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On this page you will find some of the comments that have been sent to the society on the work presented in The Vital Vastness and InDefense of Nature. This will be updated as more comments and reviews are recieved. Requests for The Vital Vastness and In Defense of Nature have come from far and wide, and include academic institutions in the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Poland, Japan, and Australia. These books had only been out for a month and these are some of the comments. Last revised: October, 2009

"I recently purchased all three of the books and I am nearly finished with the first book. I have to say that I am blown away by these insights and ideas. I can’t read them fast enough! In many ways these ideas always seemed intuitive to me and they just seemed “right” when you present the research. These books have inspired me to change my curriculum so that I will teach the science disciplines (Earth/Space, Biology and Physical science for 8th grade) more holistically. I can’t wait to connect the structure of the Sun to ecology, chemistry, earthquakes, thunderstorms, radiation, ions, etc. These ideas have finally given me a way to make every discipline of science relevant and meaningful to students who would normally think that science is only for people who go to college. My goal is for them to see how every action has a consequence on some level and that every field of science is related by causal events." Evan Camp, Science Teacher, Indiana

"I enjoyed reading your books, especially the way that you write. Intriguing! It has taken nearly forty years to establish the idea that the Earth system is self regulating and during that time conventional science was sure that the Earth was not self-regulating. So, like me, you will have to be patient."
Dr. James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia theory. Author of Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth; The Ages of Gaia; The Great Extinction; The Greening of Mars; and Homage to Gaia: The Life of an Independent Scientist, and many, many articles. Consultant to NASA.

"Let me start by telling you that my friends and I think that the Vital Vastness, One and Two, are superb. You have written two of the most informative books that I/we have ever read. Also, we think that the Living Cosmos website is fantastic. Thank you!"
Richard Crabtree, England

"A jewel of the human intellect! Stephen Hawking move over there's a new theoretical genius. This book, both volumes, is so all encompassing in its scope it leaves one breathless. To take so many different sciences and weave them into a new fabric of reality is astonishing. There are answers to so many questions in science today that have left scientists baffled. It covers the earth sciences, astronomy, deep ecology, physics, environmental issues, evolution, extinction, tektites, unusual meteorites, life's ability to transcend entropy, and so much more. Of particular interest is a new model of the Earth that resolves the shortcommings of present theories. New theories on black holes, galaxies, the planets, comets, and so on are included. The dinosaurs really became extinct due to ionizing radiation, not the proposed impact. Planets and galaxies actually eject objects. This review could not possibly do justice to this masterpiece. Moreover, it is uniquely written to be accessible to both the scientifically minded and the layperson who is not so scientifically inclined. Buy it or at least read it, get your library to put in their collection. Five stars!" (from

"I was very pleased to read your excellent published papers & books etc, about the evolution of life on Earth in relation to the main factors controlling its existence and evolutionary speed." S.C. Taskas, Department of Genetics, Agricultural College of Athens, Athens, Greece

"I've been reading Volume 1 of The Vital Vastness again, and, please excuse my French, it is just f..king fantastic and amazing, simply one of the greatest things I have ever read, and one of the kindest, most generous gifts to the human race in a long, long time. Thank you so much for taking the time to synthesize all this scientific information (you're more well-read than I am, which is saying a lot!), all the while following your intuition about the living cosmos. It is just excellent."
Robert Tilton, email

"A very impressive undertaking - congratulations." Dr. Michael T. Caley, Executive Director, Edmonton Science Outreach Network

About The Vital Vastness
"Awesome and enlightening! I have read both volumes of The Vital Vastness. They both were powerful and inspiring. And both were written creatively and with authority. Just about every topic imaginable was covered. I was suprised at what I discovered and became convinced quickly as I read. Written for both the average reader and scientist was interesting and added credibility. While the book's size appears somewhat lengthy, it was just right when considering you can skip over scientific terminology which was italicized and placed in parantheses. And considering that the book brings forth a truly complete explanation for the workings of the cosmos, and reviews each of the modern theories and how they fit in or don't fit in, the size was appropriate. I cannot wait for the forthcoming title by this author, In Defense of Nature... Let me know when it becomes available. I highly recommend this author's titles, and would like to review his third book. The two I read were pure genius. I feel enlightened. Five stars!"

About In Defense of Nature -- The History Nobody Told You About
"What I've Been Waiting and Hoping For -- Bonanza! This work is history at its finest! I've always loved to read about history, but this book is much more than just another book, it is "the living monument to life," surely to escalate to the greatest accomplishment for humanity of this century. I was extremely surprised, delighted, and astounded. As a previous librarian, and research scientist, I've never read a book so deep in understanding, so interesting, and so complete. In Defense of Nature-The History Nobody Told You About is authoritatively written by an historian with knowledge of the interdisciplinary sciences. How refreshing! This "book of books" provides tremendous insight that other works attempting to understand world and human history have failed to provide. What really touched me, I mean, really enlightened me, was to learn of the Ultimate Lesson of Humanity. I was inspired, to say the very least, when Pasichnyk concludes with an observation at the end of this masterpiece, in reference to civilization: "Nature, hostile to all waste, tirelessly reabsorbs the smallest remnants of anything which once lived and uses them again to produce more life." What caused me to shiver was the evidence he presents which substantiates the next historical period for the cycles of life-renewal. We all know what that means: overwhelming, historical evidence that IT's coming up soon-the Big One! Yet, this masterpiece concludes on a positive note, and brings hope to humanity. Pasichnyk boldly ushers forth the ultimate condition that brings world peace-an end to construction of buildings and bombs, the destruction of wilderness, and turning the weapons of war into plowshares and pruning hooks to establish wilderness. This is our most selfish and self-preserving act, this is in humanity's best interest to do. Also, this is altruistic, and this is most loving, and it will be humanity's greatest triumph over global degradation. The book really makes sense, of everything! Count me in! Five Stars!"
Robert Johnson, Chandler, Arizona (from

