensified, forcing more civlians to flee Mosul. Asia: Indonesia: Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption. Africa: Ethiopia : A landslide at the Koshe garbage landfill outside of Addis Ababa suddenly collapsed leaving at least 113 dead with dozens missing, and buring several makeshift homes and concrete buildings. Somalia: A suicide car bomber targeted a hotel in Mogadishu, killing at least ten and wounding four. It is believed that the militant group al-Shabab was reponsible as they often targeted hotels in Mogadishu. Ethiopia/South Sudan: Gunmen from South Sudan raided neighboring Ethiopia's Gambella's Gog and Jor areas, killing twenty-eight and kidnapped forty-three children. North America: US: A snowstorm first brought snow and travel problems in the Midwest. It develop into the season's biggest nor'easter snowstorm and would cover an area from Washington, DC, to New York City and Boston; as was predicted (see above entry). The storm would bring a foot to a foot-and-a-half (300-480 mm) of snow, and winds of 40 mph (65 kph) with gusts around 60 mph (97 kph). South America: Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption witth lava flows. Atlantic: Haiti: A runaway bus veered into a crowd in the city of Gonaives, leaving at least thirty-four dead and dozens injuried. Solar Activity: The Arctis Circle was filled with numerous auroras that could be seen even with a bright Full Moon.

15th-16th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Syria: A suicide bomber targeted the Palace of Justice, the main court building in Damascus, killing at least thirty-one. Shorty afterward, another suicide bomber targeted the inside of a restaurant in western Damascus, killing several (exact numbers were not available) and wounding more than twenty. Most of those killed were Iraqi pilgrims. A Syrian al-Qaida affiliate claimed responsibility. The following day, an airstrike on a mosque in the rebel-held village of al-Jineh, in Aleppo province, killed at least forty-two and wounded many more. Yemen: A military ship and a helicopter opened fire on a Somali refugee boat in the dead of night, killing at least forty-two. Europe: Austria: A large avalanche swept away a ski group in the remote Jochgrubenkopf peak in the Tyrol region in the Austrian Alps, killing four. Italy: Etna volcano produced a new lava flow at the southern base of the southeast crater. The eruption injuried at least ten people. Asia: India: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck south of Mohean (03-14; 02:51). Africa: Libya: Fighting continued between rival militias in the capital Tripoli. The main roads leading into residential districts, and the highway were blocked using sand-piles, shipping containers, and burning tires. Shops and schools were closed, a TV station was set on fire, and a rocket hit a hospital. Anti-aircraft guns and tanks were also used. Nigeria: Four female suicide bombers knocked on the doors of houses in a residential area in the city of Maiduguri and then detonated their devices, killing themselves and two civlians, and wounding at least sixteen. Burkina Faso: Militants torched the Baraboule School near Djibo in Soum province and kidnapped two people. Kenya: Heavily armed attackers raided several villages in Baringo county, torched houses and killed at least nine. Hundreds of residents fled the area, but many were missing and possibly dead. Somalia: Pirates off the coast hijacked an oil tanker with eight Sri Lankan crew on board and then demanded a ransom for the release of the ship and its crew. The next day, naval forces from the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in Somalia exchanged gunfire with the pirates, who then gave up the ship and its crew without the ransom. South Sudan: Gunmen attacked an aid convoy in the town of Yirol, killing two and wounding three. North America: US: The Northeast was digging-out after a dangerous storm with strong winds and plummeting temperatures left rock-hard ice for some and others with more than two feet (610 mm) of snow. The powerful Nor'easter paralyzed much of the Washington-to-Boston region, closing schools, roadways and businesses. At least three were killed. Burlington International Airport in Vermont was blanketed with 60.6 inches (1,540 mm) of snow. This storm was predicted (see March 8th-9th "Alert"). The high tide put several communities under water in parts of New York and New Jersey. A new storm developed that was headed for the Northeast again. South America: Brazil: Tens of thousands took part in protests across the country against planned reforms to the pension system amid the worst recession in more than a century. Peru: Sabancaya volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. In a separate incident, the Peruvian army dispatched helicopters and soldiers to rescue 210 residents trapped by floodwaters in the Lambayeque Region alone. Heavy rains triggered widespread flooding, mudslides and landslides that wrecked havoc, killing at least seventy-two and leaving tens of thousands homeless. The regions of Piura, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Callao, Lima and northern Peru were all affected. Chile: The Nevados de Chillán volcano underwent an explosive eruption. Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Pacific: South: Ambrym volcano on the island of Vanuatu erupted with lava flows that formed lava lakes. Solar Activity: Even though the Sun has been sunspot-free for ten days, auroras were abundant in the Arctic Circle. Meanwhile, a coronal hole opened up on the Sun's surface and would eventually trigger auroras and geomagnetic storms as it swings into a position that would strike Earth.

