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This book will take you on a journey through the many facets of the human mind and brain, uncovering many of the mysteries that surround daily life. Some of those unknowns include how color influences our perception, that babies are not empty vessels but are already intelligent, how food preferences, and physical and emotional characteristics connect with early experiences, and numerous other topics that will enlighten. What makes people become violent, criminals or terrorists? What is it that makes people gay or lesbian? What makes people racists? Why do people become physically or mentally sick? Why do people become addicted? These are just a few of the questions that are answered. The world with all of its problems and the absence of love, there shines a silver lining. For when love is missing it reflects what love should be and gives us an understanding of what love really is. Love conquers all of our individual, social and global problems, but it has not been defined until now in this book.

By weaving together scientific studies from psychology, sociology, health and happiness, historical accounts, child and infant research, physiology, medicine and a myriad of other disciplines, a more complete understanding of the human experience emerges. In the process, we learn about those experiences that change us, make us sick or diseased, change the way in which we view the world, and how we perceive love. Certain aspects of missing love create all the troubles that plague us, because we live in a world that has failed to teach love. It provides a new approach to love that is sacred, all encompassing, and healing for individuals and for the world as a whole. And the conclusion is that when love is understood, love conquers all of the individual, social and global problems.

So be ready to take a journey through the beauty and perils of the human mind and the power of love. The brain is an amazing organ that has incredible abilities, but it is easily influenced by love or its absence. The mind is more than the brain; minds can be joined and communicate without words. The mind is easily influenced by the absence of certain aspects of love, involving touch, positive words, positive gestures, independence and being allowed to express anger in a healthy way. So important are these factors that they show up in studies of mental and physical diseases. They influence the depth and expression of love without us knowing it. Preferences for certain types of foods, colors, love interests, and a myriad of other types of conditioning surface, and make us and the world what it has become.

The questions abound: Are minds connected? Is your past effecting your present? Does the unconscious affect your love life? What do dreams tell us about ourselves? Does color affect the way we see things and respond in various circumstances? Why are some people affected by physical disease and disorders, and others mental problems? Why do some people have different sexual orientations or gender identity, and is it a choice or not? Why do people use drugs and use some foods that act like drugs? We are seeing all types of violence increase in today’s world – Why? Why do some people become involved in criminal acts? People too often are bothered by others who are not like themselves – Why? What is the underlying reality that we often miss? How do we improve our lives and reach a loving perspective? Most of the time we don’t see things as they are but how we are.

All of these questions and more are answered using information from studies on these subjects. – And not from opinion. What is missing from our lives is an understanding of what all-encompassing love really is and put into practice. Love Conquers All will make you, your loved ones, society and the world at large a much better place.

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Love Conquers All - Why We and the World are Like This;
Insights for Positive Transformation from a World of Contrast. Search using the ANIS: B07LG2VF7G

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