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As with all the web pages on the Living Cosmos web site, this web page is only a portion of the factual, empirical support for the ideas presented. This is basically reflection of what takes place in history as told in the book, In Defense of Nature -- The History Nobody Told You About, which is supported by scholarly references, historical writings, mythology, religious scriptures and more. There is also an excerpt from The Vital Vastness -- Volume One. Because these books are published the full scope and references could not be presented at present, but may be made available at a later date. An attempt will be made to address queries, but not all queries can be answered.



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Earthquakes and Life

From The Vital Vastness -- Volume One

"At first the day seemed like a fairly ordinary one, when unusual things began to happen. Normally in the mountains, flocks of deer came down and crowded together near the village, and seemed uninterested in grazing; a sight never seen before. Cats left their homes and not one could be found in the village for the two days that followed. Kittens were taken outdoors by their mothers and bedded in vegetation. Mice and rats left their hiding places, and in some locations they could be seen aimlessly scampering around. Fowl refused to roost, but scattered about noisily. Cattle and other livestock panicked in the barns and about fifteen minutes before the event showed clear signs of fear. Dogs seemed to bark without reason. Birds became restless and emitted calls at times they were normally more likely to be inactive. It was on that day, 6 May 1976, that the village of Friuli, in northeastern Italy, was struck by an earthquake.

Unusual animal behavior preceding earthquakes is so consistent that it has been used to predict them. In 1975, Haicheng in China was hit by a quake that was successfully predicted partially as a result of this knowledge. Even an illustrated booklet, Earthquakes, which has been compiled by the Seismological Office of Tientsin, in China, says both historical and recent surveys prove animals react before the event. Additional evidence from the Chinese indicates that 58 species are aware of approaching earthquakes, and there undoubtedly are more.

For example, a Japanese scientist noted that quakes in the Idu peninsula and the number of fish caught near the end of Sagami Bay were correlated. In the spring of 1930, swarms of quakes hit Ito on the east coast of the peninsula, and it was around that time that abundant catches of horse mackerel and other fish occurred at the Sigedera fishing grounds. On the other end of the biological spectrum, falls of camellia flowers were also correlated with quakes, by this same scientist.

Even we humans are affected with disorientation, giddiness, nausea, uneasiness and feelings of impending calamity prior to and during a quake. Scientists suggest that this is the result of human sensitivity to ground waves, and to electrostatic effects (including the Serotonin Irritation Syndrome or Serotonin Hyperproduction Syndrome) and electromagnetic forces. In other words, observations have shown that we humans are sensitive to the Earth’s nervous system impulses, too.

Knowledge of this sort extends back at least 2,000 years to the time of the naturalist and writer, Pliny the Elder, who designated animal response as one of four signs of a threatening earthquake. Thirty-three independent reports from various parts of the world have been compiled by the United States Department of the Interior, one author has collected 78 reports from folk tradition and mythology, and various other reports also exist.

Probably one of the most interesting observations dates from 373 BC in a region of ancient Greece. Helice, in Achaia, bordering the Gulf of Corinth, was hit by such a violent earthquake that it sank beneath the sea where it remains to this very day. However, five days prior, swarms of animals, including rats, weasels, snakes, worms, centipedes and beetles, migrated across a connecting road toward the city of Koria. They had successfully predicted the earthquake, saving their lives (the components of the Earth-cell). The reason for this type of behavior has most scientists baffled.

Yet, one researcher states what could be expected of FEM: “The ground gives off static electricity before an earthquake.” In addition, increases in the intensity of the earth-currents (i.e., telluric currents) are considered one of the warning signs of an impending quake. This coincides well with the understanding that earth-currents are maintained by static electricity and the superconductivity of living things. The physiological effects on animals may also be due to air ions offsetting biochemistry (Serotonin Hyperproduction Syndrome). The outcome is that life, the components of the Earth-cell, is preserved. Like an organism with a damaged cell, an electrical message (nerve impulse) is sent, the cell is saved, and that which is damaging the cell (i.e., the city or disease) is destroyed."