20th - Last Quarter (15h 58m) and Vernal Equinox MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: A car bomber targeted a market in the mainly Shia Amil district in Baghdad, killing at least twenty-three and wounding at least forty-five. It was believed that ISIS was responsible. The ongoing battle in the city of Mosul had forced more than 180,000 civilians to flee in the last month, and the UN warned that an additional 320,000 could flee in the coming weeks. Syria: Escalating, coalition airstrikes lead Syria's al-Qaida branch to step up violence against the country's strongholds with precise attacks, including a surprising breach of the capital in the most serious infiltration in years. The insurgents used tunnels they control in northeastern Damascus to hit government positions. Two bombers detonated explosives-laden trucks against army positions, as well. The insurgents were then pushed back to were they started by elite government forces. The following day a coalition airstrike near the city of Raqqa killed at least thirty-three civilians at a school. Asia: Oceania: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck north of Auki, Solomon Islands (03-19; 15:43). Yasur volcano on the Tanna Island, Vanuatu, underwent an eruption with persistent strombolian activity and ash plumes. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Ghana: A large tree fell on a group of mainly high school students at a popular waterfall spot in Kintampo, killing at least nineteen and injuring twenty-two. The students were swimming during a storm when the tree fell. South Sudan: A plane on its way from Juba, with at forty-nine crew and passangers on board, crash landed in Wau, injuring fourteen with at least three in critical condition. Kenya: Borana herders attacked Samburu herders and stole about 400 cattle which lead to a revenge attack by the Samburu, leaving eleven dead. North America: US: Thunderstorms with heavy rain, gusty winds of 40 to 50 mph (65-80 kph) and large hail swept southward from the Ohio Valley to the Tennessee Valley, middle Mississippi Valley and the southern Appalachians. In Hoopeston, Illinois thunderstorms rained down hail the size of baseballs that damaged buildings and vehicles. Central America: Guatemala: A riot broke out at a youth detention center in Guatemala City, killing two guards and injuring five who were also being held hostage. Riot police surrounded the jail and fired tear gas but failed to regain control of the prison where inmates set mattresses on fire. South America: Peru: More rain plagued the country as the death toll rose to seventy-five amid the worst flooding in decades, and additional downpours were expected in the coming weeks. Twenty were missing and another 100,000 were directly impacted by the flooding. Rivers were spilling over their banks triggering more widespread flooding. Solar Activity: Though there was a spotless Sun there were more cosmic rays and auroras were triggered.

