The objectives of this links page is to provide a convenient resource for finding sponsors and organizations that are offering goods and services. All of these links either help The Living Cosmos Society with commissions, while not increasing prices to the consumer, or offer benefits to the environment, Nature and human society in general. If you think a web resource should be added to this listing, please e-mail the society with the reasons why.

jollychic.com GIANTmicrobes Alloy Apparel



Ethical and Environmentally Sound Foods, Supplements, Products and Personal Care Products

If everyone were to use their consumerism more wisely, we would have a much better world and society. Each of us spends a good deal of money each month on various purchases. This money can end up in the hands of those who have no concern for the environment or become special interest groups controlling our political scene in the government. These merchants offer goods that have a positive impact. Also, see the section on Gardening Supplies and Flowers.

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Portable Solar Cooker

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