"Earth-movements are not exactly what we have been led to believe. Sure, the majority of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are the Earth bringing equilibrium to its shape and surface. These occur along plate boundaries in the process known as plate tectonics. Science does not know exactly how the Earth gets the energy to do this, or for that matter, why. Today the continents are basically situated along the edges of the Earth’s rounded-pyramid shape, yet these events continue. Now it can be said that growth (expansion) is part of the reason, because this seems to have been occurring through time. The remainder of earthquakes, which mostly take place on the continents, are in response to an imbalance in a life-system (a disturbed or destroyed habitat). This is why they center in or near urban areas, agricultural fields, reservoirs, dams, and other artifacts of civilization that remove wilderness. Other disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, and the like always destroy these same things. Most “natural” disasters are actually the equivalent of a damaged or dead cell being restored, or an attempt at restoration. It may seem to offend common sense to consider the idea that major upheavals of the Earth’s crust are being manipulated in the interest of the biosphere. However, as we examine history in Volume Two, this is most definitely a sound and substantiated conclusion."

  • According to evidence, many animals change their behavior during earthquakes and earthquake precursor events. Mouse biorythm (circadian) diagrams recorded at Osaka University showed unusual mouse behavior before the Kobe earthquake on January 17, 1995. Their movement (locomotive) activities on January 16th showed drastic increases, during both sleep and active periods, indicating that mice perceived of some preseismic signals. [Yokoi, S, et al (2003) Mouse circadian rhythm before the Kobe earthquake in 1995. Bioelectromagnetics 24(4): 289-291].

  • Movements and survival of 32 radiomarked white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus seminolus) were studied in the wet prairie of Everglades National Park (ENP) and Big Cypress National Preserve (BCNP) before and after the passage of Hurricane Andrew. All radiomarked deer survived the hurricane. Hurricanes appear not to exert direct detrimental effects on deer populations in the interior marshes of the Everglades. [Labisky, R. F. (1999) Effect of Hurricane Andrew on survival and movements of white-tailed deer in the Everglades. Journal of Wildlife Management 63(3): 872-879].

  • A recent study has shown a link between earthquakes and plankton blooms. See the Physorg.com news release.

  • There are many other studies presented in The Vital Vastnes -- Volume One.

    Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011

    The earthquake hit around the Vernal Equinox and the first quarter phase of the Moon, demonstrating the solar-lunar-Earth (FEM) linkages. Just prior to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake an X-Class Solar Flare hit the Earth's Magnetic Field. This major earthquake was one of the fourth strongest since 1900. Geologists did not expect a quake of such magnitude to hit this region. Japan had been preparing for a "big one" for more than 30 years, but it was assumed that it would be the southern region, not the north. Japan shifted east away from Korea by about 8 feet (2.4 m.) (see also this other Physorg.com article). The Earth's rotation sped up, shortening the length of day, while a shift in the Earth's axis also took place around the time of the quake, as occurred with the other major earthquakes covered on this page (see also this Discovery News article). The before and after satellite pictures show that the devatation hit cities, villages, airports, bridges and infrastructure -- once again destroying lifeless structures. A few villages were even completely wiped of the Earth, and caused an estimated $300 billion and the death toll appears to be reaching 20,000 or more. In fact, the tsunami floods mostly hit populated areas, and even created an inland saltwater lake. In addition, six nuclear powerplants are damaged, one of which becomes a serious threat spewing radiation.

    The following few days brought more than 500 aftershocks, a number of which were above 6.0 magnitude. The spawned powerful tsunami reached as far as the West Coasts of North and South America, and damaged property in Hawaii and California. It even destroyed an artificial -- aquaculture -- bed of scallops in Chile, which were washed away by the tsunami that traveled thousands of miles from Japan. When looking at the pictures of the devastation in Japan, it once again shows that the non-living structures where destroyed. In contrast, there are areas near totally wiped out villages that are lush forests and other natural habitat. As usual, animals fled the area before the quake, and even North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-il, warns North Koreans to watch there pets for signs of a approaching earthquake. Overall, the tsunami was more responsible for the destruction than the earthquake itself, not only in Japan, but elsewhere.