23rd-24th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Egypt: A raid against militants in the Sinai peninsula left fifteen militants dead and seven others arrested. Meanwhile, the raid was met with two roadside bomb blasts that killed ten Egyptian soldiers. Iraq: A coalition airstrike in Mosul intended to oust ISIS miltants left about two hundred civilians dead. Estimates claim 400,000 Iraqi civilians were trapped in the city, and without food and water they expected to flee soon, as have 180,000 already. Europe: UK: A car plowed into pedestrians as it sped across Westminster Bridge and crashed into railings just outside Britian's parliament, killing six and wounding forty. ISIS claimed responsibility though the investigation indicated he was a "lone wolf". Ukraine: A series of explosions at a massive arms depot - storing thousands of tons of ammunition, including missiles and artillery weapons - on the base in Balakliya, near Kharkiv, forcing about 20,000 to evacuate. It was deemed possible that a drone dropped an explosive device, as occurred in a failed attempt in December 2015. Russia: A clash with armed militants in Russia's region of Chechnya, left six Russian soldiers dead and several wounded. Six of the militants were also killed. Spain, France and Italy: Heavy rains spread from Barcelona, Spain, to Nice, France and coastal northwestern Italy, triggering widespread flooding as streams spilled over their banks. Earlier the storm brought an unusual snow to Madrid. Rough seas and flooded roads brought traveling to a standstill and closed schools and businesses. Asia: Afghanistan: After a year-long battle the Taliban captured the district of Sangin forcing goverment forces to retreat. Hundreds of Afghan security forces died there in recent fighting. Separately and earlier in the day, at least nine local policemen were killed in an attack in Kunduz. Africa: Libya: Two capsized boats were discovered off the coast in the Mediterranean suggesting that more than two hundred and forty immigrants had drowned. Somalia: Pirates seized a boat that they plan to use as a base for attacking larger ships. The ten-man Yemeni crew were left on the shore. Democratic Republic of Congo: Months of fighting between the police and a local tribal militia called Kamuina Nsapu lead to a blow to the police when the militia ambushed and then beheaded about forty police officers. Australia: A cyclone was developing in a tropical low spinning over the Coral Sea that would become a severe tropical cyclone threatening Northeastern Queensland. It would peak into the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane, and also bring flooding rains, tornadoes and a flooding storm surge. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms brought isolated tornadoes, wind gusts over 60 mph (100 kph), large hail, frequent lightning strikes and flash flooding throughout the central US. These storms would then move east in the following days. The next day, after a dramatic drop in temperatures, windswept snow shut down portions of interstates in Colorado. South America: Peru: The country continued to be hit with storm after storm, leading to catastrophic mudslides and flooding, killing more than eighty, affecting more than 650,000 and leaving more than 145,000 properties damaged or destroyed. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection triggered auroras and geomagnetic storms around both poles.

28th - New Moon (2h 57m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: A suicide car bomber targeted a police checkpoint in Baghdad, killing fifteen and wounding forty. Europe: Russia: Kambalny volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent an eruption with ash plumes. A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck north of Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy (03-29; 04:09). Asia: Papua New Guinea: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: A breakdown in talks that were meant to secure the peaceful departure from power of the current president triggered a massive protest. Police dispersed protesters in Kinshasa by firing teargas and bullets into the air. Numerous protesters were injuried while businesses shutdown and public transport was brought to a standstill. Nigeria: A meningitis outbreak in six states left at least 140 dead, while more than a thousand were infected. Australia: The cyclone that began to form during the last lunar phase strengtheneed into Cyclone Debbie with wind gusts of 163 mph (263 kph). It caused major damage, torrential rain brought widespread flooding, and power was cut to tens of thousands of homes when it struck northwest Queensland. More than eight inches (205 mm) of rain fell in an hour. The Australian Prime Minister declared it a disaster and put into effect a response plan. North America: US: A 6.1 magnitude eqarthquake struck west of Attu Station, Alaska (03-27; 10:50). Severe thunderstorms swept the south-central US, affecting portions of Texas and Oklahoma. Hail larger than tennis balls, wind gusts over 60 mph (97 kph) and damaging tornadoes pounded the region; four were killed. The system then moved eastward, putting 17 million people at risk for bad weather. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. South America: Peru: The country was still being plagued by heavy rains. This time the river Piura burst its banks in the north, triggering widespread flooding that killed four. More than 500 people were evacuated from rooftops in the town of Catacaos alone, while hundreds still awaited rescue. More rain was in the forcast. Solar Activity: A solar wind triggered auroras and geomagnetic storms. The auroras could be seen as far south as Michigan, Wyoming and Minnesota. Two new spots developed on the Earthside of the Sun as they triggered C-class solar flares.

