Tables, Overview and References from the book
Love Conquers All - Why We and the World are Like This -
Insights for Positive Transformation from a World of Contrast

  • Table 1
    : Fat and Protein Requirements Calculators of suggested daily intake, and a Fat and Protein Table: The amounts of fat and protein in foods.

  • Table 2
    : General Considerations What should and should not be involved in daily health practices

  • Table 3
    : General Supplements Vitamins and minerals that are depleted in daily life. And Additional Supplements to Correct Imbalances A key to disorders and diseases that can benefit from supplements

    Note: Consult your health professional for any contraindications when using prescriptions. "Additional Supplements to Correct Imbalances" should only be used to correct imbalances and should be replaced with foods high in those nutrients, as shown in Table 5.

  • Table 4
    : Best Methods for the Absorption of Supplements Food combining and synergistic nutrients

  • Table 5
    : Foods High in Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Also included are deficiency and overdose symptoms

  • Table 6
    : The Functions and Other Observations of the Cerebral Hemispheres A guide to using the right and left brains

  • Table 7
    : Overview of the Deprivational Phases, Their Effects and Their Possible Resolution

  • Table 8
    : Food Preferences Resulting from the Deprivational Phases

  • Selected References
    Selected References

  • Diagram of the Brain
    : Diagram of the Brain



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