    The Haiti Earthquake of January 12, 2010

    The Haiti earthquake was a magnitude 7.0 that overwelmed the island nation, particularly Port-au-Prince, the capital. An estimated 300,000 people were injured, and an astounding quarter million where killed, while one million were left homeless, as shacks crumbled and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed. The solar-lunar-earth linkage can be seen in the facts that it occurred at mid-phase of the Moon (between last quarter and new moon), following the December solstice and sunspot 1040 was still growing. It was unusual in that it was the worst quake in 200 years. The devastation was so great that it caused an estimated $14 billion, the most of any disaster in modern times. It is a disaster that could have been in some respects preventable

    One of the big reasons that the island was hit is that it is, according to the Nations Encyclopedia probably the worst area environmentally on the planet with only 4% of the original forests left on the island. The island is now ready for a return of wilderness, if humans have learned the lesson provided by this tremendous disaster -- the worst of modern times. If you look at the scene it is the usual one of demolished building with trees and bushes still standing and growing, and wildlife escaping when the disaster struck.

    See these following news resources:

  • It Turns Out that the Event was Really Three Earthquakes that Struck Nearly Simultanously. See the ABC.net Australia news story, Physorg.com article, or Sciencedaily.com news release.

  • Videos capture the aftermath at YouTube, BBCnews, and CNN.com

  • Pictures also show the devastation at Boston.com

  • An overview can be found on Wikipedia.

    The Chinese Earthquake of May 12, 2008 as an Example

    First of all May 12, 2008 was a quarter phase of the Moon, and The Vital Vastness presented studies that the majority of earthquakes occur during lunar phases or mid-phases (i.e., the 24-hour period between phases), as they trigger earthquakes (particle cascades, plasma torus, bowshock, etc.). Also, solar activity often plays a major role, and on this date there was an unusually active prominence on the Sun's eastern limb (per spaceweather.com). The earthquake was unexpected and unusual to the extent that seismologists and geologists saw it as unexpected and the geology of the area as unusual

    Chinese scientists noted that thermal images from satellites revealed that an unusual temperature rise occurred just prior to the quake and suggest that it might be used to predict future earthquakes. As discussed in The Vital Vastness particle flow along Field lines trigger quakes, and these particles could heat the atmosphere. Moreover, they can also interact with the atmosphere creating earthquake lights, like those seen prior to this earthquake.

    Meanwhile, there is a Chinese publication called Earthquakes that indicates animal response is one of the warning signs of an pending quake. Notwithstanding, there were mass migrations of frogs just prior to the earthquake. Had the officials noted this they could have warned the people, as they did in 1976 when this knowledge was used to evacuate people, saving thousands of lives.

    It was reported that about 3.5 million buildings where destroyed or damaged beyond any habitation. This left five million people homeless, and at first it was 69,000 dead and nearly eighteen thousand still missing. More recent figures out it at 87,000 dead. Much of the agricultural land -- artifical systems -- were destroyed, making it necessary to have food assistance for some time to come after the quake. In fact, the reported loss to agriculture was a whopping $6 bllion. Even many of the historical buildings were leveled. Early estimates of the damages have reached $7.6 billion (U.S.) to their tourism industry alone. The devastation is clearly visible in photos taken days after the quake struck. Eventually, the fallen debris of the landslides blocked rivers, and then heavy rains brought devastating floods displacing more than a million people (includes video footage) -- adding to the millions made homeless by the earthquake itself.

    Landslides took place that created barriers for water, leading to lakes that have the potential to do further damage, sending officials to examine these quake lakes. Officials actually aided in Nature's reclaimation of the area by emptying such a lake into an abandoned town. Maps of the landslides show extensive areas were affected. In fact, there are indications that the quake may have been triggered by a dam in the area. Even the pandas that were ousted from the area by the quake were eventually returned to their habitat.

    The overall picture is still not seen for what it is really is all about -- that same story that has occurred throughout history: Lifeless structures and artifical systems (i.e., agriculture, aquaculture, etc.) were destroyed, and Nature will undoubtedly reclaim some (if they rebuild) or all of the area for life. The lesson is also shown in that to rebuild the area it is going to cost $150 Billion.

    Ignoring the lesson, they will likely rebuild, creating the potential for yet another disaster. In fact, it is expected that the Sichuan Basin will experience repeated flooding for decades, or even, centuries (see also the Sciencedaily.com article). Moreover, it is also predicted that there will be another earthquake in the region.

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