31st-April 1st - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mid-East: Iraq: ISIS was using children as human shields as they fight to keep control of the city of Mosul. Europe: France: A bonfire exploded at a carnival injuring at least eighteen; the cause was not yet known. Asia: Pakistan: A car bomber targeted a Shiite Muslim mosque in the town of Parachinar, killing at least twenty-four and wounding over one hundred; it also damaged vehicles and nearby shops. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar - previously group associated with Taliban militants - claimed responsibility. Bangladesh: At the end of the two day stand-off at Moulvibazar, suspected Islamist militants blew themselves up killing at least eight. India: A dangerous heat wave killed at least two, as millions of others were at risk for heat-related illnesses. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Indonesia: Heavy rains triggered a major landslide in East Java's Banaran village in the Ponorogo district, killing at least eleven and damaging or detroying homes. Africa: Somalia: Pirates hijacked an Indian cargo ship with eleven crew on board off the coast of the Puntland region. It was later located by the European anti-piracy force in the region. Australia: The remnants of Cyclone Debbie still brought heavy rains with rivers being pushed over their banks triggering widespread flooding in two states. At least two women died in New South Wales and others were also likely drowned by the floods. Tens of thousands of residents were evacuated as homes and businesses were submerged. The floodwaters left vehicles submerged and stranded on highways. North America: US: A storm system spread heavy, wet snow and some ice across the Northeast, including upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, western Maine, and Massachusetts. Travel was brought to a near standstill. Severe thunderstorms with torrential downpours, large hail and strong wind gusts brought flooding and property damage across the western and central Gulf Coast states. South America: Paraguay: A bill that would let the president seek re-election triggered a massive, violent protest where demonstraters set fire to the country's Congress, breaking windows and fences. Four police officers were arrested after a protester was killed. Colombia: Rivers burst their banks after hours of heavy rains, flooding homes with mud in Putumayo province. The rains also triggered a major landslide, killing at least 262, at least 220 were missing, and another 202 were injured. An entire town and bridges were swept away. The president declared a state of emergency in the region. Atlantic: South: A huge South Korean cargo ship with twenty-four people on board went missing after asking for help when the ship began taking on water. Rescue boats could not find the ship. Solar Activity: The solar wind was blowing for days, triggering geomagnetic storms and auroras in Arctic and Antarctic. Then Sunspot AR2644 erupted with a significant M4-class solar flare.


3th - First Quarter (18h 39m) MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: The battle to capture Mosul away from ISIS continued. Five suicide bombers on foot targeted a police station, three were killed by police and two blew themselves up, killing ten policemen and wounding about thirty. Syria: Aircraft dropped chemical weapons on civilians in Idlib, killing at least one hundred, including twenty-seven children, and and injuring at least four hundred. Europe: Russia: A Central Asian bomber targeted two underground stations in Saint Petersburg, killing at least eleven and wounding forty-five. It was believed to be a terrorist attack. Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption with large pyroclastic flows and ash plumes. Asia: Pakistan: An overnight airstrike targeted a major training center in Shamulzayi district of Zabul province, killing at least twenty-two Taliban insurgents. Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo: The capital Kinshasa, was so deserted as the result of a general strike that it was called a "ghost town". The strike was the result of the president's failure to implement a power-sharing deal. Botswana: A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck west of Moijabana (04-03; 17:40). North America: US: The south was inundated by torrential rain, hail and flooding. Multiple tornadoes damaged and destroyed buildings and killed four. Roads were underwater due to heavy rain in Lafayette, Louisiana. After damaging storms pounded Texas and the Mississippi Valley, severe weather moved eastward across the Southeast bringing large hail, isolated tornadoes and flash flooding; more than 50,000 were without power. Central America: Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. South America: Chile: Chillán volcano underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Solar Activity: Solar flare activity suddenly became high in the beginning of April, as an M4.4-class flare erupted - the strongest of the year.