"It is almost impossible for me to express my thoughts about this writing. It is the most solid and clear vision of reality I have ever read. I wonder if it is possible for mankind to reunite with nature? I wonder what would occur if reverence for life was the prime directive?"
W. Johnson (email)

Writting about the book In Defense of Nature -- The History Nobody Told You About
"A truly astounding read! This book is a total surprise... and a good one at that! If a history as interesting as this were taught in school, I would have done much better in my history classes. It amazes me just how much has been left out of our "accepted" history. There are global "catastrophes" that bring civlizations around the globe to an end in a very short time. Or as the book describes, times of life's renewal. One surprise -- there are many -- is that historical writings, religious writings and mythology all discuss these periods, but somehow they aren't discussed in schools and even universities. Another surpise is that natural disasters, terrorism and war have been undergoing a steady climb from the late 1700s to the present -- a sort of climax is occuring. Even more surprising is that when natural disasters go up, war and terrorism go down, and vice versa -- we and Nature take turns in acomplsihing the same objective. I wouldn't want to ruin it for you as to why, but you should read it. The most important thing is that this book is very timely, and it explains why the world is the way it is today. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" Five Stars.
Sheila Walters, Tempe, Arizona

Astonishing masterpiece!! Ignacio Darnaude, Seville, Spain.

Unclassified Great reading! Great website, and I can't wait to read all three books! Darren Gration with the Goverment Defense of Australia.

"Congratulations! To both you and the readers who will enjoy this contribution. I am sure it will do great in all scientifically minded population circles."
Shweta Lal Khare - Geophysicist

"I really enjoyed reading how radiation might have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs."
Mikhail Yakubov - New York University

"it appears you folks have some good ideas, and are presenting some deep material." Al Gabis -- webmaster of Spiritual Neighborhood

Thank you for the Living Cosmos website. I have placed a teaser on the message board at and hope it brings you new thinkers with open minds. Jane Mullikin, and

"I would like to thank you for furthering the cause of humanity and nature."
Robert Falzone - U.S. Military Academy, West Point

"I want to compliment the author.. for providing these theories for consideration. It is so seldom that someone with the inclination to try and bring to light and explain incongruities in modern theory has the time and resources to do the research and produce quality text."
Kaos Mynd (email pen-name)

"Life in the universe is an intriguing subject. [I would like to be] a member of the society."
Dr. Ali Abdullah - Assistant Professor of Physics and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the College of Technological Studies, Kuwait

"I am interested in The Vital Vastness."
Dr. Boleslaw Wajsprych, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences

"I must admit that I have only rarely seen genius like yours. Clearly, you are a genius."
David Wilcox, Director, Ascension 2000

"Absolutely fanastic work you are doing!!! Thank you, Richard, for... this incredible work. I will be sure to recommend this to everyone."
Un Leash (email pen-name)

"I find your theory intriguing."
Stephen M. Alvis - author of Exploding Earth

"I am a retired physicist who is now very much interested in the subject of a living Earth. I have read your [subject presentations] and I find them quite compelling."
NormF (email pen-name)

"This is an incredibly interesting new theory. Your theory deserves to be widely circulated and studied by the scientific community. It is the first really 'new look' at the many questions surrounding our existing models of Earth that I am aware of. It raises many issues that demand response from the earth science field."
David C. Webb

"I would like to on the quantity and quality of work."
Robert S. Hodge

"Fascinating stuff."
Matthew Warner

"Fascinating. Its paradigm fits neaty with my intuitive picture of reality. I'd like to join The Living Cosmos Society, or be associated with and promote your objectives."
Peter Vervoorn - Aldgate Computers, Problem Solving, South Australia

"Extremely interesting. I totally agree with your concepts of reality in how we should work with nature and how nature works with us."
Simon Mychajilw

"I read your material with avid interest. When I read your theory, a lot of things fell into place. Your theory explains a lot. In fact, so much, that I've run out of research ideas."
Martin Robertson -- United Kingdom

"Your [theory] mesmerizes me."
Lorie Sugra - Penn State, Lehigh Valley

"It looks brilliant. I wish you all success."
Richard Martin

Wanting an advanced copy.
David B. Weinreb, Division of Invertebrate Paleontology, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University

"I was surprised to find that someone else other than myself and my friend knows something about what this planet really consists of."
Joe Paladin

"I enjoyed reading most of the contents, and tend to agree with your options."
Frank Desmedt, Astronica Organization

"I...believe in your theories...Love is very much a part of all this we are going's not easy to pin down since it's not tangible/visible...but that in itself makes it all the more real! I believe there is a lot of love in what you believe and write."
Joanne Triolo - IBM Executive

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