6th-7th - Mid-Phase MAXIMUM

Mideast: Iraq: Militant suicide bombers unleashed multiple attacks in the city of Tikrit, killing at least thirty. Government forces continued an offensive to retake Mosul. Meanwhile, ISIS miltants killed dozens of civilians attempting to flee. Syria: The US president unilaterally ordered an attack by bombarding a Syrian air base suspected of using chemical weapons (see previous lunar phase). At least six were killed in the missile strikes. Israel: A Palestinian undertook a car-ramming attack in the occupied West Bank, killing one Israeli soldier and wounding another near the Jewish settlement of Ofra. Iran: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck north of Torbat-e Jam (04-05; 06:09). Europe: Sweden: A truck ploughed into a crowd on a shopping street and crashed into a department store in central Stockholm, killing four and wounding fifteen. The motive was not known, but terrorism was suspected. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption with large pyroclastic flows and ash plumes. Asia: Pakistan: A suicide bomber targeted a van carrying census officials in Lahore, killing six and wounding twenty, three critcally. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility. Indonesia: The Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra underwent an explosive eruption with ash plumes. Australia and New Zealand: Australia: The Fitzroy River in central Queensland spilled over its banks flooding hundreds of homes, and submerging roads and vehicles in the city of Rockhampton. New Zealand: The remnants of Cyclone Debbie pounded New Zealand's North Island with heavy rain, forcing the evacuation of the entire town of Edgecumbe. Heavy rains also brought widepread flooding to Wellington and New Zealand's South Island. Kaikoura, cut off from the outside world by an earthquake in November 2016, was once again isolated as landslides closed roads. Hundreds of homes and businesses, and thousands of residents were affected. Africa: Zimbabwe: A bus traveling to neighboring South Africa collided with a truck and then burst into flames, killing at least seventeen and injuring at least forty, some critically. Somalia: Armed men kidnapped five aid workers on an immunization program in the town of Beledweyne. The militant group al-Shabab was believed to have been responsibile. In a seperate incident, a minibus hit a landmine outside Golweyn village, killing twenty, only the injuried driver survived. In a seperate incident, mortar attacks took place in Mogadishu, killing at least three and wounding two. South Africa: Tens of thousands took to the streets to voice their anger at the president, calling for his resignation. Nigeria: Boko Haram killed four soldiers in an ambush near the town of Gulumba, nearby they had torched an army base a day after killing seven civilians. Uganda: A morning downpour in the capital Kampala brought widespread flooding submerging homes, businesses, roads and vehicles. North America: US: A powerful storm brought heavy rain, snow and strong winds to California, Oregon and Washington. Winds along the coasts, over the ridges and through the passes reached hurricane-force in some locations. Damaging storms also brought hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, large hail and power outages from Georgia to Indiana. Low-lying areas along the rivers in the Midwest, including the Illinois, Wabash, Kankakee, Rock, Missouri, Portage, Grand and Saginaw rivers, spilled over their banks bringing widespread flooding. South America: Ecuador: Reventador volcano underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Venezuela: Violent clashes between demonstrators and police took place in Caracas after the opposition leader was banned from office for fifteen years.

11th - Full Moon (6h 08m) HIGH

Mideast: Yemen: Fighting between the Saudi Arabia-led coalition and Houthi forces left five Sudanese soldiers dead and twenty-two wounded. A UN refugee agency issued a warning of the risk of mass deaths from starvation. Syria: An airstrike by the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Tabqah killed eighteen Syrian fighters allied with the US. Europe: Germany: Three explosions targeted a bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund soccer team on its way to the Champions League quarter-final match against Monaco. The bus's windows were broken and tires flattened in the blasts, but only injuried one of the players. Turkey: A large explosion targeted a police station in the mostly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir. At least four were injuried in the blast which was the result of the ongoing conflict between the Turkish government and Kurdish separatists. Egypt: Bombers targeted two Coptic Christian churches leaving at least forty-five dead. Asia: Indian-administered Kashmir: Paramilitary forces fired bullets and shotgun pellets as people protesting against Indian rule stormed polling stations near Srinagar. Two schools were set on fire, roads were blocked with barricades and some train services were also suspended. Eight were killed and dozens injuried. Africa: Various: A UN refugee agency issued a warning of the risk of mass deaths from starvation in Somalia, South Sudan, and northeast Nigeria. Nigeria: Violent protests by students demanding better living conditions forced the shut down of the main university in the capital, Niamey, in response. Police used tear gas and students threw stones and set fires; the death of one student was reported. Somalia: Pirates took over an Indian cargo ship earlier in April. Somali security forces finally rescued the ship, but the hijackers took nine of the 11-man crew when they fled ashore. South Sudan: Ethnic militiamen went house to house searching for people from other ethnic groups, killing at least sixteen. Some say that the militia were working with the government. Australia: A tropical storm north of Darwin was developing and heading for the Northern Territory with heavy rainfall, strong winds and rough seas. The region this storm would hit was the same location of a cyclone that hit two weeks ago that killed six. The storm could develop into a cyclone. North America: Mexico: A partialy built parking garage in Mexico City collapsed, killing seven and injuring ten. US: Florida was placed under a state of emergency as more than 100 wildfires were burning across the state. Storms with drenching rain and mountain snow swept in from the Pacific Ocean into the Northwest, bringing flooding, mudslides and landslides. The upper Midwest was hit with severe thunderstorms that brought damaging winds, large hail, heavy rain, and flooding. Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection was heading for Earth.

14th-15th - Mid-Phase

Mideast: Iraq: An airstrike by coalition forces to retake the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, also killed one of the most senior leaders of ISIS. Syria: Several thousand people were evacuated from Foah, Kefraya, Madaya and Zabadani under a deal between the government and rebels. The UN had described the situation in the four towns as "catastrophic" as many starved to death, and hopes were that 64,000 more would eventually evacuate. The next day, a huge car bomb targeted a convoy of buses carrying evacuees, killing at least one hundred and twenty-six. Iran: Torrential rains hit four provinces, submerging roads and buildings, while vehicles were swept away. It also triggered a landslide and killed at least thirty. Europe: Italy: Mount Etna volcano underwent a new eruptive phase with lava flows and ash plumes. Russia: Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula underwent a highly explosive eruption with lava and large pyroclastic flows. Asia: Afghanistan: The US launched the most powerful non-nuclear bomb ever used targeting an ISIS base and tunnel system in Nangarhar province. At least ninety militants were killed. Myanmar (Burma): A developing tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal was strengthening as it headed for Myanmar where it brought flooding rain, locally damaging winds and dangerous seas. Philippines: Tropical Depression 02W developing in the Philippine Sea brought locally flooding downpours across the central part of the islands. Vanuatu: Yasur volcano on Tanna island underwent an eruption with persistent strombolian activity. Sri Lanka: A huge garbage dump collapsed on to homes, killing at least nineteen and injuring dozens. Many people were missing and at least twenty were trapped in their homes. The garbage had shifted after floods and a fire, and then collapsed, destroying forty homes. Africa: Tanzania: An unknown gunman ambushed police who were driving from patrols back to Bungu village, killing eight. Libya: Another migrant boat sank off the coast drowning about one hundred migrants. Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand: Cyclone Cook had swept the country, causing landslides, overflowing rivers, widespread flooding, power outages, and submerged roads, buildings and vehicles; one person was killed. Authorities declared a state of emergency in parts of the North Island. North America: US: Severe thunderstorms pounded an area from northwestern Texas to southern Wisconsin bringing heavy flooding downpours, strong winds and hail. Texas was hit with least seven tornadoes - some of them huge - most of which were in the rural areas near the New Mexico border. Protests meant to get the US president to reveal his taxes took place in more than 150 locations across the nation. In Berkeley, California, clashes erupted between the president's opponents and supporters; fourteen were arrested and dozens were injuried. Central America: Costa Rica: Poás volcano underwent phreatic eruptions and geyser-like ejections of water from the acid crater lake. South America: Chile: A 6.2 magntude earthquake struck east of San Pedro de Atacama (04-15; 08:19). Solar Activity: A coronal mass ejection swept the Earth's magnetic field, sparking auroras and geomagnetic storms.

19th - Last Quarter (9h 58m) HIGH

Mideast: Syria: Evacuations from two government-held areas resumed after the killing of 126 evacuees last lunar phase. Egypt: A gunmen opened fire on a checkpoint near St Catherine's monastery, killing one and wounding three policemen. Yemen: A military helicopter crashed in Marib Province, killing tweleve Saudi soldiers. It was reportedly caused by "friendly" fire. Europe: Black Sea: A violent storm in the Black Sea forced a cargo ship - carrying grain from southern Russia to Turkey - to capsize with a crew of tweleve on board. Only one of the crew was rescued. France: A convicted criminal shot a police officer in the head on the Champs Elysees in Paris, triggering a massive response: the gunman was killed. Three days later there were about 50,000 police and 7,000 soldiers deployed around the country as the presidential election got underway. Asia: India: A bus plunged off a mountain road in the state of Himachal Pradesh, killing at least forty-four and injuring tweleve. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera underwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: Mali: A raid on a camp in the remote Gourma Rharous region, not far from Timbuktu, left five soliders and ten attackers dead. ISIS miltants were suspected of the attack. North America: US: A powerful storm swept parts of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio with dangerous and damaging winds, hail and tornadoes. Heavy, gusty thunderstorms swept southward through the lower Ohio and middle Mississippi valleys, as well. South America: Venezuela: Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding a new presidential election and the release of jailed opposition politicians. Clashes between protesters and riot police left more than thirty arrested and at least two killed. Colombia: Heavy rains - a month's rain in one night - triggered landslides in the city of Manizales, killing at least seven, while twenty were missing. Landslides left thirty homes destroyed in different parts of the city. Atlantic: An unusually early subtropical depression (no. 1) developed and would go on to become Subtropical Storm Arlene. Pacific: South: A 6.0 magnitde earthquake struck north of Ndoi Island, Fiji (04-18; 17:11). Bagana volcano on the island of Bougainville underwent an explosve eruption with ash plumes. Solar Activity: Old sunspot AR2644 returned - now designated AR2651 - and exploded sending a coronal mass ejection into space.

22nd-23rd - Mid-Phase HIGH

Asia: Afghanistan: Taliban insurgents targeted an army base as some were leaving prayers at a mosque and others were in a canteen. The attack left more than 140 of the soldiers and at least ten Taliban dead (late on the 21st). India: A truck plowed into a group of farmers protesting against illegal sand mining in the state of Andhra Pradesh, killing at least twenty and injuring many. Some of the locals said that it was deliberate. Indonesia: Dukono volcano on the island of Halmahera uderwent an explosive eruption with lava flows. Africa: South Africa: A truck collided with a bus that then burst into flames just north of the capital, Pretoria, killing at least nineteen children and the bus driver. North America: US: Gusty storms, flooding downpours, hail and severe thunderstorms pounded the Southeast, as powerful rip currents eroded Florida beaches. Thousands of homes were evacuated as more than one hundred wildfires spread across Florida consuming homes, businesses and land. The town of Amherst and parts of Niagara County, New York, were under a state of emergency as record rainfall and swollen rivers triggered widespread flooding. Massive wall clouds produced severe weather in Oklahoma, triggering supercells that produced tornadoes, funnels, and large hail along its path. Buildings, homes and vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Central America: Costa Rica: Poás volcano underwent an eruption with occasional ejections of water from the acid crater lake. South America: Venezuela: Tens of thousands dressed in white marched in silence to honor the twenty protesters killed in three weeks of protests against the government of the current president. Pacific: South: Bagana volcano on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, underwent an explosive eruption. Langila volcano on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea, also underwent an explosive eruption. Solar Activity: The coronal mass ejection days ago surprised forecasters when it hit Earth (they assumed it would miss), triggering bright auroras that could be seen as far south as Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington.

26th - New Moon (12h 16m) HIGH

29th-30th - Mid-Phase HIGH


3rd - First Quarter (2h 47m) MODERATE

6th-7th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

10th - Full Moon (21h 42m) MODERATE

Mid-13th-Mid-15th - Mid-Phase MODERATE

19th - Late Quarter (0h 33m) MODERATE

22nd-23rd - Mid-Phase LOW

25th - New Moon (19h 44m) LOW

28th-29th - Mid-Phase LOW

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